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  Product Guide
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Welcome to Belvedere Preferred Stock, the Number One choice for quick-ship furniture and equipment in the salon and spa industry.
We’ve selected our most popular products for inclusion in this program – from chairs and vanities to spa equipment. You’ll find everything
you need at Preferred Stock.
Through its history, Belvedere has been noted for its ability to provide customers with maximum value in product and service offerings.
That tradition is carried on with Preferred Stock. What you’re looking at is not just a product catalog, it’s a reference tool that we hope
you’ll find useful whenever salon or spa remodeling or upgrade is part of your business planning.

The Preferred Stock Product Guide & Salon Toolkit provides                                         Preferred Stock Leasing
details about the following topics:
                                                                                                   Options Available Through
1-2 ................................About Belvedere Preferred Stock/Leasing                        Belvedere Partners
                                                           The Case for Remodeling
                                                                                                   Leasing today is simple, flexible and offers many benefits. Did you
3-4 ........................................................................... Chairs/Bases       know that in addition to your equipment you can lease a portion
                                                              Great First Impressions              of your construction costs? Belvedere provides many programs
                                                                                                   and here’s a brief look at our offering:
5-6 ......................................................................................Chairs
                                                                        A Quality Chair            Zero percent salon and spa financing
7-8 ..................................................... Backwash/Shampoo Chairs                  This program provides zero percent financing for 12 months. The
                                                                                                   borrowing cost for the remaining finance term (up to 60 months)
                                                                           Washing Area            is factored at a pre-determined rate.
9-10 ................................................................................. Vanities    This program is one version of many “step-up” equipment lease
                                                                      Styling with Style           options available to Belvedere customers. A step-up program is
                                                                                                   structured so that a smaller than normal payment is made at the
11-12 ............................................................................... Vanities
                                                                                                   beginning of the lease term and the unpaid balance is deferred to
                                                                  The Right Cabinetry              the latter portion of the lease contract.
13-14 .......................................... Manicure Tables/Pedicare Units                    This structure is helpful in providing lower payments at the
                                                                             Lighting Tips         beginning, but it does not offer cost savings over a standard
                                                                                                   lease contract.
15-16 ........................................................................Spa Products
                                                    Planning Your Salon Remodel                    Gold Option Capital Lease
17-18 .........................................................................Bowls/Mats          This comprehensive program provides an array of business-
                                                                                                   building opportunities for established businesses, as well as
                                                                          Chemical Area            start-up salons and spas. The program allows the salon owner to
19-20 ....................................................... Appliances/Accessories               include equipment, furniture, construction, carpet, paint,
                                                                    The Dryer Decision             plumbing, inventory, freight, installation and anything else
                                                                                                   associated with your project in the same lease contract. Almost any-
21-22 ..........................................................Remodeling Checklist               thing a salon or spa owner would need to expand or remodel can
                                                          Floor Plan Considerations                be wrapped into one payment and deducted from taxable income.
                                                                                                   When planning for an expansion, a remodel or a new location,
                                                                                                   the lease’s payment plan and aggressive rate structure provides the
                                                                                                   foundation for successful and profitable cash flow management.

                                                         Wellapor                                  Belvedere Advantage Lease
                                                         steamer                                   This program provides some of the most attractive financing in the
                                                                                                   industry. It provides the greatest cost savings, in addition to offer-
                                                                                                   ing all of the flexibility of the Gold Option plan.
                                                                                                   Belvedere has combined its expertise with Wella, Sebastian Inter-
                                                                                                   national and Tondeo to build an attractive financing program that
                                                                                                   makes it easier for you to create the salon of your dreams.

                                                                                                   How are we able to offer such an attractive lease?
                                                                                                   The Wella Corporation contributes most or all of the borrowing
                                                                                                   costs over the entire life of the lease contract. More specifically,
                                                                                                   Wella will subsidize the lease contract to a rate of 2.9 percent,
                                                                                                   1.9 percent or zero percent for salon owners who make regular
                                                                                                   purchases of the world’s finest-quality hair and grooming products
                                                                                                   from Sebastian International, Tondeo and Wella.


