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					                             Team and individual applications are due to the league office by January 15, 2010
Bethesda Chevy Chase Baseball, Inc.
                                                                                        Player Application
                                                                                       Spring 2010 Season
                                                                                      Season runs from 4/10/10 to 6/5/10
                                       5420 Butler Road, Bethesda, MD 20816 301-229-2724
Choose the Grade for which you are applying

                GRADE 4 ( )                                         GRADE 5 ( )                                        GRADE 6 ( )

                                                        PLAYER INFORMATION
Last Name                                                      First Name                                                Middle
Address                                                                     City                             State       Zip

Home Phone                                          Family Email Address                                                 Birthdate (mm/dd/yy)

School                                            Grade                            Manager Requested
                                                  (Spring 2010)

                      Father Information                                                         Mother Information
Name (Last, First)                                                          Name (Last, First)

Address (if different from above)                                           Address (if different from above)

Email                                                                       Email

Occupation                                      Work Phone                  Occupation                                      Work Phone

Employer                                        Cell Phone                  Employer                                        Cell Phone

                 I am willing to coach a team ( )                                            I am willing to coach a team ( )
Please contact me about sponsoring a team                                   Please contact me about sponsoring a team
Spring Season $350; Fall $250; Both $500 ( ) YES                  ( ) NO    Spring Season $350; Fall $250; Both $500 ( ) YES                 ( ) NO

                 Spring 2010 Player Fees                                                            Liability Waiver
                                                                            As the parent (or legal guardian) of the above named minor, I have verified
          Fee for the Spring 2010 season is $130                            that the information on this form is correct and I grant permission for this
         Make checks payable to BCC Baseball, Inc.                          minor to participate in all of the activities of this sports program. I assume
                                                                            all risks and hazards incidental to such participation, including risk of
                                                                            serious injury, and do hereby release and waive all claims against Bethesda
                                                                            Chevy Chase Baseball Inc., its officers, directors, coaches, sponsors and
           $20 Late Fee for applications received                           volunteers and other participants. I further grant permission for
                                                                            emergency first aid to be given to my child in case of injury. I certify that
                  after January 16, 2010
                                                                            the above information is correct.
                                                                            I have read and agree to observe the Parent and Spectator Code of
                                                                            Conduct on the reverse side of this form.

     Refunds will be assessed a $20 processing fee
                                                                            Signature of Parent or Guardian

                     OFFICIAL USE ONLY                                                                  Contribution
Date Application Received:              Check Amount:

                                                                            Yes, I would like to help improve an organization directly
Check Number:                           Contribution Amount:                benefiting my child. In addition to my player fees, I have enclosed
                                                                            a tax deductible contribution for:
Player Fee Amount:                      Note:

                                                                            $25 ______ $50 ______ $75 ______ $100 ______ Other $ ______
       BETHESDA CHEVY CHASE BASEBALL, INC. – Girls Softball League

Bethesda Chevy Chase Baseball, Inc. insists on the highest standard of sportsmanship in the
conduct of our managers, coaches, parents and spectators. The manager and coach have an
affirmative obligation to create a constructive, enjoyable and non-hostile environment in which the
game is played. To that end, the League has created a “Manager and Coach’s Code of Conduct” which
we require each Manager and Coach to read and sign to indicate their willingness to abide by the
Code's standards. As Bethesda Chevy-Chase Baseball, Inc. strives towards the most positive
experience possible, we believe the Parents and Spectators in our league should be held to many of
the same standards of conduct. We ask each parent of every BCC baseball player to read the
following standards and sign the front of the player application to indicate his/her willingness to
abide by them.

   I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches
    and officials at every game or practice. I will not promote any actions that result in "running up
    the score" or otherwise embarrassing the opposing team.

   I will treat everyone with respect regardless of race, sex, creed and ability.

   I will never use any physical means against spectators, players, officials, or other coaches.

   I will not criticize, aggravate or incite the opposing team, coaches or fans, by word of mouth or

   I will refrain from using profanity.

   I will not consume alcoholic beverages and/or appear under the influence of same when dealing
    with youngsters.

   I will accept gracefully the decision of officials as being fair and called to the best ability of
    the official.

   I will not place excessive pressure on my team’s managers, coaches and players by making
    “anticipatory” umpiring calls, criticizing umpires, cheering obnoxiously, etc.

   I understand that BCC emphasizes that every player must play a certain number of defensive
    innings in the field, there are requirements for minimum play in the infield positions to provide
    fair opportunity for all to develop their infield skills. I will be understanding both of the
    players who may still be developing their skills and of the managers’ obligation to play children
    at both outfield and infield positions.

   I understand that I have an affirmative responsibility to help our managers, coaches and
    players maintain a sportsmanlike atmosphere at the game and at practices. I understand that
    my role at the game is to watch, relax and enjoy; not to coach, manage or umpire the game.

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