Notice to Employee of Termination

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									This is a document used by an employer to notify an employee that he or she is being
dismissed. The notice provides the reasons for dismissal, the date of the dismissal, the
severance package, health benefits termination, and return of employer property.
However, this notice is not required when terminating “at-will” employees, who can be
fired at any time for any reason or no reason. This document should be used by small
businesses or other entities that want to dismiss their employees for a particular reason.
                            Notice to Employee of Termination
_____ [Instruction: Insert Date.]

_____ [Instruction: Insert Employee Name.]
_____ [Instruction: Insert Employee Address.]
_____ [Instruction: Insert Employee City, State, Zip Code.]

Dear Mr. / Ms. ______________: [Instruction: Insert Employee name.]

This is to inform with regret that your employment with _____ [Instruction: Insert name of
Company.] will be terminated effective _____ [Instruction: Insert date.]. The reason for
termination is [Instruction: Insert the termination reason(s).]:
        Tardiness
        Conduct
        Safety
        Absenteeism
        Disobedience
        Carelessness
        Below standard work
        Housekeeping
        Other: _________
[Comment: Unless state law requires employers to provide a reason for termination,
remove this reference and do not provide a reason.]
This letter serves as a __________ (              ) days written notice of your termination, following the
verbal notice provided _____ by _____, and in front of _____. [Instruction: Insert applicable
information. If no such verbal notification was given, remove reference to prior verbal
notification.] This meets the applicable statutory notice. [Instruction: If required pursuant to
applicable state law, state any previous notifications regarding infractions or terminable
[Option: Company should consider inserting language regarding whether or not terminated
employee is expected to work during the period between the termination notice and the
termination date, and if so, what type of schedule.]

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The Company has chosen to give you a severance package in the amount of _______________
($ ___________) dollars, [Instruction: Insert amount of severance to be paid, and the form
in which it will be paid (e.g., in the form of stock, direct deposit in same manner as normal
paycheck, check) and whether or not same is payable over a period of time (if so, state
period of time and increments in which it will be paid) or in a lump sum manner. Also,
state whether same is reduced if person obtains another job within a certain time frame.]
and a statement will be mailed regarding any outstanding benefits which will be payable to you.
You will/will not [Instruction: Choose one.] be paid for accrued vacation time at a rate of ____.
[Instruction: State rate of pay for vacation time. Further, the same sentence can be added
for personal time and/or sick time, as applicable.] You will/will not [Instruction: Choose
one.] continue to accrue vacation time between now and the date of termination. [Instruction:
The same sentence can be added for personal time and/or sick time, as applicable.] All
company provided benefits will cease as of your termination. You may be eligible for
unemployment compensation to the extent state law allows. [Option: You may state if there
are any additional severance services to be provided to the employee, including for example
outplacement services and/or use of company facilities for job search purposes.]

This notice will not affect any rights or obligations you have otherwise accrued under Health
Insurance Plans, Life Insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (ADD), Long
Term Disability Insurance (LTD) and the Retirement Savings Plan. The terms of those Plans
shall control the termination of benefits under those plans.

The Company shall not maintain any insurance coverage for you beyond the date of termination.
[Option: Company may choose to change this if certain types of insurance will be provided
for a period of time.] Following your Termination Date you will be able to continue, at your
expense, the company health insurance benefits as set forth under COBRA.

If you have not returned all the Company’s property, including but not limited to, access
keycards, Building and/or Company identification, laptops, PDAs, cell phones, credit cards or
other benefit or advantage cards, printers, documents, manuals, remote access devices, files and

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any other written or electronic Company information, Please arrange to return such company
property that is in your possession, in substantially the same condition as it was delivered to you,
normal wear and tear excepted. Any damage to the above items shall reduce your severance
package by the amount necessary to repair such damage, or replace such item, in the case of
irreparable damage.

The severance disclosed in this letter shall not be delivered to you until such items are returned
and accounted for. Further, you will be required to finalize all company and building out
processing procedures in effect at the Termination Date, whether or not such procedures are
contained in any employee manual or similar policy handbook, if any.

Further, you shall not be permitted to remove or download any electronic or paper files or make
any electronic, paper or other copies of any of such electronic or paper files. You may, however,
make or retain a copy electronically or otherwise of your personal contacts, if any. You shall not
be permitted to create or maintain any method of forwarding company electronic mail, company
files, company phone or voice mail or company mail to any non-company account. Any attempt
to do so will result in the forfeiture of the severance discussed in this letter. [Option: Company
should state whether or not terminated employee is permitted to notify personal contacts of
employee and/or customers/clients of company regarding termination, and if so, any
restrictions on when employee is permitted to do so.]

You will not have access to the building, company files or company voice mail, phones or
electronic mail after the Termination Date. [Option: Company may insert whether or not
company phone, email or contact information will be retained for terminated employee for
any length of time, and whether or not after such time, forwarding information will be
provided to people requesting terminated employee.                        Company may also insert how
terminated employee’s personal belongings will be handled. If such personal belongings
will be removed and transported by Company, it should state how such items will be
delivered, within what length of time and where Company will deliver same.]

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact _________________________
[Instruction: Insert Company contact.]

To evidence your understanding of the terms of your termination and severance and agreement to
all of such terms, please sign below and return an original to the party listed above.

[Instruction: Insert terminated employee’s name here. Be sure when formatting final letter
that at least a portion of the body of the termination letter appears on this signature page.]

_____ [Instruction: Insert Company name.] wishes the best of future employment endeavors.



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