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					                        Nursing Students’ Association of North Dakota

                                   Executive Board Meeting
                                    Minot State University
                                     Minot, North Dakota
                                      August 26th, 2006

1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 10:32am by Rachelle Veazey.

2. Additions to the Agenda: none

3. Roll Call: The roll was called by Brenda Haug, recording secretary.

        Those present: Rachelle Veazey, president; Susie Schmaltz, 2nd vice president; Brenda
Haug, secretary; Medora Bouck, treasurer; Kelsi Ostenson, vital issues co-editor; Michelle
Crosby, vital issues co-editor; Jennifer Wible, breakthrough to nursing; Stephanie Wiegand,
director of funds; Erin Hinderer-Wevers, director of community health; Amy VanderBusch, local
arrangements; Kristina Degenhart, local arrangements; Jessica Fricke, director of publicity;
Andrea Cotton, legislative/education director; Susan Pederson, ANA consultant; Becky Brodell,
NLN consultant.

       Those absent: Jessica Smaaladen, 1st vice president; Kym Staples, director of
membership; Sarah Maack, SNOY; Dawn Cox, graduation consultant; Shanna Anderson,
graduation consultant.

13/15 board members present. Quorum established

4. Minutes: The minutes from the April 29th meeting were distributed and read. Corrections
were made.

Motion: Brenda Haug made a motion to accept the minutes of the April 29th, 2006 executive
board meeting. Andrea Cotton seconded. Motion passed.

5. Report of the Treasurer: The current balance is $5730.42 not including planner sales as of

6. Officer Reports:

President- Rachelle Veazey:
During the summer I attended the North Dakota Nurse Leadership Council. I also contacted
Naomi Redington and Jan Kamphuis about the possibility of speaking at our upcoming
conventions. Both were very positive and Naomi indicated October was a better time for her,
while Jan felt February would work in her schedule the best. I also met with Susan over the
phone to discuss the needs of the Mid-year and Annual conventions. Stacy Lund contacted me
regarding finding a speaker for the Mid-year convention. She needed some information which I
emailed to her. I have also organized our August meeting by preparing an agenda, tentative
schedule for the convention, and our lunch during the meeting. I reserved a room for our
meeting. I have also purchased approximately 45-50 yards of fleece (enough for 25 blankets) for
the service project at a sale price totaling $100.31. I will present several ideas at the meeting for
activities during the convention. I contacted a possible entertainment group for the Friday
evening dinner.

1st VP- Jessica Smaaladen:
Jessica sent thank yous to the 2006 vendors. She only received one wish list from the schools.
Extra wish lists were handed out to those who lost them. We need to decide how much to charge
the 2007 convention vendors. Last year it was $200. Jessica needs to know how many spots we
have for vendors at the annual convention. We need to decide if we want to ask vendors to make
a monetary donation towards food at the convention. We also need to decide what we are doing
for the silent auction. Do we want to ask schools to donate a certain number of items for the
silent auction and for door prizes. October is breast cancer awareness month. Do we want to do
something for that at the midyear convention? Jessica is wondering how the blankets for
children taken from meth homes are doing. Do we need to contact Officer Sue for more
information? Was anyone still interested in getting a legislator to speak at the annual convention
regarding changes in nursing legislation and nurse liability, and where North Dakota stands in
comparison to the rest of the nation? Jessica also spoke with the executive director of NDBON.
She is willing to speak at the convention regarding ND nursing shortage, how it is effecting
nurses here, new acts being passed, liability of the nurse, and what a new nurse needs to know
when beginning practice (ex: proof of continuing ed. hours), and other NDBON issues. She was
excellent when Jessica heard her for the first time. Let Jessica know if this is what we want, and
she will contact her.

2nd VP- Susie Schmaltz: no report

Secretary- Brenda Haug:
I typed up and distributed meeting minutes for our April 29th. I am in the process of updating the
contact information for NSAND board members. I also helped Susie with planning of the
midyear convention coming up in Fargo.

