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									Code Red Rally : Kill the Bill
March 16, 2010 07:35 PM EDT

Can you hear the people, President Obama? Today was the Code Red Rally where agree or not the
voice of America was loud and strong sending a code red to Washington and the President.
According to recent polls Americans appear split on the health care bill, more importantly,
Americans are in agreement that America is on the wrong path.
Code red in hospitals signifies an emergency exists. That code red is agreed upon all over the
United States. Do you believe America is on the correct path socially or economically?
I don't know how. Some people think it's a race issue, but I believe it's purely economics. With
10% of Americans out of work, Americans aren't worried about some fancy government
intervention into health care. Health is food, and with no jobs is no food and we die, so who wants
or needs health care if we're dead.
Kill the bill is the cry of the code red march. Politicians are in a race for their political lives. Vote
for the bill or kill the bill may well decided the politicians including Mr. Obama's political future.

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