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                   DICOM Patient CD
                DVD Backup of Patient CDs

             Network Attached Storage Product

DICOM User’s Guide        Page 1                DIGIMatic

1     DIGIMATIC DICOM SOLUTION                           3

1.1      Different usage                                 3
   1.1.1      Patient CD                                 3
   1.1.2      Backup DVD                                 4

1.2    Installation                                      4

2     DIGIMATIC WEB INTERFACE                            5

2.1      JOB                                             6
   2.1.1     JOB access                                  6 Patient History                            7 Patient Queue                              8 Patient Pending                            9 Backup Done                               10 Backup Pending                            10 Modality Backup Done                      11 Modality Backup Pending                   11

2.2      SETUP                                          12 Setup Network                             12 SETUP Dicom                               13 USER Management                           14 SETUP Status                              15 Setup Web Layout                          16

2.3    Media Management                                 17

      DICOM User’s Guide                Page 2   DIGIMatic
 The DIGIMATIC DICOM is a professional networked product to publishing Patient CD and/or
DVDs with studies backup.
 Since DICOM is the universal standard for digital medical imaging and networking, the
DIGIMATIC DICOM is fully compatible with any other DICOM-compliant software.
 The DIGIMATIC DICOM solution specifies the compliance to the [DICOM] The Digital Imaging
and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard: NEMA PS 3.X 1996

Inside of the DIGIMATIC DICOM box there is a complete
PC server with:
    • Mainboard with Intel CPU and RAM
    • Hard Disk
    • Pioneer CD/DVD Writer
    • Canon Printer
    • 10/100 LAN
    • Robotics based on steel and aluminium.
    • 60 media Stack-in
    • 50 media Stack-out
    • LINUX based Operating System.

1.1        Different usage
  Four different type usage are available (see chapter

1.1.1       Patient CD

  The internal DIGIMATIC Patient CD software can be switched in two modality:

         Automatic:        - One study for CD. First in- First out philosofy
         Manual:           - Studies are stored in the internal Hard Disk.
                           - User can group several studies and store it on a single CD.

  The published Patient CD contain the study images, the DICOMDIR structure and a small
DICOM Viewer that will be automatically loaded on your PC monitor. It will allow to you to
open DICOM files, analyze them with the most common tools (measurements, zoom,

  National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) Publication Sales
1300 N. 17th Street, Suite 1847
Rosslyn, VA. 22209, United States of America.

     DICOM User’s Guide                                Page 3                   DIGIMatic
1.1.2      Backup DVD

  The DIGIMATIC DICOM can also backup on one or more DVDs/BDs the different Patient CD
The typical usage is the Hospital’s daily backup:

  -    During the day are produced the Patient CDs
  -    In the evening the daily studies are backuped on a DVD

  The Backup DVDs/BDs can be organized by Modality (sort by AETitle sources) in order to
  group on one DVD all the studies that are coming from a single Radiology Modality.

1.2       Installation
    Installation is straightforward and easy. No changes to the existing IT infrastructure are
needed, because a DIGIMATIC system is simply added to an existing network as a DICOM
receive destination. Upon arrival, simply unboxed the unit, connected to the network, turned
on, define the IP address, configure the media layout and ready to burn Discs!

    The DIGIMATIC DICOM work efficiently when networked to a PACS or receive the studies
directly from the modalities. It has a good reliability, site-customizable capabilities,
comprehensive history of the patient CD produced stored inside of the internal databases, and
extensive management support tools and reports.

   A recovery CD and a USB Memory-Pen bootable is shipped with each DIGIMATIC DICOM
system. In case of a disaster, it can be used to restore the system in minutes.

      DICOM User’s Guide                   Page 4                         DIGIMatic
2 DIGIMATIC WEB interface
The DIGIMatic’s DICOM interface is viewable from every browser (Explorer, Netscape,
Mozilla,….) at the DIGIMatic TCP/IP address followed of “/dicom/index.php” for example:

The WEB DICOM interface is very simple and the administrator can be personalize it in some
parts. It is graphically oriented to show the JOB studies Queue and History and it is logically
organized in four levels: Administrator, Setup, Viewer, Everybody.

