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					                                      Apopka Little League, Inc.
                                       2008-2009 Local Rules
                                          As approved by the board of directors
                                              (updated December 30, 2008)

Note: These rules are in addition to the official rules and regulations of Little League Baseball.

                                                 Board Members

     1. There will be a board member on duty during all scheduled games and official,
        scheduled practices.
     2. The board member on duty will handle any problems that may arise on the
        baseball complex. If a resolution cannot be made at the same time of the
        occurrence, the matter will be referred to the VP of the affected division. If the
        matter cannot be resolved by the VP, the matter will be turned over to the board
        of directors for a decision.
     3. The board of directors reserves the right to have any person removed from the
        complex. The umpire in charge of each game will have jurisdiction for manager,
        coach, player, and spectator conduct. Whether or not these individuals leave the
        premises is left to the discretion of the game umpire, or the board member on
     4. If a board member is not present for three meetings and has not contacted the
        secretary in advance to explain his/her absence, such board member will receive
        notice to appear at the next scheduled board meeting to address such absences.
        The board of directors reserves the right to remove a board member for ongoing
        absences from meetings.

                                               Complaint Process

     1. All complaints regarding anyone or anything must be presented to a board
        member within 48 hours of the incident. Any verbal complaint must also be
        documented in writing by the complainant.


     1. All managers must immediately advise the VP of their respective division of any
        problems or concerns regarding their team. If the VP is not available, the board
        member on duty shall be notified, at which time information can be obtained and
        turned over to the respective VP. If a problem occurs during a game, the umpire
        in charge of that game must be informed of the problem concerning any players,
        coaches, or managers.
     2. If a current minor division player is chosen to advance to the major division, 24
        hour notice must be given so the necessary arrangements can be made for uniform
        fitting and so a replacement player can be chosen for the minor team. At no time
        can a major manager call up a minor player on the day the minor player is
        scheduled to play in his/her division. A minor division player that is chosen by a
   major manager who refuses to go up will not be eligible to pulled up at a later
   time by another major manager for the entire spring season. This same principle
   applies to players in the coach pitch division that are chosen by a minor division
3. Managers and coaches are responsible for the condition of the dugouts and the
   spectator area after each game. All trash should be collected prior to leaving
   these areas and deposited in the proper trash receptacle. Each team must select a
   team mom, team dad, and a scorekeeper prior to the regular season to assist with
   the requirements of each team. Apopka Little League will schedule workdays in
   which each team must be represented by at least one worker. If there is no team
   representative on mandatory workdays, the manager of the unrepresented team
   will be suspended for the next regular season game.
4. No schedule changes will be allowed without the VP of the respective divisions’


1. All managers and coaches will be required to umpire games as scheduled.
2. It will be the scheduled umpire’s responsibility to find his/her own replacement in
   the event he/she will not be able to attend his/her scheduled game. Any problems
   with finding a replacement will be referred to the Umpire in chief.
3. Umpires must sign the scorebooks immediately following any games that they
   umpire. If they are umpiring a game for another manager/coach, that person’s
   name must also be listed in the scorebook.
4. Any manager/coach that is scheduled to umpire who does not show for his/her
   scheduled game and does not find a replacement will be dealt with as follows:
   The first infraction will result in a written notice. The second infraction will
   result in the manager being suspended for the next game. Any changes to the
   umpire schedules must be approved by the umpire in chief.


1. Game times- the following time limits for baseball shall be imposed:

   Minors- 2hours                Coach Pitch- 1 ½ hours                Tee Ball- 1

2. Games that must be rescheduled, upon approval by the board of directors, will be
   played on the next available date, schedules permitting. No team will be
   scheduled to play three days (this does not apply to playoff games, only
   regular season games). The above means three days in a row, not three games in
   a week.
3. Playoff games to determine the top team in the minor, major, junior and senior
   divisions (if the same team does not win both the first and second halves) will be
   played as follows: Note: A winner in the first half must be determined before
   the second half starts. Regular season rules apply to playoff games for top

       A. A one game playoff will be played to break any tie determining first or
          second half winners.
       B. The winner of the first half and the winner of the second half will play a
          one game playoff to determine the winner.
       C. If the winner of the first half and the second half is the same, no playoff
          game is necessary.
       D. A best two out of three playoff series will be played between the overall
          winner of the American and National League Divisions. This is being
          offered if both managers want to do this.
       E. The board of directors reserves the right to schedule make-up games on
          Sundays, which will begin no earlier than 2:00p.m.


