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					                                                                                                SUMMER 2009 / WINTER 2010

                                                                            Product Guide



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                                                            Agilent Authorized Distributors

    3   Handheld Digital Multimeters                        The confidence of Agilent quality and support with
    4   Handheld Instruments
                                                            the convenience of local, personalized service
    5   LCR Meters
    6   Modular Instruments                                 Work with your favorite distributor to make all of your
    7   Frequency and Time Interval Counters                everyday purchases.
  8-9   Digital Multimeters/Voltmeters
                                                            •	 Enjoy	the	benefits	of	in-stock	delivery,	flexible	
10-11   Data Acquisition Units                                 financing,	and	personalized	local	attention
12-13   Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators
                                                            •	 Count	on	in-depth	expertise	and	the	information	
14-17   Oscilloscopes                                          you	need	to	make	smart	decisions
   18   Connectivity
                                                            •	 Rest	easy,	knowing	you’re	always	covered	by	Agilent	warranty,	
19-21   Power Supplies                                         maintenance,	and	calibration	services
   22   Power Meters and Sensors
   23   USB Power Sensors                                   Agilent Authorized Distributors meet rigorous qualifications for
   24   Spectrum Analyzers                                  business ethics, financial stability and customer-driven culture.
                                                            Many offer focused expertise in specific industries and
   25   Signal Generators
                                                            technical sectors, and all are backed by training and support
   26   Handheld RF Instruments                             from Agilent factory experts.
   27   Microwave Test Accessories

        All prices USD.
        All pricing and technical data subject to change.

                                                            Whatever your discipline, whatever your product,
                                                            Agilent has the test technologies to help you meet
                                                            today’s challenges and prepare for tomorrow’s.
                                                            With Agilent instruments, you get more
                                                            features, more functionality, more performance,
                                                            more value –– more reasons than ever to call
                                                            your Authorized Agilent Distributor.
                                                                                                                                          HANdHEld dMMs

Agilent handheld digital multimeters

Check more, fix more, spend less
These affordable, rugged handhelds put precision
measurements in the palm of your hand.

U1240 Series handheld DMMs feature true RMS readings on a
10,000-count display. Adjustable backlighting helps you do your job
even in low lighting conditions, while prolonging battery life.
U1250 Series handheld DMMs combine the functions
of a full-featured DMM and frequency counter, so you
can make temperature measurements and output                                   NEW
square waves with one unit. And accessories
are included at no extra cost.
                                                                                                                                     World’s first handheld DMM
                                                                                                                                     Organic LED display with
Broad range of measurement                                                                                                           approximately 160° viewing angle
functions, including temperature                                                                                                     and high contrast ratio of 2000:1
and capacitance                                                                                                                      for crystal-clear viewing

                                                                                                                                     Data logging to internal
SHIFT key and one-stop                                                                                                               or external memory
function keys for easy access

                                                                                                                                     Programmable square-wave
                                                                                                                                     generator for simulation
20 MHz frequency counter                                                                                                             of digital circuits

Built-in battery charging                                                                                                            CAT III 1000 V
for optimum capacity                                                                                                                 CAT IV 600 V
                                                                                                                                     overvoltage protection for
                                                                                                                                     assurance of your safety while
                                                                                                                                     you go about your tasks

                                U1241A                       U1242A                        U1251A                        U1252A                      U1253A
 Digits                             4                           4                             4½                            4½                          4½
 Display counts                                10,000                                                                     50,000
 Standard                                          Voltage, current, resistance, frequency, continuity with beeper, diode test, min/max, hold
                                           Switch counting                                               Capacitance, temperature, peak, dB/dBm
 Advanced                                           Harmonic ratio, dual and                                    20 MHz frequency counter,    Organic LED display,
 functions                                          differential temperature                                    programmable square wave 20 MHz frequency counter,
                                                         measurements                                                  generator          programmable square wave
 Accuracy                          0.09% basic DC voltage accuracy                                       Up to 0.025% basic DC voltage accuracy
 Price from: (US)                  $201                       $221                           $402                          $442                        $450


Agilent U1401A handheld calibrator

Carry two tools in one and calibrate while you measure                                                    NEW
Now you can travel light, whether you´re doing calibration for validation,
troubleshooting, or service and maintenance.
•	   51,000-count resolution on dual display
•	   Simultaneous source and measure capabilities
•	   Bipolar voltage and current, square-wave, auto scan and ramp outputs
•	   Full-span DMM measurement and recording functions
•	   Built-in charging capability
•	   Includes protective holster, stylish carrying case, a rechargeable
     battery pack, power adapter and cord, calibrator/meter test lead kit,
     mA simulation test lead, certificate of calibration, quick start guide and
     product reference CD ― everything you need for your calibration tasks
Price from: (US) $751

Agilent U1700 Series handheld capacitance
and LCR meters
LCR testing without the wait

With the U1700 Series, equip everyone on your team for passive-
component testing – on the bench or on the go.

U1701A handheld capacitance meter features a dual display
with 11,000 counts resolution and a wide measurement range from
0.1 pF to 199.99 mF. Sort capacitors easily by utilizing the visible
and audible tolerance mode.
U1731A/32 handheld LCR meters enable simple operation
with one button access to make inductance, capacitance and
resistance measurements.
                     U1701A                  U1731A                    U1732A
Resolution           11,000                  20,000                    20,000
Capacitance range 0.1 pF to 199.99 mF        0.1 pF to 19.99 mF        0.1 pF to 19.99 mF
Inductance range     NA                      0.1 uH to 999.9 H         0.1 uH to 999.9 H
Resistance range     NA                      0.001 Ω to 9.999 MΩ       0.001 Ω to 9.999 MΩ
Standard                                Hold and Min/Max/Average recordings,
functions                                   relative mode and Dual display
Advanced             Backlight               Dissipation and quality   Backlight
functions            Compare mode            factor measurements       Dissipation and quality
                                             Test frequencies of       factor measurements
                                             120 Hz/1 kHz              Test frequencies
                                                                       of 100 Hz/120 Hz/
                                                                       1 kHz/10 kHz
Tolerance            1%, 5%, 10%, 20%        1%, 5%, 10%               1%, 5%, 10%, 20%
Price from: (US)     $150                    $276                      $331

                                                                                                                                     lCR METERS

Agilent 4263B LCR meter

Fast, reliable, and versatile testing at a low cost
Designed for both component evaluation on the production line and
fundamental impedance testing for benchtop applications.
•	 High-speed measurement: 25 ms
•	 Wide capacitance test range                                                                 Select one of five frequencies:
Price from: (US) $4,146                           0.1% basic accuracy                          100 Hz, 120 Hz, 1 kHz, 10 kHz, 100 kHz

                                                20 mV to 1 Vrms in 5m Vrms steps                     Monitor actual ac voltage and
                                                to evaluate voltage characteristics                  current levels

Agilent E4980A precision LCR meter
Precise, reliable, high-speed test for both high and low impedance measurements
•	 Five times faster than the Agilent 4284A LCR meter
•	 Make accurate, repeatable measurements from 20 Hz to 2 MHz
Price from: (US) $15,828

High-resolution LCD display                       Simple and intuitive operation                         USB interface
Full, 7-digit display and 6 display modes for     Easily configure measurements with softkeys            (memory devices only)Easily save measurement states,
clear and easy viewing                            (same interface as Agilent 4284A) and one-touch        data logs, and screen captures to USB memory devices
                                                  front panel keys

