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					                                                    Winter 2002
            The Pontifical
             North American College
             M      A      G        A       Z   I     N      E

         Patroness of the Class of 2003

- Part Two: Frank Parater, Servant of God
- The Class of 2006 Arrives
- Working with Mother Teresa’s
  Missionaries of Charity
  MAGAZINE STAFF                                        D     E PA RT M E NT S
       Carter Griffin
 Archdiocese of Washington
       Class of 2004
                                  The Rector’s Corner                                    3
                                     By Rev. Msgr. Kevin McCoy ’81

     Assistant Editor
        Adam Park
 Archdiocese of Washington        College Traditions                                    14
       Class of 2005              Our Coat of Arms
                                     by Carter Griffin ’04
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  Rev. Mr. Thomas Szydlik
     Diocese of Peoria
       Class of 2003
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                                 Non Fecit Taliter Omni Nationi                         22
                                 He Has Not Done So with Any Other Nation (Ps 147:20)
                                   By Jason Rodarte y Vigil ’04

Cover: Icon of Our Lady of
Guadalupe, created by Rev. Mr.   Life After the North American College                  23
Paul Czerwonka ’03.                by Rev. Msgr. Michael Heras ’84

nside Back Cover: Diaconate
Ordination at the Altar of the   Benvenuti a Roma, Welcome to Rome                      28
Chair in St. Peter’s Basilica.     by Justin Fish ’05
                                         F   EAT U R E S

                                      So Goes Orientation,
                                        So Goes the Year
                                                 by Robert Poitras ’05

                                                     4   Double Feature
                             Working with the Missionaries of Charity
                                       Part I: Seminarians in the Soup Kitchen
                                                         by Karl Bissinger ’05

                                                 Part II: Priestly Ministry

                                                   by Rev. Joseph Johnson ’98

 to Christ
by Rev. Mr. Robert Forcier ’03

                                                                                 Frank Parater
                                                                                     Servant of God,
                          Summertime in Siena                                    by Rev. Frank J. Scott Duarte’ 78,

                                 by Douglas Becker ’05                                  JCD   Postulator

                                  30                                                  24
                                  Board of Govenors
                                     Most Rev. Edwin F. O’Brien ’76
                                   Archbishop of the Military Services, USA
                                            Vice Chairman
                                  Most Rev. William J. Levada ’62, ’69
                                          Archbishop of San Francisco
                                      Most Rev. David L. Ricken ’69
                                              Bishop of Cheyenne
                                     Most Rev. Donald W. Wuerl ’67
                                             Bishop of Pittsburgh

                                   Most Rev. Leonard P. Blair ’75, ’78
                                          Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit
                                  Most Rev. Walter J. Edyvean ’65, ’71
                                          Auxiliary Bishop of Boston
                                     Most Rev. Joseph A. Galante ’68
                                          Coadjutor Bishop of Dallas
                                     Most Rev. Edward U. Kmiec ’62
                                              Bishop of Nashville
                                     Most Rev. Henry J. Mansell ’63
      Administration                           Bishop of Buffalo

            Rector                    Most Rev. Richard E. Pates ’69
Rev. Msgr. Kevin C. McCoy ’81     Auxiliary Bishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis
         Vice Rector                   Most Rev. Justin Rigali ’C64
  Rev. Msgr. Svarczkopf ’74
                                            Archbishop of St. Louis
           Vice Rector
Rev. William J. Waltersheid ’92    Most Rev. Richard J. Sklba ’60, ’65
                                        Auxiliary Bishop of Milwaukee
  Superior, Casa Santa Maria
 Rev. Msgr. Steven Raica ’95          Most Rev. John G. Vlazny ’62
    Director of Development            Archbishop of Portland in Oregon
         Tricia Lloyd
                        T   H E     R   E CT O R      ’S      C   O R N E R

     “...the good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.” (Jn 10:11)

