rev. 3/15/2009

                               Supplemental PLAYING RULES
                                      Minor Girls

These playing rules are adopted pursuant to Article XXIV of the BY-LAWS of the PABSC and
reflect the League philosophy in accordance with the purpose and objectives set forth in Articles I
and II of said By-Laws.


1st- Local              2nd- USSSA


Minor Girls shall consist of players currently in the 3rd or 4th grade. This is a competitive and
instructional league and follows the supplemental playing rules contained herein. Players must
live in the Perrysburg School District or attend a school in the district. Any player outside of
those limits must be approved by the Board of Governors, on recommendation of the Director of
Player Personnel.


    1. Ages:
    No one will play in a league lower than his or her age dictates without the approval from the
    Board of Governors. Proof of age (Birth Certificate) will be required at their registration.
    Players may play in a higher League with approval by the League Commissioner and Director
    of Player Personnel.

    2. Fees:
        a. No one may practice or play in a game until fees are paid and registration waivers are
        b. Fees may be waived based on financial hardship at the discretion of the Executive
        c. Fees will not be refunded for a player dropping out after opening day

    3. Conduct:
        Any player or coach may be excluded from league activities for conduct uncomplimentary
        or detrimental to the league as determined by the League Commissioner and the Board of

    4. Team Priority:
       a. A player may play for only one team in the Perrysburg Amateur Baseball/Softball
        League. They may play for other area teams as long as they have Coach approval and
        the Perrysburg team is their first priority in the case of game conflicts.

      b. To avoid forfeits and discourage the rescheduling of games, a player can play up to
      become the 9th person for a team that would otherwise have to play short. The coach
      of that player must give permission.

      c. Players may also serve as alternates for the travel teams and play for those teams when
       they become short handed as long as the coach is notified and there isn’t a conflict with
       the house team’s schedule. League pitching restrictions remain in effect.

  5. Team Rosters
     Late registrants will be assigned as openings occur by the League Commissioner and
     the Director of Player Personnel.


  Playing requirements will be enforced in all house leagues for all games except when they are
  competing against other teams from outside the Perrysburg League, then said rules shall be
  discretionary and subject to the league rules in which the Perrysburg teams are participating.

  1. Playing time and defensive positions:

  a. Every player on the team in good standing must play at least 3 innings on the field per

  b. Starting positions should be rotated, same player cannot be non-starter 2 games in a row

  c. Each player shall play a ratio of one inning each in the outfield for each 2 innings played
     in the infield (any position except the 3 outfield spots).

  d. Bench time should be split evenly amoung all players

  e. To facilitate everyone playing, unlimited defensive substitutions are allowed provided

          a. They re-enter by retaking a position in the field at the start of an inning unless
             there is an injury, in which event a player may enter onto the field at any time.
             This is to permit a coach to alternate players every other inning, but not to permit
             a coach to move players in and out defensively, including the pitcher, depending
             on the opposition’s batter.

  2. Exceptions to the above may be:
      a. Disciplinary reasons...(opposing team manager must be notified.)
      b. Complete game of less than full length
      c. Incomplete games due to weather, darkness, etc.
      d. When a team does not field in the bottom of a 6 inning game
      e. A player becomes injured or ill

  3. Batting Order:

    All eligible players will be placed in the batting order. All eligible player will bat, regardless
    of position on defense, ie, if that player sat on defense, they will still bat in the rotation.

    a. Teams to maintain a “perpetual batting order”. This order stays the same throughout the
       season. The player after the last out is the next hitter in the next inning / next game. The
       rotation stays the same for the season.
    b. Player absent will be skipped
    c. If a player shows up late they will bat in their normal order – not at the end.

    4. Pitching Restrictions:
        3 innings per game, 6 innings per calendar week. There will be an exception to this rule
when there have been rainouts and more than two games are scheduled per week due to makeup
games. Under such circumstances, a pitcher can pitch 3 innings per game, up to 12 innings per
calendar week. Pitching records must be kept, with makeup games clearly indicated as such.

OHSAA step back rule for pitching is allowed.

A pitcher can pitch in non-consecutive innings (free substitutions)

During an inning when a pitcher has been removed they can be returned as pitcher once in the

One inning consists of 3 outs. The opposing coach has the right to request a pitcher to be pulled
from pitching for the remainder of the game, after that pitcher that has had 3 batters awarded a
base due to being hit by the pitch during one inning.

An appearance in an inning counts as 1 inning. Pitching records concerning the number of innings
pitched per game and per week must be kept in each team’s scorebook

The penalty for failure to comply with the above shall constitute a forfeit for the offending team,
when a protest is submitted at the completion of the game to the umpire and to the League
Commissioner within 48 hours.