             DC source
             Low-noise DC source port provides more measurement flexibility,          100 µV to 2 Vrms/20 Vrms variable test signals
             and enables a one-box solution, making an additional                     Provides high signal levels to evaluate AC voltage characteristics
             DC source or multimeter unnecessary. 0 to ± 10 V


Agilent USB modular products

Flexibility with standalone and modular capability
•	 Range of instruments includes; oscilloscopes, DMM, switch matrix,
   source measurement unit and function generator
•	 Simple set up with USB 2.0 and bundled software
•	 Capture and easily convert configuration commands to programming
   codes using Command Logger and Code Converter function
•	 Connect multiple instruments via USB hub or card cage (U2781A)
   to make synchronized measurements
Price from: (US) $957

U2701/2A 100/200 MHz oscilloscopes
•	 High sampling rate up to 1 GSa/s, enables accurate
   measurement analysis
•	 Up to 32 MB large memory
•	 Fast fourier transfer (FFT) and waveform math functions
   enables easy waveform calculation

U2761A 20 MHz function generator
•	 Sine, Square, Ramp, Triangle, Pulse and DC waveforms
•	 14-bit, 50 MSa/s, 64 k-points arbitrary waveform
•	 AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, and PSK modulation types

U2741A 5½ digit multimeter
•	 Fast reading speed (up to 100 Sa/s)
•	 Wide range of basic measurement functions, including fre-
   quency and temperature measurement

U2751A switch matrix (32 channels, 4x8 2 wire)
•	 Enable additional test points for functional test
•	 Minimal cross talk of -30 dB at 45 MHz

U2722A source measurement unit (3 channels)
•	 4 Quadrant operation (±20 V, ±120 mA)
•	 High accuracy of 0.075%+75 nA over 100 µA range
•	 High resolution of 100 pA
   over 1 µA range
•	 Connect in parallel or in a
   series to increase power

                                                                       Agilent Measurement Manager:
                                                                       Bundled software front panels
                                                                       mimic conventional instruments
                                                                       for intuitive operation

                                                                                                                                    FREqUENCy ANd TIME INTERvAl

Agilent 53131A universal frequency counter

Fast, precise measurements and
a host of high-end features at
an affordable price
•	 Make accurate measurements quickly and easily
   with the intuitive interface and one-button access
   to frequently used functions
•	 Real-time digital signal processing for higher resolution
   measurements in a fraction of the time it takes
   other counters
•	 Automated limit tests and one-button measurement
   setups for fast, easy operation
•	 Choose an optional third channel for measurements
   up to 12.4 GHz

Agilent 53132A                                                                              Agilent 53181A
universal frequency counter                                                                 RF frequency counter
For applications requiring higher resolution than the 53131A.                               An easy-to-use counter that’s optimized for RF applications.
•	 Up to 12-digits/sec frequency resolution and                                             •	 Digit-blanking function lets you easily eliminate unnecessary digits
   150-ps time interval resolution                                                             when you want to read measurements quickly
•	 Advanced arming mode for time interval measurements                                      •	 For higher-frequency measurements, choose an optional second
                                                                                               channel that provides measurements up to 1.5 GHz, 3 GHz,
                                                                                               5 GHz, or 12.4 GHz

 Model                                            53131A                                              53132A                                         53181A
 Type                                                    2 Channel* Universal; optional 3rd Channel                                     1 Channel RF; optional 2nd Channel
 Measurements                   Frequency, frequency ratio, time interval, period, rise/fall time, positive/negative pulse width,          Frequency, frequency ratio
                                               duty cycle, phase, totalize, peak voltage, time interval average,                        (with optional Channel 2), period,
                                                                      time interval delay                                                          peak voltage
 Analysis                                          Automatic limit testing, math (scale and offset), statistics (minimum, maximum, mean, standard deviation)
 Frequency range                              DC to 225 MHz                                      DC to 225 MHz                                    DC to 225 MHz
 (optional)                                  (3, 5 or 12.4 GHz)                                 (3, 5 or 12.4 GHz)                            (1.5, 3, 5 or 12.4 GHz)
 (frequency, time                           10 digits/s, 500 ps                                 12 digits/s, 150 ps                               10 digits/s, RF
 Connectivity                                                              Standard IntuiLink software, GPIB, and RS-232 (print only)
 Price from (US)                                  $2,168                                              $3,363                                         $1,889

* Channel 2 can only be used to make frequency, period, ratio, and voltage measurements –
 measurements on Channel 1 and Channel 2 are made sequentially.


    Choose the best benchtop DMM for your application

    Lab accuracy at production-line speeds

   34405A 5½ digit economy DMM:                                            34410/11A 6½ digit high-performance DMM:
   Dual display at an affordable price                                     Fast, accurate and affordable bench and system testing
   •	 16 measurement functions including temperature                       •	   Data logger with 50,000 reading non-volatile memory
      and capacitance                                                      •	   Built-in LAN, USB 2.0 and GPIB interfaces standard
   •	 120,000 count resolution                                             •	   LXI Class C compliant
   •	 0.025% DC voltage                                                    •	   Intuilink software included
                                                                           •	   1u high version available for
                                                                                manufacturing applications

                                   5½ digit 34405A
                                                                                                                    6½ digit 34411A
   34401A 6½ digit:
   The industry-standard DMM
   •	 System capable with configuration rates starting at 26/sec
      and autorange rate (DCV) >30/sec
   •	 IntuiLink PC connectivity software included, GPIB and
      RS-232 standard, USB with adaptor, SCPI commands
      for easy system use
   •	 1,000 readings/sec in ASCII format across
      the GPIB bus at 4½ digits continuous
                                                                   12 measurement functions
                                                                   including 4-wire ohms, continuity         Limit testing ratio and
                 Store up to 512 readings                          and diode test                            min/max average
                 in internal memory

                6½ digit 34401A
                                                                                                           0.0035% 1-year DCV accuracy
                                                          Null allows you to remove lead                   0.06% 1-year ACV accuracy
              3 Hz to 300 kHz AC bandwidth                resistance and other fixed offsets in            01% basic ohms accuracy
                                                          your measurements

U3400A Series low-cost DMM:                                                                   U3606A multimeter|DC power supply:
Low-cost basic dual display DMMs for tight budgets                                            The convenient new combination DMM and power supply
•	 119,999 count resolution (50,000 count for U3401A)                                         •	 DMM: 120,000 count with DCV accuracy 0.025%
•	 Up to 0.012% DCV accuracy                                                                  •	 Power supply: dual range 30 V / 1 A or 8 V / 3 A output
                                                                                                 with OVP and OCP protection

    4½ digit U3401A
                                                                                                                                                           5½ digit U3606A
     6½ digit

    page 3
                                                                                                                            NEW                  NEW                 NEW
                     34405A                34401A              34410A               34411A              34420A             U3401A              U3402A              U3606A
Description                                                                                                                                                      DMM and DC
                                                                                                                                                                  power supply
                 Benchtop DMM,         Benchtop DMM            Benchtop DMM, dual display           Nanovolt/µΩ meter      Bench top DMM, dual display              that works
                   dual display                                                                                                                                  simultaneously
                                                                                                                                                                    in one box
                                                                                                                                                               Halves bench/rack
                                       Industry standard    More measure-       Highest through-                                                               space need for two
                   Slightly lower         for accuracy,      ments, faster      put of benchtop       Very accurate,                                               instruments
                   performance                                                                                              Basic DMM with excellent
                                        speed, measure-     readings over         DMMs, best            low-level
                  and price point                                                                                                 DCV accuracy                   Securable with
                                         ment ease and       the bus than           choice for        measurements
                   than 34401A                                                                                                                                  PC-grade physical
                                            versatility        34401A              system use
Digits of              5½                    6½                              6½                            7½                4½                   5½                  5½
speed (rdgs/s)          19                  1,000               10,000               50,000                250                n/a                 n/a                 37