              Rev. Msgr. Kevin C. McCoy ’81
                   Diocese of Sioux City

“T              was the night before Christmas and all
                through the house, not a creature was stir-
                ring…” This may be true in your house,
                but I assure you it is not in ours! The
                                                                  where their vocations were born and fostered. What is
                                                                  more, it takes a great deal of sacrifice on the part of many
                                                                  to get these men to their ordination day.
                                                                       First and foremost, there are their first teachers, the
College is a bustle with activity preparing for Christmas.        moms and dads of these men, who first formed them in
The anticipation of the Christmas holiday eases some of           the faith. And then, as I witness every year at their ordi-
the tensions flowing from the demanding academic, spir-           nations and First Masses of Thanksgiving, there are
itual, communal and apostolic schedule. But, you, too,            countless parishioners and benefactors who have prayed,
are probably worrying about that perfect gift for that one        encouraged, and assisted them to that day on which they
person. Or perhaps, by the time you read this, you may            present themselves for ordination as priests. What you
well be deciding when it is you want to face the mad-             observe is the local Church truly calling forth men from
dening crowds to return a gift for the proper color or            among men to invite their response to the call of service
size!                                                             in the Lord’s vineyard.
     Well, I, too, am thinking about gift                                           Yes, their priestly formation, I realize,
giving and gifts, and not just gifts of an                                         began long before they crossed over the
ordinary variety. No, as I reflect upon                                            College’s threshold, but I’m proud to say
the past year, I am rather proud of the                                            that the College had a hand in their
fact that the Pontifical North American                                            refinement and in helping them to be
College has given forty newly trained                                              formed after the heart of Christ. I believe
priests for the service of the Church in                                           they are worthy gifts to return home.
thirty-one dioceses across the United                                               To you, our collaborators in this enter-
States and Canada. Forty new priests,                                              prise of priestly formation – be you par-
who after four years of study and                                                  ent, family, friend, benefactor, or all of
prayer, began a life of preaching the                                              the above – thank you for supporting our
Gospel and of celebrating the sacra-                                               men and our mission. Without you the
ments as good, holy, faithful priests of                                           College would be incomplete. Our
Jesus Christ. Certainly these men –                                                prayer for you is that your Christmas hol-
these priests – will bring to their min-                                           iday may be filled with His Joy, and may
istry the uniqueness of Rome. Rome, a                                              the Infant Child fill you with great Hope
place – a city where the world’s experience of Christ             for today and tomorrow.
combines in a most marvelous expression of Catholicity.                I hope you enjoy this issue of the North American
It is this experience and a deep love for our Holy Father         College magazine. You’ll see a little bit about all that we
and the Church that these priests take home to the USA.           are – priests in graduate studies, seminarians in forma-
Formed after the heart of Christ in these final years of          tion, and priest-alumni enlivening their local churches.
seminary, they joyously return home to serve God's holy           Merry Christmas!
     And that makes sense, doesn’t it? After all, we don't
train them to keep them in the seminary. These men
were ordained for service in their local church, precisely

                                                                                          WINTER         2002            3
So Goes Orientation,
 So Goes
  The Year

    v :
Abov e: New Men arriving at Fiumicino

                                                                A bo v e : Msgr. Kevin McCoy, Rector,
                                                                waiting with the New Men for the
                                                                papal audience at Castel Gandolfo.

                                                                L e f t : New Men as they exit the
                                                                colonnade at Piazza San Pietro and
                                                                see St. Peter’s Basilica for the first

                                                                B e l o w : New Men boarding the
                                                                busses from the airport to the