    Minor Girls          Runs / inning            Runs ahead @ end of inning to win
                             6                                  13 @ 4

If time allotment has not expired, teams may continue to play (scrimmage) by mutual consent of
both teams until time has expired. Any scoring during this period will not be included in the final
score since the outcome has already been determined.


    1. No infield fly rule

    2. No dropped 3rd strike

    3. Hit batsmen:

    4. 4 outfielders:
        * Each team will be allowed 4 players in the outfield, however, the fourth player
        must be in the outfield, not in the deep infield. Outfielders may not cover base
        positions except in a backup role.


   1. A full season will comprise completion of all games scheduled by the League.
   2. The champion will be the team with the highest winning percentage.
   3. In case of a tie, the below tie breakers will be used:
                 Head-to-head result
                 Runs allowed (in official league play)
                 Runs scored (in official league play)
                 Coin flip

    1. Preliminaries and conduct:
        a. Ground rules will be established and agreed to prior to the beginning of the game
         by both managers and umpire

        b. Each team will furnish one new unused ball. Home team will lay out the bases and
         will return the bases to the storage container and replace post caps after game completion.
         They will also rake the pitchers mound, batting boxes and all base areas. Both teams
        are responsible for litter control especially their dugout area.

        c. The home teams scorebook is official at all times- including score and counts on
        the batter. Therefore the home teams book must be maintained at all times. The winning
        team coach needs to inform the commissioner of the score no later than the day following
        the game. The commissioner will keep and post league standings throughout the season.

        d. Before the game begins, the opposing team managers will exchange batting lineups,
        also any player benched for disciplinary reasons and absent players will be commun-
        icated to the other manager in the presence of the umpire.

        e. Infields will be off limits for the purpose of batting practice and additional infield
         practice, for the period of time up to the two 15 minute practice sessions preceding
         game time. Home team has the field for a 15 minute warm-up 30 minutes before
         game time. Visitors have the field 15 minutes before game time.

        f. Only the Head Coach, 1 assistant coache, players and scorekeeper are permitted
         on the benches during the game. There is no smoking allowed on the field or in the

    dugout at any time.

    g. Only the Head Coach may formally address the umpire on a disputed play.

2. Number of innings:
                            Full length              Shortened               No game
                            complete game            complete game           see below
            PW8                   6                       4                Less than 3 1/2

Full length games will be 6 1/2 and 5 1/2 innings if the home team is ahead. Shortened
games will be 4 1/2 and 3 1/2 innings if the home team is ahead. There is no game if
the weather or darkness requires the umpire to call a game at less than 3 1/2 full innings
or less than 4 full innings if the home team is behind. Once the game begins, the plate
umpire alone has the discretion of delaying or calling a game. The approval of the team
managers is not required, but their opinions should be sought.

3. Shortened complete games:
    The umpire will anticipate darkness and notify both managers when the last full inning
    will begin. There is also a 2 hour time limit in effect when the game will be followed by a
    second game on the same field. No inning shall start after the 2 hour limit, however once
             it has started it shall be completed. PW8 always has a 2 hour limit in effect.

4. Postponed Games:
    a. Weather or wet grounds is the only valid reason for postponement.
    b. Prior to the beginning of the game, the Head coaches may agree to postpone the game
     due to the above.
    c. All postponed games need to be rescheduled by contacting the Scheduling Director.
     These games are to be played within two weeks of the week originally scheduled if at
     all possible.
    d. A decision by the League Commissioner and Director of Scheduling is necessary to
     reschedule any game for reasons other than weather ( for example, school activities
     involving or utilizing a number of players from a team ).

5. Tie Games:
    A tie, whether full length or shortened, shall be resumed from the exact point at which
    it was suspended and with the same personnel and limitations ( pitcher’s innings,
    substitutions, etc.). Tie games shall be scheduled in accordance with the rules for
    postponed games. The umpires will note particulars in both scorebooks.

    6. Forfeits:
        a. A forfeit will be ruled by the umpire if a team is unable to field an eight player team
         within 15 minutes after the scheduled starting time unless the umpire permits a delay
         because the field is being worked on. If a team is unable to field nine players, the ninth
         position in the batting order will be an automatic out.

        b. Forfeits may also be ruled after the fact by the protest committee for rule violations.

        c. In the event of a forfeit due to less than eight players, every attempt should be made
         to play an unofficial game for the sake of the players who did show up.