Basic                                                                                                                                                          DC and True RMS
measurements                                                                                                                                                     AC voltage and
                  DC and AC volt-                                                                       DC voltage,      DC and true RMS AC, and AC+DC           current, 2-wire
                                         DC and AC voltage, DC and AC current, 2- and 4-wire
                  age, DC and AC                                                                     2- and 4-wire Ω,    voltage and current, 2- and 4-wire    resistance, 4-wire
                 current, 2-wire Ω                                                                     low power Ω      resistance (only 2-wire for U3402A),     mΩ resistance,
                                                 frequency, period and capacitance
                     frequency                                                                             ratio           frequency, diode and continuity         capacitance,
                                                                                                                                                                frequency, diode
                                                                                                                                                                  and continuity
Temperature                                                                                            Direct SPRT,
                                                              Thermistor,          Thermistor,
                    Thermistor               N/A                                                     RTD, thermistor,         no                  no                  no
                                                                 RTD                  RTD             thermocouple
Connectivity                                                        LAN, USB 2.0, GPIB,               GPIB, RS-232
                     USB 2.0            GPIB, RS-232             plus LXI class C compliant                                                                     USB, TMC-488,
                                                                                                                              no                  no
                             IntuiLink software– provides a toolbar in Microsoft® Word                  IntuiLink                                                    GPIB
                               and Excel to import multimeter data for further analysis                 software
 Price (US)           $750                  $1,072              $1,298               $2,006              $3,827              $449                $599               $1,201


    Agilent 34970A data acquisition/switch unit

    Agilent performance at a fraction of the cost
    of other standalone data acquisition systems
    •	 Get the flexibility you need with a 3-slot mainframe and
       your choice of 8 plug-in modules
    •	 Standard GPIB and RS-232 interfaces let you program
       the instrument for automated tests
    •	 Simplify your data gathering with the included BenchLink                                               Battery-backed real-time
       Data Logger software – configure and control tests,                                                    clock for pacing scans and
       display results and move data for further analysis                                                     timestamping readings
                                                                          6½-digit (22-bit)
    Mainframe price from: (US) $1,561                                     internal DMM measures                                                50 k readings of
                                                                          11 functions without                                                 non-volatile memory
                                                                          external signal conditioning                                         holds data when power
                                                                                                                                               is removed

Monitor display
mode lets you
keep an eye on                                                                                                                                Advanced
tests in progress
                                                                                                                                             data logging
                                                                                                                                           without spending

    Scaling function for converting raw inputs                                                     Intuitive front panel:             For a convenient way to collect
    into user-defined units                                                                        task-oriented,                      and analyze your data, expand
                                                                                                   self-guiding menus                the capabilities of Agilent 34970A
                                                 HI/LO alarm limits on each input
                                                 channel, plus 4 TTL alarm outputs                                                   data acquisition / switch units with
                                                                                                                                       Agilent BenchLink 34830A
                                                                                                                                       Data Logger Pro software
    Eight modules to choose from:
                        34901A         34902A        34903A         34904A        34905A             34906A             34907A                            34908A
     Description        20-channel     16-channel    20-channel     4x8 matrix    Dual               Dual               Multifunction module              40-channel
                        multiplexer    multiplexer   actuator/                    4-channel          4-channel                                            single-ended
                                                     GP switch                    RF mux, 50 Ω       RF mux, 75 Ω
     Type               2-wire         2-wire        SPDT/          2-wire        Common low         Common low         Two         26-bit,     Two       40-channel
                        armature       reed          Form C         armature      (unterminated)     (unterminated)     8-bit       100-kHz     16-bit    single-ended
                        (4-wire        (4-wire                                                                          digital     event       analog    multiplexer
                        selectable)    selectable)                                                                      I/O ports   counter     outputs
     Speed (ch/sec)     60             250           120            120           60                 60                 N/A         N/A         N/A       60
     Max voltage        300 V          300 V         300 V          300 V         42 V               42 V               42 V        42 V        ±12 V     300 V
     Max current        1A             50 mA         1A             1A            0.7 A              0.7 A              400 mA      N/A         10 mA     1A
     Price from: (US)   $481           $567          $414           $481          $758               $758               $360                              $481

Agilent 34980A multifunction data acquisition switch/measure unit

A compact platform at a compact price
This eight-slot mainframe includes a choice of 21 optional
plug-in modules for custom configurations. This one-box
solution is ideal for medium to high-density switch/measure
applications in design verification, automated test and
data acquisition applications.
•	 High-performance switching—up to 560 2-wire multiplexer
   channels or 1024 matrix cross-points in one mainframe
•	 Optional built-in 6½-digit DMM—make 11 measurements
   with more than 3000 readings/sec
•	 Built-in Ethernet, USB 2.0, and GPIB
•	 BenchLink Data Logger software (34826A) for
   high-speed data logging with no programming
Price from: (US) $2,447

                                                                                                                          data logging
                                                                                                                        without spending

                                                                                                                  For a convenient way to collect
                                                                                                                   and analyze your data, expand
                                                                                                                 the capabilities of Agilent 34980A
                                                                                                                 data acquisition/ switch units with
                                                                                                                   Agilent BenchLink 34832A
                                                                                                                   Data Logger Pro software
21 modules to choose from:
 Model                              Description                    Key specifications                                              Price from (US)
 34921A-25A                         Multiplexers                   Up to 300 V/1 A                                                        $810
 34931A-33A                         Matrix switches                Up to 128 crosspoints                                                  $912
 34934A                             High-density switch            512-crosspoint reed matrix                                           $5,109
 34939A                             High-density switch            64-channel Form A channels up to 10 W                                $1,197
 34937A/38A                         GP switches                    1A and 5A                                                              $912
 34941A/42A                         RF switches                    50 to 75 Ohms                                                        $1,611
 34945A                             μW switch/attenuation driver   Drive 64 coils                                                       $1,202
 34946A/47A                         μW switches                    SPDT switch to 20 GHz, 1- or 2-wire configurations                     $818
 34950A-34959A                      System control                 D/A, DIO, Counter & breadboard to choose from                          $504


   Agilent function/arbitrary waveform generators

   Buy the function/arbitrary waveform generator that you need— don’t sacrifice quality

   Produce clean, low-distortion signals with THD less than 0.04% and flatness as low as ± 0.1 dB
   33220A: Low-cost and full-featured function generator                           33250A: Competitively priced 80 MHz function/arbitrary
   provides arbitrary waveforms at no extra cost. Includes                         waveform generator – if you need higher frequency than
   a 64K point arbitrary waveform generator standard                               the 33220A offers.
   as well as sine and square waves up to 20 MHz.

                        Pulse generation with variable edge

                                                         Arbitrary waveforms 2 points to 64 K points at        External frequency reference
   Standard waveforms–including sine                                                                           synchronizes to an external 10 MHz clock
                                                         50 MSa/s or 200 MSa/s optional for the
   and square wave, ramp, pulse, noise                                                                         or another 33210A, 33220A, 33250A
                                                         33210A, standard on the 33220A and 33250A.
   and burst 10, 20 or 80 MHz                                                                                  – Optional for the 33210A and 33220A,
                                                         Arbitrary waveforms with 8 K points optional
                                                                                                               standard on the 33250A
                                                         for the 33210A

                                                  Intuitive, task-oriented front panel

   33210A: A cost-effective solution that provides
   low-distortion, highly accurate signals.

