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 guide                                             For Slingshot Mobile Internet
       Before you can start using your Slingshot Mobile 3G Broadband Stick, you’ll need to set it up. Make sure
 !     you have activated your new Slingshot SIM card in the My Account section of the Slingshot website first.
       Slingshot’s Mobile internet is powered by the Vodafone nZ 3G network.

       Plug it in (a) Remove the cap from the end of the 3G               Once the Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite program is
Step   Broadband Stick. (b) Pull out the SIM holder from its
                                                               Step       installed the following will appear.
  1                                                             3
       slot, and (c) insert your Slingshot SIM as shown.




Step   Plug the other end into your computer’s USB port - if   Step       Select “Manage Connections” from the left hand
 2     this does not power the modem, then use the double       4         menu. Then click on “View”.
       ended cable.

       please note: When connecting for the first time use
       the instructions attached with this. The connection
       programme (Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite) will
       automatically install once you plug your 3G broadband
       stick is in.

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   quick setup guide
       Click “New” to add Slingshot Mobile to your connections.          Click on “OK” to save. Slingshot Mobile will now appear in
Step                                                              Step
 5                                                                 8     your “Manage Connections” section.

       Type “Slingshot Mobile” in the ‘Name’ section.

                                                                         Select Main View from the left hand menu and Click
                                                                  Step   on “Connect”.
                                                                   9     Remember Slingshot Mobile is using the Vodafone NZ 3G
                                                                         nationwide network to deliver our mobile service.


       Select “APN” from the top menu tabs. Type in
Step   www.slingshot.net.nz in the APN box.

                                                                   trouble shooting
                                                                    Feel free to contact us on
                                                                    0800 89 2000
                                                                    if you need a hand with something!
                                                                    Our technical support is available
                                                                    8am to 10pm, Monday to Saturday
                                                                    and 10am to 10pm on Sundays.

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