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                                    Prostate Specific Antigen And Prostate PSA Levels
                                                      By John Critz

   Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer in men in the U.S.A. This cancer can only occur
in men, because the prostate is part of the male reproductive tract. Men over the age of 50 are at the
highest risk to develop this cancer and prostate cancer is responsible for more male deaths of any
other cancer except lung cancer.

 Discovering prostate cancer most often happens during a physical examination. Another way the
cancer is found is through blood tests, such as the PSA. PSA is an acronym for prostate specific
antigen. PSA is an enzyme produced exclusively by prostate cells. A small amount of PSA is
continuously leaked into the bloodstream by prostate cells. This allows for the measurement of a PSA
blood test.

 For men 60 and younger, the normal PSA level is up to 2.5 ng/ml. For men older than 60, the range is
4.0 ng/ml, because the prostate usually enlarges and makes more PSA with age. A prostate cancer
cell can produce 10 times more PSA than a normal cell. As the cancer cells multiple, more PSA is
released into the bloodstream, causing the PSA blood test to have a result above the averages within a
man’s age bracket.

Average Prostate Specific Antigen of Men with Prostate Cancer:

 The average prostate specific antigen is 7.2 ng/ml, however there is a wide variation. Men can be
treated for cancer with a PSA as low as 0.3 ngl/ml and as high as 430 ngl/ml. Fifteen percent of men
have a PSA below the “normal” range of 4.0 ng/ml. Men can be classified into four PSA groups based
on his PSA.

- Group 1: Up to 4.0 ng/ml
- Group 2: 4.1 ng/ml - 10.0 ng/ml
- Group 3: 10.1 ngl/ml - 20.0 ng/ml
- Group 4: Above 20.0 ng/ml

Example: I am a 64 year old with a PSA of 6.3 ng/ml:

In general the amount prostate PSA levels in the blood are an indicator of the amount of cancer

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

present in a man. More PSA usually means more cancer. A PSA of 6.3 ng/ml places this man in a PSA
group of 4.1 - 10.0 ng/ml. This prostate specific antigen level would suggest this man has slightly less
cancer than the average prostate cancer patient.

Connection between PSA and the Amount of Cancer Present:

 Some prostate cancers will not produce a lot of PSA. These instances are called low PSA producing
cancers. Low PSA cancers can fool doctors. Some of the most advanced cancers are low PSA. For
this reason a PSA blood test cannot be used as the only indicator of if a man has cancer. The PSA is a
good indicator of the amount of cancer that is present, but the test is not perfect. Your doctor should be
conducting other tests and also determining your Gleason score to better determine if cancer is
present and if so, how severe it is.

 The most important information in this article is to become educated about prostate cancer. Once you
have learned about the cancer you will be better prepared to make a decision about treatment and
your doctor. It is not difficult to learn about this type of cancer and about the treatments performed by
each type of doctor. There are many different ways to treat prostate cancer, so it is critical you spend
time to learn about all of them. With limited exceptions there is only one shot at being cured, so take
the time to make an informed decision.

John Critz helps inform men about prostate cancer treatment options. His company, RCOG helps
educate males about prostate PSA levels, low PSA producing cancers and prostate specific antigen information.

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                                              Prostate Cancer - Are You At Risk?
                                                                  By Steff X

Prostate cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the prostate.
Prostate cancer is the condition in which cells of the prostate reproduce more rapidly than in normal
prostate, creating swelling or a tumour. It is not the same thing as Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH)
or Prostatitis and having one of these disease won't lead to prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men after lung cancer and is the most
commonly diagnosed cancer among American men. Prostate cancer is also the most common
non-skin cancer in men, affecting about one in six men in the United States. In The UK, the risk of
being diagnosed with prostate cancer is 1 in every 14 person.

In other parts of the world --notably Asia, Africa and Latin America -- prostate cancer is rare. The exact
cause of prostate cancer is unclear but for some reason, the incidence of prostate cancer is higher in
African Americans
(about twice that of white men), and lowest in Asian men. The cause of prostate cancer is unknown,
although some studies have shown a relationship between high dietary fat intake and increased
testosterone levels.

Apart from etnic background, family history of prostate cancer also increase a person's chance of
having prostate cancer. A man's risk for developing prostate cancer is higher if his father or brother
has had the disease. For that reason, testing is essential from when men turn 50 years of age and
even 40 years of age if prostate cancer is prevalent in the family.

However, the main cause of prostate cancer is probably age. Prostate cancer is most often diagnosed
in men 65and older, although younger men can be diagnosed with it as well. Prostate cancer is largely
a disease of older men and is rare below the age of 50.

Prostate cancer is typically a very slow growing tumor, often causing no symptoms until advanced
stages. It is often known as a silent killer because it often lacks symptoms, so annual screening tests
are recommended. If prostate cancer is caught early and before it has spread to other parts of the
body, it can often be treated successfully.

The prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test performed in conjunction with digital rectal exam (DRE)
will usually show reliable indication of prostate cancer, especially when free PSA reading in taken into

If the result suggest that you might have prostate cancer, your doctor will do a prostate biopsy to find
out if the disease is present.

Biopsy is a highly accurate way to tell if prostate cancer is present, provided targeting of cancer
suspected cancer location is spot-on. Once a prostate cancer is diagnosed on a biopsy, additional
tests are done to assess whether the cancer has spread beyond the gland. empower prostate cancer patients and their family with

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informative articles and videos on diagnosis, treatments, side effects and other prostate health-related
issues. Learning more about prostate cancer save lives.

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