       Triple versatility; optimum signal fidelity
       81150A: Quad versatility, optimum signal fidelity, integrated
       120 MHz pulse, function/arbitrary waveform and noise generator –
       three instruments in one – with pulse capabilities, higher bandwidth,
       13 standard functions and more than 80 measurements available.
       •	 Intrinsic jitter < 8 ps RMS at any frequency
       •	 Flexible noise and selectable crest factor for realistic test signals
       •	 Upgrade to arbitrary bit-shaped pattern generator to emulate
          real-world test patterns

       Helpful selection hints
       •	   The 33210A offers an entry level basic function generator with the ability to upgrade to an arbitrary waveform generator.
       •	   The 33250A offers the same features as the 33220A but with a higher frequency range (80 MHz).
       •	   The 81100A Series provides bandwidth to 660 MHz and capabilities for specialty or digital applications.
       •	   For greater flexibility, consider the 81150A, which combines the capabilities of a pulse generator, a function/arbitrary waveform generator
            and a noise generator.

                                       33210A                                      33220A                                        33250A                          81150A
Sine wave
                                       10 MHz                                      20 MHz                                        80 MHz                         240 MHz
Standard              Sine, square, ramp, pulse, noise, DC volts                   Sine, square, pulse, triangle, ramp, noise, sin(x)/x,          Pulse, sine, square, triangle, sin(x)/x,
waveforms                                                                              exponential rise and fall, cardiac, DC volts                             ramp, noise
Arbitrary              Optional 8K-points, sin(x)/x, exponential
                                 rise and fall, cardiac                                              2 to 64 K points                                        14-bit, 2 GSa/s
Sample rate                           50 MSa/s                                    50 MSa/s                                   200 MSa/s                           2 GSa/s
Modulation               AM, FM PWM, sweep and burst               AM, FM, PM, FSK, PWM, sweep and                 AM, FM, FSK, sweep and burst         FM, AM, PW, PWM, FSK
                               (all internal/external)                   burst (all internal/external)                 (all internal/external)     modulation capabilities up to 10 MHz
Burst                              Gated, N-cycle                              Gated, N-cycle                              Gated, N-cycle                     Gated, N-cycle
Noise generation                        7 MHz                                        9 MHz                                     50 MHz                            120 MHz
Pulse width range                       40 ns                                         20 ns                                     20 ns                   4.16 ns (period – 4.16 ns)
                       GPIB, USB, LAN, LXI class C compliant       GPIB, USB, LAN, LXI class C compliant                                          GPIB, USB, LAN, LXI class C compliant
Connectivity                                                                                                                 GPIB/RS-232
                           (IntuiLink software included)               (IntuiLink software included)                                                  (IntuiLink software included)
Price from: (US)                       $1,197                                      $1,863                                        $4,579                           $9,202

  Agilent 81100A pulse pattern generator series
 Flexible pulses and patterns for digital designs
  A pulse pattern generator family covering a frequency range from 15 MHz
  up to 660 MHz. Fully triggerable with variable width, delay and transition time.
                                                                   Price from: (US)
 8114A              15 MHz, 100 V/2A                                     $25,392
 81101A             50 MHz, 10 Vpp                                        $8,990
 81104A             80 MHz, up to 10 Vpp                                  $6,254
 81110A             165 MHz /10 V or 330 MHz /3.8 V                       $9,191
 81130A             400 MHz /3.8 V or 660 MHz /2.5 V                     $13,319


       Agilent InfiniiVision Series oscilloscopes

      Engineered for the best signal visibility

      Thanks to MegaZoom III technology, every InfiniiVision scope provides responsive deep memory
      allowing you to see subtle signal details and infrequent events that other scopes miss.

      Agilent InfiniiVision 7000 Series                               Agilent InfiniiVision 6000 Series
      oscilloscopes                                                   oscilloscopes
      Engineered for the best signal visibility                      Integrated measurements for analog,
    •	 12.1” display—nearly 40% larger than the                      digital, and serial designs
       nearest competitor                                            •	 DSO and MSO models from 100 MHz to 1 GHz
NEW •	 DSO and MSO models from 100 MHz to 1 GHz                         for analog, digital, or serial measurements
       for analog, digital or serial measurements                    •	 Battery option
    •	 8 Mpts memory standard                                        •	 8 Mpts memory standard
      Price from: (US) $5,005                                        •	 1U high version available for manufacturing applications
                                                                     Price from: (US) $5,202

                         DSO6012A    MSO7012A          DSO6014A      MSO7014A       DSO6032A       MSO6032A            DSO6034A    MSO6034A
                         DSO7012A                      DSO7014A                     DSO7032A       MSO7032A            DSO7034A    MSO7034A
       Bandwidth                                 100 MHz                                                300 MHz / 350 MHz
       Channels              2          2+16                 4         4+16             2             2+16                4          4+16
       Price from (US)    $5,005       $7,088              $6,335     $8,118          $7,531          $9,492            $9,599      $11,915

                         DSO6052A    MSO6052A          DSO6054A      MSO6054A       DSO6102A       MSO6102A            DSO6104A    MSO6104A
                         DSO7052A    MSO7052A          DSO7054A      MSO7054A                                          DSO7104A    MSO7104A
       Bandwidth                                 500 MHz                                                       1 GHz
       Channels              2          2+16                 4         4+16             2              2+16                4         4+16
       Price from (US)     $9,856      $14,042             $12,236    $15,384         $13,029        $16,899            $15,015     $18,935

    All InfiniiVision 5000, 6000, and 7000 Series scopes feature:
    •	   Patented MegaZoom III designed to uncover elusive details by capturing up to 100,000 deep-memory waveforms per second
    •	   Responsive deep memory
    •	   Standard 3-year warranty
    •	   XGA display with 256 intensity levels to show subtle signal detail
    •	   XVGA out standard, USB, LAN
    •	   Wide range of applications

     Agilent InfiniiVision 5000 Series
     Affordable performance in a compact package
     •	 DSO models from 100 MHz to 500 MHz for both
        analog and serial measurements

     •	 Compact form factor with GPIB
     •	 Up to 8 Mpts memory
     Price from: (US) $4,413

                                                                            Gain even greater insight into your problem
                                                                                 with these powerful applications

                                                                            Model    Description              5000   6000   7000
                                                                                                                                   Price from

                                                                            B4610A   Offline viewing           •      •      •         $551

                                                                    NEW N5455A Mask/Waveform
                                                                               Limit Testing                   •      •      •         $664

                                                                            N5406A   Xilinx FPGA                     MSO    MSO       $1,538
                                                                                     dynamic probe

                                                                            N5423A   I2C/SPI serial trigger   4 ch   4 ch   4 ch     $1,303
                                                                                     and decode

                                                                            N5424A   CAN/LIN triggering       4 ch   4 ch   4 ch     $1,303
                                                                                     and decode

                                                                            N5432A   FlexRay triggering              MSO    MSO      $3,190
         Model          Bandwidth      Channels      Price                           and decode
                                                     from (US)                       Altera FPGA
                                                                            N5434A   dynamic probe                   MSO    MSO      $1,600
         DSO5012A       100 MHz            2          $4,413
         DSO5014A       100 MHz            4          $5,183                N5454A   Segmented memory          •      •      •        $1,303
         DSO5032A       300 MHz            2          $6,189                         RS-232/UART serial
                                                                            N5457A   decode and trigger       4 ch   4 ch   4 ch      $1,303
         DSO5034A       300 MHz            4          $7,590
         DSO5052A       500 MHz            2          $9,108                U1881A   Power measurement                •      •        $1,503
         DSO5054A       500 MHz            4         $10,816
                                                                            89601A   Vector signal analysis           •      •        $8,035


Agilent 1000 Series portable oscilloscope

Engineered to give you more scope than you thought you could afford
Performance and features you expect in a big scope –
and the portability and low price you require in a small one.
We’ve redefined the economy scope by giving you more:
more signal viewing, more capabilities and more productivity.
•	 20 kpts memory per channel, up to 8 times more than
   competitive scopes, means you can see more time and
   more detail on your signal                                                                                               Weighing less than 7 pounds
•	 Unique to its class, sequence mode allows easy debug                                                                     with a small footprint ––the 1000 Series
   with waveform recording, playback and storage                                                                            can go anywhere with ease.

