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									                                                                                                         January 2008

         1175 N. East St.                                                                             Ph: 714.300.0600
         Anaheim, CA 92805                                                                           Fax: 714.300.0665

      VxÄxuÜtà|Çz EH lxtÜá Éy fxÜä|vx |Ç ECCK

                                           and most consistent part of our organiza-
                                                    The Eli Home began as a small
                                           bible study group in our home in March
                                           of 1983. My husband, Mike, and I felt
                                           challenged to actively demonstrate our
                                           faith by volunteering at the Albert Sitton
                                                                                        months later. Today, The Eli Home is a
Dear Friends,                              Home, the county shelter for abused
                                                                                        multi-faceted organization with three
                                           children. We brought along friends and
                                                                                        shelter facilities, a walk-in center, corpo-
         Some things never change and      family to join us. Soon we founded a
                                                                                        rate offices, an 11,000 square foot thrift
some things are ever fluid and in mo-      ministry focused on child abuse preven-
                                                                                        store operation, professional counseling
tion. At the Eli Home we cherish the       tion, then opened Eli’s first shelter 18
                                                                                        and therapy staff, an organizational staff,
things that have never changed and we
                                                                                        dedicated volunteers, board members
are grateful for that which flows and
                                                                                        and a history of accolades that includes
                                                                                        two U.S. Presidential awards.
         For 25 years, The Eli Home has
been a strong faith-based organization
                                                                                                 As we celebrate Eli’s 25th anni-
whose mission is to provide hope and
                                                                                        versary, we honor YOU. Without you;
change to our society’s most vulnerable;
                                                                                        without your support, prayers, heart and
abused children. We chose the name
                                                                                        hands, none of this would have been
“Eli” which simply translated is the He-
                                                                                        possible. So, from the deepest chamber
brew word for God. It truly is and has
                                                                                        of my heart, thank you and may God
been God’s home. It also comes from
                                                                                        bless you and keep you safely in His
the biblical scripture Matthew 27:46
when Jesus’ last dying words on the
cross were, “Eli, Eli, lama sabacthani?
                                                                                        With love,
(My God, My God, why hast thou for-
saken me?”) This is the cry of thou-
sands of children and mothers who
have sought safety and refuge at The
Eli Home through the past years. Eli’s
heart beats in every child who walks
through its doors. It is the strongest                                                  Founder, Executive Director
                     THE ELI HOME 2007 YEAR BOOK
   a             mid-summer
July 20, 2007
Anaheim Hilton

Guests enjoyed music from a steel drum             Fashion models Jon Dumitru, Bill
band, silent auction, live auction and the       Campbell and Executive Director Lorri
                                                                                            Program Director Kim Tulleners presents the
                                                                                             2007 Carino Award to the Anaheim Kiwi’
3rd “OC Politicians….MORE Secrets Re-                         Galloway                          Club’s representative Betty Williams
vealed” fashion show. This year’s show
featured James Balcer—Alderman, City of
Chicago, David Benavides—Santa Ana
Council Member, Denis Bilodeau—Orange
Council Member, Lou Bone—Tustin Mayor,
Bill Campbell—Orange County Supervisor,
Jon Dumitru—Orange City Council, Vin-
cent Sarmiento—Santa Ana Council Mem-
ber, and Steven Sheldon—Orange County
Water District. Thanks to the generous
participation of Caribbean Mid-Summer
Night guests and sponsors, the event            Garden Grove Council Member Steve Jones            Eli Home Board President Rich-
raised over $150,000 to help abused kids         and Santa Ana Council Member Vincent               ard McFarland, PhD. and his
and their mothers. Thank you!                          Sarmiento and his wife Eva                           wife Eleanor

                                             Feeling Lucky
                                                      The Eli Home’s
                                                   No Limit Texas Hold ‘em
                                                    Poker Tournament
                                                   September 28, 2007
                                                  Hotel Menage, Anaheim
                                           The popularity of poker proved itself in this
                                           very successful fundraiser. Guests enjoyed      Final table participants celebrate and show off
                                           watching tournament participants and also                        their winnings
       Executive Director Lorri Galloway
       with 1st place winner Richard Ham     tried their hand at blackjack, craps, and
        (right) and 2nd place winner Jon   roulette tables. Eli made some new friends
                     Dumitru                who happily took chances for charity, do-
                                              nating $15,000 to help Eli’s programs.
                                            Guests left the event asking “When is the
                                                 next Tournament?” (See Page 5).