                                          The Case for Remodeling
                                      There are a variety of valid reasons why a salon or spa owner should periodically remodel not only their
                                     salon décor, but upgrade equipment as well. Here’s an overview of some of the key points to consider in
                                     moving ahead with a remodeling project:

                                    Salon image is important to clients
                                   Remodeling tells clients that you realize your image is important to them. A sharp-looking salon gives you
                                   credibility when you tell them how important appearance is to their image.

                                   Remodeling reinforces the buying decision
                                   A new interior look reinforces your clients’ decision to buy your products and services. And that allows
                                    them to feel better about themselves getting a great look from your up-to-date salon. If your salon décor
                                     is outdated, the opposite reinforcement may take place – it may give clients the impression your styling/
                                       cutting techniques are outmoded as well.

                                         Improve employee morale
                                           It’s a fact that people prefer to work in a clean, stylish setting surrounded by new and modern
                                              furniture and equipment. Remodeling improves employee morale; a great-looking salon not only
                                                 helps retain staff, it makes it easier to recruit new stylists.

  Preferred Stock                                    Remodeling increases business
                                                       A general rule-of-thumb says that business will increase by 20 percent in the
  Shipping Information                                   first year after remodeling. And there are tax advantages. If your old salon equipment
  Belvedere Preferred Stock is a select grouping             is fully depreciated you may end up having fewer deductions, so you’re paying
  of popular salon and spa furniture and equipment               more taxes. Buying or leasing new equipment gives you new tax deductions.
  available for 24-hour shipment. Preferred Stock                   When you combine the increased business with tax advantages, remodeling
  products ship the next business day for all orders                   may cost less than you think.
  received by noon (CST).*
                                                                        When should you remodel?
                                                                         Color and fashion trends change every three to five years. To keep
                                                                          up, salons should follow this same time frame for remodeling.
                                LTD booth unit                              From a pure business point of view, a salon principal should
                                                                              remodel when there’s a definite downswing in business or
                                                                                when new customers are not being generated.
                                                                                  And don’t think of remodeling as painting or wallpapering;
                                                                                   you also need to keep your salon equipment up-to-date.
                                                                                   With many technical improvements coming into the
                                                                                   market each year, today’s sleek, efficient equipment not
                                                                                   only improves salon image, but employee productivity
                                                                                   as well.

                                                                                   Who can help you remodel?
                                                                                  You can do a great deal of remodeling preparation,
                                                                                planning and designing in advance of any work taking place.
                                                                               But if you’re planning to open a salon or remodel your space,
                                                                             it may pay to have professional assistance from an architect or
                                                                            an interior designer.
                                                                           Belvedere designers and distributor partners are seasoned
                                                                         professionals who can assist in your salon remodeling project.
                                                                       For the name of your nearest distributor or to contact Belvedere
                                                                     direct, call 800/435-5491; in Canada call 800/463-0229.

  *For in-stock items
                                                                   ARCH PLUS                          >
                                                                   Arch Plus offers a classic style
                                                                   that’s compatible with any
                                                                   salon décor.
                                                                   • bright chrome frame
                                                                   • resilient molded
                                                                     armrest pads
Great First                                                        • padded and upholstered back
                                                                     and seat
The reception/                                                                                            Arch Plus styler chair
waiting area will be                                                                                      PSAH22C
your clients’ first                                                                                        • bright chrome tubular steel
impression of your                                                 BLACK        ROYAL   BAHAMA              footrest
                                                                                 BLUE    BEIGE            • hydraulic pump with 8" lift
salon. Take extra
care to ensure it’s
welcoming and
presents the image
and feel you want
to convey.
• Incorporate a coat
  closet for clients to
                                                                                                          RIVA                             >
  store their coats and                                                                                   Riva is a complete family
  belongings; consider                                                                                    of chairs offering comfort and
  having lockboxes for                                                                                    attractive styling.
  clients to enable them                                                                                  • fully upholstered back
  to confidently secure                                               Arch Plus                              and seat
  their valuables                                                    styling chair
                                                                                                          • decorative detail embossed
• Seating requirements will be                                                                              in back
  driven by the number of stylists and                                                                    • molded black urethane arms
  type of clientele; if you offer walk-in                                                                 Colors:
  services, extra seating will be necessary
• Retail sales can have a major impact on a
  salon’s profitability; make sure adequate retail
  space is included in the reception area and that                                                        BLACK      ROYAL     BAHAMA
                                                                                                                      BLUE      BEIGE
  products are placed so that they can be seen
  and touched
• Video screens or music can generate interest and
• If possible, keep the desk away from the waiting area in order
  to protect your clients’ privacy