•	 Go/no-go mask testing automatically detects waveforms
   that deviate from the standard you set
                                                              Push-button knobs enhance
                                                              usability, for example, the             23 automatic
Bright and crisp            Acquisition memory bar            Main/Zoom knob zooms in                 measurements
5.7-inch color              shows full 20 kpts of             on a particular section of              with a
LCD display with            memory and highlights             waveform. Push to toggle               “measure all”
wide angle viewing          portion displayed                 zoom on and off                         feature


Two USB host ports (front and rear)                User-friendly menu facilitates access          Default setup quickly returns        Save up to 10 setups
facilitate saving data to a USB flash drive        to advanced features like mask test,           the scope to a known                 and waveform memories
and enable quick firmware updates                  sequence mode, and digital filtering           starting point                       internally

                                 DSO1002A                DSO1004A             DSO1012A                 DSO1014A            DSO1022A                 DSO1024A
 Bandwidth                                     60 MHz                                       100 MHz                                      200 MHz
 Timebase                              5 nsec/div to 50 sec/div                      2 nsec/div to 50 sec/div                     1 nsec/div to 50 sec/div
 Real time sample rate                                                  2 GSa/sec half channel3, 1 GSa/sec each channel
 Memory depth                                                              20 kpts half channel3, 10 kpts each channel
 Channels                             2                       4                      2                      4                     2                      4
 Price (US)                        $1,202                  $1,733                $1,503                  $2,084               $1,884                  $2,415

Agilent U1600 Series handheld oscilloscopes

Get maximum versatility for troubleshooting
in the factory or field
Use this full-featured, dual-channel scope with built-in DMM and data
logger capability for high-performance troubleshooting on the go.
•	 Capture glitches easily with flexible triggering and
   200 MSa/s maximum sampling rate
•	 Deep memory to uncover subtle details and higher resolution
   zoom-ins, with more than 10,000 points recording length
•	 Perform quick waveform analysis with waveform math
•	 See and differentiate signals easily with 4 ½” color LCD display
•	 Document results easily using the standard USB 2.0 interface
   for PC connectivity or optional USB host capability for quick saving
   to a USB flash drive

                                  U1602A                            U1604A
 Bandwidth                        20-MHz                            40-MHz
 Maximum                   200 MSa/s interleaved             200 MSa/s interleaved
 sample                       (both channels),                  (both channels),
 rate                     100 MSa/s each channel            100 MSa/s each channel      40 MHz
                           (50 s/div to 125 ns/div)          (50 s/div to 250 ns/div)   U1604A
 Recording length                                10,000 points
 Advanced features                  N/A                      FFT and dual waveform
                                                                 math capability
 Price from (US)                  $1,358                            $1,695

oscilloscope probes
Get the most from your oscilloscope
Agilent offers an innovative family of probes that are engineered for
signal access and measurement accuracy. Whether you’re looking for
simple passive probes, the high bandwidth and low loading of an active
probe, or specialty probes for current or high voltage, we can meet
your needs. Our innovative accessories allow reliable connection
to challenging components like fine pitch devices, surface mount ICs,
and DDR BGA packages – even hands free!
•	 Get the industry’s flattest frequency response and widest
   selection of probe heads and accessories with our
   InfiniiMax high performance probes
•	 Make reliable connections to challenging components like
   fine pitch devices, surface mount ICs and DDR BGA packages
•	 Solutions range from simple, inexpensive passive probes to
   state-of-the art high frequency interposers for your toughest
   probing challenges


GPIB, LAN and USB tools for PC/instrument connectivity

                                 with Agilent GPIB and instrument control products

Mix and match virtually any combination of instruments and interfaces.
Easily establish error-free connections in less than 15 minutes using Agilent IO Libraries Suite.

From...            To converter...                            To PC via...        Features
           ▼ ▼

                                                        ▼ ▼
GPIB...            Agilent 82357B USB/GPIB                        ...USB          •	High-speed USB 2.0 with auto configuration
                   interface                                                      •	GPIB transfer rate of more than 1.15 MB/s
                                                                                  •	Connect to up to 14 instruments
                                                                                  Price from: (US) $541

GPIB...            Agilent E5810A LAN/GPIB                        ...LAN          •	Share equipment and collaborate globally


                   gateway                                                        •	10BASE-T/100BASE-TX LAN for remote control
                                                                                    of GPIB instruments
                                                                                  •	Digital display and built-in Web browser for easy
                                                                                  Price from: (US) $1,112

GPIB...            Agilent E5813A networked                       ...USB          •	Connect USB devices anywhere on the LAN


                   5-port USB hub                                                 •	Eliminates 5-meter distance limitation for USB
                                                                                  •	No switches to set, no PC cards to install
                                                                                  Price from: (US) $481

Easily control instruments and exchange data with maximum throughput.

Agilent 82350B                                                                    Agilent 82351A
PCI high-performance GPIB interface card                                          PCIeTM-GPIB interface card
Speed                 Built-in buffering: speeds up to 900 KB/s                   Speed                 1.4 MB/s transfer rate
Size                  Full PCI height                                             Size                  Compact half-height
Power                 5V                                                          Power                 3.3 V
Price from: (US)      $531                                                        Price from: (US)      $551

Easily connect your GPIB instruments with a PC GPIB interface using reliable and durable
Agilent GPIB cables. These cables are available in various lengths ranging from 0.5 meter (1.6 ft)
to 8 meters (26.2 ft). Daisy-chain multiple cables together if necessary.
10833A/B/C/D/F or G GPIB Cables
Price from: (US) $80