    7. Field Dimensions:
                                         Pitching                  Bases
        Pee Wee 8                        40 feet                   60 feet

    8. Base Coaching and Running:
        a. Coaching: If they are a player, they must be uniformed and helmeted. If they are
         adults, uniforms and helmets are not required.

        b. Sliding: A runner must slide or avoid serious contact with another player at any base
        except at first. If the runner does not slide and serious contact occurs, the runner will be
        declared out. If a runner intentionally creates contact with the intent to hurt another
        player, he or she will be declared out and ejected from the game at the discretion of the

        c. Pinchrunners: With two outs and the catcher on base, a pinch runner may be used
         to expedite the game. Also a runner may be used for a player who will come into pitch
         at the end of the next inning. Any pinch-runners will be the last player that made an out.

        d. Lead-offs and Stealing:
                                         When             Stealing Home          Dropped 3rd Strike
                PW8                      none                   no                      no

        If a runner leaves early the runner will be given a warning. This warning consists of the
        ball being declared dead and the runners being sent back to their original bases. On the
        next occurrence, in the same inning, the runner will be called out and the ball will be
        declared dead.

    1. Assignment:
        All umpires for all games will be supplied and scheduled by the Director of Umpires.

    2. Number of Umpires:
        a. Pee Wee 8 will have one umpire. That umpire will call the game from behind the
        b. If for some reason an umpire doesn’t show, the coaches may mutually pick a spectator
         to call the game in order to get it in as scheduled. The Director of Umpires should be

        notified of this no show.

    3. Calling Games:
        a. Once the home plate preliminaries are completed, the home plate umpire is in complete
         charge of the game.

        b. He may hold up or stop the game for weather conditions ( if the game is held up for
        more than 30 minutes, it will be called off ).

        c. He will notify managers at the beginning of the “last inning” due to darkness...see
         Games, Rule # 3

    4. Appeals:
        All appeals are on the umpire. This means the umpire has the responsibility to auto-
        matically call out a runner that misses a base while running or a missed tag up. No
        formal appeal is necessary.

    5. 3 Minutes Between Innings:
        To keep the game moving, the umpire will limit to 3 minutes the time between innings,
        using his good judgement in unusual circumstances and may limit the pitcher to 7 warm-

    6. Ejections:
        In the case of extremely poor behavior, the umpire may eject a player or coach from the
        game and the premises. The premises is defined as out of sight and sound of the umpire.
        Failure to comply with this rule may result in forfeiture of the game. Flagrant misconduct
        such as obscene language or physical contact with an umpire shall be grounds for
        immediate ejection... no warning.

        In the event a spectator (regardless of which team he may be associated with) persists in
        conduct detrimental to the PABSC, the umpire may seek the assistance of both Head
        Coaches to calm the situation. Coaches are expected to help. In a situation when spec-
        tators cannot be controlled, the plate umpire has the prerogative to call the game.

   1. Clothing:
       a. All players must wear a complete uniform during official games (including hat and
        stirrups if issued). Jewelry or sharp decorative items must be removed or taped.
       b. Players are not to wear uniforms to practice sessions. Uniforms are to be worn only
        during regular games.
       c. Catchers may wear any type of glove desired. All catchers will wear helmets and
        throat protectors.
       d. Only catchers and first basemen may use first basemen’s gloves.
       e. No players names will be attached to uniforms without approval of the Board of
       f. All male catchers must wear a protective cup.

    2. Spikes:

        Steel spikes are prohibited in all House Leagues.

    3. Helmets:
        All batters and all runners will wear helmets with ear flaps, face guards and chin straps at
        all times. This is not a warning rule. Penalty for intentionally removing helmet, unless
        time is called, is to be called out.

    4. Care of Equipment, Safety of Participants:
        Players throwing bats or throwing or kicking helmets or mistreating League equipment,
        may be ejected from the game... Without warning.

    5. Bat Size:
        * The maximum diameter of any bat shall be no greater than 2 1/4”. The length shall
        not exceed 32”.

    1. Procedure:
        a. Protests can only be made on rules, not on judgment calls made by the umpire.

        b. A protest must be made to the umpire and the opposing Coach stating the reason on
        which the protest is made. The protest must be accompanied by a check for $15.00
        made payable to PABSC. The check will be returned if the protest is honored. At the
        time of the protest, the umpire will mark both scorebooks with respect to the inning,
        batter, count, outs, call, etc. and sign them.

        c. All protests must be submitted in writing by the Coach within 48 hours after game
         time to a league officer. The Director of player personnel will appoint a three person
         protest committee. The Protest Committee will render a judgment within 48 hours
         after receiving the protest. None of the Protest Committee members will be a manager
         in the league involved nor may they have a relative in that league.

        d. The Protest Committee may solicit written or oral statements from either manager
        or the umpires involved. Their decision should be in writing to the Director of Player
        Personnel with copies to both managers, the Director of Umpires, and the President.

    2. Investigations:
        An investigation may be requested by a manager or league official through the President
        for the purposes of determining player eligibility, rule correction or addition, improper
        conduct, poor umpiring, etc., or any item not normally covered by a protest.

Note: This set of supplemental playing rules were compiled from the Master Supplemental
      Playing Rules set forth by PABSC. These rules are league specific and were
      assembled to eliminate confusion on specific rules that differed from league to league.


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