How to Install your Skihide® by eev20631


									                                                          How to Install your Skihide®
                                               SkiHide® offers practically anyone the option of changing up the
                                                      look and feel of their gear as often as you want.


We can not stress enough the need for safely, it’s all fun and games until
someone gets hurt. You will be handling very sharp razor blades. If used
improperly they can severely injure you or someone close to you. SkiHide®
should only be applied by those old enough to handle sharp object. Do not
attempt to apply Skihide® if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


•Watch the SkiHide® installation video at least a 100 times

•Be Patient, if you rush through the install, you’ll only screw it up.

•SkiHide® is a 2.5mil vinyl laminate. Typically the results are only as good as the installer.

•Nothing is perfect including your installation. You will encounter bubbles and creases during the installation
process, don’t freak out, it’s normal. Most can be remedied, some can’t.

•The top surface of your equipment is rarely flawless. Your SkiHide® vinyl will mimic what’s underneath it.
This includes gouges, dings and scratches.

•Carefully look for irregularities on the top surface of your equipment. In the case where there is a HUGE gouge
in the top or side of your equipment. This can be filled in with epoxy. Make sure you let the epoxy cure com-
pletely before sanding it to a flat smooth surface.

•If you have sharp burs or other protrusions (Sharp things stick up) these can potentially tear your SkiHide®.
Sand these irregularities down so there are no sharp edges on the top or side walls.

•If you’re not thrilled about installing your new SkiHide® or repairing your own equipment. We suggest taking
it to a qualified shop and have them do it for you. Better to spend a few extra dollars and have it done right then
make a mess of it.

•DO NOT apply SkiHide® under 50 degrees or it will simply peel up later. You can heat the surface of the
equipment with a blow dryer first then apply your SkiHide®. The adhesive needs to be activated by heat before
it will stick properly. Once the SkiHide is applied properly, we recommend you leave your equipment for 12
hours to cure. This will help prevent peeling of the edges. If you do not let it cure, we can not be responsible for
it peeling up.
First things First…….
“SkiHide® can only be applied to the top surface of your equipment”

Tools you’ll need to install SkiHide®…

1) Isopropyl Alcohol; to clean the top surface of your equipment
2) Paper towels; to clean you equipment with
3) A credit card or similar flexible smooth plastic card; to help lay down the vinyl.
4) Blow drier; to help activate the adhesive and to make the vinyl flow into all the knocks and crannies
5) Masking tape; to help hold the vinyl in place while you install it.
6) Sand paper or an emery card; to smooth down all the rough edges.
7) Sharp razor blade or exacto knife; to trim the vinyl once it’s in place.
8) Clean lint free cloth; to help smooth out and clean your SkiHide®.
9) Large Phillips screw drive #3 or #4, maybe a set of torx bits, depending on what needs to come off your
10) A sharpened 1/4” dowel and pen (not to sharp)
11) A sharp pin