1. It is the responsibility of the board of directors to maintain order of the baseball
   complex. The umpire may stop a game until the board member on duty restores
   order to the spectator area.
2. Parents may be held financially responsible for damages made by their children to
   any league property, equipment, etc. Such decision will be made by the board of
   directors based on the circumstances of each individual situation.

                              MAJOR DIVISION

1. The player pool for the 2009 Major League draft will consist of league age 11 and
   12 year old players, with the 10 years olds as floaters only if there is an opening
   on a roster after all 11 and 12 year olds have been drafted. All major league
   teams must draft 12 players across the board at the draft. Note: The only
   exception for an 11 year old player to play in the minors is if there is a
   documented physical or mental disability. There will be no 12 year old players in
   the minors. 12 year olds late signing up will go onto a waiting list in the order in
   which they signed up. Under no circumstances will any child under league age 10
   be permitted to play in the major division.
2. If a vacancy occurs on a major team, the player agent will go to the list of 12 year
   old players that have signed up after tryouts and will go by who signed up first.
   Only the player agent and league president will know who is on that list and the
   order. If there are no available 12 year olds, then we will go to available 11 year
   olds, and if none are available, we will go to available 10 year olds in the minor
3. The board of directors voted to accept option one in relation to days of rest.

                               MINOR DIVISION
   1. The player pool for the 2009 Minor league draft will consist of all league age 9
      and 10 year olds, except for the 10 years olds that went to the major division. 8
      year olds can be used as floaters after all the 9 and 10 year olds have been drafted.
      Under no circumstances will any player under league age 8 be permitted to play in
      the minor division.
   2. The batting order will consist of the entire roster. A side is retired after three outs
      or the team bats through its entire roster. Note: If the number of players is not
      equal for both teams, the teams will bat the higher number of players.
   3. If a vacancy occurs in the minor division on a team that a player was pulled up to
      the major division, that team can pull up an 8 year old from the coach pitch
      division, if there are no new sign ups. New sign ups must be placed on teams
      with vacancies before any 8 year olds can be pulled up. This must be handled
      through the player agent. Also, all new 11 year olds that sign up after the draft
      will be placed on teams in the minor division, until a vacancy occurs in the major

                              COACH PITCH DIVISION

***The object of Coach Pitch is to teach the youngsters the game of baseball, not to win
at any cost.

   1. Players age 7 and 8 years old will play coach pitch. All 8 year olds not drafted to
       the minor division will play coach pitch with 6 year olds able to be drafted if they
       have played at least one spring season in the tee ball division.
   2. Each game will end at the designated time. If the game is not completed within 1
       ½ hours, the teams are to complete the inning they are currently engaged in to
       determine the winner.
   3. Each player shall receive a maximum of 6 pitches or three strikes. The batter
       shall continue to bat if the last pitch is fouled off.
   4. One base is allowed on an overthrow, at the runner’s own risk.
   5. Stealing bases is not permitted in coach pitch.
   6. Tied games will only go into extra innings if it is within the time limit; the game
       will not go over the time limit.
   7. The manager/coach must pitch from the circle and shall not advance closer to
       home plate while pitching. Note: Only rostered managers and coaches are
       authorized to be on the playing field.
   8. A batted ball must travel further than the 10 foot distance in front of home plate to
       be legal.
   9. Play stops when the ball is thrown back to the pitching coach who will be
       standing on the clay area of the pitcher’s mound/circle or when the ball is thrown
       from the outfield and the defensive player has it in the clay part of the infield.
   10. The batting order will consist of the entire roster. A side is retired after three outs
       per inning or when the offensive team bats through their entire roster. Note: If
       the number of players is not equal for both teams, the teams will each bat the
       higher number of players.
   11. Replacement players that are taken through the season that are 6 year olds and are
       playing in the tee ball division must meet the rules in the rule book that allows 6
       year olds to play in the coach pitch division if there are no new sign ups. This
       must be handled through the player agent.
   12. In the coach pitch division, a team may have a total of 10 defensive players on the
       field as long as four of those players are in the outfield.

