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                    Monthly Newsletter of the Arkansas Outdoor Photographers Club
Volume 13, Issue #12                 w w w. a r k p h o t o . o r g                      December 2009

                 NEXT AOPC MEETING: Thursday, December 17, 2009, 6:30 p.m.
               Second Presbyterian Church • 600 Pleasant Valley Drive, Little Rock AR
                        Monthly Meeting. Program: Potluck - Holiday Party

The President’s Message.... Nick Dawson
“HAPPY HOLIDAYS”                              by Nick Dawson
        Another year is drawing to a close and I wanted to wish each and every one of you a happy
holiday season. The Arkansas Outdoor Photographers’ Club has continued to thrive and to date we
have 110 paid memberships (many have family memberships so the number of people in the club is
somewhat higher). Our meetings are very well attended, with some months approaching 100 attendees.
For our special Tim Ernst meeting in November that number was more than doubled and I would like
to thank everyone who made this special event, well .. “special”! Throughout the year we were privileged
to hear many fine speakers on a variety of topics and thank you to Jason for organizing a wide array of
field trips. Although some were not well attended those that did participate took lots of great images.
The regional MAPSYN event, held in Eureka Springs, in May, was also a highlight of the photographic
year. Our LR Zoo and State Fair photo competitions were successful and AOPC also participated in
other outside events during the year. I truly enjoyed being AOPC President in 2009 and I could not have
done it without the enthusiasm of our members.
        So, what is planned for next year? we are already well into the finalizing of our monthly
presentation schedule and our proposed field trips. We will try to have at least one “hands-on” workshop
on printing, field trips and monthly speakers which will complement one another, and our sponsored
competition schedule will gain at least one new venue ( a children’s contest organized by Collaboration
of the Arts). We may have a competition centered around our field trips also .... stay tuned. Our
webmaster, Marty Allen, also has a major revamp of the AOPC website in the works. By the spring the
website ( www.arkphoto.org) should include a members area, discussion forums and all the newsletters
dating back to AOPC year one (1997). This is a big project for Marty and if anyone is willing to help set
this up and help maintain the site please let Marty or myself know.
        The next meeting is our Christmas potluck. Bring your favorite images of 2009. See you there!
Your bring the food and an appetite                                                                            -

                     [party supplies will be provided]
Once again it is time for the AOPC Holiday Party – December 17, 2009. No need to fret over plates
and forks. The Club budget provides money for the purchase of plates, bowls, cups (for hot and cold
drinks), eating utensils, napkins, table cloths, and trash bags. Again this year, Karen and Ron Russ have
taken care of all these items. However, if you are providing a dish that will require a serving utensil,
please supply that.

Given that we all have different tastes in beverages, we recommend that everyone bring their own. If
you would like to bring a large bottle or pitcher of something to share, feel free. The Club will provide

                                                                                                       David Lide
                        2010 Elections                                                                  Photo by

    It’s time for us to elect officers and fill committees for 2010. According to our constitution, we
    must elect a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer each year. If you are interested
    in running for one of these positions, or would like to nominate someone, please contact Karen
    Russ (kmruss@ualr.edu) or Jason Crader (jacrader@yahoo.com). The ballot will be provided in
    the January 2010 newsletter and elections will be held at the January meeting.

    The Program Coordinator(s), Librarian, and Newsletter Editor(s) are appointed by the
    President. While our Vice President does a large amount of the Field Trip organizing, an
    assistant is a possibility. If you are interested in one of these positions for the coming year,
    please contact Nick Dawson (nickdaw@sbcglobal.net).
    Tips and Tidbits
              By Ernie Decker

                                        From Mark Musgrave
I have a tidbit share with the others.
I have been playing with Nikon control on my laptop which is software that allows me to put my camera
on a tripod and control the camera from the computer or the camera itself. I'm sure canon has a pro-
gram that does the same thing.
This program automatically takes the images from the camera and puts them in a specific folder on the
local hard drive.
In Lightroom 2.3 you can configure it to automatically import images from a specific folder.
This allows you to set your laptop beside your tripod and have the images display directly into light
room every time you shoot a frame. If you hide all your toolbars and put light room in full screen mode
you get close to a full screen image of what you just shot.
This is an awesome way to experiment with the settings on your camera and get instant feedback on a
display that is large enough for you to really see the composition and sharpness of your image.
This is typically something you would see in a studio environment, but I have found it to be a very
good learning tool in the field when I'm shooting at night, in difficult lighting conditions or when I
just need to know I have good images before I leave a shoot.

