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Newsletter 1st qtr 2005xxxMay200


									           Publication of SouthernOhio
            Publication Southern Ohio                                         Director’s Comments
             Veterans Home Volunteer
             Advisory Committee, Inc.
              Advisory Committee, Inc.                                                                           By OVH Director Stan Weigman
             2003 Veterans Boulevard
             2003 Veterans Boulevard
               Georgetown, OH 45121
               Georgetown, OH 45121                       I am very grateful for all the assistance and        semi-private room accommodations for Veterans.
                                                      support that organizations and individuals have          Each room is equipped with a private bath and
                                Volume 2, Issue 1     donated to this wonderful facility. Your generosity      shower. The facility offers a library, living room,
                                                      has been overwhelming.                                   chapel, arts and crafts room, barber and gift shop.
                                                                                                               The rural setting, located in Southern Ohio, Brown
                                Jan-June, 2005             In order to share with you the end results of       County, offers a scenic view of the woods and is
                                                      your generosity, let’s take a virtual tour of the        surrounded by rich farmland.       Since the facility
                                                      Home. As you drive onto the grounds, you will            opening in November 2003, funds have been donated
                                                      witness many physical changes … the walking path,        to support the additions of a Ulysses S. Grant Statue,
                                                      transportation buses, a van, covered trailer for haul-   Civil War Cannon and Memorial Carillon to the
                                                      ing wheelchairs, a carillon, a cannon, benches, rock-    property.     The 3,800 ft. paved walking path that
                                                      ing chairs, flower beds … to name a few. As you          winds through the woods is an area that residents and
                                                      enter the building, you will be escorted into the        their loved ones can find themselves soaking up the
                                                      Chapel and immediately notice the beautiful 100-         beauty of nature.
                                                      year-old stained glass windows. As we continue
                                                      our “walk-thru”, you will pass by the craft room             The residents have the option of enjoying each
                                                      with its many items for our residents to express their   meal in the comfortable dining room on the unit or
                                                      creativity and boost their well-being. Now, let’s        may choose to join their friends and family members
                                                      walk through one of the nursing units. Notice the        in the spacious central dining area where a full ser-
                                                      large screen and many small televisions, VCR and         vice cafeteria offers a wide array of food choices.
                                                      DVD players and the large variety of games being
                                                      used by the residents; all of which were donated.             Two levels of care are offered – Standard Care
                                                      We’ll drop by the Therapy Room and see how it has        for those in need of an intermediate level of care and
                                                      grown with the most modern exercise and physical-        Special Care for those with Alzheimer’s or Dementia.
                                                      strengthening equipment. As you can imagine,                  To be eligible for admission, Veterans must have
                                    Veterans’ Voice

                                                      there are usually several residents waiting outside      been an Ohio resident for five years, as well as a
                                                      the door for their turn on the equipment. Please         Veteran of the United States Armed Forces who has
                                                      don’t forget to pass by the Library and take note of     been honorably discharged, and: 1) have served on

                                                      all the books, movies, newspapers and magazines          active duty during a period of war or declared armed
                                                      that have been donated. As we come back to the           conflict; or 2) had been a recipient of the Purple
                                                      front entry doors, we’ll stop by to chat with the        Heart, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal,
                                                      SOVH Volunteer Committee member manning the              Navy/Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal, Vietnam
                                                      wonderful gift shop. The Volunteer Committee             Service Medal, or Southwest Asia Service Medal. In
                                                      members give the greatest gift of all … the gift of      addition, to be eligible for admission, Veterans must
                                                      time … donating hours and hours in a variety of          be disabled by disease, wounds or otherwise, and are,
                                                      ways, which greatly benefit our residents. Hope          by reason of such disability, incapable of earning a
                                                      you enjoyed the tour.                                    living. Veterans meeting these criteria shall be ad-
                                                           The many donations listed above certainly           mitted without regard to age, race, disability, gender,
                                                      enhance the quality of life provided to those living     or ability to pay.
                                                      at the Ohio Veterans Home—Georgetown and are                  There are currently 95 residents living at OVH-
                                                      results of your generosity. For that I, again, deeply    Georgetown. If you know of a Veteran in need of
                                                      and humbly thank you and ask for your continued          long-term nursing care, please call 937-378-2900,
                                                      support.                                                 Extension 2702 to request a resident application.
                                                                                                               Family tours are welcomed and may be scheduled by
                                                          We also need your support to help us spread
                                                                                                               calling the same number and extension.
                                                      the word about this magnificent facility. Please
                                                      share the below information with a loved one, a              We look forward to “Serving Those Who Served.”
                                                      friend, a neighbor or any individual who you feel
                                                      may benefit from it.                                           In the next newsletter, I will be talking about the high
                                                                                                               standards of care given to our residents by the OVH-G
                                                         The Ohio Veterans Home—Georgetown is a                staff and how proud we are of each staff member.
                                                      100,000 square-foot long-term care facility with

