NTSchools 3rd Party ProviderNon-NTSchools Device VPN Setup Guide

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					NTSchools 3rd Party Provider/Non-NTSchools Device VPN Setup Guide

This connection pack is aimed at 3rd party providers and users wishing to use devices that are not a part
of the ntschools.net domain and therefore unable to obtain the necessary certificates and necessary
configuration for remote access to the network.
    • Windows XP SP2 or L2TP Tunneling capable operating system with Internet Explorer 6.0 or
         higher. (FireFox is not compatible as ActiveX is used for the certificate requests, FireFox can
         however be used once the installation has been completed)
    • ADSL or equivalent speed/bandwidth connection
    • A VPN enabled NT Schools AD account
Installation Procedure:
Obtaining Client Authentication Certificates:
    1. Open Internet Explorer and navigate to https://vpnaccess.ntschools.net/certsrv
    2. Select the Request a Certificate and then submit and advanced certificate request
    3. Select Create and Submit a request to this CA
    4. In the certificate template drop down box select User
    5. Ensure the the Store certificate in the local computer certificate store checkbox is ticked. The
         finished request is shown below:

    6. Click Submit and answer yes when prompted
    7. Click Install this certificate after which Internet Explorer will display that the certificate has been
       installed successfully. An Example is shown below:
NTSchools 3rd Party Provider/Non-NTSchools Device VPN Setup Guide

   8. Click the Home link in the top right hand corner.
   9. Click in the install this certificate chain link and select yes when prompted.
   10. Click download the Download CA certificate chain link and save the file to your desktop when
   11. Navigate to your desktop and right click on the newly downloaded certificate object and select
   12. You will be greeted by the Certificate Import Wizard, Select on the welcome screen.
   13. In the certificate store section of the Wizard, select place all certificates in the following store
       and select browse, put a tick in the checkbox for Show physical stores, expand the Trusted Root
       Certification Authorities Folder and select Local Computer then click OK. If prompted to confirm
       that you wish to add the certificate, select Yes.

   14. Click Next and then finish
   15. This concludes the certificate installation phase.
NTSchools 3rd Party Provider/Non-NTSchools Device VPN Setup Guide

Installing the connection object:
    1. Unzip the 3PPVPN.zip file to the folder C:\VPNConnectoid
    2. Use windows explorer to open the C:\VPNConnectoid folder and launch install.cmd, the
         Connection object will now be automatically installed and will be available from the Network
         Connections folder or from the Connect to menu within the Start Menu

Connecting to the Remote Access VPN:
   1. Open the Start Menu, move to the Connect to menu and select NTSchools Remote Access VPN.
   2. The connection dialog box will open and you will be required to enter your NTSchools Log in
       credentials. The domain field must be populated with NTSCHOOLS. After the credentials are
       entered click connect. An example is shown below:

    3. After the connection completes, a network icon will appear on the task bar indicating that you
       are now connected to the VPN as shown below.

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