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					                                               Kennedy Little League
                                         All Stars and the Selection Process
Each year Kennedy Little League sponsors teams of selected players to participate in the Little League National Tournament
and other local tournaments in baseball and ASA tournaments in softball. Those age groups are as follows, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14.
This year because of the number of Jr. League players we will be combining the 13 &14 yr olds.

This year we are inviting all players who feel they would like the opportunity to try out for an all star team to come out. In the
past we have used a coaches nomination process which left some kids out of the experience, this year is different. Anyone who
completes the attached form will be eligible to be selected of their appropriate all star team. While trying out does not
guarantee a spot on the team, it does give the player an opportunity to test themselves and measure their skills against the other
players in their league.

If interested please read the below explanation of the all star selection process and complete the attached All Star Disclosure
Letter and return it to your league coach no later than June 6, 2009.
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Selection of coaches:
A committee of 3 selects the all star coach. This committee is kept confidential except for the President of the League.
The coaches must meet the following selection criteria.
       1. They must want to be the coach.
       2. They must have demonstrated the ability to accomplish the job before them.
       3. Their child must be good enough to make the All Star team on their own.

          The Head Coach makes all assistant coaches selections with approval by the committee.
          The selection of the coach is done around the June 1 date to give the coaches enough time to witness as many league
           games as he/she can so a reasonable knowledge of the players can be obtained.

Player Eligibility:
Players are eligible for All Star teams corresponding to their age as of May 1st of the current year.
Players that wish to tryout for the All-Star team must be able to produce the mandatory 3 pieces of correspondence that proves
to LLB of their residence within the KLL Chartered area. If you cannot provide that information, the player can still be
selected to the All-Star team BUT will NOT be eligible for the National LLB tournament for their age group.

      12 year olds who participate in the Junior league are ONLY eligible for All Star play with the 13 year old team
      A younger player deemed *exceptional* may be invited to participate in the older team tryout within the league they
           have participated in throughout the season.
      *Exceptional* is based on a criteria of potential playing time, and positive and negative effects of either team.

Selection Process:

This letter invites the player to participate in the tryout process and explains the All Star selection process and the
responsibilities of an All Star player and legal guardian. The Disclosure letter is also used to give families an advanced
opportunity to communicate dates the player will not be available for All Star competition. These letters should be returned
to league coaches no later then June 6, 2009.

Based on the Disclosure letters received the player agent will assemble a tryout list for each of the age groups.

The league has scheduled 3 hour time slots for the tryout process. All tryouts will be held on a single weekend, and all league
Head and Assistant coaches are required to attend and participate in tryouts.
A mandatory legal guardian/player meeting will be held at the beginning of the tryouts by the All Star manager and the league
president. The All Star manager shall inform all of the tryout participants and their families of his/her expectations for the team.

Upon completion of the tryout each league head and assistant coach and each player participating in the tryout will complete a
ballot of the top 10 players they feel should make the team. The ballots will be collected by the player agent. Votes will be
tabulated and with separate lists displaying the results for the player’s and coach’s vote.

 ***Any interested player who cannot tryout due to any reason deemed acceptable may be selected by the managers or the All
Star manager, if not already selected by the players, to participate on the All Star team.

Following the tryout, the player agent and the All Star head coach will compile the roster, based on the results of the 2 votes.
All ties in voting will be broken by the All Star coaching staff during the meeting with the player agent.

     1.   Any younger player invited to tryout, but not selected for the older team will be eligible for selection on the younger
          team, and will not be required to attend the second tryout. But it is recommended!

     2. Teams will be made up of 14 players selected
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Tryout Schedule:
10 year olds – June 14th , 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM                                Diamonds 1 & 2
11 year olds – June 14th, 12:00 noon – 3:00 PM                              Diamonds 1 & 2
12 year olds – June 14th, 9:00 AM – 12:00 noon                              Diamonds 1 & 2
13-14 year olds – June 14th, 10:30 AM – 1:00 PM                             Big Diamond
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All Star Parents Responsibility:
     1. Parents are responsible for transportation of the players to all practices, games and tournaments that the player is

     2.   You are required to volunteer 3 hours. Kennedy Little League is hosting a weekend tournament that this volunteer
          service is to be completed at.

     3.   There is an additional cost for participation. This cost is known to each team Head Coach and will be relayed to you
          at the try out. The cost is simply the cost of all tournament entry fees and the uniform cost, divided by the number of
          players to be selected.

You also have a responsibility to our players and coaches;
   1. Set a good example of fan support and sportsmanship. Be loud and proud, both in winning and losing. Kennedy has a
        long deserved reputation of traveling in great numbers and being very supportive of not only our players but of good
        play by all teams. Continue this tradition; it is one to be proud of.

     2.   Remember that this is an All Star team…just because your player was a pitcher or shortstop on their league team
          doesn’t mean that this is where they will play in All Stars. ALL of the positions must be filled; playing out field is
          better than not playing at all. Playing positions, playing time, and batting order is totally up to the coaches. There are
          minimum playing time requirements.

Finally, there is also information that needs to be gathered before your child can play.
    1. 3 pieces of correspondence that proves you live where you do. I.E. utility and credit card bills, subscriptions etc.
         Black out all other information, we need just whom it came from and your address.

     2.   Copy of the player’s birth certificate

     3. Medical release form which is available on the Kennedy Little League website forms page.
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Player Notification: Players will be informed of their selection to the teams by the Head Coaches, team rosters will be posted
at the Park and on the website.
                                                   Kennedy Little League
                                                  All Star Disclosure Letter
If you are interested in trying out for a Kennedy Little League All Star team please fill out the following and return to your
league coach by Saturday June 6, 2009.

Tryout Participant:

                       Name: _________________________________________________________________

                       Age: ________________ Date of Birth: _____________________________________

                       Address: _______________________________________________________________

                       Phone: _________________________________________________________________

                       Email: _________________________________________________________________

                               Age Group(s) Trying Out For:                _____ 9-10            _____ 11       _____12

                                                                                                _____13 -14

         A younger player deemed exceptional may be invited to participate in the older team tryout within the league they
          have played in throughout the season. A younger player may also request to tryout with the older team, however a
          decision made by the player agent and All Star coaches will determine if the request is approved and the player

         Invitations to tryouts do not guarantee a spot on the team. Any younger player trying out for and not making the older
          team will be eligible for the younger team without trying out a second time.

Missed Time Disclosure:

The All Star practice and tournament season runs from June 14th – August 3rd. Please disclose all known dates the participant
could miss during the All Star season.





         The All Star coaches will determine how much a player can miss before it effects eligibility to participate.

      Dates known and not disclosed are grounds for immediate dismissal from All Star team
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_________________________________________                           _________________________________________
Player                                                              Parent/Guardian

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