                                                      Inside this issue:
                                                      Welcome to Our Residents                   2&3
                                                      Look into our Dietary Department             3
                                                      Chaplain’s Corner, Volunteer Spotlight       4
                                                      Residents Activities                         5
                                                      Wish List , Resident Profile                 6
                                                      Cookie Bakers, Adopt-A-Vet Program           7
                                                      Recreation Highlights, Taps                  8
                                                      Thanks to our Generous Donors                9
                                                      Support our Troops, Birthdays               10
                                                      Remember our Troops, Volunteer Committee    11
                                                      Veterans Home-Georgetown                    12
                  Welcome to Ohio Veterans Home-Georgetown
   Walter Zinkiewicz
   Birthplace: Dayton, OH                   James Riley
   Prior Residence: Dayton, OH              Birthplace: Lawrenceburg, KY
                                            Prior Residence: Georgetown, OH
   Branch of Service: Army
                                            Branch of Service: Army
   Date of Service: 12/10/1942-06/18/1945
                                            Date of Service: 08/10/1942-11/05/1945
   Occupation: Maintenance & Repair
                                            Occupation: Postal Clerk
   Interest: Cards, Polka Music
                                            Interest: Golf, Crossword Puzzles, TV
   Aaron Evans
   Birthplace: Beaver Pond, OH              Edwin G. McFadden
                                            Birthplace: Hamilton, CO
   Prior Residence: Cincinnati, OH
   Branch of Service: Army                  Prior Residence: Hillsboro, OH
                                            Branch of Service: Air Force
   Date of Service: 04/22/1941-08/27/1945
   Occupation: Meat Cutter                  Date of Service: 08/26/1949-08/17/1953
                                            Occupation: Welder
   Interest: Woodworking, Crafts, Puzzles
                                            Interest: Horseracing, TV News
   Henry Gray
   Birthplace: Greenup, KY                  Elizabeth Minor
                                            Birthplace: Doylestown, OH
   Prior Residence: Portsmouth, OH
   Branch of Service: Army                  Prior Residence: Marietta, OH
                                            Branch of Service: Army
   Occupation: Steel Worker
   Date of Service: 02/20/1943-11/08/1945   Date of Service: 06/05/1944-12/17/1945
                                            Occupation: Homemaker, Museum Hostess
   Interest: Reading, Fixing Things
                                            Interest: Crossword Puzzles, Reading
   Curtis C. Farmer
   Birthplace: Mt. Victory, KY              Frank Baird
                                            Birthplace: Cincinnati, OH
   Prior Residence: Cincinnati, OH
   Branch of Service: Army                  Prior Residence: Cincinnati, OH
                                            Branch of Service: Army Airforce
   Date of Service: 02/12/1953-01/25/1955
   Occupation: Auto Industry                Date of Service: 03/12/1944-04/10/1972
                                            Occupation: Plants Services Director
   Interest: Farm Animals, Gardening
                                            Interest: Reading, Puzzles, Taking Pictures
   Cleve Owens
   Birthplace: Wise Co., VA                 Garnett Rowe
                                            Birthplace: Betsy Layne, KY
   Prior Residence: Moscow, OH
                                            Prior Residence: Chillicothe, OH
   Branch of Service: Army
                                            Branch of Service: Army
   Date of Service: 04/12/1941-06/03/1945
                                            Date of Service: 11/09/1942-01/01/1945
   Occupation: General Laborer
   Interest: TV, Listening to Music         Occupation: Salesman Herrs Potato Chips
                                            Interest: Bingo, Blackjack
   Harry Perry
   Birthplace: WV                           Garland Adams
   Prior Residence: South Point, OH         Birthplace: West Liberty, KY
                                            Prior Residence: Amelia, OH
   Branch of Service: Marine Corps
   Date of Service: 07/22/1938-06/24/1956   Branch of Service: Army
                                            Date of Service: 01/30/1941-10/03/1945
   Occupation: Retired Marine Corps
   Interest: Reading, TV, Gardening         Occupation: Electrician
                                            Interest: Rock Collecting, Fishing
   Emmett Wittwer
   Birthplace: Cincinnati, OH               John Henson
   Prior Residence: Loveland, OH            Birthplace: Sidney, OH
                                            Prior Residence: Cincinnati, OH
   Branch of Service: Marine Corps
   Date of Service: 10/26/1944-11/05/1946   Branch of Service: Army
                                            Date of Service: 05/06/1942-10/28/1945
   Occupation: Systems Analyst
   Interest: Sports                         Occupation: Electrician, Motor Repairman
                                            Interest: Sports, TV
   Darcy Thomas
   Birthplace: Nabscot, WV                  Robert Pester
                                            Birthplace: Dayton, OH
   Prior Residence: Sardinia, OH
                                            Prior Residence: Miamisburg, OH
   Branch of Service: Army
                                            Branch of Service: Army
   Date of Service: 04/22/1943-02/24/1946
                                            Date of Service: 04/24/1942-09/30/1945
   Occupation: Plumber
                                            Occupation: Inventory Control Manager
   Interest: Fishing, Playing Cards
                                            Interest: Reading, Gardening, Photo Albums

Page 2
                                Welcome to Ohio Veterans Home-Georgetown
   Marvin Turner                                                              James Manley
   Birthplace: Dry Ridge, KY                                                  Birthplace: Fayette Co., KY
   Prior Residence: Hillsboro, OH                                             Prior Residence: Clermont Co., OH
   Branch of Service: Army                                                    Branch of Service: Army
   Date of Service: 06/15/1943-01/11/1946                                     Date of Service: 01/22/1945-01/18/1946
   Occupation: Inspector General Motors                                       Occupation: Farmer
   Interest: Gardening, Shopping, Fishing                                     Interest: Farming, TV, Socializing

   Henry Dixon                                                                Albert Deaton
   Birthplace: Lucasville, OH                                                 Birthplace: Krypton, KY
   Prior Residence: Harrison, OH                                              Prior Residence: Milford, OH
   Branch of Service: Navy                                                    Branch of Service: Air Force
   Date of Service: 10/19/1039-10/28/1945                                     Date of Service: 10/29/1954-12/19/1964
   Occupation: Stationary Steam Engineer                                      Occupation: Electrician and Security
   Interest: Golf, Reading, Games                                             Interest: TV, Cars, Socializing