  4         Pontifical North American College   MA GA Z I N E
On                   August 30, 2002,
                     fifty men began
                     their formation
                     program        for
                                           Jesus on discipleship, “You must first
                                           leave everything and take up your
                                           own cross and then come and follow
                                           me.” So it is with these fifty New
diocesan priesthood at the Pontifical      Men. They have left all that is famil-
North American College in Rome.            iar to them: their homes, families,
They arrived by bus from Rome's            and friends. They have left behind all
Fiumincino Airport to the front door       that is comfortable to them in the
of the College. Stepping off the bus,      hope of seeking and finding Jesus
the New Men witnessed the first of         and his confirmation to follow him
many NAC traditions as they walked         through priesthood. In a certain sense
up the front stairs surrounded by the      they have left their homes to find a
enthusiastic applause of faculty and       new home. This was the job that
students, who were rejoicing at their      faced the second year men on the
arrival and showing their support for      Orientation Team. We needed to turn
the decision these men have made to        Rome, for these men, into their new
follow God’s call to the priesthood.       home.
The Class of 2006 walked through               Over the next few days, the New
the giant front doors into the heart of    Men took a whirlwind tour of Rome.
the College, the main chapel, where        On their first Sunday in Rome we
the Rector led them in Daytime             took them to pray the Angelus with
Prayer and an extended period of           his Holiness Pope John Paul II at
silent prayer.                                                                                 v :
                                                                                          Abov e: Sean Palas ’06 in the Basilica of
                                                      continued on page 9                 St. John Lateran standing in the shadow
    One is reminded of the saying of                                                      of St. Matthew.

                                       v :
                                    Abov e: The Class of 2006 in front of St. Peter’s Basilica

                                                                                                 WINTER      2002            5
                                        The Class of 2006

       Abov e, from left to right: John Delaney (Camden), Jason Touchie
       (Kingston), John Schoemehl (St. Louis), Jhon Gomez-Rivera
       (Bridgeport), Anthony Ouellette (Kansas City in Kansas), Jeffrey Kirby
       (Charleston), Michael Triplett (Baltimore), and Raymond Enzweiler

       R ight: Zachary Weber ’06 and Christopher Washington ’06 at the
       entrance to the Basilica di San Francesco, Assisi.

       B elow: Fr. William Waltersheid, Vice Rector, and Orientation Team
       members leading the New Men in a candlelit walking rosary in Assisi.

6   Pontifical North American College           MA GA Z I N E
Abov e, from left to right: Timoth Schiebe (St. Paul and Minneapolis),
David Ruchinski (St. Augustine), Christopher DiTomo (Rockford),
Joshua Brommer (Harrisburg) Joseph Campbell (Erie), Zachary
Weber (Cincinatti), Ronald Nelson (Portland in Oregon), Michael
McClane (Trenton), Justin Ferguson (Savannah), and Jason Vidrine

L eft, left to right: Isaac Orozco ’06, Zachary Weber ’06, John DeLaney ’06, Fr.
Patrick Brennen ’77, and Christopher DiTomo ’06 at Santa Maria degli Angeli in

B elow: Back row, left to right - Jonathon Lang (Sioux City), Bernard Menard
(Ogdensburg), Brandon Farrar (Kansas City in Kansas), Michael Ludeman
(Portland in Oregon), Peter Breen (Joliet), Joseph Redfern (LaCrosse), Front
Row, left to right - Craig Haider (San Diego), Daniel Wathen (Great
Fallings/Billings), Jeremy Leatherby (Sacramento), Timothy Hall (Winona), and
Michael Parks (Scranton).

                                          WINTER          2002            7
                                 Abov e, left to right: Marc Lenneman (Helena), J. Christian Winkeljohn
                                 (Pensacola/ Tallahassee), Scott Nowak (Scranton), Tyler Miller (Springfield in
                                 Illinois), Christopher Washington (Scranton), Joseph Shetler (Jefferson City),
                                 Robert Keighron (Brooklyn), Harold Reeves (Washington), Isaac Orozco (Fort
                                 Worth), Jason Cargo (Dallas), and Kerry Archibald (Davenport).

                                 L eft: Msgr. Kevin McCoy, Rector, preaching for the New Men in the Baptistry
                                 of St. John Lateran.

                                 B elow, left to right: Steven Lepine (Manchester), Shawn Conoboy (Youngstown),
                                 James Richardson (Kalamazoo), Charles Olson (Rapid City), Avelino Gonzales
                                 (Washington), Michael Voithofer (Pittsburgh), Phillip Cozzi (Arlington), John Barno
                                 (Newark), Sean Palas (Belleville in Illinois), and James Lease (Harrisburg).