                                                                   CADDY                              >
                                                                   Richly upholstered seat and
                                                                   back, and durable hardwood
                                                                   arms define the contemporary
                                                                   style of the Caddy chair.
           cambric                                                 • molded hardwood arms
                                                                     finished in beech
                                                                   • ergonomically shaped seat
                                                                     and back
                                                                   • seat and back are padded
                                                                     and upholstered
                                                                                                          Caddy styler chair
Added Value: Cambric covers bare wood                              Colors:                                PSDD12-BL
and fasteners, and provides a professional                                                                • bright chrome footrest
finish to every Belvedere chair                                                                              with black footpad
                                                                                                          • hydraulic pump with 8" lift
                                                                   BLACK        ROYAL   BAHAMA
                                                                                 BLUE    BEIGE
Arch Plus all-purpose chair     Arch Plus dryer chair               Arch Plus shampoo chair         Child seat
PSAH21C                         PSAH23C                             PSAH24C                         PS12C
• locking back release          • upholstered dryer box             • self-adjusting back           Comfortably seat children
  mechanism                     • bright chrome legs                  mechanism                     with this tailored option
• hydraulic pump with 8" lift   • accommodates Belvedere            • black five-star base           • deep foam padding
                                  dryers                                                            • stain-resistant vinyl covering

Riva styler chair               Riva all-purpose chair              Riva dryer chair                Riva shampoo chair
PSRV12                          PSRV11                              PSRV13                          PSRV14
• bright chrome tubular         • locking back release              • upholstered dryer box         • self-adjusting back
  steel footrest                  mechanism                                                           mechanism
                                                                    • accommodates
• hydraulic pump                • bright chrome tubular               Belvedere dryers              • black five-star base
  with 8" lift                    steel footrest
                                • hydraulic pump with 8" lift

                                BASES                                                           >
                                The pump provides a smooth, quiet 8" lift. The base is
                                made of heavy gauge steel for durability and features a dual-
                                purpose pump bail that raises and lowers the chair and has          Brushed chrome
                                an anti-rotation lock. Bases are available in powder coat,
                                brushed chrome or enamel finishes.                                   PSCB12FC
                                                                                                    • stain-resistant finish
                                                                                                    • coordinates with any décor color

      Riva                                                         Enameled black                   Powder coat black
      styling chair
                                                                   PS22EC                           PSCB12BC
                                                                   • super baked for hard,          • durable
                                                                     lustrous enamel finish          • easy care
                                                                   • wear resistant                                                    4
Delta styler chair                   Delta all-purpose chair          Delta dryer chair                       Delta shampoo chair
PSBD82                               PSBD81                           PSBD83                                  PSBD84Z
• matches or harmonizes              • aircraft-style lock in back    • upholstered to match                  • self-adjusting back
  with any salon décor                 release mechanism                dryer box                               mechanism
• hydraulic 8" lift adjustment       • hydraulic 8" lift adjustment   • accomodates Belvedere                 • black five-point base

