Computation Focus for Tax Exam 2 (not all inclusive) (2 minute drill) by arnold1


									Computation Focus for Tax Exam 2 (not all inclusive) (2 minute drill!)
   1. You may only use your notes and book during the last 30 minutes of the exam.
   2. You can access notes at Pull down e-learning menu and select
      ROAD, Click on Course Files, etc.,click on cummingr.

Chapter                                             Topic
2         Tax Formula
6         Gain or loss and basis of related party sales.
6         Vacation Home/Rental- Court Method allocation
6         Wash Sale –partial repurchase
6         Hobby Deductions
7         Investment interest expense
7         Deductible amounts of itemized deductions (content & percentage)
7         Charitable Contribution Limitations and Carryover
8         Sec. 1244 stock loss
8         Casualty and Theft loss
8         Net Operating Loss
9         Unreimbursed employee expense
9         Unreimbursed moving expense
9         Automobile expense
9         Taxability of annuity plan benefits
9         Maximum IRA deductible contribution
10        MACRS depreciation- acquisition, disposition
10        Sec. 179 Expensing
10        MACRS- Luxury Auto Limitation

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