8   Pontifical North American College   MA GA Z I N E
Castel Gandolfo, his summer resi-      Gospel.” The Holy Father then                spread out, these men are now
dence near Rome. There the Holy        imparted his blessing upon all gath-         brought together under one roof.
Father greeted the New Men and wel-    ered there.                                  They have many challenges to face,
                                            Other events on the orientation         settling into their new home and forg-
“I am pleased to welcome the           itinerary included Mass at the Altar of      ing friendships that will last for the
new students of the Pontifical         Cristo Re at St. Peter’s Basilica, exca-     rest of their lives. Already, however,
North American College in              vation tours beneath St. Peter’s, visits     the new Class of 2006 is a large and
Rome. May your study of theolo-        and times of prayer with the many            enthusiastic presence in the house,
gy deepen your love for Christ         saints and their churches throughout         and promises to be a vibrant addition
and make you joyful and effective      the city, beach day, and to cap it all       to College life. Our Rector, Msgr.
witnesses to the Gospel.”              off, a three day pilgrimage to Assisi.       McCoy, declared many times to the
                    John Paul II       It certainly was a full two weeks of         orientation staff and to the New Men,
                                       welcoming and preparing these men            “so goes orientation, so goes the
comed them to Rome himself in these    for life, study, and prayer in the           year!” If that is true, and I believe it
words, “I am pleased to welcome the    Roman style.                                 is, then we are in for a great year.
new students of the Pontifical North        Our new brothers came from all
                                                                                                by Robert Poitras
American College in Rome. May          over North America, as far east as
                                                                                              Archdiocese of Boston
your study of theology deepen your     New Hampshire and as far west as                           Class of 2005
love for Christ and make you joyful    California, as far north as Canada and
and effective witnesses to the         as far south as Florida. Once so

                                                                                      v :
                                                                                  Abov e: Jason Cargo ’06 (rear) and Christopher
                                                                                  Courtright ’05 viewing the audience with the
                                                                                  Holy Father at Castel Gandolfo.

                                                                                        WINTER         2002            9
     Working with the Missionaries of Charity

     Part I: Seminarians in the Soup

          art of seminarian for-   seminarians work with other
          mation at the North      volunteers, many of whom are
          American      College    also preparing for the priesthood
includes various apostolic, or     in other international colleges in
pastoral, duties. These assign-    Rome. We help the sisters set
ments provide seminarians a        tables, prepare and serve meals,     before and after meals, and read
chance to put their faith into                                          the Word of God to the guests.
practice by serving people out-          Jesus tells us,                Above all, seminarians bear wit-
side the seminary and to gain        “Whatever you did for              ness to the Gospel by serving
experience ministering in the      one of these least brothers          Christ in the poor who eat there.
Roman community. One group         of mine, you did for me.”                 One of the blessings that
of seminarians carries out its      ...By our service to the            makes this apostolate special is
weekly service at the Casa Dono      poor, we try to honor              the opportunity for us to work
di Maria, a soup kitchen operat-     Christ, who chose the              with the Missionaries of Charity.
ed     by     Mother    Teresa's     poverty of becoming a              We grow pastorally not only
Missionaries of Charity in the                                          through the experience of work-
                                    man to dwell among us.
shadow of St. Peter’s dome.                                             ing in a soup kitchen, but also by
The Casa Dono di Maria pro-        and clean up. We take part in        imitating and adopting the way
vides meals and a limited          saying the Rosary together with      the sisters carry out their work.
amount of shelter to some of       all the helpers as the meal is       Though always busy, the
Rome's homeless. American          being prepared, lead prayer          Missionaries never complain
                                                                        and see to their duties with love
                                                                        for Christ and the poor in a spir-
                                                                        it of prayer, joy, and peace. By
                                                                        their example, we can learn
                                                                        something of the charism of
                                                                        their founder, Mother Teresa of
                                                                        Calcutta. Working with the
                                                                        Missionaries of Charity exposes
                                                                        us to a spirituality that lives out
                                                                        the Pope’s desire for Christians
                                                                        to become “active contempla-
                                                                             The concrete tasks per-
                                                                        formed at the soup kitchen
                                                                        effectively complement the spir-