                                 <   VIXEN                                                                <   NEWPORT
                                     Vixen styler chair                                                       Newport dryer sofa
                                     PSV32CS-BL                                                               PSNRS55-BL
                                     A distinctive heat-seal design                                           Newport is modular, thick-
                                     in the back of the Vixen lends                                           cushioned seating that offers
                                     a traditional style to this                                              comfort and design flexibility.
                                     attractive chair.                                                        • dryer box fits Belvedere dryers
                                     • bright chrome tubular steel
                                       arm supports                                                           Colors:
                                     • removable armrest pads in
                                       matching fabric

                                     Colors:                                                                  BLACK


Reception chair                      Manicure chair w/back            Manicure chair                          Cosmetic chair
PSST11-BL                            PSST12-BL                        PSST13-BL                               PSST14-BL
• upholstered seat, back             • upholstered seat and back      • contoured and upholstered seat        • contoured, upholstered
  and arms                           • pneumatic 5-1/2" height        • pneumatic 5-1/2" height                 seat and back
• pneumatic 5-1/2" height              adjustment                       adjustment                            • pneumatic 5-1/2" height
  adjustment                         • five-point black base with      • five-point black base with dual-         adjustment
• five-point black base with            dual-wheel casters               wheel casters                         • five-point black base and
  dual-wheel casters                                                                                            dual-wheel casters

<   DELTA                                                 Delta dryer chair
                                                          with dryer
    Distinctive heat-seal pattern
    embossed on generously
    padded backrest and seat
    cushions. Available in styler,
    all-purpose, dryer and shampoo
    models for consistent style
    throughout salon or spa.                                                        A Quality Chair
    Features resilient molded-
    urethane arms in black.                                                     Your clients are typically seated the entire time they’re at your salon,
                                                                               making chair selection a critical factor in creating a positive experience.
    Colors:                                                                    Whether you’re looking at reception seating, styling chairs or shampoo
                                                                              chairs, there are several things to keep in mind:
                                                                          • Always sit in a chair before you purchase it to determine that it meets
                                                                            your clients’ and your personal standards for comfort; make sure its
               BLUE     BEIGE                                              height is right for you and that its construction fits your styling method
                                                                        • Look for a chair that uses superior quality fabrics e.g., sulfide, stain-
                                                                          resistant vinyls with heavy-weight, woven fabric backing and a cambric
                                                                          fabric chair bottom for a professional-grade finish – and remember,
                                                                           you can’t tell the weight of a fabric by looking at an upholstered
                                                                             chair, so ask specific questions about fabrics
                                     <   VIVA                                   • Multi-density foam that’s glued to the seat wood will
                                         A sturdy, stackable                       prevent shifting
                                         reception chair that                         • Tapered or T-bar footrests make it easier for clients to get in
                                         complements any salon décor.                     and out of the chair
                                         Fully upholstered seat and                          • Make sure you get a quality warranty: five years on
                                         back assures client comfort.                           all-purpose chair back mechanism and pump; one
                                         Colors:                                                    year on upholstery, laminates, plastic, metal,
                                                                                                      wood materials, porcelain enameled and
                                                                                                          painted baseplates
                                                                                                                • The seat should be made of durable
    Viva reception chair                 BLACK                                                                      six-ply molded wood
    • completely assembled                                                                                              • All chrome parts should be triple-
    • black arms and legs                                                                                                    plated to automotive quality
                                                                                                                               standards and extremely
                                                                                                                                 abrasion resistant
                                                                                                                                • Chair bases should
                                                                                                                                   have a 23-inch diameter
                                                                                                                                    or more
                                                                                                                                    • Styling chairs should
                                     <   TASK CHAIRS                                                                                   have a pump that
                                                                                                                                       provides an eight-
                                         A complete selection of chairs                                                                inch lift and a pump
                                         means there’s an option to                                                                    bail that allows you
                                         fill any seating need or style                                                                 to adjust height from
                                         requirement.                              Added Value: Belvedere salon                        almost anywhere
                                                                                   chairs are equipped with a strong                   around the chair
                                         Colors:                                   cast iron reinforced rib seatplate
                                                                                   for stability