How to install your SkiHide® custom Graphics

1) Patience, Take your time and don’t rush anything!
2) Find a well lit, clean, work surface. A well lit work bench in a warm place is best.
3) Place a towel or other soft material between the bottom of your board or skis and the work area. This will
help protect your equipment and the work area from scratches. Especially if your using your parents coffee
4) Have your tools ready and at hand.
5) Place a single ski, wakeboard, snowboard or whatever on the work surface. (Remember to put a towel under
your equipment)
6) Remove the bindings, brakes, plates, tip protectors or other ad-ons from your gear. In the case you have a
glued on stomp pads or plates that will not come off. You’ll need to trim around these later. See video…
7) If you’re leaving the bindings on the skis, make sure you at least remove the brakes before going any further.
The process will be a bear if you don’t!
8) Wash the top and side walls of your equipment with isopropyl alcohol. Let dry completely. 10min. is good at
room temperature.
9) In the case of skis, you must first cut your skihide in half length wise. In the case where you have skis that
you can’t remove the bindings or plates. You will need to cut the SkiHide® in half again, from side to side. Now
you have quartered your skihide.
10) If you are doing a board, leaves the SkiHide® whole.
11) Before you actually apply your SkiHide®, did you remember what your Skihide® looked like when you
ordered it? Did you remember to save the image to your clip board? If so, Now’s the time to retrieve the image
using your Paint program. Use this link below to see how to retrieve your image.
12) When applying a SkiHide® to a board. Situate the SkiHide® to where you want it. Tape the center of the
SkiHide® to the center of the board to keep it from moving.
13) Lift half of the SkiHide® from one end to the tape line. Now peel back the protective paper backing expos-
ing the adhesive. Cut the paper backing off at the tape line !Warning! If you stick the adhesive together it’s
game over… so be careful.
14) Starting from the center, hold the SkiHide® graphic up at the tip and slowly lay the SkiHide® down with
the other hand using the cloth to smooth it all the way to the tip. There might be the odd small bubble, no wor-
ries, we’ll get to those later. If you find a large bubble or a crease, carefully pull back the vinyl to the defect and
lay it down again, pushing all the air out as you go.
15) Now do the other side the same way. You can remove the tape that was holding the SkiHide® in place. Now
do the other side the same way by pealing back the backing paper with one hand while holding the end of the
SkiHide® with other. Slowly lay the graphic down with your hand and a soft cloth.
16) If you are applying your SkiHide® to skis, Position the graphic where you want it…Starting at the tip, peal
back about two or three inches of backing paper to expose the adhesive. Center the graphic and stick the 2 or
3 inches of SkiHide® to the tip of the ski, making sure the SkiHide® graphic is straight and where you want
it. Once the tip is firmly in place, peel back a few more inches and lay the vinyl down through the shovel area.
Now peel back the remainder of the paper backing. Hold the loose end of the SkiHide® in one hand and wipe
along the top as its being laid down from tip or tail to the binding or plate.
17) To finish off the application, holding the sides of the SkiHide® with one hand, smooth the vinyl over the
side wall (*in the case of cap skis) all the way past the steel edges. We’ll trim that latter.
18) Check for bubbles and creases, small bubbles can be popped using a sharp pin, then smooth out with finger
19) All the bits that stayed on your equipment, tip protectors, stomp pads and a like, need to be either traced
around and cut out or left covered with your SkiHide®.
20) If you are leaving these covered, DO NOT using a pen to seat the vinyl around these objects. This will only
mark up the SkiHide® and ruin the look. Use the corner of a credit card or a pointed dowel (not to sharp). Be
careful not to poke holes in the vinyl. It is not advisable to cover stomp pads or anything else that you stand on.
This will wear through!
21) With a pen or sharpened dowel, trace around everything to be trimmed, including bindings, plates, stomp
pads or anything else that remained on the equipment that you want exposed. In the case of a *cap ski or board,
you will want to trace along the side wall up from the metal edge.
22) Once everything is traced and ready for trimming. Find your razor knife and start trimming. It’s important to
stay on your traced lines so as not to make a jagged cut. TAKE YOUR TIME!
23) Once everything has been trimmed and looking good. Grab the blow drier and a sharp pin, slightly heat the
surface of your equipment. Look for small bubbles, poke them with your pin while smoothing the surface with a
cloth or finger. Also poke holes in the mounting holes with a pen to make it easier to screw your bindings
 back on.
24) Reinstall your bindings, tip protectors and whatever back on
25) Let your equipment cure for 12 hrs. (where everyone can see it) This will cure the adhesive, helping to
prevent the vinyl from lifting.
26) Now you’re ready to go stun the crowds with your awesome new graphics.


Team SkiHide®

* Cap Ski or snowboard; Is a molded top skin that is a solid piece from edge to edge, one side to the other. It is
recognizable buy the rounded transition from the top deck to the side wall.

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