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“Magical Parties for Children”


									                                 “Magical Parties for Children”


Magical Parties for Children, New Franchise Opportunity
For Immediate Release - Magical Parties for Children is a unique children's business franchise
opportunity now available.
Toronto, ON, Canada – September 1, 2005—Magical Parties For Children is a children’s birthday party
and entertainment company that has enjoyed phenomenal growth in a very short time since it’s infancy.
Owner and founder Lynne Watson has announced that Magical Parties for Children is now available for
purchase as an incredibly unique franchise opportunity.

With 20 years of Hospitality experience, from waitress to Conference Service Manager to Manager on
Duty of 5 star hotel properties, years of booking weddings, anniversaries, Children’s Christmas Parties,
corporate functions to tradeshows, Lynne has done it all. With this wealth of experience is has been a
smooth transition for Lynne to apply this experience to the multi- million dollar Children’s Party Industry
and started up Magical Parties for Children.

A Fun-Filled Opportunity
The desire to create fun filled, creative parties for children was the inspiration for Lynne. The enormous
demand for this service necessitated the evolution of home party business.

 From this original concept, Magical Parties for Children realized immediate and tremendous success with
continuous profitability.

The parties include invitations, set up, games, beauty sessions, story time, crafts, food, party favors,
supplies, and of course the clean up. This is not your average stereotypical birthday party. Each party can
be as unique as your children. The children love these parties, and their parents are able to take time out,
to join in and share in the party experience. Parents and children celebrate while the fully trained Magical
Parties Staff does all the work.

Let the Fun Begin
This is a remarkable business opportunity. Meeting the needs of our children today is an ever-growing
challenge. Many households have both parents working and quality time is hard to find. Yet, parents want
the best for their children. Planning parties takes time and a lot of coordination. When booking a party
with Magical Parties for Children it is all done for you. Magical Parties for Children is the "one stop party
booking place” of the future.

A Solid Franchise Opportunity
If you like people and love kids, then this is the right franchise for you. This concept has been refined
through the years and now is being offered as a solid franchise opportunity. With Lynne Watson’s vast
hospitality and corporate booking party experience, and the dedication to creating fun and imaginative
parties, this is a solid business venture. No prior business experience is needed; everything you need to
know is explained in detail for you. Nothing is left to chance.
Demand for Service
In your pursuit for a successful business, you need to consider what the trends are. The trend and
demand is for service companies. This Service oriented businesses is definitely the wave of the future.

Attitude permeates every business decision. The attention you will receive from your working relationship
with Magical Parties for Children will ensure a smooth transition into your new franchise. Magical Parties
for Children is dedicated to supporting you the franchisee, we will help you be as successful as possible.
This pride of ownership will be reflected in all franchises. You and your staff will be working in an
atmosphere that is rewarding and exciting.

Magical Parties for Children will provide in-depth, comprehensive, on-the-job training and follow-up
support so that you stay on top of the latest party themes and activities. Magical Parties for Children will
train in the classroom coupled with hands-on experience in the actual party environment. You and your
staff will be ready to open your Magical Parties for Children franchise with the utmost confidence after this
proficient training.

The Franchise
Before opening your Magical Parties for Children franchise, you will be completely trained on every
successful business concept and system.

Types of Products and Services
       Basic Parties

       Basic Party Routines

       Party Options

       Activity and Game Instructions

       Selling Method/Service Policy

Advertising and Promotion
       Directory Advertising (Yellow Pages)

       Print Media/Flyers

       Mailing Lists
       Inventory Management

       Cash Management

       Personnel and Employment

Operational Support
The franchisee will be provided with a detailed operations manual that identifies every phase of the day-
to-day business and management of your Magical Parties for Children franchise. This manual will
emphasize the customers' perspective; it is the most important tool you will need to run a successful
Magical Parties for Children Franchise. Our continual guidance will help you control your operating
expenses and ensure high margins. Other support Magical Parties for Children includes on continuous
support, site training, e-mail broadcasts, marketing and strategic planning assistance and much more.

One of the keys to your success is effective marketing and advertising. You will be given and be apart of
proven advertising campaigns that have successfully attract new customers. Our marketing materials are
consistent, audience appropriate and industry relevant. They include direct e-mailings, brochures,
newspaper ads and other promotional products.

Website Support Promotion
We supply the website, we supply the e-mail address, the web site is always updated on an ongoing

Join our Team Today

Magical Parties for Children now is offering this winning business venture to individuals in
new market areas throughout Canada. The Magical Parties concept offers franchise owners
an opportunity that has already been tried, tested, and proven to be profitable. Anyone who
is interested in bringing a Magical Parties for Children franchise to their market area please
contact Lynne Watson directly.

For further details about Magical Parties for Children visit our newly designed website or contact Lynne Watson at Ph: 416-567-6488 or E-mail:

Join the ever-growing service industry and start a new franchise today. Where else can you find an
enjoyable and rewarding business opportunity based on one continuous party?

Please complete the franchise request form and submit for further information.

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