How To Install Your New Tasty Mac Mini Case

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					                                                Mac Mini Case Installation Guide

How To Install Your New Tasty Mac Mini Case
                 (All it takes is just one minute)*

         *Seriously, we’re not kidding. No. Really. It’s not a joke.
                If you don’t believe us, watch the video:


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                                                      Stage 1: Setting Up Tools for Removal

Thank you for choosing FastMac. Please feel free to contact us at any time with any
questions or comments you may have while installing your Mini case. Let’s begin.

1                                                   2

1. Layout the tools you need for installation/     2. Take the Mac Mini and turn it over so the
   removal. Paint scraper and razor blade.            optical drive slot is facing away from you.

3                                                   4

3. Then take the razor blade and insert it         4. This creates a space to insert the paint-
    between the metal edge of the top case            scraping tool without damaging the unit.
    and the white plastic of the bottom case.         Insert the tool until it stops. Remove the
   (Caution: Remember what your mother said           razor blade and set it aside.
    about using sharp objects!)

                                                            Mac Mini Case Install Manual • 1
                                                      Stage 2: Removing Old Mini Case

 5                                                6

5. While holding down the left side of the       6. Then position your fingers under each side
   unit, pry slowly until the chassis pops up.      edge of the chassis, placing your thumbs
   Slowly work your way around the chassis          on the metal edges of the top case. Lift
   until the entire unit is cleared from the        straight up, while pushing down with your
   top case.                                        thumbs.

7                                                 8

7. Set the original top case to the side.        8. Place the new top case upside down, with
                                                    the large opening facing towards you.

                                                         Mac Mini Case Install Manual • 2
                                                         Stage 3: Applying New Mini Case

 9                                                 10

9. Next, align the chassis with the ports facing   10. Ensure that the edge closest to you is
   towards you, with the large opening of the          aligned and seated completely.
   new top case.

11                                                 12

11. Push straight down on the corners closest      12.   You’re all done, enjoy your new tasty Mac
    to you. Then push down firmly on the rear            Mini case!
    part of the chassis.

                                                            Mac Mini Case Install Manual • 3
                     Stage 4: Job Complete and Enjoy!

 Thank You For Choosing FastMac.

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                        Mac Mini Case Install Manual • 4