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									                                                                            Product Number - 0034068

            PURINA MILLS®
      Retail NATURE’S MATCH™
                          FOR ALL CLASSES OF SWINE
                          Available outside of Midwest USA

Product Description
Nature’s Match™ Sow and Pig Complete Feed is a versatile complete, 16% protein, all-natural
feed that provides all the nutrition from 25 lbs to market weight, plus the breeding herd. One
product that can be fed to growing pigs, finishing pigs, developing gilts, lactating and gestating
sows and boars.

Product Outline
•   Multi-purpose, all-natural feed that greatly simplifies product inventory.
•   Competitively priced for economical performance. Available in bag or bulk.
•   Convenient pelleted form for easy feeding, less dust and improved conversion. Also, improves flowability
    through feeders. Versatile to fit all feeding systems.
•   Provides optimized performance through high quality ingredients and strict quality control and
    manufacturing procedures.
•   Feed as sole ration to pigs from 25 lbs to market weight.
•   Feed 5 lbs or more/hd/day to gestating sows based on body condition. Similar feeding rates for boars
    based on condition and work load.
•   Work lactating sows to full feed within 4-5 days post farrowing.

Nutritionally sound
•   Precisely formulated in nutrients to optimize growth and performance.
•   16% protein with an amino acid balanced formula for high performance.
•   Using organic selenium means improved bioavailability, increased bioactivity and better retention for use
    in many important metabolic pathways, including immunity.
•   Contains two crystalline amino acids (lysine and methionine) for superior amino acid balance.
•   Pharmacological copper levels added to support sow performance. Born alive, sow longevity and milk
    production are positively influenced.
•   High quality vegetable oil delivers maximum energy and digestibility.
•   Supplemental chromium to support sow productivity.

Environmentally friendly
•   Nature’s Match™ ingredients and formulation reduce manure phosphorus excretion.
    • Phytase minimizes phosphorus excretion in manure while maintaining skeletal development and
       growth, and phosphorus-dependent enzyme systems.
    • Good for the environment by reducing phosphorus run-off into waterways.
•   Nature’s Match™ feed contains technologies to help reduce ammonia release from manure.
    • Nature’s Match™ feed can reduce odor - a) by using crystalline amino acids, b) by reducing nitrogen
       loss from manure, c) by reducing ammonia release within the gastro-intestinal tract.
•   Technologies in the Nature’s Match™ program reduce manure viscosity, which means:

               Nature’s Match™ Sow & Pig Complete Feed
                                                                          Product Number - 0034068
              o   Reduced viscosity/reduced stickiness.
              o   More uniform slurry.
              o   Facilities may take less time to power wash.
              o   Better sanitation - reduced microbial load.

Feed as directed by your local Purina Mills Feed representative.

Important: This product is to be fed only to the animal species as directed on this label. Follow these
management practices:
1. Provide a source of fresh, clean water and adequate drinking space per pig at all times.
2. Provide warm draft-free quarters with clean dry sleeping area for sows and litter.
3. Feeders should be well managed so as to provide adequate feeder space, prevent moisture condensation,
mold and insect development.
4. Consult your veterinarian for recommended health programs in your local area.
CAUTION: Store in dry, well ventilated area protected from rodents and insects. Do not feed moldy or insect
infested feed to animals as it may cause illness or death.


              Nature’s Match™ Sow & Pig Complete Feed

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