10      Pontifical North American College         MA GA Z I N E
itual and theological facets of semi-     ness to the love of God and to serve
narian formation. Our interaction         His people.
with those who come to the Casa has               by Karl C. Bissinger
helped us become accustomed to the                Diocese of Fall River
expectations and demands placed on                   Class of 2005
p u b l i c
disciples of
J e s u s .
Working at
the     soup
kitchen is
also a good
way for us
to    satisfy
our desire to
bring God
into       the
world. Jesus tells us, “Whatever you
did for one of these least brothers of
mine, you did for me.” We hope that
our participation at the Casa lives out
this call. By our service to the poor,
we try to honor Christ, who chose the
poverty of becoming a man to dwell
among us. Volunteering at the Casa
Dono di Maria, in short, has been a
wonderful opportunity to bear wit-

P hotos: Karl Bissinger ‘05 and David
Carter ‘05 working at the Casa Dono di

                                                                                 WINTER   2002   11
                                           Working with the Missionaries of Charity

                                                  Part II: Priestly Ministry

                                            common           vows (tertians). And since English is the offi-
                                            lament      is   cial language of the order, they are always in
                                            heard from       need of English-speaking priests!
                                priests as they first             And so, at five o’clock in the morning,
                                arrive at the Casa Santa     several times a week, the back door of the
                                Maria to begin further       Casa will quietly shut as a sleepy but gener-
                                studies. Despite the         ous Casa priest heads to the bus so he can cel-
                                complaints about the         ebrate six o’clock Mass in one of the several
                                noise on the Piazza          convents of the Missionaries of Charity. Other
                                della Pilotta or the bath-   Casa priests spend Thursday afternoons giv-
                                room at the end of the       ing weekly spiritual conferences and serving
         hall, most priests agree that the most difficult    as confessors and spiritual directors for the
         challenge of life at the Casa is the sudden         sisters. Some, in addition, use their precious
         departure from pastoral ministry. Re-adapting       vacation time to give retreats to the sisters in
         to a life of study requires serious effort,         places such as India, Albania, Poland, Russia,
         though many priests have found that it does         Cuba, and Ethiopia.
         not require forsaking all pastoral ministry.             Several Casa priests even had the unique
         With creativity and some sacrifice, opportuni-      privilege of assisting the Missionaries of
         ties are to be found even in priest-laden Rome      Charity with the cause for canonization of
         for an apostolate to complement one’s studies.      Mother Teresa. These priests collaborated in
              In recent years a substantial number of        the composition and editing of a 5,000 page
         Casa priests have begun to assist with the          positio on her life and heroic virtues assem-
         spiritual needs of the Missionaries of Charity.     bled from seventy volumes of testimony and
         The blue-edged sari of Mother Teresa's sisters      documents. This report was then submitted to
         has become a familiar
         sight in Rome where
         they run separate
         homeless shelters for
         men and women, an
         AIDS hospice, a soup
         kitchen, and two homes
         for unwed mothers. In
         addition, the Eternal
         City is one of the loca-
         tions for formation pro-
         grams for postulants,
         novices, and sisters
         preparing for their final

12   Pontifical North American College          MA GA Z I N E
    the Vatican. All agreed that it was a unique opportunity to                   ing for a retreat-master familiar with Mother Teresa’s spe-
    get to know a great saint in marvelous detail!                                cial charism! Every priest who has worked with the
         The sisters are persistent and very persuasive…it is                     Missionaries of Charity, however, will agree: despite the
    hard to refuse that smile and the example of heroic total-                    sacrifices required, it is a great blessing to be able to serve
    ity in their own self-gift, but it does take some discern-                    them and, through them, the poorest of the poor. After all,
    ment to find the proper balance between a beautiful min-                      we are still priests as well as students!
    istry with the sisters and the all-too-real demands of class
    work and thesis-writing. Moreover, finishing the degree                                          by Rev. Joseph Johnson
                                                                                             Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis
    in Rome does not necessarily mean finishing work with
                                                                                                          Class of 1998
    the Missionaries of Charity…more than one American
    rectory phone has been answered to find a superior look-

Above: Fr. Joseph Johnson ‘98, left, with the Missionaries of Charity tertians.