                                                                                                                          SySTEM POWER SUPPlIES

Agilent N5700 and              NEW N8700 Series DC system power supplies
Minimum rack space requirements, maximum flexibility
•	 45 affordable models in compact 1U (750 and 1500 W)
   and 2U (3.3 and 5 kW) packages
•	 LAN, (LXI-C), USB and GPIB to simplify
   test-system development
•	 Easy front-panel operation
•	 Outputs of up to 600 V or up to 400 A                     NEW
 750 W Models:                 1500 W Models:                   3.3 kW Models:                        5.5 kW Models:
 Price from (US) $2,447        Price from (US) $2,900           Price from (US) $4,690                Price from (US) $6,100
N5741A 6 V, 100 A, 600 W      N5761A 6 V, 180 A, 1080 W        N8731A       8 V, 400 A, 3200 W        N8754A 20 V, 250 A, 5000 W
N5742A 8 V, 90 A, 720 W       N5762A 8 V, 165 A, 1320 W        N8732A       10 V, 330 A, 3300 W       N8755A   30 V, 170 A, 5100 W
N5743A 12.5 V, 60 A, 750 W    N5763A 12.5 V, 120 A, 1500 W     N8733A       15 V, 220 A, 3300 W       N8756A   40 V, 125 A, 5000 W
N5744A 20 V, 38 A, 760 W      N5764A 20 V, 76 A, 1520 W        N8734A       20 V, 165 A, 3300 W       N8757A   60 V, 85 A, 5100 W
N5745A 30 V, 25 A, 760 W      N5765A 30 V, 50 A, 1500 W        N8735A       30 V, 110 A, 3300 W       N8758A   80 V, 65 A, 5200 W
N5746A 40 V, 19 A, 760 W      N5766A 40 V, 38 A, 1520 W        N8736A       40 V, 85 A, 3300 W        N8759A   100 V, 50 A, 5000 W
N5747A 60 V, 12.5 A, 750 W    N5767A 60 V, 25 A, 1500 W        N8737A       60 V, 55 A, 3300 W        N8760A   150 V, 34 A, 5100 W
N5748A 80 V, 9.5 A, 760 W     N5768A 80 V, 19 A, 1520 W        N8738A       80 V, 42 A, 3300 W        N8761A   300 V, 17 A, 5100 W
N5749A 100 V, 7.5 A, 750 W    N5769A 100 V, 15 A, 1500 W       N8739A       100 V, 33 A, 3300 W       N8762A   600 V, 8.5 A, 5100 W
N5750A 150 V, 5 A, 750 W      N5770A 150 V, 10 A, 1500 W       N8740A       150 V, 22 A, 3300 W
N5751A 300 V, 2.5 A, 750 W    N5771A 300 V, 5 A, 1500 W        N8741A       300 V, 11 A, 3300 W
N5752A 600 V, 1.3 A, 780 W    N5772A 600 V, 2.6 A, 1560 W      N8742A       600 V, 5.5 A, 3300 W

Agilent N6700 Series
DC system power supplies
•	 Multiple-output power supply system lets you mix             50 W Models:                       100 W Models:                300 W Models:
   and match from 22 different 50 W, 100 W, or                  Price from (US) $507               Price from (US) $934         Price from (US) $1,355
   300 W DC power module                                       N6731B 5 V, 10 A                    N6741B 5 V, 20 A            N6773B 20 V, 15 A
•	 LAN, USB and GPIB – to simplify test-system                 N6732B 8 V, 6.25 A                  N6742B 8 V, 12.5 A          N6774B 35 V, 8.5 A
   development                                                 N6733B 20 V, 2.5 A                  N6743B 20 V, 5 A            N6775B 60 V, 5 A
•	 Improve your throughput with fast settling times            N6734B 35 V, 1.5 A                  N6744B 35 V, 3 A            N6776B 100 V, 3 A
   and fast command processing (<1 ms)                         N6735B 60 V, 0.8 A                  N6745B 60 V, 1.6 A          N6753A 20 V, 50 A
Mainframes                                                     N6736B 100 V, 0.5 A                 N6746B 100 V, 1 A
                                                                                                                               N6754A 60 V, 20 A
N6700B Low-profile MPS (400 W) $2,385                          N6751A 50 V, 5 A                    N6752A 50 V, 10 A           HiPerform
                                                               HiPerform                           HiPerform
N6701A Low-profile MPS (600 W) $2,706                          N6761A 50 V, 1.5 A                  N6762A 50 V, 3 A
N6702A Low-profile MPS (1200 W) $3,571                         Precision                           Precision
                                                               Modules must be installed in one of the N6700 mainframes, sold separately.

Agilent             Gain insights into your                  •	 Save	time	and	increase	your	productivity	for	sourcing	and	measuring	DC	
                                                                voltage	and	current	into	your	DUT	—	this	instrument	integrates	up	to	four	
N6705A              DUT’s power consumption                     advanced	power	supplies	with	DMM,	scope,	arb,	and	data	logger	features
DC power            –in minutes, not hours –
                                                             •	 Tailor	the	N6705A	to	meet	your		
analyzer            without writing a                           needs	using	the	same	modules		                                             The most
                    single line of code                         listed	for	the	N6700	(above)                                               product in
                                                               Price from: (US) $6,897                                                      history!


Agilent U8000 DC power supplies

Get extra features and functions without spending more

U8000 Series 90- to 150-W single-output, non-programmable                 Solid, reliable DC power at the right price.
DC power supplies include extra features — typically found only in        •	 Low output noise (as low as 1 mVrms) minimizes interference
more-expensive supplies. The U8000 Series delivers excellent                 into your device-under-test (DUT)
value for applications in electronics manufacturing and
                                                                          •	 Excellent 0.01% load and line regulation for steady output
educational settings.                                                        power levels
                                                                          •	 Fast load transient response time (50 μsec) reduces test time
                                                                             and manufacturing cost

                                                              Save and recall three memory
                                                              states to minimize manual
                                                              errors and reduce setup time         Fully integrated over-voltage and
                               Keypad lock feature prevents                                        over-current protection
                               measurement errors due to                                           to prevent damge to your DUT
                               accidental front panel usage

                                                                                             Single output
                                                                                             90 W or 150 W                Physical lock feature
                                                                                                                          provides secure
                                                                                                                          instrument storage

                                                              GPIB         output      Range      Voltage    Current      Power        Price from
                                                 U80001A       N              1          1          30 V        3A         90 W          $307

                                                 U80002A       N              1          1          30 V        5A        150 W          $385

                                                                                                              bENCH POWER SUPPlIES

Agilent E3600 Series DC power supplies

Reliable power, repeatable results

Quiet, stable, reliable DC power. For environments that need to
watch test costs as closely as they watch test results.
•	 Extremely low output noise—as low as 1 mVp-p/0.2 mVrms
•	 Tight 0.01% load and line regulation for steady output
   power levels
•	 Fast load transient response time (<50 µs)
•	 Choice of models from 30 to 200 W output power
•	 Convenient front-panel, GPIB, and RS-232 programming

E3610A-17A/20A/30A manual DC power supplies
•	 Up to 120 V and 6 A—just the power you need                                                                               E3631A
•	 30 to 60 W—single, double and triple outputs                                                                              Agilent’s
                                                                                                                            most popular
•	 10-turn pots—make fine adjustments easily                                                                                 low-cost
                                                                                                                             DC supply

E3631A-34A programmable DC power supplies
•	 System-level performance without the high price                         E3640A-49A programmable DC power supplies
•	 80 to 200 W—single or triple output for more power options              •	 Remote sensing—eliminate voltage regulation errors
•	 Rotary knob and self-guiding keypads—precise adjustments                   due to drop in load leads
   for output resolution                                                   •	 Front and rear output terminals—flexible measurement setup
                                                                           •	 Internal non-volatile memory—store and recall setups fast

