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					           Third Party Events

   You Plan, You Promote, You Host…
        You Make a Difference!!
       Allison M. Bruce                1620 42nd Street
     Development Director              Evans, CO 80620
      (970) 506-9550 x29              Fax (970) 506-9132
                                       Monday-Friday: 11am-7pm
        Kait M. Guerke                Saturday-Sunday: 11am-5pm
     Volunteer Coordinator
      (970) 506-9550 x18       Please note that we stop processing adoptions,       return to owners, and animal intakes
                                         one hour prior to closing.

    Wish List
  • High Quality Dog and Cat Food
  • High Quality Kitten and Puppy Food
  • Canned Cat and Kitten Food
  • Canned Dog Food
  • Dog Treats
  *We cannot accept open packages of food as we cannot guarantee the quality and condition.
  We won’t take any risks of feeding our animals food that could be contaminated.

                           Animal Comfort:
                           • Towels
                           • Sheets
                           • Blankets
                           • Comforters
                           • Pet Beds
                           • Free-standing air-conditioner
                           • Free-standing fans

    Pet Supplies:
    • Cat litter (non-clumping)
    • Slip Leads and Dog Harnesses
    • Dog Toys: Tennis Balls, “Kong” Toys, Etc.
    • Cat Toys: Scratching Pads, Bell Toys, Etc. (No Catnip Please)

                                                  Cleaning Supplies:
                                                  • Paper Towels and Sponges
                                                  • Liquid Laundry and Dish Detergent
                                                  • Large Garbage Bags (30 gallon)
                                                  • Mops and Brooms
                                                  • Bleach and Vinyl Gloves

Educational Materials and Supplies:
• Overhead Projector
• LCD/DVD Television
• Laptop Computer
• Digital Camera
• Color Copier
• Animal Care Books and DVDs
• Office Supplies: Pens, Paper, Etc.

                          Supplies may be dropped off at 1620 42nd Street in Evans.
                     Getting Started: Here are some ideas!
           Drives                                   Events                                  Sales
         Bottle/Can Drive                         Casual Day                            Garage Sales
   Donation Drive (See Wish List)               Craft/Pet Shows                          Bake Sales
   Ink Cartridge/Cell Phone Drive                  Dog Walk                           Concession Sales

                     Check out these Web sites for more kibble for thought:

                                      2010 Animal Holidays
                    Consider these dates and tie into a National Animal Holiday to educate
                             the public while helping your local shelter animals.

February 23             Spay Day USA,
April                   Animal Cruelty Prevention Month,
April 3                 Every Day is Tag Day,
May 1                   Mayday for Mutts
May 2-8                 National Pet Week,
May 2-8                 Be Kind to Animals Week,
May 16-22               National Dog Bite Prevention Week,
June                    Adopt-a-Shelter Cat Month,
June 25                 Take Your Dog to Work Day,
August 21               National Homeless Animal Day,
September 19-25         National Dog Week
October                 Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month,
October 4               World Animal Day,
November                Adopt-a-Senior Pet Month,
                                                  Spay Day to Mayday “for Mutts!”
                                 Have a competitive edge? Battle it out with other schools and local groups to
                                 collect the most change to make a change. This campaign begins on Spay Day
                                 in February and ends the first day in May. “Spay Day to Mayday for Mutts!” is a
                                 fun opportunity for local groups to participate in a community wide movement to
                                 build awareness of the pet overpopulation problem. For schools, this can be a
                                 fun and competitive activity throughout your classrooms. Use this campaign as
                                 a platform to teach responsible pet ownership; a lesson that will last throughout
                                 their lives and help strengthen our community’s value for pets. The money
                                 raised by “Spay Day to Mayday for Mutts!” will help care for the thousands of
                                 animals sheltered annually at the Humane Society of Weld County who have
                                 been directly effected by this national pet overpopulation crisis.

                                                      Humane Education Tours
                                    Looking for a learning experience to wrap up your event/donation drive? The
                                    Humane Society of Weld County offers Humane Education tours to educate
                                    youth on responsible pet ownership. Local youth groups can benefit from this
                                    one hour presentation and personally see the animals they helped make a
                                    difference for.

                                    We offer our Humane Education tours by appointment only. Due to space
                                    constraints we are only able to support groups of 20 or less. Tours are
                                    scheduled Tuesdays and Fridays between 11am and 2pm.
      Thank you for your interest in the Humane Society of Weld County (HSWC). We are very
       grateful for the many requests from organizations and individuals who wish to hold a
              special event, promotion or sale to benefit the animals of Weld County.

1. Events/promotions must maintain the integrity of HSWC brand. In addition, the event/promotion must also maintain public goodwill
and trust.
2. Event proposals will be submitted 15 days in advance of the proposed event. Drives and sales are exempt from this 15 day policy; 48
hour notice is requested for these events.
3. Event Coordinator must be over the age of 18, present at the event and responsible for meeting all event requirements.
4. HSWC will not be liable for any costs associated with the event/promotion (including rentals, printing, postage, security, licensing,
permits or other fees, taxes etc.).
5. Sponsor will handle media and publicity. Requests for assistance for media and publicity will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
Any use of HSWC’s name or logo must be approved in advance by HSWC. Event Sponsors may not list HSWC as a co-sponsor or bene-
ficiary without advance permission. HSWC must approve any promotional materials displaying our logo.
6. Events that involve a percentage of gross collection or amount per transaction shall specify the total percentage or specific amount per
transaction before the event occurs.
7. Any donations of money or items must be turned into HSWC within one week of event completion. All donations must be signed off
by the
Development Director, the Volunteer Coordinator, or a receipt must be provided by a member of the front office staff.
8. Any person desiring to track volunteer hours may do so using the log attached to this packet. All hours must be signed-off by the
Event Coordinator before being turned into the HSWC Volunteer Coordinator.
9. Each event/promotional activity shall be in compliance with all state and federal laws and regulations.
10. All promotions, agreements, contracts and permits required by City Ordinances or otherwise will be the responsibility of
the sponsor.