   Anthony Capatosto                                                          Frederick Greenwood
   Birthplace: Patton, PA                                                     Birthplace: Ann Arbor, MI
   Prior Residence: Grove City, OH                                            Prior Residence: Medina, OH
   Branch of Service: Army                                                    Branch of Service: Army
   Date of Service: 11/02/1942-11/10/1945                                     Date of Service: 02/18/1944-10/10/1945
   Occupation: Truck Mechanic                                                 Occupation: Mayor of Medina, Ins. Exc.
   Interest: Golf, Dancing, Playing Cards                                     Interest: Reading, TV

   Kermit Fouts                                                               Charles Temple
   Birthplace: Pike Co., KY                                                   Birthplace: Hillsboro, OH
   Prior Residence: Chillicothe, OH                                           Prior Residence: Hillsboro, OH
   Branch of Service: Army                                                    Branch of Service: Navy
   Date of Service: 01/18/1971-04/14/1972                                     Date of Service: 12/26/1945-11/03/1947
   Occupation: Carpet Layer                                                   Occupation: Carpenter
   Interest: TV                                                               Interest: Bee Keeping, TV

   Junior Eckbauer                                                            Howard Gentry
   Birthplace: Cleveland, OH                                                  Birthplace: Bond, KY
   Prior Residence: Lodi, OH                                                  Prior Residence: Milford, OH
   Branch of Service: Army                                                    Branch of Service: Army
   Date of Service: 03/22/1943-05/02/1946                                     Date of Service: 01/15/1941-09/13/1945
   Occupation: Machine Inspector                                              Occupation: Dairy Farmer
   Interest: Painting, Crafts, TV, Cards                                      Interest: Watching TV

                           The heroes welcome in which we once honored you, in your mind is fresh and new . . .
                               as a country, we could never repay the debt...which rightfully, we owe to you.
                            Look at our nation’s Veteran warriors, see their bravery, hear of their past ordeals...
                                for each one is a ‘living treasure’ with a story of service, which is quiet real.

                              A look into the Dietary Department at OVH
                   Whose goal is to serve delicious and nutritious meals
    The Dietary Department at the Ohio Veterans’ Home in Georgetown, has been fortunate to recruit a
wide array of experienced staff. The management team of the department has a total of 67 years of food
service experience among them. Gayle Chadwell, Food Service Director, started her food service career
with the Marriott Corporation in the Health Care Division. She has worked in acute care, rehabilitation,
and long term care facilities ranging from 100 to 1,000 beds in size. Cindy Gardner, Food Service
Manager, has spent the last 16 years in a long term skilled care facility in the local area. John Ansell,
Food Service Manager, started his food service career in the United States Coast Guard and spent the
last several years working in Officers’ Clubs for the United States Navy. The management team has
recruited a mix of talent of cooks and food service workers.
    The goals of the department are to have a team approach toward inventive menu planning,
incorporating a “back to basic” method to cooking. This eliminates the frozen ready-to-eat convenience Cindy Gardner, Gayle Chadwell,
products and returns the focus to scratch cooking. They enhance the dining experience, striving for 100
percent resident satisfaction. The department encourages each employee to continue their education by           John Ansell
attending workshops and seminars regularly to better prepare them for their daily challenges. They understand the goals of the facility and
incorporate “Food and Fun” whenever possible.                                                                                    Page 3
                                   Chaplain’s Corner
              Lessons From The Passion Of Christ……...By Chaplain Bill Kirby
     Before we get to Resurrection Sunday, known to most people as Easter             Have you ever had a hard time accept-
 Sunday, we must pass through the Lenten Season and Good Friday. In              ing your situation? Your circumstances?
 each phase of the Passion of Christ there are beautiful lessons to be learned   You’re in good company. But if you don’t
 that are true for every generation. One such example comes to us out of         learn to accept what you can’t change, I’ll
 the Garden.                                                                     tell you what happens. You become angry;
     In the Garden of Gethsemane, according to Mark 14:36, Jesus said,           extremely unhappy. Bitterness sets in and
 “Father, all things are possible for You. Take this cup away from Me.           your physical health begins to deteriorate.
 Nevertheless, not what I will, but what You will.”                              Frankly, you’re not much fun to be around.
     Jesus didn’t want to die. He was only thirty-three. He had accom-                However, if you learn to say with
 plished so little and there was so much more he wanted to do. Most of the       Christ, “not what I will, but what You will”
 people I encounter have future plans. Just a few more things they’d like to     you will open heaven’s gates and the flood
 do before life here is over. One more visit to make, one more vacation to       waters of mercy, grace, and strength will
 take, one more dream to fulfill. Jesus felt that way too. He had much           begin to flow into your life. You will even notice, in many instances, physi-
 more to do.                                                                     cal health begins to be renewed. Asking God to help you accept your cir-
     The Lord couldn’t understand why it had to be this way. He said, “all       cumstances is a big lesson to learn during this Easter season.
 things are possible for You.” In otherwords, “Why not change things,                 Jesus said, “Rise, let us be going. My betrayer is at hand.” He faced His
 God?” Have you ever asked, “Why me?” “Why this?” “Why now?” So                  problem. Whatever you face today, he understands and He’ll stand with
 did He. You’re in good company.                                                 you. You ask, “How can a dead man do that? Stand with me?” Oh, that’s
     “Nevertheless, not what I will…” Jesus had to accept what He                the good news of the Resurrection. He’s not dead. HE IS ALIVE AND
 couldn’t change or understand. Some suffering in life can’t be avoided.         LIVES FOREVERMORE. It only makes good sense to get to know the
 Everyone must bear certain crosses. Tragedies come. Accidents happen.           risen Savior.
 Let’s be honest, we make some stupid mistakes that cost us dearly; and for
 Jesus, suffering was just part of his purpose in life.