Vital Issues Co-Editor- Kelsi Otenson and Michelle Crosby:
We are currently finishing up the first vital issues. We were waiting on advertisement responses
and figured that the beginning of school would a better release than the middle of summer. We
have a couple of ideas for the 2nd issue, but we will e-mail out the final decision in the next week
or so. We need pictures of some people and if anyone has any other pictures they want
published be sure to e-mail this to us. We received fewer advertisement responses than
expected, but did turn in several check to Medora for deposit.

Breakthrough to Nursing- Jennifer Wible:
I put together the packets for SNOY, State Leadership award, and Most Active Chapter. In each
packet are all instructions and to whom they are to go to. I have saved all of these to a cd, if
anyone should need them in the future. I figured that handing them out at the meeting would be
most cost effective and allow for any questions to be answered. When the time comes I also
have the information the judges need when they are chosen. I will just need their contact
information when the time comes.
I have been compiling a list of high schools and medical facilities to contact about nurse-
shadowing program. I have decided to implement this after the Christmas break. Once the list is
complete, I will contact the hospitals to see if they are interested, then I will forward the packets
to high schools and hospitals. I would like to implement this program in some of the smaller
towns where the students may not have had experiences with nurses outside of being ill.

Director of Funds- Stephanie Wiegand:
In June the hard copy of the NSAND Daily Planner was sent to the company. This August the
planners were sent to schools that had participated in the selling of them. Each school was asked
to sell a few more than the total that was given earlier. Total bought was 300 which adds up to
$1263. Total sold at $6.00 was 212 which added up to $1272. New total will be given at a later

Looked into other options for fundraising and will bring ideas to the table for discussion.

Table of planner info:

State Total Sales

School                          Total Sales    Money Expected $4.21 w/prior sales     Expected Sales    Money expected
Dickinson State University                15                                 $63.15                30           $126.30
Jamestown College                         13                                 $54.73                30           $126.30
Minot State                               60                                $252.60                70           $294.70
University of North Dakota                61                                $256.81                90           $378.90
North Dakota State University             63                                $265.23                80           $336.80

Total                                   212                                $892.52               300          $1,263.00

Director of Membership- Kym Staples:
۰ I have reviewed the Bylaws and familiarized myself with my responsibilities.

۰ I have reviewed the last Board meeting notes and agree to have them approved.

۰ I contacted the National NSA Office and obtained the Project In Touch number for this year –
Official # 8014. This is the 2006-2007 recruitment number.

·Contacted the National office for approximately 400 membership packets. I will send a portion
of these packets out to each local Director of Membership to assist their efforts in recruiting.
Along with the membership packets I will also send the Membership Challenge Award

I have the names of Brittany Heidt from DSU and Lindsey Folkert from UND and their contact
May I please get the names and contact information from the remaining schools?
·I joined the online community for the State Membership Directors and PIT recruiters hosted by
Jen Davis, NSNA Director, Chair Membership Committee.

Director of Community Health- Erin Hinderer-Weavers: no report

Local Arrangements- Amy Vanderbusch: no report

Local Arrangements- Kristina Degenhart: no report

Director of Publicity- Jessica Fricke: no report

Legislative/Education Director- Andrea Cotton: no report

NLN Consultant- Becky Brodell:
Since the last board meeting it was my privilege to serve NSAND by:

      Acting as the NLN Consultant to NSAND.
      Communicating with the NDNA Board in the planning of the joint NSAND Mid-year
       and North Dakota Nurses Annual meeting.
      Communicating with Fargo’s NSA Advisor, Karla in regards to the fall Mid-Year
      I attended the Spring NSAND Board meeting in Bismarck.
      I attended the Nurse Leadership Summit in Bismarck on August 8, 2006.

7. Budget Review and Reimbursement approval:
Erin Hinderer-Wevers made a motion to approve reimbursement of letterheads. Andrea Cotton
seconded. No Discussion. Motion passed.

Michelle Crosby made a motion to approve reimbursement for money spent on fleece. Erin
Hinderer-Wevers seconded. No Discussion. Motion passed.