                                                                                                           WINTER         2002             13
                           C   O L L E G E       T   R A D IT I O N S

 “I received from the Lord what I handed down to you...” (1 Cor 11:23)

                               Our Coat of Arms

              eraldic design originated   College on December 8, 1859, the           Seal and the thirteen original

H             as a bold and simple sys-
              tem of recognition
among combatants in medieval war-
fare. Later, as jousting tournaments
                                          feast of the Immaculate Conception.
                                          It stands to reason, then, that the col-
                                          ors on the shield are at once those of
                                          Mary and those of the United States.
                                                                                     American colonies.
                                                                                         The Arms of two Popes are quar-
                                                                                     tered on the shield. The golden lion
                                                                                     of Blessed Pius IX and the silver
became more widespread, heraldic          Thus the quarters are in the blue and      dove with green olive branch, repre-
devices also grew more elaborate and      white of the Blessed Virgin, and a         senting Pope Pius XII, express grati-
eventually became a common                                                                 tude to the two popes who
part of civilian life. Early in their                                                      founded the two houses of the
development, coats of arms                                                                 North American College – the
became associated not only with                                                            Casa Santa Maria on the Via
persons or families, but also with                                                         dell’Umilta and the Seminary
institutions of various kinds,                                                             on the Janiculum Hill.
drawing on the notion that an                                                                 The crest, consisting of the
assembly of people can be per-                                                             Papal tiara above the two
sonified as an individual. For                                                             crossed keys, indicates that the
centuries, therefore, municipali-                                                          North American College is a
ties, churches, colleges, and dio-                                                         Pontifical institution, a dignity
ceses have had their own                                                                   bestowed in 1884 by Pope Leo
heraldic designs. It is under this                                                         XIII. Emblazoned on the ban-
notion of “corporate personali-                                                            ner is the motto of the College,
ty” that the Pontifical North                                                              Firmum Est Cor Meum, drawn
American College possesses a                                                               from Psalm 107 and translated,
coat of arms that is its mark of                                                           “My heart is steadfast,” an apt
identification in its buildings,                                                           maxim for priests and those
correspondence, and associa-                                                               training to become priests.
tions.                                                                                     May the prayers of Our Lady of
     The Patroness of the College                                                          the Immaculate Conception and
is Our Lady under the title of the        crescent moon, symbolic of the             of our holy founder, Blessed Pius IX,
Immaculate Conception. This con-          Virgin Mary, is displayed on a blue        embolden us to live that noble motto.
nection is rooted in her veneration as    chief among a field of stars.
the Patroness of the United States,       Alongside these Marian images, the         Adapted from The Encyclopedia
and in her association with the           red and white stripes of the American      Britannica and the pamphlet entitled,
founder of the College, Blessed Pius      flag are emblazoned on the Cross that      “Description of the Coat of Arms of the
IX, who solemnly proclaimed the           partitions the shield, and the stars on    Pontifical North American College –
Dogma        of     the     Immaculate    the blue chief number thirteen, sug-
                                                                                                by Carter Griffin
Conception in 1854. This same Pope        gestive of the constellation at the            Archdiocese of Washington, DC
made possible the opening of the          eagle's head of the Great American                     Class of 2004

