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Manatee County Democratic Party


									          Manatee County Democratic Party
                          Haitian Delegation
                          Emergency Update
                              January 23, 2010
                  Jean Patterson 941-705-1676

The Manatee County Democratic Party Delegation is comprised of:
   Susie Copeland
   Victor Dorbu
   Pierre Ficheroulle
   Richard O’Brien
   Jean Patterson
   Vicki Waters

       Ask Your Doctors to contact:
                            Dr. Ali Tahiri
                              P.O. Box 19902
                         Sarasota FL 34276-2902
                             Tel: 941-929-1450
                             Fax: 941-929-1460
                             Cell: 941-356-4100
                    Dr. Ali Tahiri

 To Help Provide Medical Supplies for
       Local Flight Scheduled for 1-29-10
        Going to Areas Not Serviced by
             International Agencies
Specific Medical Supplies Needed: Immediate Medical Needs in Haiti --
Updated 21 Jan 10
Antibiotics (oral & IV):
   Fucidin and or Bactroba
   Futhithalmic/ophthalmic gtts/oint

Analgesics: (liquid, tablet, injectable, IV)
  Tylenol or Advil
  Morphine or Demeral injectable
  Gravol liquid, tabs, injectable
  Xylocaine 1% or 2% with and without
  Anti-inflamatories (oral and IV)
  Anti-asthmatics (oral and oral sprays)
  Anti-bacterial solutions
  IV fluids -- NACL, Dextrose 5%, DW with NACL Ringer lactate

Orthopedic Supplies:
   Steinman pins
   Cast padding
   External fixators
   Orthopedic drills
   Big scissors
   Softbank gauze
   Surgical masks

Other Supplies:
   Gauze, cling, dressing supplies, bandaging (all sizes)
   Suture materials
   Disinfectants (wound care/sterile saline, etc
   Syringes – 1cc/2cc/5cc/10cc
   Needles (22, 25, 18gauge)
   Plastics bags
   IV sets, a lot
   Immediate Food Needs in Haiti:
   Dried foods
   Canned foods
   Powdered milk

It has been strongly urged that Haitians been involved in
 this rescue effort for security and self-reliant purposes!

Members of this Delegation are in frequent contact with the Haitian pastors and
leaders of the local Manatee County Haitian relief group known as:

                  Hope Outreach International
   One of the leaders is flying Monday with a 40 member group
                 of doctors and other medical staff
                   Their destination is Carrefour

  There will be a continuous need for rescue items for months!

Items Needed for this and other flights: No Clothes or Shoes
   Water purification pills
   Light weight food items (packaged meats, peanut butter, power bars)
   Baby items
   Baby formula
   Baby food
   Powdered Milk
   Can openers
   Bandages, Tape, Band Aids, Alcohol, First Aid Supplies
   Over the Counter medicines, Aspirin, Tylenol for children
   Personal hygiene items
   Tents, Cots, Sheet Plastic( for temporary shelters)
   Matches, Candles
   Identical First Aid Kits
   Identical Medical Supplies

              Lakewood Ranch Collection Site
               Monkey Paws Ice Cream & Coffee House
                       11161 SR 70 East, 103
               M-Th 7:00 AM to 9 PM, F 7:AM to 10 PM, S 8:00 AM to 10:PM
                   Owned & Operated by a Democrat, Monroe Ranceful
                              Publix Shopping Center

                     Democratic Headquarters
                           5910 Cortez Road West
                           Volunteers to accepting donations
                                   M-F from 10 – 12

 Our delegation has worked quickly, quietly, and admirably to provide the
               “We Care” attitude of the Democratic Party!

An explanation of the group heading the relief is:

Hope Outreach International, a 501C3 organization for outreach.
is headed by a group of mostly young, local Haitian-American Pastors, with family
members still living in Haiti.

Because all of these Pastors were born and grew up in Haiti and with their
families still living there, they know where help is needed, they have the contacts
to reach the people in the outlying areas that need help, and they have a plan.

These Pastors are well connected with the missionaries in the areas affected, and
they plan to use the land around orphanages as their distribution points. They will
be taking nurses and first aid supplies (they are dependent upon donations of
these items from the general public), and other items.

The work gloves, masks, and safety glasses are needed for the protection of the
local volunteers as they continue searching through the rubble for the dead.
These items are not covered by Red Cross donations.

Also high on their list are the personal hygiene items to help offset illnesses due
to living in unsanitary conditions until sanitation is restored. Once again, if these
items are donated, it will allow them to use their funds for the purchase of big
items such as gasoline powered generators, and expensive medical supplies.

Financial contributions may be made to:
           Hope Outreach International at,

                          P.O. Box 29, Oneco, FL 34264

Donations of the smaller tangible items may be brought to:
    Democratic Headquarters Monday to Friday, 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

Updates will be furnished as the Delegation provides the requested help.
Respectfully Submitted,

The Manatee County Democratic Party/Haitian Emergency Delegation

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