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					PDF Creator Set Up Guide                                                    SchoolPRO
                                                                            Superior School Software & Services

                Download PDF Creator
                l   Go to www.schoolpro.com.au/downloads.asp
                l   Click the Utilities link
                l   Click the PDF Creator link
                l   Click Save to save PDFCreator-Setup.exe to your computer eg. Desktop

                Install PDF Creator
                l   Double the Click PDFCreator-Setup.exe file you just downloaded
                l   Select the Language you would like to use during the installation process and
                    click OK
                l   Click Next
                l   Read the License Agreement and select the I accept the agreement option if
                    you agree and then click Next >
                l   We recommend you use the default installation directory (C:\Program
                    Files\PDFCreator) and click Next >
                l   Make sure all the components are selected. Note the Programs Files option is
                    greyed out. Click Next >
                l   We recommend you use the default Start Menu location (PDFCreator) and click
                    Next >
                l   Select the relevant options and click Next > (If unsure just click Next >)
                l   Review the settings and if satisfied click Install
                l   When the install process is finished you maybe asked to restart your computer, if
                    so close any open applications and click Finish

                How PDF Creator Works
                l   After installing PDF Creator you will notice that you have another Printer to
                    use (PDFCreator). Find it in Control Panel > Printer & Faxes
                l   Open the document you wish to convert into a PDF (eg. a SchoolPRO report or
                    MS Word document)
                l   Click File and then Print
                l    When the print dialog appears, change the printer from your default printer to
                    the PDFCreator printer. If the PDFCreator printer is your default printer, you do
                    not have to change it. Then click OK.
                l    Another window will appear asking you to fill in some information to create your
                    PDF file. Click on the Save button to pick the location where you want to save
                    the PDF file or click the Waiting button to create the PDF file at a later time.
                l   If you selected Save, your PDF file will be created and opened up in your default
                    PDF viewer (usually Adobe Acrobat Reader). If you selected Waiting, the
                    PDFCreator Print Monitor will open up with the document in the queue.