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									General Shareholder Proxy
This General Shareholder Proxy allows an appointed agent to vote on behalf of a
shareholder at an annual or special meeting of a corporation. Generally, proxy
agreements set forth the specific votes or actions the agent must follow on behalf of the
absent shareholder. The agent cannot vote if the shareholder is present at the meeting.
This document is ideal for shareholders in a corporation that want to allow an agent to
vote on their behalf at a shareholders meeting.
                              GENERAL SHAREHOLDER PROXY

DATE: _______________________



_______________________ (the “Company”)

I, ________________, the undersigned Shareholder, owning and holding ________________
( ) shares of the capital stock of __________________________________[company name], a
_____________ corporation, hereby constitute and appoint ___________________ (the
“Proxy”) as my true and lawful attorney and agent for me and in my name, place and stead, to
vote as my proxy at the Annual/Special Meeting of the Shareholders of the Company, to be held
at __________________________________________ on the ___________ day of
_______________, 20______ (the “Meeting”), and at any adjournment or adjournments thereof,
to the same extent and with the same power that I could exercise if I were personally present at
the Meeting or such adjournment or adjournments of the Meeting.

If the Proxy does not attend the Meeting or is not legally capable of voting, I hereby appoint the
Chairman of the Meeting to act as my Proxy to vote on my behalf at the Meeting or any
adjournment or adjournments thereof. This Proxy shall be void if I personally attend the

I hereby direct my Proxy to vote for the following resolutions. I understand that if I do not direct
my Proxy how to vote, the Proxy may vote or abstain from voting:

RESOLUTION                                              FOR               AGAINST      ABSTAIN

________________________                                _____             __________    _____

________________________                                _____             __________    _____

[insert resolutions to be voted upon]                   [check whether the proxy should vote for or
                                                        against or abstain from voting]

In WITNESS WHEREOF, I have executed this Proxy on the ______ day of _______, 20____


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