                                                       s ng
                                                     rn o u
                                                   tu y
                                                  ” rs
                                                 k a
                                              D ye

            Volunteer Spotlight
    P    rudie Snider is the feature Volunteer of the quarter. All you need to do is say the word Volunteer to Prudie and her response is, “When can I
start”. She came to OVH to volunteer in memory of her son Patrick, a Vietnam Vet, who passed away from exposure to Agent Orange. Since then, she
has been working every week in the gift shop, helping with the ordering and whatever else needs to
be done to help our Veterans.
     Prudie was born in Jamestown, KY to Ernest and Jessie Coffey. She has a brother Herman and
a sister Dorothy. The family moved to a farm in Adams County when she turned 12, where she
attended West Union HS. After graduation, Prudie married Charles (Chip) Cooper and they
operated Chip’s Auto Sales and Pru-dees Dress Shop. During their 43 years of marriage, they
raised 8 children with two of them, Chuck and Patrick, serving our Country in the Navy. Losing
her husband and son to illness was very difficult for Prudie, but even through those times she never
stopped volunteering. Prudie feels that volunteering will help bring a smile to your face and you
will feel better emotionally, physically and psychologically. She has been married for 20 years to
Paul Snider and they have just recently moved to Russellville where she plans to open a bed and
breakfast in their beautifully restored century old house.
    Over the years Prudie has spent many, many hours helping others. Some of her volunteer
experiences include: Adams Cty Hosp., Chairman Ohio Hosp Aux., Chairman Adams County
Repub. Party, Fed. Retired Senior Vol. Prog., 20 years at Brown Cty Hosp., Treas. State Dept. of Aging, Sec/Treas. Brown Cty Gideons, Sunday Schl
Teacher for 20 years, Adams Cty ABCAP, Brown Cty Brd. Of ADA and Mental Health Services, helping hands and Ohio Veterans Home.
    It is obvious to all who know Prudie that she loves life and loves helping others. Regarding volunteering she states, “You get the satisfaction of
knowing that you can make a difference for someone else, take the time to listen and you will touch the hearts of many.”                     Page 4
                                                                  Veterans’ Chosen Home,
                                                                  Where Caring Is Assured,
                                                                   Friendship Surrounds
       Dept. of Ohio Sons of AMVETS
      Officers presenting trailer to OVH                           And Good Lives Go On.                                 National DAV presenting check
Donations for the trailer from Sons of AMVETS Districts 13, 12
and 9, also Squadon 711, 1313, 1991, 87, 4, 26, 27, 40, Members                                                         Thank-A-Vet Today
at 2004 Fall Conf., VFW Post 3360 and Stykemain Auto Dealer
                                                             Batavia HS Students made
                                                         birdseed snowman for Residents

                                                                                                    Church of Christ Christmas
                American Legion Aux. Batavia                                                              Party at OVH
                Post #367 & Homemakers Club                                                                                      American Legion Aux. #367
                presenting OVH with check                                                                                        Ripley with bags of goodies

             We would like to encourage groups                                                                      Mt Orab Middle School , Student Council
               and organizations to sponsor                                                                         & Vol. Choir, Christmas caroling at OVH
              activities, cookouts, parties and
              special treats for our Veterans.

                                                           The Church of Christ in Georgetown presented
                                                           Christmas gifts to all of our Residents. Resident -
                                                           Harold asked for a snow that’s what he got
              Resident-Harry enjoying the Carousel
                  during an outing to Eastgate

                                                                                                                      National Elks Rep. Bob
                                                                                          ost                         Weaver giving sweat suits to
                                                                                      n P eck
                                                                                     o h                              all Veterans at OVH for Christmas
                                                                             can L ting C Stan
                                                                          eri sen tor,
               Dept of Ohio Sons of AMVETS                             Am 4 pre Direc n
                 donating electric scooter                              #59 VH eigm
                                                                         to O W