    • contoured, upholstered
      seat and back
    • pneumatic 5-1/2" height
    • five-point black base and
      dual-wheel casters
                                                                        SIESTA SHAMPOO                    >
                                                                        The Siesta shampoo chair is
                                                                        built to maximize client
                                                                        comfort. Siesta’s electric lift
                                                                        offers a five-inch adjustment
                                                                        to ensure a comfortable fit
Washing Area                                                            for 95 percent of all men
The washing area is often                                               and women.
the first service many clients                                                                                 Siesta shampoo chair
experience, so it represents                                                                                  PSSR24A-BL
a key area in your salon.                                                                                     • padded leg rest
Additionally, washing is
                                                                                                              • contoured seat cushion
a physical and intimate                                                  BLACK                                • soft resilient arms
experience, so you want
                                                                                                              • chrome-plated tubular
to ensure that clients are                                                                                      frame
completely comfortable.                                                                                       • optional clear plastic cov-
• The washing area                                                                                              ers for back and footrest
  should be accessible
  from all stations and
  work areas
• There should be at least
  one bowl for every two to
  three styling stations, including
  those in specialized areas such
  as chemical
• All tools, equipment and products
  should be within reach of the stylist
• Consider construction materials that with-                            End filler                             End Panel
  stand water when selecting equipment and                              PSS4TF-FL                             PSS56TF
  furniture for your washing area                                       Use this end filler when               This panel is required
• Keep in mind that the bowls will need to bear a                       you want to position a                between adjoining cabinets.
  usage 70 times more frequent than a kitchen sink                      PSS54LTF backwash flush                • finished to match
                                                                        against the wall.                       the PSS54LTF
• Store towels in closed cabinets to meet local codes
                                                                        • finished to match
• Consider client/operator comfort in backwash and chair                  the PSS54LTF
• Check local plumbing codes to see if a vacuum breaker is needed
  before ordering new bowls
• Cast-iron bowls offer the most durable finish available and can be
  re-enameled to hide the long-term wear and tear on your shampoo
• If bowl weight is a consideration, acrylic/ABS bowls offer a durable and
  stain-resistant option                                                                                      LTD                             >
                                                                                                              For functional and efficient
                                                                                                              use of space, choose the LTD
                                                                                                              line of cabinets.
           Added Value: Belvedere
                                                water soluble                                                 Colors:
           relies on polyurethane glue
           that doesn’t degrade when
           exposed to water

                                                                                                              BLACK       HARD       WILD
                                                                                                                          ROCK      CHERRY
                                                                 SIESTA BACKWASH               >
                                                                 An all-in-one shampoo
                                                                 system that allows sham-
                                                                 pooing from the back for
                                                                 maximum operator comfort.
                                                                 The slim-line bowl cabinet
                                                                 has a seamless black molded
                                                                 acrylic/ABS top.
                                                                                                   Siesta backwash unit
                                                                 BLACK     HARD      WILD
                                                                                                   • enameled bowl with 522
                                                                           ROCK     CHERRY           fixture and Whiz™ spray
                                                                           MAPLE                   • removable bottom in cabinet
                                                                                                     for easy access to plumbing
                                                                                                   • double doors in back
                                                                                                     of cabinet

         Siesta shampoo chair
         w/leg rest extended                                                                   Siesta shampoo chair

LTD booth unit                    LTD bulkhead w/storage
PSSL43TF-E                        PSSL61-42TF
• lid slides to the left when     • upper storage cabinet with
  bowl is not in use                sliding doors 48" wide
• drawer and lower storage        • lower cabinet with side
  with adjustable shelf             hinged hamper door
• four-plex electrical outlet     • pre-drilled holes for
• tool panel holds handheld         Belvedere bowl
  dryer and three curling irons   • full-width bottle well
• bottle well in center bowl

                             PROFILE LINE                    >
    Profile station
    (mirrors not included)   Mix and match to complete
                             your salon. The Profile’s
                             decorative slant knobs and
                             ball foot legs are finished in
                             matte nickel.