                                                                                             Shannen Galloway, winner of the trip to
        Executive Assistant Lisa Gin and                                                   Puerto Vallerta celebrates with Seth Chelini
               Lindsey Lovelady                                                            and Director of Development Tami Galloway

        PAGE TWO
  2008 Ball Committee Members: Joel Medriano,             Director of Development Tami Gallo-   Miss Anaheim Chasta Nechvatal, Steve Sheldon,
  Stephanie Adams, Lisa Gin, Kim Tulleners, Les           way present the 2007 Humanitarian       George Adams and Miss Outstanding Teen
 Blanchard, Nahla Kayali, Heather Ramirez, Lorri              Award to Wells Fargo Bank,                    Anaheim Leah Cecil
  Galloway, Tami Galloway and Kim Torres (not                   Armando de la Libertad
                                                          Annual Christmas Ball
                                                        Black and White Ball
                                                              An Evening of Elegance
                                                                    Anaheim Hilton
                                                                   December 14, 2007

                                                       2007 Humanitarian Award presented to
     Table Sponsor, Anaheim Firefighters              Wells Fargo Bank, Armando de la Libertad
                                                                                                                Miss Anaheim with raffle
  Association attendees enjoy the cocktail hour                                                                 winner Matthew Chavez

   Eli Home Kids enjoy reuniting with one                                                             Past Eli Home clients enjoy time to-
                  another                                                                                      gether at the Party

 Children’s Christmas
Eli families, past and present,
     reunited at the annual
 Children’s Christmas Party,
    hosted by the Anaheim
  Hilton. Children and their
moms enjoyed lunch, crafts,
    a visit from Santa, who
   delivered gifts for Christ-
    mas. Thank you to the
organizations and individuals           Eli Home staff-Maryhelen Rios, Wendy
 who made Wish Lists come               Santillan-Chavez, Nicole Goff, Jessica
      true for the children.                  Tovar and Joanie Sullivan

                                                                                                                     PAGE THREE
                              More 2007 Eli Events
Here are a few more highlights from the past year. To all the volunteers that helped throughout the
year, we thank you! It is because of your generosity and dedication that The Eli Home continues to
                                   change lives. THANK YOU!!!

                                                                                         Thanks to the Associated Gen-
                                                                                         eral Contractors of CA, one of
                                                                                         Eli’s shelter homes received its
                                                                                         very own “extreme makeover”
                                                                                           in the back yard. New play
                                                                                            equipment and lush grass
                                                                                          brought new joy to the chil-
                                                                                             dren, one of whom said,
                                                                                           “Mommy, can we go to the

                                             The Eli Home Thrift Store
                                             celebrated its 1st birthday
                                               at the East St. location.
                                             Anaheim Firefighters vol-
                                                unteered their time to
                                             treat store customers to a
                                              BBQ and a personal tour
                                                    of the engine.

                                                                                             CB Richard Ellis in Ana-
                                                                                              heim continues to do-
                                                                                             nate birthday cakes and
                                                                                             party supplies for each
                                                                                             shelter child’s birthday.
                                                                                             Thanks for making their
                                                                                                 day so special!

 Awards Day—Eli staff celebrates with
Eli moms who successfully completed
  programs on life skills. As families                                     The Eli Home Thrift Store continues to
complete their programs in budgeting,                                      break the mold of “thrift stores,” by the
 self esteem, job placement and other                                      addition of the bridal and special occa-
skill building that works to insure suc-                                    sion department, offering brand new
 cessful transitioning into life “on their                                   dresses for less than 1/2 the retail
 own,” the ceremonies emphasize the                                                         price!
  significance of the accomplishment
        with positive recognition.

