StarFront Quick Setup Guide

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					                     StarFront Quick Setup Guide

1.    Write down the Serial Number printed on the top of the StarFront CD-
2.    Insert the CD into your CD-ROM Drive.
3.    The CD should automatically run the setup, if it does not then do the
      a. Double Click on the My Computer icon on your desktop
      b. Find the file Setup.exe icon and double click on it.

      c. This will start the setup procedure
4.    Follow the on-screen instructions.
5.    Once the program is installed, run the program.
6.    Under the File menu select Add / Update Data Pack
7.    Select the CD-ROM drive and choose the appropriate directory (e.g.
      Wispeco, Alustock or Conways).
8.    Double Click on the DataPack.db file and the relevant data module will be
9.    You will be forced to exit the program.
10.   Re-Run StarFront, repeat steps 6 – 8 for other data packs.
11.   You are now ready to use StarFront.