                             HARD       WILD
                                                                 Profile vanity w/tilt-out tool
                             ROCK      CHERRY                    panel
                                                                 • two drawers
                                                                 • door with tilt-out tool panel that
                                                                   holds one dryer, three curling
                                                                   irons and clipper
                                                                 • display ledge supported with two
                                                                   metal uprights
                                                                 • six-outlet power strip included

                                                                 Profile shelf
                                                                 • pre-drilled on each side for
                                                                   attachment to cabinet

                                                                 Profile retail display
                                                                 • three adjustable glass
                                                                 • open top
                                                                 • two doors for storage

                                                                           Styling with Style
                                                                         While utility is a major consideration when design-
Profile vanity w/storage           Profile vanity with storage           ing a styling area, creating a relaxing and enjoyable
and display shelf                 PSPR28TF                            environment must not be overlooked.
PSPR29TF                          • left-hand construction           • Select high-quality, ambient lighting
• left-hand construction          • drawer storage                  • Mirrors can add dimension to a small space, as well as
• drawer storage                  • one door for storage with        create a dramatic look
• door for storage with             adjustable shelf
  adjustable shelf                • finished back                    • Make sure mirrors are as tall as the stylist to stimulate
• display ledge                                                       open communication
• may be used as a free-                                            • Wall styling units should be at least 78 inches (200
  standing or island unit                                             cm) tall; this creates a sense of roominess within the
                                                                       styling area
                                                                       • All styling areas should be equipped with electrical
                                                                          outlets, accessible toolholders, shelves for
                                                                             products and wastebaskets
                                                                              • Cabinets with doors create an organized feel
                                                                                 in the work area
                                                                                     • If space is limited, consider incorporating
                                                                                           a wall vanity rollabout for a clean
                                                                                             and simple European look
                                                                                               • If space allows, consider
                                                                                                    including retail displays in
                                                                                                       the styling areas to help
                                                                                                         increase retail sales

Profile bowl cabinet               Profile reception desk
PSPR44TF                          PSPR04TF
• for mounting between two        • drawer with lock
  vanities                        • one door for storage with
• front pre-drilled for             adjustable shelf                   Added Value: Belvedere’s
  Belvedere bowl                  • purse shelf on                     PVC edge band construction                   PVC
                                                                       offers a rounded edge and
• bottle well behind front          technician’s side                                                             laminate
                                                                       stronger bond in critical
  panel                           • check-writing ledge supported      work areas – like vanity
• lift lid to cover bowl when       by metal uprights                  tops – versus conventional
  not in use                                                           laminate

The Right
Always be sure
cabinets have the
functional elements
your salon requires
and are designed
for salon use. A
pretty cabinet
won’t necessarily
meet your needs
for function and
efficiency. Here are
some things to look
for in quality cabinetry:
• PVC edge banding
  applied with
                                                               Crest vanity
  polyurethane glue to
  resist water damage,
  chipping and dents; rounded
  corners and edges to eliminate
  sharp surfaces
• Balanced construction achieved with
  heavy-duty, 45-pound/cubic foot
  particle board that is thermal fused to
  prevent warping
• Accessories (toolholders, towel drops, bottle
  wells, etc.) that are custom made for cabinets
• Molded curved pieces should be formed under
  45-pound pressure and heat treated
• Quality furniture builders will offer an extensive line of
  standard and designer laminates
• Reception desks should offer the option of having a kickplate
  and a purse shelf
• Drawers should incorporate full-extension slides for total drawer
• Lower storage with plastic trash can; some cabinetry styles will
  have adjustable shelves for storage flexibility
• Water-resistant glue should be used throughout construction
• Concealed, European-style hinges will provide a clean,
  attractive appearance
• Make sure the manufacturer offers a quality warranty:
  one year on laminates and one year on drawer slides
  and hinges

                                                                              Tower vanity                       Tower shelf
                                                                              PSTW36TF                           PSTW90TF
                                                                              • three adjustable glass shelves   • must be attached at
                                                                              • tool holder for handheld           both ends
                                                                                dryer and three curling irons

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