                                     FEBRUARY 15, 2008
                                       Dinner seating from
                                                                            Feeling Lucky Again?
                                         5:30-8:30 p.m.                                        Come join us for...
                                        Limited seating available—
                                                                                             The Eli Home’s
                                     reservations are required and will       No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tournament
                                          be taken on a first come,
                                                                                      Benefiting Abused Children
                                              first served basis

                                                                                                Friday, March 7th
 CELEBRATE VALENTINES DAY (AND AVOID THE RUSH) AT                                               The Hotel Menage
                                                                                              6:00pm Reception
      Featuring items from their signature menu                                          7:00pm-11:00pm Tournament

                 $35 donation per person
                                                                                     Non-Tournament Admission-$10
     Your entire donation for this dinner goes to support
                       The Eli Home.                                               Tournament-$100 buy-ins/$100 re-buys

                                                                                         To register call (714)300-0600
                                                                                          or go to

        Please make reservations by February 8 with:
          Julie Kertes, E L Dornan Public Relations:                      *There will be a 100 player limit    *Must be 21 years old
                      818.238.9005 Ext. 3

                          100 Commitments for Kids
                           VxÄxuÜtà|Çz EH lxtÜá Éy fxÜä|vx |Ç ECCK
                                  To kick off Eli’s 25th year of service, Eli is
                                 seeking 100 commitments of $250 to honor
                                each year of Eli’s mission to break the cycle of
                                                   child abuse.

                                 To make your Commitment for Kids, please
                                 visit or call 714.300.0600
                                 and mention “100 Commitments for Kids.”
                                 Celebrate the past 25 years, and launch the
                                    next 25 years of service to abused and
                                    neglected children and their mothers.

                                                                                                                     PAGE FIVE
                             2007 FINANCIAL DONORS
         Thank you to all individuals, businesses, and grantors who generously supported The Eli
          Home’s mission in 2007. This listing includes only those that have donated financially.
                      Our next newsletter will feature all the “in-kind” contributors.

