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									                    Digital Sign Setup Guide

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1. Select the “Setup New Sign” link (see below)

2. Fill in ALL of the form information. When prompted for your DocuChannel
   username and password, enter your content provider credentials. (This is the
   login for your master account.) Make sure you do this on the computer that
   will be converted into a digital sign. (see graphic on next page)
  Name your sign
   wisely… Use a
     name that
    indicates its
location so it’s easy
    to manage.

                                                                        Make sure you scroll all the way
                                                                         down and fill in every field.

              3. After filling in all of the fields, make sure you have the newest version of Java
                 installed on your computer. DO NOT submit the form unless you are certain your
                 version of Java is current.

              4. After submitting the form, a Java applet will load in your web browser and a ll of
                 the software used to run your sign will be downloaded. You may be prompted to
                 accept the secure Java certificate. If prompted, select ‘ALWAYS ACCEPT’.
                 Please note the STATUS indicator on your screen. When the status reads ‘IDLE’,
                 you may run the setup software by clicking the link ‘RUN SETUP NOW’. (see
                 graphic on the next page)
                                                                   Please notice the download status.
                                                                  Do NOT click on the ‘Run Setup Now’
                                                                   link until the status above it reads
                                                                     ‘Idle’. Running setup before the
                                                                  status is idle will cause a faulty sign

   5. Select the ‘Run Setup Now’ link and the DocuChannel digital sign installer will
      begin. Please keep the default settings unless you absolutely have to change
      them. When setup is complete, the sign software will start automatically. If it does
      not start, browse to the directory where all of the software was downloaded
      (Default: c:\docuchannel\dc_signage) and double click on the SignUp.exe.

Please see helpful tips on the next page….

   Be sure to disable screen savers, power save modes, automatic software updates
   and any other computer process that may interfere with the sign software.

   Make sure you uninstall all web browser toolbar programs, like Google search.
   Toolbar programs will prevent DocuChannel signage from running correctly or at all.

   When using firewall software like Zone Alarm, you may have to configure it to allow
   DocuChannel internet traffic to pass. You may also have to configure it to allow the
   local signage software to run. It’s best to disable this type of software on computers
   that are running signage – if possible.

   Make sure you have the proper date and time set on your computers clock.

   When your sign starts up for the first time you will be prompted for the sign
   username and password. Enter the sign name and password you assigned in step 3
   of this document.

   Enter sign username

     and password.

Helpful tips continued on the next page….
          When your sign is properly logged in and functioning, the splash screen displayed
          will be solid black with the time displayed and a small DocuChannel graphic. At this
          point you are ready to log into the DocuChannel website, from a different
          computer, using your content provider credentials and begin publishing / scheduling
          content for your new sign.


          To exit the sign software press CTRL ALT ESC keys at the same time. For further
          assistance send e-mail to

                    EXTREME IMPORTANCE FOR           POWERPOINT USERS:
          Currently, the PowerPoint viewer 97 is the only version that runs in a web browser.
          Thus, if you want to play PowerPoint presentations, make sure you save them as a
           previous version of PowerPoint that is compatible with PowerPoint 97 (Usually
              2000 is ok too). Be aware that you must avoid complex transitions in your
          presentation that are not supported in the older PowerPoint engine. Using complex
                        transitions will cause the PowerPoint viewer to lock up.

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