      Level         Access
      Administrator Have access to the all settings.
                    Login: Admin
                    Passwd: admin
      Setup         Can modify DICOM settings and act on the basic media setup.
      Viewer        Access with password, view of the JOBS History and queue.
      Everybody     View only of the JOBS queue without logging in.

                                                                                Banner layout

                                                 Access protected

                                                                              DIGIMATIC data
                                                 Internal buttons

              Graphical Setup                DICOM configuration

    DICOM User’s Guide                       Page 5                          DIGIMatic
2.1 JOB

2.1.1 JOB access
To access to this kind of settings it is necessary to have permissions as Administrator, Setup or

      Patient History     History of the Patient CD

      Patient Queue       Current DIGIMATIC queue (can be viewed from everybody)

      Patient Pending     In the “Patient Manual” modality the studies are stored inside of
                          the internal Hard Disk. In this condition, the Administrator can
                          graphically group the studies and decide which of them will be
                          stored on the CDs.

      BackUp Done         History of the Backup

      BackUp Pending      Here you can see the list of the studies that are waiting to be
                          Backuped on the DVD and the amount size of the data .

    DICOM User’s Guide                       Page 6                          DIGIMatic            Patient History

This is the list of the Patient CDs processed from the DIGIMATIC .

                                           Delete from List           Detail View

The [Detail View] button, will open a new table under the buttons with more detail related to
each copy of the Job.

The Administrator can also:
- [Clear History] the history clicking on the button placed at the end of the list.
- [Delete] single study from the history list clicking on the red button.

     DICOM User’s Guide                       Page 7                           DIGIMatic           Patient Queue

This is the list of queued studies ready to be stored on the CDs.

When a problem occur and the study is not published, the following page will be displayed:

                                  Write CD            Delete        Detail View

The Job will be “Pending” like the Manual mode and the Administator can decide to :
  - Publish it manually
  - Delete it
  - Se the Job detail

    DICOM User’s Guide                       Page 8                       DIGIMatic       Patient Pending
This list is available only in case of Manual modality.
The studies are grouped by default by Patient Name, but can be also grouped by Modality or
Date. The WEB page will use different background colors to separate the different groups.

The user can decide how to store the studies a single CD:
      Selection by pre-defined group
          o By user
          o By modality
          o By data
      Selection by single study

                       Group By        Single Study          Group selection

For example selecting to group by “Modality” the user can store on a single CD all the studies
coming from a single modality.

The list of the selected studies will be displayed on the WEB page and if everything is correct,
click on [Execute] in order to produce the CD, otherwise use the [Reset] button.

    DICOM User’s Guide                       Page 9                          DIGIMatic              Backup Done
This is the list of the produced backup DVD              Backup Pending
This WEB page show you the amount of the data waiting to be backuped on a DVD.

User can force the backup clicking on [Start] or wait the automatic start:
  - For DVDs when the “watermark” of 4.3 Gbytes is reached
  - For BDs when the “watermark” of 49 Gbytes is reached

    DICOM User’s Guide                        Page 10                        DIGIMatic              Modality Backup Done
This is the list of the produced backup DVD              Modality Backup Pending
This WEB page show you the amount of the data waiting to be backuped on a DVD divided by
Modality (sort on AETitle).

User can force the backup clicking on [start] or wait the automatic start:
  - For DVDs when the “watermark” of 4.3 Gbytes is reached
  - For BDs when the “watermark” of 49 Gbytes is reached

  During the Backup execution, the screen will change on:

    DICOM User’s Guide                        Page 11                        DIGIMatic

Using this settings you can define environmental parameter or view the status for the

          Button                              Description
     Network         List of the current Network parameters.
     DICOM           Basic DICOM setting parameters.
     User            Enable users to see history of the Patient CD produced.
     Status          Stack-in status and Cartridges status
     Web Layout      Personalize the graphical WEB pages.            Setup Network

the Network Parameters can be modified just from the Display console of the DIGIMATIC.