14       Pontifical North American College           MA GA Z I N E
                   An Unexpected Reunion

                 hile still considering                                                 academic degrees, is basically a
                 my future and before                                                   crash course in philosophy. A great
                 entering the seminary,                                                 deal of material was thrown at us
I spent several years working as a                                                      without much time to reflect upon or
carpenter’s assistant and painter (this                                                 digest it. It was in this environment
was the time for figuring out life,                                                     that Mark and I discovered our past
which I no longer think is possible).                                                   connection. With little time or chance
Over time I had various customers,                                                      to get his bearings, the practical, no-
some of whom I dealt with directly,                                                     nonsense Mark found all these new
others through intermediaries. On a                                                     philosophical concepts and perspec-
couple of jobs for the same lawyer,                                                     tives somewhat ominous. “What is a
for example, I dealt exclusively with                                                   transcendental imagination and what
his mother. Little did I know that I                                                    good is it?” was the type of question
would later come to know this                                                           he would ask. Thankfully, a good
woman’s son, the mysterious lawyer                                                      amount of the reading I had done
named Mark Reeves, in the seminary                                                      during those old lunch breaks was
as a classmate.                                                                         helpful preparation for this barrage of
     It was truly a shock to both of us                                                 philosophy. And so, in a sense,
when we realized that he was the one                                                    Mark’s old carpenter became his phi-
                                                v :
                                           Abov e: Fr. George Healy ‘02, left, and
who had employed me for those dif-         Fr. Mark Reeves ‘02, right, after conclud-
                                                                                        losophy tutor during that first year in
ferent jobs. When I told him that I        ing philosophy studies together.             seminary – free of charge. And I
used to read during my lunch breaks,       secretly wanted to go back and check         don’t think he is looking for those
he asked me – as only lawyers can –        the receipts…)                               receipts anymore.
if I had been paid for that time or not!      In time, however, that reading paid
                                                                                                 by Rev. George Healy
(I assured him that he was not billed      off for both of us. The first year of                 Archdiocese of Miami
for those hours, but I still think he      seminary, for those of us with prior                      Class of 2002

                                                                   F l y i ng
                                                                                                    r ii

                                                                                          L eft to right: Fr. Chris Layden ‘01,
                                                                                          Fr. Joe Fowler ‘02, and Rev. Mr.
                                                                                          Thomas Szydlik ’03 on the RAGING
                                                                                          BULL roller coaster at Six Flags in

                                                                                            WINTER         2002            15
      to Christ

16   Pontifical North American College   MA GA Z I N E
                                  L eft: Most Rev. Timothy Dolan
                                  ’76, Archbishop of Milwaukee
                                  and former Rector of the North
                                  American College.

               ater Ecclesia gaudet! Mother Church

M              rejoices! With these words, the Most
               Reverend Timothy M. Dolan, beloved for-
mer Rector of the North American College, now
Archbishop of Milwaukee, began his homily to the dea-
con candidates and their families and friends assembled
at St. Peter's Basilica on Thursday, October 10, 2002.
Mater Ecclesia gaudet! Mother Church rejoices! The
Mass of Ordination took place beneath the apse of St.
Peter's Basilica, at the foot of Bernini’s black and gold
masterpiece of the Chair of St. Peter, surrounded by the
impressive grandeur and splendor of the Patriarchal
Basilica. Yet even more impressive than the setting was
                                                                       v :
                                                                   Abov e: Archbishop Dolan imposing hands on Rev. Mr. Thomas
what was about to occur: twenty men from the North                 Szydlik ‘03 (Diocese of Peoria).
American College would soon be ordained to the Order                p                :
                                                                   Op p osite p age: Diaconate Ordination at the Altar of the
                                    of Deacon.                     Chair, St. Peter’s Basilica, on October 10, 2002.
                                          Diaconate is
                                                                   celibacy and obedience to their own bishops and their
                                    conferred through a
                                                                   successors. For this new deacon, the next part of the Rite
                                    special outpouring of
                                                                   of Ordination, the Litany of the Saints, may have been
                                    the Holy Spirit,
                                                                   the most powerful. As the deacon candidates lay prostrate
                                    through the imposi-
                                                                   on the floor of the Basilica in a gesture of humility and
                                    tion of hands (cf. 2 Ti
                                                                   supplication, the pilgrim Church on earth joined with the
                                    1:6-7), that engenders
                                    in the ordinand a dis-                            continued on page 20
                                    tinct conformation to
                                    Christ, Lord and                “...I remind you to stir into flame the gift of
                                    Servant of all. Those           God bestowed when my hands were laid upon
                                    to be ordained dea-             you. The Spirit God has given us is no cow-
                                    cons first make pub-            ardly spirit, but rather one that makes us
                                    lic    promises      of         strong, loving, and wise.” (1 Tim 1:6-7)

                                                                                          WINTER        2002            17

                                                                    v :
                                                               Abov e: Acolytes for the Diaconate Ordination - left to
                                                               right - Michael Vuky ‘04, Ronald Richards ‘04, Nathaniel
                                                               Sokol ‘04, Luis Correa ‘04, Thomas Kunz ‘04, Jeffrey Lorig
                                                               ‘04, Daniel Firmin ‘04, Carter Griffin ‘04, and Christopher
                                                               Mahar ‘04
                                                               L eft: The choir directed by Sr. James Xavier Landi, SSJ

                                            L eft: Acolytes leading the
                                            Procession into St. Peter’s

                                            R ight: Christopher Floss ‘04
                                            leads the congregation in singing
                                            the Responsorial Psalm.