                                 TEE BALL DIVISION

***The object of tee ball is to teach youngsters the game of baseball.

   1. Players ages 5 and 6 will play in the tee ball division, except for the six year olds
      that were selected in the coach pitch draft.
   2. No standings will be kept, but an official score book is required for each game.
   3. Only rostered players, managers, and coaches are authorized to be on the playing
   4. A batted ball must travel further than ten feet in front of home plate.
   5. The batting order will consist of the entire roster. A side is retired after the team
      bats through their entire roster.

                           FOR ALL DIVISIONS

   1. The President of Apopka Little League will appoint, and the board of directors
      will vote on, the all star managers (on an individual basis, not as a group) based
      on, but not limited to, the following criteria:

           A.   Knowledge of the playing rules
           B.   Loyalty to Apopka Little League
           C.   Any disciplinary actions issued
           D.   Time and availability for practices and games

   2. A Manager and/or coach must be an active member of a team within the
      respective division for at least half of the league’s regular schedule in order to be
      eligible for the all star team.

**All final decision by the board of directors for managers and coaches for all star
teams will be based upon criteria in sections 1 and 2 of the local rules for the all star

                        ALL STAR PLAYER SELECTION
                     (MINORS, MAJORS, JUNIORS, SENIORS)

   1. The board of directors of Apopka Little League will set a date/time for all star
      ballots to be distributed to each eligible manager and coach. The ballots will be
      distributed by the player agent. At that time, each eligible, rostered
      manager/coach is to complete the ballot and return it to the league secretary. An
      envelope will be provided to ensure confidentiality and the envelopes will only be
      visibly marked with the applicable division (major, minor, etc.) and conference
      (American/National). If an eligible manager/coach is not available to participate
      in this scheduled, confidential voting session, he/she may contact the player agent
      or the league secretary in advance so that other arrangements can be made. All
      voting must take place within one week of the original scheduled meeting
      date. If notified in advance, Apopka Little League may allow telephone, proxy,
      and e-mail voting if the process is handled completely by the league secretary,
      under guidance by the board of directors. The manager/coach will be assured of
      complete confidentiality if the ballot is handled via electronic means.
   2. The managers/coaches of that division (American/National of that age group) will
      select the first nine players. The manager of the all star team will choose the
      remaining three players. In the event of a tie vote, the manager should consult
      with the VP of his/her division for additional recommendations and/or guidance.
      Our goal is to ensure that the players with the most votes be provided with the
      opportunity to participate in all star play.
   3. The 9 and 10 and the 11 and 12 year old all star teams may have up to 14 players,
      with a minimum of 12, at the manager’s discretion. The Junior and Senior
      managers may carry 14 players if they wish. The 9, 11, and 13 year old teams
      will require a separate team for each conference (American/National), unless a
      waiver is approved by District 23.
   4. Ballots will be counted and the 2009 all star players will be announced by June
      15, 2009. In addition, the rosters of all star tournament teams will not be
      released until the availability of all players has been confirmed by the
      parents and proof of age and residency documents have been carefully
      rechecked by the player agent and the President. The tournament dates will be
      released as soon as information becomes available, normally on a date that closely
      coincides with the conclusion of the spring 2009 season. All waivers must be
      submitted to the District Administrator as soon as possible, but no later than 14
      days after the start of the season. The Board of Directors reserves the right to
      make an exception to this rule if extenuating circumstances exist.

Any violation of these local rules of Apopka Little League and/or the Official Rules
and Regulations of Little League Baseball may result in disciplinary action.

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