Joanne Abu-Qartoumy        Care Ambulance            DMP Properties             Homeland Development,
Adam Acosta                     Services, Inc.       Victor Dominquez               Inc.
George Adams               Carpenters Union          Ray E. Douke III           Vojita Horna
Tim & Stephanie Adams           Local 2361           Jon Dumitru                Ilse Hornby
Kim Aguirre                Cars 4 Causes             Allan Durkovic             Constance Hughes
Raymond Alvarado           Sandra Cervantes          Merle & Pauline Edlund     Marian Hunt
American Legion 29th       Eleanor Chavez            Mike Edmiston              Stuart Hutchison
     District              Richard Chavez            Kathy Edwards              Rick Hyneman
Alfredo Amezcua            Wendy Santillan-Chavez    Franklyn Elfend            Int’l Order of Machinists,
Anaheim-Fullerton          Irwin Chessen             Donna Elliott                  Local 1484
     Towing Co.            Pete Christenson          Linda Esser                IP Anaheim Katella
Anaheim Firefighters       Bob & Julie Cicero        Stephen Faessel            Milton Ironfield
     Association           CIM Urban Real            Jeff & Sue Farano          Julie Jelaco
Anaheim Police                  Estate Fund          Samer & Linda Farhat       John Laing Homes
     Association           City of Anaheim Public    Denise Fonte               Mark Jones
Apple Printing                  Utilities            Aimee French               Michael Jones
Archstone-Smith            Clear Channel             Dwight & Nancy French      Linda Kaplan
Dana & Esther Attebury          Communications       Ray & Nancy Galaz Jr.      Kauai Mortgage
B.P.O. Elks Lodge          Clearinghouse CDFI        Michael & Lorri Galloway       Company, Inc.
     No. 1475              Comerical Bank            Tami Galloway              Nahla Kayali
Megan Bagoyo               Ulius Corazo              Ganahl Lumber              Sallie & Stephen Kerpan
Richard Barnes             Preddy & Marsha Cox       Jose Gandara               Steve Kim
Karena Bayless             Paul Cramer               Ron & Marcy Garcia         Tony Kim
Rich Bednarek              Kathryn & Clifford        Richard & Dru Garland      KJ Wright Electric
Belczak & Sons                  Crawford             Paul Garman                William Knapp
David Benavides            Crunk Marketing           Michael Genthe             Dr. Howard & Linda Knohl
Best Western-              Robert Cruz               Gregory Georgantas         KTGY Group, Inc.
     William O’Connell     Robert Currie             Greg & Sue Gibson          Marilyn & Kiem Kwee
Faith Best                 Angela Dailey             David Gin                  Dr. Paul Kwik
Joyce Beuhler              Bill Dalati               Lisa Gin                   LaBarre/Oksnee Insurance
Denis & Suzanne Bilodeau   Amin & Irene David        James & Christine              Agency
Marilyn Biscotti           Judy David                     Gorsline              Laguna Capital
Les Blanchard              Joe Davis                 Zach Greenberger               Management in
Cathy Blodget              Sandra Day                Sonja Grewal                   honor of Robin
William Blume              Armando de la Libertad    Ernesto Guardado               Tulleners
Robert & Jean Brackney     Mary Deane                Richard Ham                Layne & Alicia Lawson
Jay & Karen Bradford       Jennifer Delaquil         Morene & Hamid Harlow      Janis & Craig Lehman
Justin Bradley             Jose & Gilda Delgado      Harrington Geotechnical    Krystle Lisenby
Brandywine Homes           Andy DeLorenzo                 Services              Local 681 Unite HERE
Breuer Construction        Dennis Wilson Insurance   Shafiq Hasan               Mariann Long
Stephen Brio                    Agency, Inc.         Joane Heater               Lindsey Lovelady
Samuel & Betty Brusco      Charmane & Phil Deol      Michael Henigman           Michel Lucio
David Bryant               Art & Kerry Dietz         Doug Herman                Patrick Mahoney &
Robert Campbell            Disney Worldwide          Danita Hirsh                   Jolinn Benn
Bill & Mary Campbell            Services, Inc.       Florice Hoffman            Brian Mansour
Lorri Cardinis             Jean Dixon                Bill Holmes                Chad Mansour