         OVH Residents attended the                Vol. Comm. donates                                                   Residents at Brown Cty Fair with W.
                                                                                   Mary Kabler and Jackie Hansen
     Veterans Day ceremonies at Ripley HS           Christmas Trees               distribute Christmas gifts funded    Brown HS Cheerleading squad assisting
                                                                                 through the Kabler Memorial Fund
  While equipment and supplies make a huge difference in all of our lives….there is no replacement for the human kindness that our volunteers so abundantly
  bring to the Veterans Home. The sound of children laughing as they go down the halls looking for their “grandparent’ is priceless. Our coffee servers give
  each and every resident a smile and personal touch that is so often missing in our lives as we age. We have many talented musicians that lovingly bring a
  song to our hearts and a smile to our lips! Local ministers and priests are here to offer spiritual support and comfort. Because of volunteers, we have a
  competitive game of pinochle going on in the recreation room and a group of friends working together on a jig saw puzzle and there’s nothing better than a
  good game of bingo!! These are simple moments in life that go on to become special memories-all because of volunteers who care.
                                                                                                                                                    Page 5
                                                                                                 Wish List
•   Adopt-A-Veteran Program – Assist with monthly cable service and/or computer-internet service (approximate cost is $10/month).
•   Pain Management Equipment ($1,835)
•   Invacare Reclining Wheel Chair ($2,000)
•   Hand cycle for exercising ($2,499)
•   AED Trainer ($695)
•   Wall Pully Weight System ($615)
•   Calendar of Events Book for Activities ($60)
•   Camera to be used by Activities Staff in the Alzheimers Unit (2 needed -- $300-$400)
•   Enclosed locking bulletin boards for Alzheimer’s Unit (2 needed -- $305 each)
•   Physical Therapy Weights – 1-10 pounds ($200)
•   Prizes for Bingo Games (approximately $50 per month)
•   Television Stand for A1 Unit ($300)
•   Airdyne exercise bike ($700)
•   Installation of Dedicated Line for the Library Computer and monthly fee (42.95 per month)
•   Financial support for the Veterans social and recreational activities, dinner club, fishing club, ball games, holiday parties and special event entertainment.
•   Electric Razor (Approximately $50 each)
•   The purchase of indoor media equipment -- DVD and VCR players ($100)
•   Resident lifts ($5000 each)
•   Rolling game cabinet for moving games from unit to unit and game tables with games ($484)
•   CD/Cassette Stereo System for the unit dining areas ($100 each)
•   Wrought-iron furniture for Solarium on Units A2 and C2 ($550 per set)
•   Sitting Volleyball Set for Special Care Unit ($239)
•   Aromatherapy Kit for Special Care Unit ($120)
•   Putt Billiards ($120)
•   Songs of the Century CD Set ($50)
•   Picture Set for Special Care Unit ($50)

             All checks for donations should be made payable to the Ohio Veterans Home and earmarked for the item(s) you or your organization wish to purchase. Ohio Veterans Home staff will take care of the ordering.
             In addition, monetary donations are welcomed to the General Fund to be used to purchase items on an as needed and on-going basis. Please call Volunteer Services for more information (937-378-2900 ext. 2739).

                                                                                                                     Resident Life
                                                 Lieutenant Colonel Frank Baird, Member of the Famed Flying Tigers
                                                    It’s been 63 years since Frank Baird strapped himself into the cockpit of a P-40 fighter plane on a
                                          dusty airfield in Kunming, China, as a member of the famed Flying Tigers. He was a 20-year-old second
                                          lieutenant, assigned to the 26th Flying Tiger Squadron of the U.S. Army’s 14th Air Force. January 2005,
                                          Frank became a resident at OVH-Georgetown and has enriched our lives with his life experiences as a
                                          Veteran in this great country.
                                      Frank was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on April 28, 1922. Much of his teen years were spent with his
                            family in Warrior, Alabama. He began flying cubs in 1940 before he enlisted in the Aviation Cadet Corps in
                            1942 as a fighter pilot flying P-40s, P-51s, with 26th Ftr. Squadron, 51st Ftr. Group in Kunming, Yunnanyi and
Paoshan China. He flew B-25s and A-26s in recon and strafing missions in Hanoi, Haiphong, and French Indochina and sea sweeps before
transferring to the 341st Bomb Group. After the war, Frank continued as a reservist with duty at Wright Patterson, Dayton, Ohio and Clinton
Co. Air Force Reserve Base until he retired as a Lieutenant Colonel on April 10, 1972. He attended the University of Cincinnati, Gen. Elec.
Tech. School, Military-Squadron Officers School and Field Officers’ School. During his 30 years of Air Force Reservist Pilot’ he was
employed at General Electric in the Nuclear Systems Program and Service Coordinator at Christ Hospital in Cincinnati.
      During his military years, Frank was awarded many medals and commendations for his courageous heroism, such as: U.S.A.,
V.A.C.R.S., Medal of Honor from Taiwan and the Nationalist Chinese War Memorial
Medal. His love of flying and his patriotism made Frank an elite member of the Flying
Tigers. His Unit has been credited for shooting down 299 Japanese airplanes and
destroying another 153 on the ground.
      He and his wife, Marian, have two children, Martha and Melissa. They also
have two grandchildren, Shelli and Robbie. After his retirement from the Military,
Frank’s commitment to his fellow Veterans and community continued, being an active
member in the VFW, American Legion, CBIVA (China Burma-India Veterans Assn),
Shriners, Scottish Rite, Masonic Lodge and Eastern Star.
      Frank believes we will do well to remember that our freedom did not come easy.
On the battlefields of the globe, America’s finest men and women have shed blood                                                                            Frank Baird 1944
and tears; not for recognition or reward - but simply because they love America and
they love those who share the burden with them.                                                                                                                                                                                Page 6
                                                               The Cookie Bakers
        Immediately upon entering the Southern Ohio Veterans Home on Thursday mornings, you will catch the sweet smell of
    home-baked cookies. Because of the generous donations made to the Resident Benefit Fund, a special cookie baking oven
    was purchased for the residents to share their cookie baking talents … and the employees, fellow residents and guests are cer-
    tainly enjoying the finished products.
       A variety of flavors are available … especially for those chocolate lovers and the residents have even created some special
    cookie flavors of their own. Advance orders are taken and advised as the cookies do not last long.
       If you are interested in supporting this activity for the Southern Ohio Veterans Home residents, you may do so by purchas-
    ing a 20 pound box of cookie dough for the “Cookie Bakers.” The average cost of a box is $50.00.
        For more information, please call Pat Michalski, Volunteer Coordinator, (937-378-2900, Ext. 2739).

Weekly cookie baking with proceeds
going to the resident’s fund. Hard at
work are, Resident -David Klenk,
Volunteer-Elfie Kinney and Activity
Therapist-Sherry Barnes.