Erin Hinderer-Wevers motioned for a recess. Jessica Fricke seconded. Motion passed.

8. Bylaws- Review/additions/or deletions:
In February we need to vote on bylaws at our annual convention. We will add delegates,
constituency status of schools. We could possibly declare the President and Director of
Legislation as mandatory delegates. Susie Schmaltz will work on the wording, and she will have
copies of the bylaws for our October meeting.

In section 5 number 3 change “of” to “and”.

On page 7 #9, “North Dakota Nurse Leadership Council” needs to replace “North Dakota
Nurses’ Association of Directors and Nursing Organization Liaison Forum (NOLF)
Under the heading meetings in section 5, special meetings it should read “The quorum for each
meeting or voting purposes via electronic media shall consist of members…..

Under board of directors, section 5, meetings, #5 should be added which reads “Electronic
meetings via e-mail, fax, and video conferences will be an acceptable means of communication
between board members for announcements, voting purposes, and any other official NSAND

Susie Schmaltz moved to amend these sections. Erin Hinderer-Wevers seconded. No discussion
Motion passed.

9. Mid-year Convention in Fargo October 25-27, 2007 speaker and lunch and business
Jessica Fricke will send out registration forms to all the schools. September 30th will be the due
date for turning in registration which means we need to get out registration packets by labor day.
On Thursday, NDNA has invited nursing students to attend this convention day for free. It will
cost 20 dollars for lunch. Students will have to register with NDNA.
On Friday morning NDNA would like to see students at the morning recession which will be a
speaker about personal renewal. Lunch on Friday is at 11:30. NSAND’s lunch speaker will talk
about the Minneapolis VA and the poly-trauma center there. We need to finalize the speakers
right away.

Friday, 9-10:30 morning recession speaker in conjunction with NDNA
10:45-11:15- NDNA meeting (Student will attend for the first 30-45mins.)
11:30-lunch with VA speaker
1-1:30 speaker Naomi Redington- She will be sharing her nursing experiences in Zimbabwe.
1:45- NSAND business meeting- Nursing students are encouraged to attend.

10. Yearly NSAND convention in Dickinson Feb 2-3, 2007:

We discussed ideas for fundraisers to do this semester including selling pins, lanyards, bracelets,
or nalgene bottles with “nursing” on it.

We have been compiling a list of possible speakers. Odyssey Research in Bismarck will come.
They want reimbursement for mileage and lunch. Odyssey Research is a pharmaceutical
company that does research on phase 3 and 4 trials. They present on the importance of research
in nursing. Dr. Kumar through Med Center One is a pediatrician doing a research study on
childhood obesity. He wants $1000 dollars plus mileage. Rachelle talked to Jan Kamphous who
is an RN at Medcenter One. She has a PhD and would talk about the transition from graduate to
professional nurse. Nurse Practitioner from Minot, Janet Mackson would talk about women’s
health. She has presented at Mayo. Stacy Haugen would present on how men and women
communicate differently. Apparently her presentation is quite humorous. Dr. Gordy L. could
give a presentation on nursing overseas. It would be interesting to get a flight nurse speaker
from the Mayo Clinic. We could offer Mayo a free booth for speaking. We are still interested in
someone to do an NCLEX Kaplan review.

We need to decide on an honorarium. Total we will need 5 speakers and one welcome speaker.
We could do speeches and voting in the morning, break for lunch, and have challenge of quarters
and the silent auction in the afternoon.

We discussed having a luau party. Someone could teach a Hawaiian dance. NDNA might be
able to donate some luau party supplies. Rachelle thought it would be nice to have candles at
each attendee’s spot. We could also use colored folders as a way to mix up people for the
blanket service project.

11. Other business:
Jessica will contact the webmaster after the official meeting minutes have been completed. We
will need to approve them by e-mail.

12. Next Meeting:
The next meeting will be Friday October 27th at the midyear convention

13. Adjournment:
Stephanie Wiegand made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 2:09pm. Erin Hinderer-Wevers
seconded. No discussion. Motion passed.

Respectfully Submitted,
Brenda Haug, Secretary