      PAGE SIX
Ray Martinez                Joe & Carolyn Persek        Pamela Sapetto                Kim & Robin Tulleners
Cecile McClinton            Chris Pesavento             Sa-Rang Community             Kathryn Turner
Melissa McDermott           Rhet Peterson                    Church of So.            Justin Tye
Eleanor & Richard           Raymond & Jerilyn Pettey         Calif.                   UFCW Local 324
    McFarland               Stephanie Placencia         Vincent & Eva Sarmiento       United Brotherhood of
Gerald & Dorothy            Betty Presley               Michelle Saver                    Carpenters & Joiners of
    McFarland in honor      Adam Probolsky              Ueli & Ana Schaerer               America, Local 440
    of Richard & Eleanor    Rachel & Scott Puepke       Betty Scheppman               UPS Foundation, Inc.
    McFarland               Gail Punzalan               Suzanne Schweikart            Roy & Louise Van
Leticia Medici              John Raasch                 David Shawver                     Broekhuizen
Steven & Natalie Medici     Melahat Rafiei              Sheldon Group                 Jamie Vedder
Joel Medriano               James & Heather Ramirez     Michael & Karla Shippey       Danette & Paul Vernola
Layne Melzer                Chester Ramos               Sigma Alpha Sorority Theta    Ibet Villalpando
Jon Mendiola                George Rangel               Gamma                         Walmart No. 2242
Jess Mendoza                Keith & Donna Ray           Diane Singer                  Mark & Marnie Ward
Lisa Miller Strunk          Lysa Ray                    Harry & Deborah               Ware Tile Marble, Inc.
Andria Mladenovich          Laura Rea                        Skalsky, PhD.            Weekend Wanderers
Paul & Michelle Molina      Joseph & Victoria Reader    Micah Small                   Christine Weijland
Steve Morrow                Referral Real Estate        Jeff Sofferman                Eric Weinstein
Jason Motsick                    Services               Southwest Regional            Wells Fargo Bank
Moving On Entertainment     Rescare, Inc.                    Council of Carpenters    Donald & Ann White
Sharaf Mowjood              Dana Reynolds               Spring Lake Anaheim           Al & Kim Williams
Suzan Nassab                Richard Fisher Associates   Steadfast Properties and      Betty Williams
Fernando Negrete            Dan & Andrea Richardson               Development, Inc.   Rick & Darlene Winfree
Network for Good            RW Richardson               Kuke Stedman                  Curtis Winter
Charles & Jo-Ann            Daniel Rigoli               Bill Stein                    Donald & Juty Winterstein
    Nordhausen              RJ Bookeeping & Tax, Inc.   James Streitz                 Anita Wirthgen
Beatrice & Ken North        Robertson Properties        Ronald & Faith Surprenant     Tom & Jill Wyckoff
Brookfield Southland            Group                   Tammy Sussman                 Tad Yo
OC Employees Association    Robertson’s Ready-Mix       Kevin & Kelly Symmes          Robin Zadekian-Beaver
OC Mentors For Youth,       Jennifer Robinson           Tabassi Shell Service         Greg & Denise Zail
    Inc.                    Edgar Rodriguez                  Station
OC’s United Way             Ben & Marylou Rogers        Tom & Julie Tait
Anna & Brad Ohki            Roma Furniture              Paul Talanian
Brandon Olivo               David Rose III              William Taormina
Cardwell & Patricia Olsen   Bart Rossi                  The Allergan Foundation
Anne Ortt                   Tina Rowden                 The Gas Company
Dave Osborne                Eddie & Lynette Ruiz        The Irvine Company
William Osborne             Tonia & Geraldo Ruiz        The Pimco Foundation
J.A. & L.J. O’Toole         SA Recycling                The Related Companies
Pacific Life                Carlos Saavedra             Bonnie Timble
Timothy Park                Patricia Saehlenou          Andrea Torres                 If your name is misspelled
Delbert & Patricia          Ronald Sahara, DDS          Buena Vista Solutions         or does not appear, please
    Patschull               Richard Sahara, DDS         Kim & Sal Torres              contact us so that we can
Antonio Perez               William Sampson             Kelly Tran                        correct our records.
Ed Perez                    Sanford-Lussier             Diane Truitt                         714.300.0600
Mike Perry                  Janis Santillan             Bob & Gwen Tucker      
Joseph Perseik              Sapetto Government          Robert Jay Tucker

        Thank You    Gracias Merci                                                          Grazie
              Danke Schoen  謝謝你。
                                                                                                PAGE SEVEN
                                             “UN                                  Th
                                                                                wo ese
                                              THRIFT STORE                        n      it
                                             Proceeds Benefit Abused Children   HU ’t las ems
                                                                                  RR t...s
                                                                                      YI o

       The Eli Home
      Un-Thrift Store
 1175 N. East Street, Anaheim
      MON-FRI 9-7pm,
          SAT 9-5pm

 Visit for more photos of new
 arrivals—but buy now—things move fast from
               the Thrift Store!
 Always accepting donations of new and gently
     used clothing and household goods.

Check out our brand new designer furniture and
    wedding and special occasion dresses.

                                                                                      NON-PROFIT ORG
                                                                                      US POSTAGE
                                                                                       ANAHEIM CA
          1175 N. East St.                                                            Permit No. 7927
         Anaheim, CA 92805

     To welcome, shelter, comfort,
   heal, encourage and strengthen
  victims of child abuse and neglect,
    and to prepare them to reenter
     the community to lead stable,
    non-violent lives, free from fear
           and intimidation—
  To Break the Cycle of Child Abuse

The cost of this newsletter was generously
  underwritten by Bill Dalati, Michael
  Galloway, and Richard McFarland.

                                                                                   THE ELI HOME

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