                       Employee baking contest                                                       Amateur Radio Club Sardinia made 168 lap
                      with the Residents as judges                                                    throws for OVH Residents at Christmas

   You are invited to participate in the memorial brick project by purchasing a walkway brick, personalized
   with your individual, family, corporate or organization name. It is a great place to recognize all those who
   have in the past or who are currently serving their country. Two sizes are available, 4”X8” bricks with 3 lines
   of engraving or 8”X8” with 6 lines of engraving. Bricks can be purchased by calling 937-378-2900, ext. 2702.

      About 50 students from Ripley-Union-Lewis-Huntington Middle School and High School have
adopted 25 Veterans at OVH. The students travel here each month to visit and decorate doors. The
students participation is part of Ohio FCCLA’s new State Project, FREEDOM, which is an acronym for
FCCLA Recognizing Endless Efforts of Dedicated Ohio Military. This project is in coalition with First
Lady Hope Taft’s Project “On the Ohio Homefront”. The FCCLA project’s goal is to give members the
opportunity to help their community by actively working to help all military personnel, their families and
                                                                                also Veterans in the
                                                                                Buckeye State. The two
                                                                                schools’ FCCLA chapters are proud to be a part of this project and
                                                                                sincerely say “Thank You” to those keeping American families safe.
                                                                                The Residents and staff at OVH are very pleased and fortunate to
                                                                                have this program in our facility and look forward to their visits each
                                                                                                                                           Page 7
                                                                  Fall Festival

                                               OVH Residents, family members and staff had a great time at the first Fall Festival
                                               held at our beautiful facility. Even though the sun was not shining that day, the smiles
                                               on our Veterans’ faces lit-up the afternoon. The festivities included a variety of games,
                                               horse drawn wagon rides, pumpkin painting contest and an
                                               antique car show, along with hot apple cider and cookies.

                                                                             If You Love Your Freedom, Thank-A-Vet
  Ohio Veterans Home is a state-operated facility provid-      Dear Veteran: I will not forget what you did yesterday nor what many of you
  ing long-term care for eligible Ohio Veterans. For
  more information please call 937-378-2900 .
                                                               will be called upon to do tomorrow. To give your lives for our great country.
                                                               To give your futures for this freedom I call my own. A life is such a gift, and
  Residents and staff are encouraged to submit news            yet you chose to offer that gift in the name of freedom. My freedom. The
  items, features and art .
                                                               freedom of my children and grandchildren. The freedom of my friends and
  Correspondence may be addressed to Pat Michalski,            family. The freedom of those you knew and those you never met. I promise I
  Editor.                          will not forget these brave heroes, each day that I am able to express what I
                                                               feel, do what I want, and enjoy the freedoms this country promises.

                                                               ♥ John Hickey
   The Ohio Veterans Home extends its deepest                  ♥ Oscar Carnahan             ♥ Andrew Moroz
   condolences to the loved ones of the
   following residents who recently passed                     ♥ Ernest Lacy                ♥ Harry Gustin
   away. We are grateful for the time that they
                                                               ♥ Myron Moyer                ♥ Lionell Davis
   spent with the OVH family. Their presence
   will be greatly missed.                                     ♥ Floyd Hall                 ♥ Glenn Young
                                                               ♥ Virgil Rogers              ♥ Daniel Kitz
Page 8                                                                                                                  VETERANS’ VOICE
                            General Fund                                                                           Miscellaneous
American Legion Gift for Yanks
                                                                                    American Legion Auxiliary Unit 367 (Christmas Goodie Bags)
American Legion Post 708
                                                                                    AMVETS Auxiliary 777 (Handmade Christmas Cards)
Carey Bavis American Legion Post 180, In Memory of Daniel Kitz
                                                                                    AMVETS, Department of Ohio (Phone Cards)
Welker Smith American Legion Auxiliary Unit 17
                                                                                    DAV Associations (Christmas Cards made by Goldwood
American Legion Auxiliary Unit 180
                                                                                        Primary School Students)
AMVETS Auxiliary, Department of Ohio
                                                                                    DAV Auxiliary, Clermont County Unit 63 (Lap Throws)
AMVETS Auxiliary Post 1985
                                                                                    Douglas Wanner Barnitz VFW Post & Auxiliary 2374 (Lap Blankets)
AMVETS Post 89, Columbus
                                                                                    VFW Auxiliary Unit 9772 (Lap Throws & Christmas Goodie Bags)
AMVETS Post 777, Upper Sandusky
                                                                                    Veteran Homes Foundation (WWII Memorial Commemorative Books)
Brown County Senior Citizens
                                                                                    Fayetteville Middle School Students (Handmade Thank You Letters)
DAR, National Society, Beech Forest Chapter
                                                                                    Mrs. Carol Ford & Kindergarten Students, N. Ridgeville, OH (2 large
DAV Department of Ohio
                                                                                        paper quilts)
DAV Clermont County Chapter 63
                                                                                    Ms. Chris Cheatham (2 50-lb. bags of bird seed, feeders/pole)
DAV Chapter 116
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Bob Lytle (Daffodil Bulbs)
Mount Vernon Elks Lodge 140
                                                                                    Ms. Jenny Hartman (Lap Throws)
Fort Defiance MOPH Chapter 643
                                                                                    Mr. Fred Denny (Fruit Baskets)
Alvin W. Metzer VFW Post 8445
                                                                                    Mrs. Carolyn Donner (Tote Bags)
Campbell Gard VFW Post 1069
                                                                                    Mrs. Dorothy Garrison (Christmas Tree)
McVitty Memorial VFW Post 1182
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Johnson (Corn Hole Set)
Wilson Sroufe VFW 9772 Auxiliary
                                                                                    Ms. Ruth Kaetzel (Lap Throws)
VFW Post 108
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Jim Lee (Gift Bags)
VFW Post 943
                                                                                    Mrs. Nancy McCollum (Lap Throws)
VFW Post 1066
                                                                                    Ms. Mary Montgomery (6 Bird Houses)
VFW Post 3345
                                                                                    Ms. Ardith Poynte (Lap Throws)
VFW Post 3360
                                                                                    Ms. Kay Russell (Lap Throws)
VFW Post 4736
                                                                                    Ms. Melody Songer (Lap Throws)
VFW Post 5665
                                                                                    Batavia High School Staff and Students (Birdseed Snowmen)
VFW Post 6906
                                                                                    Eastern Brown HS National Honor Society (Treat Bags for Residents)
VFW Post 9092
                                                                                    Jarc Grant Amateur Radio Club (Lap Throws)
VFW Vietnam Era Post 5018, Dayton
                                                                                    Tootsie Roll Ind.(Star and Stripes Banks Filled with Tootsie Rolls)
Marine Corps League Auxiliary, Department of Ohio
                                                                                    USS Jurassic Club (168 Lap Throws)
Bowlers to Veterans Link
                                                                                    Christian Ladies Group, Maysville, KY (Resident Gifts)
Don Compton
                                                                                    Church of Christ Church Members (Christmas Gifts for All Residents)
Linda Fraley, Clermont County Auditor and Staff
                                                                                    Mr. Orab First Baptist Church WMU (Tote Bags)
Mt. Orab Church of Christ Thanksgiving Service Offering
                                                                                    Rebecca Prem Gropppe, Hamilton County Recorder & Staff
Mr. & Mrs. Reg Parsons, In Memory of Joyce Harvey
                                                                                        (Christmas Gifts)
Mr. & Mrs. Donald C. Rosenzweig, In Memory of Joyce Harvey
                                                                                    Jan Crum (Seasonal Floral Arrangements)
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Johnson
                                                                                    Georgetown Jr./Sr. HS Students-Planted Bulbs and Made Easter Cards
Mrs. Bette Paul
                                                                                    Tina Baker (Donation of Candy)
Ms. Anita Saylor
                                                                                    Brittany Parrish (Donation of Patriotic Items)
Mr. Daniel Snyder