                                                                                                 Marty Allen
                                                                                                  Photo By
                              Tim Ernst At the November Meeting

              AOPC MONTHLY
                6:30 P.M.
           Open Projector During
           The December Meeting
Photo By Sandra Jackson

                                           PHOTOGRAPHS FOR THE
                                         The only requirements are that they have a
                                        minimum size in the short dimension of 800
                                          pixels. Please send photographs and other
                                        information for the newsletter by the 25th of
                                         each month to David Dodson via e-mail at

                 2009 Field Trips
November 21 Ouachita – Little Missouri Falls (around Glenwood)
                          Fall Colors

December 19 (evening) Garvin Gardens Christmas Lights
January 17, 2010 (Sunday afternoon) Dardanelle Dam Eagles
                                                                             Photo by
                                                                            David Lide

           2010 AOPC Field Trips
                             Tentative List
   January 23, 2010 - Riverview Park/Holla Bend NWR - Dardnelle
   February 20, 2010 - Junction Bridge Sunrise/Workflow Workshop - Little Rock
   March 20, 2010 - Little Rock Zoo - Little Rock
   April 25, 2010 - Garvan Gardens/Hot Springs National Park - Hot Springs
   May 22, 2010 - Old Fort Days Rodeo - Fort Smith
   June 19, 2010 - Arkansas Post Museum/Alligators - AR Post National Monument
   July 17, 2010 - 2nd Annual Club Cookout - Petit Jean State Park
   August 22, 2010 - Mount Magazine State Park - Butterflies
   September 18, 2010 - River Market @ night - Little Rock
   October 23, 2010 - Fall color at Devil’s Den State Park - West Fork
   November 20, 2010 - Lake Sylvia/Flatside Pinnacle

                                                                                                      David Lide
                                                                                                       Photo by
                                 AOPC Directory
                                  Photos Needed
     We would like to include a picture beside your listed information. Please email a picture
     (headshot) to me that you'd like to include in the directory. If you're unable to email a pic-
     ture, we will be set up to take your photo at the March meeting. If you're sending a picture
     please follow the specs listed below:
      1. Headshot
     2. 640x480 or 2in x 3in jpeg image @ 72dpi
      Thanks and please email the image to Jason Crader • jacrader@yahoo.com

                              2009 AOPC OFFICERS
PRESIDENT: Nick Dawson nickdaw@sbcglobal.net           FIELD TRIPS: Jason Crader, jacrader@yahoo.
221-9118                                               com, 940-1370
VICE PRESIDENT: Jason Crader, jacrader@yahoo.          NEWSLETTER: David Dodson david.dodson@
com, 940-1370                                          arfb.com, 228-1370 (W), 920-0569 (C)
SECRETARY: Jean Prince, jabberjeans@aol.com,           Programs: Ernie Decker, egdecker5@yahoo.com.,
351-7539                                               223-2530 & Marty & Gina Allen mallen@images-
TREASURER : Ron Russ, rsruss@comcast.net,              outside.com, 224-2308, (H) or 951-1332 (C)
501-312-9206                                           WEBMASTER: Marty Allen, mallen@imagesout-
LIBRARIAN: Karen Russ, kmruss@comcast.net,             side.com, 224-2308, (H) or 951-1332 (C)
Arkansas Outdoor Photographers Club
       3401 Ridge Pass Court
       Little Rock, AR 72227

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