To ensure a successful event please read this packet thoroughly. In an effort to better support third party events and track event progress
the “Third Party Event Application” needs to be completed and returned prior to the event (see number 2 under Event Criteria.) Based on
the information provided, staff will review the proposal and contact you as soon as possible to discuss the proposed event and our level of
participation. Before you begin planning, please keep in mind: approved activities must maintain The Humane Society of Weld County’s
reputation and standards of integrity, credibility, and community
Each third party event will be considered individually. Generally, the following events will not be approved:
         • Events located in close proximity to another HSWC event
         • Events that require HSWC to sell merchandise, tickets, coupons, etc.
         • Events that require significant attendance from HSWC staff and volunteers
         • Events associated with businesses/individuals known to conduct themselves in a manner not compatible with the HSWC
         • Events that result in the sale, auction, or raffling of animals

Once the “Third Party Event Application” is completed and approved, we are happy to provide you with the use of our name and logo.
We do require that all materials containing our name and logo be approved prior to print/distribution. Logo usage is limited to the ap-
proved third party event and cannot be used for any other purposes before, after or during the event.

All materials must clearly indicate that the event is not sponsored by HSWC. When promoting that you are collecting donations/funds for
HSWC, you may want to use one of the following phrases:
         • “Proceeds from this event will go to the Humane Society of Weld County.” (You can also use the term “partial proceeds” if
         • “Your ticket purchase helps us support the Humane Society of Weld County.”
         • “The {name of your event} will benefit the Humane Society of Weld County.”

It is extremely important that the shelter name be spelled properly and that you are careful not to distort the logo image. Always refer to
the organization as the Humane Society of Weld County (not simply the Humane Society.)
Due to the large number of third party events organized on behalf of HSWC, shelter staff and volunteers cannot provide support to plan and
promote events. HSWC will provide you with feedback on your ideas and give you as much information as possible. Staff, volunteers and
shelter animals may be able to attend a third-party event. Requests for such a presence will be handled on a case-by case basis and cannot be
guaranteed. These requests must be made at least 15 days in advance.
HSWC is not able to:
          • Provide mailing lists
          • Pay for any costs associated with your event
          • Send a shelter-generated e-mail, mailing or fax to promote an event
          • Ensure attendance at your event

We are pleased to say that over the years we have received generous donations of goods and services from the community. As I
am sure you can imagine, we need to take great care to foster our relationships with our supporters, including yourself. To avoid
duplicate solicitations, we ask that you get prior approval from us before asking a business or company for a donation of goods
or services for your event.

You have worked hard, so try to get some publicity! If your event is benefiting a charity, you are able to promote it for free in
the local media. There are a variety of avenues that you can follow:
     • Newspaper & TV community calendars
     • Online community calendars
     • Radio mentions
     • Press releases

If you have any questions about promoting your event or would like a listing of media contacts, please
contact the HSWC Development Director.

There are many complex and changing regulations around the distribution of charitable tax receipts. This includes donations of
money, in-kind items, and services. Issuing an inappropriate charitable tax receipt can put our charitable tax status in jeopardy so
please do not promise any kind of receipt to anyone. HSWC will be responsible for the distribution of charitable receipts in
the appropriate circumstances. Just for your information - we can issue tax receipts for donations only if we have the full name
and address for each donor and if the donation is made directly to our organization. Please contact the Development
Director to discuss charitable tax receipts.

It is important to thank everyone who was involved with your event, especially donors and volunteers. We suggest that you send
your thank you letters or cards out within one week of your event. If you would like a sample thank you letter, please let us

                                       Mission Statement:
                     The promotion of the humane treatment of animals through
                             care, advocacy and community education.
                              THIRD PARTY EVENT APPLICATION
                              (Submit this form within 15 days prior to event start.)


Name of Group:
                                Yes       School Name:_______________________________
Is this a school group?
Group Address:

Event Coordinator:
Phone:                                               E-Mail:


                     Donation Drive

                     Spay Day to Mayday for Mutts

                          Event Name:_____________________________
Event Description:

Date(s):                                                      Time(s):
Event Location:

                                                                    Yes           No
Will you be seeking community sponsorships?
                                                                    Yes           No
Will you need publicity assistance?
                                                                    Yes           No
Will you be using the HSWC logo?
                                                                    Yes           No
Will you be recording volunteer hours?
                                                                    Yes           No
Will you be requesting HSWC presence?
                                                                    Yes           No
Will you be interested in a Humane Education tour?

I hereby understand, agree and submit the following on behalf of the group listed above. HSWC will
not assume any legal or financial liability for the above referenced event. Furthermore, we
understand and agree that HSWC must approve, prior to printing and distribution, any use of its
name or logo.

Event Coordinator              Date                      HSWC                           Date