                         Entertainment/Parties                                                                     Personal Items
Brownie Troop led by Cindy Ellis (Christmas Cards and Carols)                       Howard Kabler Memorial Foundation (Flannel Shirts and Sweat Suits)
Carey Bavis American Legion 180 (Veterans Day Dinner)                               Sons of AMVETS (T-shirts and Hats)
Church of Christ Church (Christmas Caroling)                                        National Sons of AMVETS (Underclothing)
Cub Master Pack 304 (Decorated Cookies with Residents & Sang                        Ohio Elks Association (Hats)
    Christmas Carols)                                                               Lexington-Shelby Elks Club (Used Clothing Items)
DAV, Department of Ohio (Spaghetti Dinner)                                          Mrs. Billie Vollmer (Toiletry Items, Puzzles, Books, Etc.)
Georgetown Junior & Senior HS Students (Valentine Cards & Cookies)                  DAV Auxiliary Unit 63, Clermont County (Hats and Gift Baskets)
Mt. Orab Middle School Student Council & Volunteer Choir (Christmas
    Caroling)                                                                                                         Equipment
Ohio Elks Association (Monthly Birthday Party)
Old Path Band (Blue Grass Band Entertainment)                                       Laurie Chorpenning (Sewing Machine)
Gary Baumgartner & Southern Hills JVS Students (Veterans Day Cake)                  Ruza Henderson (2 Walkers)
                                                                                    James Saling (Wheelchair)
Silver Notes Singing Group
                                                                                    Sons of AMVETS, Department of Ohio (Enclosed Trailer + hitch)
Carroll Shoemaker & Friends Band
                                                                                    Ripley Union Lewis Elementary School (2 Resident Feeding Tables)
                                                                                    Star Riders’ Motorcycle Club (DVD/VCR Player + Movies)
                                                                                    AMVETS Post #44 (DVD/VCR Player, Cement Feeders and Planters

              I  t is through the generous contributions of organizations and individuals that we are able to provide many of the “niceties or
                 extras” as we care for our residents. Because of caring people like you that we are able to go above and beyond. It is
              because of you that the lives of our Veterans are enriched as they become a Resident of the Ohio Veterans Home-Georgetown.
                                                                                                                                                 Page 9
     If you have a loved one serving in the military and
     would like to have words of encouragement sent to
     them from our residents, please submit a picture and
     an address to Pat Michalski, Volunteer Coordinator,
     2003 Veterans Blvd., Georgetown OH 45121.

              Memorial Day Promise

        On this Memorial Day, we honor all of our fallen soldiers,
 their commitment to our country, and their legacy of patriotism and
 sacrifice. By giving their lives in the cause of freedom, these heroes
 have protected and inspired all Americans. We are reminded that
 they died so that we could live and continue to cherish the things
 they loved ---God, country and family. It is also a day to be thankful
 for the young men and women serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, North
 Africa and in over 130 foreign lands around the world.
       Let me leave you with this one last note from an American
 soldier who served in Iraq. "I think you all know what is happening,
 and I hope you are praying for me. I love you very much. God will
 reward me in the future for the sacrifice I am making. Take care, and
 I hope to see you in the next few months." a few days after he sent
 this letter to his family, he was killed in action. Make a promise
 today, that we too will always remember him-- and all of his com-
 rades - of all wars -- who laid down their lives for our country.