E3610A-17A/20A/30A                                                         E3640A-49A
             GPIB output Range Voltage Current Power Price                          GPIB   output Range   Voltage Current Power     Price
                                                     from (US)                                                                      from (US)
E3610A        N     1      2      8V      3A   30 W     $451               E3640A     Y      1       2       8V       3A     30 W      $739
                                 15 V     2A                                                                20 V    1.5 A
E3611A        N     1      2     20 V   1.5 A  30 W     $451               E3641A     Y      1       2      35 V    0.8 A    30 W     $739
                                 35 V  0.85 A                                                               60 V    0.5 A
E3612A        N     1      2     60 V   0.5 A  30 W     $451               E3642A     Y      1       2       8V       5A     50 W     $788
                               120 V   0.25 A                                                               20 V    2.5 A
E3614A        N     1      1      8V      6A   48 W     $707               E3643A     Y      1       2      35 V    1.4 A    50 W     $788
E3615A        N     1      1     20 V     3A   60 W     $707                                                60 V    0.8 A
E3616A        N     1      1     35 V   1.7 A  60 W     $707               E3644A     Y      1       2       8V       8A     80 W     $962
                                                                                                            20 V      4A
E3617A        N     1      1     60 V     1A   60 W     $707
                                                                           E3645A     Y      1       2      35 V    2.2 A    80 W     $962
E3620A        N     2      1     25 V     1A   50 W     $615
                                                                                                            60 V    1.3 A
E3630A        N     3      1      6V    2.5 A  35 W     $615
                                                                           E3646A     Y      2       2       8V       3A     60 W    $1,033
                                 20 V   0.5 A                                                               20 V    1.5 A
                                -20 V   0.5 A
                                                                           E3647A     Y      2       2      35 V    0.8 A    60 W    $1,033
                                                                                                            60 V    0.5 A
E3631A-34A                                                                 E3648A     Y      2       2       8V       5A    100 W    $1,235
                                                                                                            20 V    2.5 A
         GPIB    output Range    Voltage Current Power      Price          E3649A     Y      2       2      35 V    1.4 A   100 W    $1,235
                                                            from (US)                                       60 V    0.8 A
E3631A   Y        3      1          25 V      1A    80 W     $1,294
                                   -25 V      1A
                                     6V       5A                            Agilent makes over 200 models of
E3632A   Y        1      2          15 V      7A    120 W    $1,131
                                    30 V      4A                            power supplies — 2 W up to 6.6 kW.
E3633A   Y        1      2           8V      20 A   200 W    $1,368         Get more information at
                                    20 V     10 A
E3634A   Y        1      2          25 V      7A    200 W    $1,368
                                    50 V      4A


 Agilent N1913A/14A EPM Series power meters

 Replacing the popular Agilent E4418B/19B EPM
 meters with greater capability
 •	 Get up to four channels to speed and simplify
    RF average power measurements                                    NEW
 •	 Measure faster with improved measurement speed of
    400 readings/s with the Agilent E-Series sensors
 •	 View test results more easily with the industry’s first color
    LCD readout in an average power meter
 •	 Go beyond GPIB with USB and LAN/LXI-C interfaces
 •	 Automate frequency/power sweep measurements with
    the optional external trigger in/out feature
 Price from: (US) $3,888

 EPM-P Series power meters (E4416A/17A)                                        Agilent power sensors
 Advanced capabilities for advanced power measurements.                        Stable, repeatable measurements for a wide variety of applications.
 •	 Accurately profile complex modulation formats of up to                  •
                                                                            NEW N8480 Series: Thermocouple-based sensors offer exceptional
    5 MHz video bandwidth with 20 M-samples per second                           accuracy and superior usability
    continuous sampling rate                                                     – Built-in EEPROM feature for ease of use
 •	 PC software included for power and statistical analysis                      – Widest dynamic range of 55 dB with thermocouple technology
 •	 High throughput—up to 1,000 corrected readings/s
                                                                                 – Best-in-class linearity of less than 1%
    via GPIB
                                                                                 – Backward compatibility with EPM, EPM-P and P-Series
 Price from: (US) $4,763                                                            power meters
 P-Series power meters (N1911A/12A)                                            • 8480 Series: Average power sensors using diode technology
 Accurate, fast and repeatable power measurements                              • E-Series: Includes E441x wide dynamic range
 for R&D and manufacturing environments.                                         CW sensors, E9300 wide dynamic range average power
                                                                                 sensors, E9320 peak and average power sensors
 •	 Ideal for aerospace/defense, wireless communications                       • P-Series: Peak and average power measurements
    and wireless 802.11a/b/g networking                                          of wide-bandwidth modulated signals using diode technology
 •	 Capture single-shot and repetitive events over a wide
    bandwidth with 30 MHz video bandwidth and 100 Msamples                     Price from: (US) $1,291
    per second, continuous sampling capability
 •	 Comprehensive power, time, and statistical measurements
 Price from: (US) $7,516
  Model    Number      Frequency        N8480          P-Series        E-Series          E-Series        E-Series        8480D         Standard
  number      of         range          Series         sensors          E9320             E9300         CW sensors       Series       interfaces
           channels                    sensors                         sensors           sensors                        sensors
  E4417A       2                                         N/A         -65 to +20 dBm                                                  GPIB, RS-232
  E4416A       1                                         N/A         -65 to +20 dBm                                                  GPIB, RS-232
  N1914A       2          9 kHz          -35             N/A              N/A               -65            -70            -70       GPIB, LAN, USB
                            to            to                                                 to             to             to
  N1913A       1         110 GHz       +44 dBm           N/A              N/A             +20 dBm        +20 dBm        -20 dBm     GPIB, LAN, USB
  N1912A       2                                    -35 to +20 dBm   -65 to +20 dBm                                                 GPIB, LAN, USB
  N1911A       1                                    -35 to +20 dBm   -65 to +20 dBm                                                 GPIB, LAN, USB

                                                                            USb POWER SENSORS

Agilent U2000 Series USB average power sensors

Fast, accurate measurements over long distances
Travel light, save space, and get measurements on the go. The
U2000 Series provides fast average-power measurements from
RF and microwave devices over long cables via the USB port—
no separate power meter required.
•	 Precision power sensors plug directly into PC- or USB-enabled
   Agilent instruments (with firmware upgrade)
•	 Simple setup via USB plug-and-play—
   no external power needed
•	 Long-distance measurements using
   USB-to-LAN hub
•	 Internal zeroing without disconnecting the DUT
•	 Up to 250 average power readings per second
•	 >1,000 readings/sec average power measurement
   under-buffer mode
•	 Accuracy: < 0.12 dB (50 MHz at 0 dBm)
•	 Now compatible with Agilent handheld RF tools
   (*See page 26 for more detail)

High-power functionality
•	 Enhanced firmware enables time-gated measurements
   and frequency sweeping (free and self-upgrade firmware
   for existing USB power sensor users)
•	 Built-in attenuator to enable power measurement
   up to +44 dBm. Eliminates the use of external attenuator
   and improve mismatch

 Model      Frequency          Power            Connector     Price
            range              range            type          (US)
 U2000A     10 MHz to 18 GHz   -60 to +20 dBm   Type-N        $3,402
 U2000B     10 MHz to 18 GHz   -30 to +44 dBm   Type-N        $4,763
 U2000H     10 MHz to 18 GHz   -50 to +30 dBm   Type-N        $3,856
 U2001A     10 MHz to 6 GHz    -60 to +20 dBm   Type-N        $2,608
 U2001B     10 MHz to 6 GHz    -30 to +44 dBm   Type-N        $3,969
 U2001H     10 MHz to 6 GHz    -50 to +30 dBm   Type-N        $3,062
 U2002A     50 MHz to 24 GHz   -60 to +20 dBm   3.5 mm        $4,196
 U2002H     50 MHz to 24 GHz   -50 to +30 dBm   3.5 mm        $4,650
 U2004A     9 kHz to 6 GHz     -60 to +20 dBm   Type-N        $2,949


    N9320B spectrum analyzer

    Professional performance, compact size
    and unbeatable value
    Now get improved measurement reliability and new features
    to make your job easier with the N9320B, the optimized basic
    spectrum analyzer for effective and accurate measurements.
    •	 Frequency range: 9 kHz to 3 GHz
    •	 Overall amplitude accuracy: <± 1.5 dB
    •	 Minimum non-zero span sweep: 10 ms
    •	 Optional tracking generator: 100 kHz to 3 GHz
    •	 Optional AM/FM and ASK/FSK demodulation
NEW •	 Optional EMC filter (-6 dB)
    •	 Power meter function with Agilent U2000 series
       USB power sensor support
    •	 LAN and USB connectivity, with optional GPIB interface
    •	 Multi-language user interface: 11 languages
    Price from: (US) $7,871