    DICOM User’s Guide                     Page 12                         DIGIMatic           SETUP Dicom

To access to this kind of settings it is necessary to have permissions as Administrator or Setup.

  AETitle             Application Entity name.
                      The default name is ROBOTDMD but can be changed
                      The default Port is: 104

  Timeout             During DICOM data transfer, after this Timeout of “no data transfer”,
                      the Patient study is considered terminated.

  Dicom directory     Here can be changed the name of the “DICOM images directory” inside
  on media:           of the Patient CD.

  Number of copies    The desired number of the same Patient CD
  Viewer package      If a different DICOM viewer is needed:
  (zip format         The Administrator can Upload inside of the DIGIMATIC the complete
  required)           package in a ZIP format.
                      - When received the package will be automatically unzipped.
                      - Every Patient CD will contain the files of the new package.
                      - The file “Autorun.inf” must be included in the Package.

  Modality            The administrator must choose the usage modality of the DIGIMATIC.

                       Patient CD Automatic        Production of the Patient CD
                       Patient CD Manual           Manual Production of the Patient CD
                       Backup DVD                  Production of Backup DVD (several studies)
                       Patient CD +Backup DVD      Complete production

    DICOM User’s Guide                      Page 13                         DIGIMatic            USER Management
To access to this kind of settings it is necessary to have permissions as Administrator.
Within this setting page, users can be added or deleted, defining their permissions level

      Username    Log in name of the user

      Password    User password

      Level       Access level

                   Administrator: Full access
                   Setup:         Full DICOM setting access.
                                  No User Management
                   Viewer:        Access only to the History

Note: The fourth level is for everyone (not defined users).
      This means that on every PC of the local network area, using a browser and typing the
      correct IP address, everybody can have access to the fourth and lowest level. Those
      user can just the JOBs queue: Patient CD not yet produced.

    DICOM User’s Guide                      Page 14                         DIGIMatic          SETUP Status
The Status WEB page will remote to your Client station the informations about the Stack-in
level and the cartridge ink status.

In addition, because usually the DIGIMATIC is placed outside the user’s office, in case of
WARNING or ERROR, a window popup will appear on your screen every time you will chance
the WEB page.

We evaluate media’s quantity, counting the down-step of the picker, but because the media
thickness can be different, the amount of media can be wrong.
Generally the displayed value is under estimated.

    DICOM User’s Guide                    Page 15                         DIGIMatic           Setup Web Layout
To access to this kind of settings it is necessary to have permissions as Administrator or Setup.
It is possible personalize the banner of the Web graphical interface accessing to this part of the
SETUP environment.

      Banner Image:                  Select here the personalized Banner that you want to

      Company Link:                  Insert here your company link

      Submit:                        Submit button. Please note that only the marked field
                                     will be uploaded to the DIGIMATIC

      Download banner template       Clicking here you can download the original template.
      (photoshop format)             You can work on it for your personalization. Please use
                                     the current dimensions. See below….

    DICOM User’s Guide                      Page 16                          DIGIMatic
2.3     Media Management
With these settings you can personalize the surface of the Patient CD.

       Background image      Here the Administrator can upload the background image.

       Current               Click on it for display the current Background image.

       Advanced Setup        With these settings you will define the Text lines of the
                             template fields.

  As you will see, on the DIGIMATIC DICOM, there are two Templates called “Serious” and
“Funny” but other templates can be defined.
  Clicking on one template, you can change for example the Language of the fields (in the
example we use Italian words).
  In general you are free to use the two header lines and limited to the field meaning for the
other fields.

      DICOM User’s Guide                   Page 17                          DIGIMatic
                               On the left picture you will see the
                               results (the CD is in an anonymous
                               format ).

                               The fixed, always present fields are:
                                   • Name
                                   • Birthday
                                   • Study Description
                                   • Study date
                               The Administrator can change the
                               “label” for those fields (for example the
                               language) but not the position.

                               The two Header line are completely

DICOM User’s Guide   Page 18                        DIGIMatic