          Robert Grasso
          Ronald Robertson                 OVH January-June Birthdays            05/02 Wilson Carr
                                                                                 05/05 Russel Fager
01/17     Russell Jackson                           04/04 Charles Culbert s on   05/11 James Riley
01/19     Henr y Hildreth                           04/12 Ja mes Callahan        05/25 Cleve Owens
01/25     Henr y Di xon                             04/16 Anthon y Capatosto     05/31 Francis Erwin
01/27     Bill Rudduc k                             04/17 Eugene Holt            05/31 Harry Perry
01/29     John Lindsa y                             04/21 Walter Zinkiewi cz     06/03 Garnett Rowe
02/04     Francis Condon                            04/28 Frank Baird            06/05 Everett Johnson
02/08     Donald Weddle                             04/28 Robert Pester          06/10 Garland Adams
03/01     Charles Te mple                           04/29 Joe Wooster            06/16 James Stacy
03/04     N.G. Gambrell                             04/29 William Smith          06/20 Clementz Knaebel
03/12     Olan Carrin gton                          04/30 Karl Weimer            06/21 Ferdinand Widmer
03/18     Marvin Turner                             05/01 James Douglas          06/23 Edwin Mcfadden
Page 10                                                                                 VETERANS’ VOICE
                       Ohio Remember Our Troops And Their Families

   Our thoughts and prayers are always with our troops so
   far from home and their families. We pray that the Lord
         will grant them all the strength to conquer the
                        challenges of separation.

    We pray for strength and courage for our troops while
        they are tested daily in service of their country.

      We will never forget the service members who have
   fallen or been injured. We also remember the families of
       these brave service members. Thank you for your
                    dedication, loyalty and sacrifice.

                          Volunteers are STARS in our eyes!

   April is the month that is
designated to honor Volunteers.
                                      Some examples are:
                                      • Newsletter and postage for mailing
                                      • Christmas trees for all units
                                      • Christmas decorations for Chapel
                                                                                                              O     ur residents and
                                                                                                            staff would like to take this
We have been blessed with             • Christmas decorations and ornaments                                 opportunity to thank all of
outstanding Volunteers from the       • Clothing and personal items for Residents without funds or family   our Volunteers for their
community and surrounding area.       • Bingo snacks
We have a wide range in ages          • Bingo prizes
                                                                                                            outstanding service and
from middle school students to        • Games for units                                                     dedication that makes our
senior citizens.                      • Pet food                                                            Home very special.
                                      • Fall Festival supplies and pumpkins
    Our Volunteers come from          • Items for memory/career boxes for residents
various walks of life and many        • Refurbishing stain glass windows in the chapel
belong to multiple service
                                      • Craft and activity supplies
organizations, both community
and military oriented. Our Volun-     • Easter egg coloring kits, baskets and supplies
teers have provided many, many        • Garden tools and supplies for residents
hours in fiscal year 2004. The        • Birds, birdcage and supplies
residents of OVH look forward to      • Guinea Pig (General Grant), cage and supplies
seeing and visiting with our Volun-   • Prize for newsletter naming contest
teers. For some of them, they are     • Birthday gift for residents with no family
the only family that they have.       • Clocks
                                      • Dinner outings for residents
   Our Volunteer Committee has        • Picnic outing, food and supplies
funded many extra items and ser-      • Fishing trips and supplies
vices that add enjoyment to our       • Music tapes, CD’s and DVD movies
residents lives.                      • Numerous party supplies, decorations and special treats
                                      • General Grant Statue

VOLUME 2, ISSUE 1                                                                                                           Page 11
  Ohio Veterans Home-Georgetown
     O     hio Veterans Home-Georgetown is a State of Ohio Agency located
     approximately 45 miles southeast of Cincinnati. The Ohio Veterans Home is a
     brand new 168 bed facility offering two levels of nursing care; standard care
     and special care (Alzheimer/Dementia). Regardless of which level of care is
     required, all residents have the freedom and convenience of a small
     community as well as the comforts of a home-like setting.

     T    he Ohio Veterans Home is dedicated to “serving those who served” with
     a safe living environment for residents so they can achieve their highest level
     of functional ability. Long-term, around the clock medical and nursing care is
     available, together with recreational, social and spiritual services to promote
     the resident’s right to experience life to the fullest degree, regardless of age,
     race, creed, color, sex, or income.
                                Admission Requirements
     •   Resident of Ohio for five years;
     •   Served on active duty during a time of war or armed conflict or be the
         recipient of the Purple Heart, Armed Forces or Navy/Marine Corps
         Expeditionary Medal, Vietnam Service or Southwest Asia Service Medal;
     •   Disabled by disease, wounds, or otherwise, and by reason of such
         disability, incapable of earning a living;                                                                                   Page 12

     •   Have received most recent discharge under honorable conditions.

                                                                                     Stanley E. Weigman, Director OVH-Georgetown
                                                                                     COL Christine M. Cook, Network Superintendent
                                                                                     Glenn E. Johnson, Chairman Board of Trustees
                                                                                     Bob Taft, Governor

 Permit No. 128
Georgetown OH                                                                                                  Georgetown, OH 45121
                                                                                                               2003 Veterans Blvd.
US Postage Paid                                                                                                  Volunteer Advisory Committee Inc.
Standard Pre-Sort                                                                                              Southern Ohio Veterans Home

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