Mobile APN Setup Guide

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					Mobile APN Setup Guide

                         Setting up an ActiveSync device for a New User
                         Setup a new user
                              •    Click on Users and choose “Add User”.
                              •    Specify the username
                              •    (Optional) Modify Network Access Policy to restrict user’s Internet Access while
                                   connected to the VPN or their allowed Access Times.
                              •    (Optional) Modify Authentication/Lockout Policy.
                         The user is now setup, choose “Continue” to proceed with setting up the Mobile APN device.

                         Choose the Setup Type
                             •    Select “Mobile APN” and click on the “Setup Now” button.
                             •    Set the user’s VPN password.

                         Enter the Device Details
                             •    Select the country and operator.
                             •    Select the device manufacturer and model.
                             •    Enter the mobile number and an optional description. Click Continue.
                             •    Select the credentials to be used. “Auto-generated” means the system will generate
                                  a random device-specific username and password. “Normal” means the user’s VPN
                                  username and password will be used.

                         Configure the device
                             •    Click on the “Configuration Instructions” link to display a step-by-step guide of how
                                  to configure your mobile device. If the device is currently in use these instructions
                                  could be printed out and given to a user to follow at a later time.

                         Note: The mobile SIM will need to be provisioned for use with the service by your operator.