    N1996A Agilent CSA spectrum analyzers
    Price, performance, portability… PERFECT
    The N1996A combines low price, great performance, and
    a highly portable design that takes quality measurements
    anywhere, anytime.
    •	   Best-in-class dynamic range with +18 dBm TOI
    •	   Two models: 100 kHz to 3 or 6 GHz
    •	   Wide range of video bandwidth: 1 Hz to 50 MHz VBW
    •	   Adjustable sweep time
    •	   Enhanced channel power measurements for
         radio standards analysis
    •	   Built-in VSWR bridge and powerful stimulus/response
    •	   2 hours of continuous battery operation
    •	   Only 7.5 kg (16.5 lbs)
    •	   Many options available to customize your spectrum analyzer
    Price from: (US) $9,565

                                                                 SIgNAl gENERATORS

Agilent N9310A signal generator

Capability, reliability and affordability for
generating CW and modulated RF signals

•	 Ideal for benchtop R&D, education, field measurements,
   and signal monitoring and manufacturing
•	 Rugged body, lightweight frame, large display and
   full-size front panel
•	 Standard USB connectivity for test automation
   and memory stick support
•	 9 kHz to 3 GHz frequency coverage
   with 0.1 Hz resolution
•	 Wide bandwidth (40 MHz) IQ modulator
   for generating digital modulated signals
   from your own custom IQ signals
Price from: (US) $7,273

 Pair the N9310A signal
 generator with the N9320B
 spectrum analyzer to maximize
 your productivity and
 minimize your cost
 •	 both start at 9 kHz to meet EMC testing
 •	 both are easy to use with robust and
    upgradable functionality built-in

 The N9320B spectrum analyzer
 offers built-in one button measurements for
 Channel power, ACPR, SEM, ObW, and TOI.

 The N9310A signal generator
 has built-in analog modulation capabilities
 to generate modulated AM, FM, ØM and
 pulse signals easily. Add the optional analog
 Iq input capability and generate complex Iq
 modulated signals such as gSM, CdMA and
 OFdM signals from custom Iq inputs.


 Do more out there with Agilent’s field-rugged handheld RF tools

                                                              N9912A FieldFox
                             N9330B                                                                   N9340B

 N9330B handheld cable and antenna tester                                 N9340B handheld RF spectrum analyzer
 Essential tests for RF installation and maintenance                      Bright display, best-in-class performance
 •	 Designed specifically for the challenges of installing,               •	 Powerful features and options include spectrogram and
    troubleshooting, and repairing RF system cables and antennas             extended spectrogram, SEM, AM/FM/ASK/FSK demodulation,
 •	 Key measurements include return loss, SWR, cable loss,                   digital radio (IBOC), and DSL interference monitoring
    and distance-to-fault                                                 •	 6.5” TFT color display viewable in all conditions
 •	 25 MHz to 4 GHz frequency range                                       •	 100 kHz to 3 GHz
 •	 3 ms/data point sweep time                                            •	 10 ms non-zero span sweep time
 •	 USB port for memory stick and PC connectivity                         •	 Narrowest RBW and lowest DANL in its class
 •	 Simple operation with easy-to-read display, rugged package,           •	 USB for memory stick and sensor support
    and 4-hour battery life                                               •	 Remote control via SCPI over USB and LAN
 Price from: (US) $6,485                                                  •	 Lightweight and rugged with 4-hour battery life
                                                                          Price from: (US) $7,987
 N9912A FieldFox RF analyzer
 Up to five instruments in one rugged package
 •	 Cable and antenna analyzer: 2 MHz to 4 GHz (optional 6 GHz);
    directivity > 42 dB, 1.5 ms per point
 •	 Spectrum analyzer: 100 kHz to 4 GHz (optional 6 GHz);
    DANL: –148 dBm, 1 second/full span (6 GHz)
 •	 Network analyzer: 2 MHz to 4 GHz (optional 6 GHz);                                       Turn your analyzer
    S11 magnitude and phase, S21 magnitude                                                   into an accurate
 •	 Power meter: 9 kHz to 24 GHz (for use with                                               power meter
    U2000 Series USB power sensors)                                                          via USB port.
 •	 Vector voltmeter: 2 MHz to 4 GHz (optional 6 GHz);                                       See page 23
    easily compare phase and electrical length
 •	 Lightweight and rugged with 4-hour battery life
 Price from: (US) $7,614

                                                                                                                  MICROWAvE TEST ACCESSORIES

Agilent RF and microwave test accessories

Over 200 accessories—the key to getting great performance, accuracy, and flexibility

Agilent J7211A/B/C attenuation control unit
Simple, flexible operation for benchtop and ATE
applications from DC to 26.5 GHz
•	   0 to 121/101 dB with 1 dB step size
•	   Guaranteed 0.03 dB RF repeatability per section
•	   Long operating life time (> 5 million cycles)
•	   Agilent calibrated data correction display
•	   GPIB, USB and LAN connectivity                                      J7211B
Price from: (US) $6,249

Agilent 11713B/C switch driver
Double the switch capacity with expanded connectivity
•	   8 plugs and 4 Viking connectors
•	   Outputs configured as 2 independent banks                                        11713B
•	   TTL control outputs (11713C only)
•	   Relay control voltages supported: 5, 15, 24, user defined (11713C only)
•	   Multiple connectivity: GPIB, USB, LAN (LXI Class C compliance)
•	   Full backwards compatibility with Agilent 11713A
Price from: (US) $2,778

Attenuators                                                                  L-Series electromechanical switches
32 models for signal conditioning and control                                Reliable, economical switching with low insertion loss
•	 Broad frequency range                                                     •	 0.03 dB insertion loss repeatability—
   DC to 67 GHz                                                                 guaranteed for 2 million cycles
•	 Long operating life—                                                      •	 Operating life of 5 million
   5 million cycles                                                             cycles, typical
•	 RF repeatability 0.03 dB                                                  •	 Excellent isolation, typically
•	 Average power: 1, 2, and 25 W                                                >90 dB at 12 GHz

Price from: (US) $840                                                        Price from: (US) $837

 Model        Frequency    Type            Attenuation         Price         Model             Frequency       Type            Connector   Price
              range                                            (US)                            range                                       (US)
8490G         DC to        Fixed           3, 6, 10, 20,         $840        L7104A/B/C        DC to           Terminated/     SMA (f)     $1,034
              67 GHz                       30, 40 dB                                           4/20/26.5 GHz   SP4T
8491A         DC to        Fixed           3, 6, 10, 20,         $229        L7106A/B/C        DC to           Terminated/     SMA (f)     $1,122
              12.4 GHz                     30, 40, 50, 60 dB                                   4/20/26.5 GHz   SP6T
8494B         DC to        Manual          0 to 11 dB,         $1,508        L7204A/B/C        DC to           Unterminated/   SMA (f)       $837
              18 GHz                       1 dB steps                                          4/20/26.5 GHz   SP4T
8496B         DC to        Manual          0 to 110 dB,        $1,478        L7206A/B/C        DC to           Unterminated/   SMA (f)     $1,003
              18 GHz                       10 dB steps                                         4/20/26.5 GHz   SP6T
8494H         DC to        Programmable    0 to 11 dB,         $1,969        L7222C            DC to           Transfer        SMA (f)       $837
              18 GHz                       1 dB steps                                          26.5 GHz
8496H         DC to        Programmable    0 to 110 dB,        $1,969
              18 GHz                       10 dB steps

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