18   Pontifical North American College   MA GA Z I N E
    v      :
Abov e left: Thomas Hennen ‘04, Master of
    v        :
Abov e right: Rev. Mr. Christopher Singer ‘03
proclaims the Gospel.

                                                    v :
                                                Abov e: Archbishop Dolan presents the Book
                                                of Gospels to Rev. Mr. Robert Golas ‘03.

                                                L eft: Msgr. Kevin McCoy, Rector, introduces
                                                Archbishop Dolan.

                                                          WINTER        2002       19
                                                                                            Mater Ecclesia gaudet! Mother
                                                                                       Church rejoices! In addition to the
                                                                                       stirring ceremony of ordination, dia-
                                                                                       conate week was filled with many
                                                                                       spiritual blessings. From visits to
                                                                                       Rome's major Basilicas, a pilgimage
                                                                                       to Assisi, and a General Audience
                                                                                       with the Holy Father - and a little
                                                                                       pasta and vino along the way – the
                                                                                       week was filled with powerful
                                                                                       encounters of God's ever-abiding
                                                                                            Through the power of Holy
                                                                                       Orders, the newly ordained deacons
                                                                                       were called by the Church to share in

                                                                                       Diaconate is conferred
                                                                                       through a special outpour-
                                                                                       ing of the Holy Spirit,
Abov e: The moment of prostration when the Church prays in song for the intercession
     v :                                                                               through the imposition of
of the saints.
                                                                                       hands (cf. 2 Ti 1:6-7), that
                                            dence on God’s Providence. Next,
                                            Archbishop Dolan performed the
                                                                                       engenders in the ordinand a
                                            ancient rite of the laying-on of hands     distinct conformation to
                                            with the consecratory prayer invoking      Christ, Lord and Servant of
                                            the Holy Spirit. Lastly came the           all.
                                            investiture with the stole and dalmat-
                                            ic, the liturgical garb of the deacon,     Christ’s     mission    and     grace.
                                            and the presentation to each new dea-      Strengthened by grace, we are now
                                            con of the Book of Gospels instruct-       dedicated in a special way to the ser-
                                            ing them to “receive the Gospel of         vice of God and His community, both
                                            Christ, whose herald you now are.          at the altar and in the world. Yet we
                                                                                       were not the only ones changed by
                                                                                       the events of the Ordination. There
                                                                                       was a deep joy in knowing that the
Abo ve , left to right: Rev. Mr. Jeffrey
  o e                                                                                  week of grace was also being shared
Molnar ‘03, Rev. Mr. Jacobo Munoz ’03,                                                 with our families and closest friends,
and Rev. Mr. Bryan Stitt ‘03 distribute
                                                                                       and for that we are profoundly grate-
Holy Communion.
Rig ht: Rev. Mr. Martin DeMayo ‘03 dis-
                                                                                       ful. Truly, Mater Ecclesia gaudet!
tributes Holy Communion.
                                                                                             by Rev. Mr. Robert Forcier
                                                                                               Diocese of Providence
                                                                                                   Class of 2003

saints in heaven to beseech God on          Believe what you read, teach what
behalf of the candidates. It is a pro-      you believe, and practice what you
found act of surrender and depen-           teach!”

20         Pontifical North American College          MA GA Z I N E
                                                                Congratulations to the
                                                                   Class of 2003!

                                                             Rev. Mr. Kevin L. Achbach               Rapid City
                                                             Rev. Mr. M. Shane Baxter                Beaumont
                                                             Rev. Mr. Matthew T. Buening             Baltimore
                                                             Rev. Mr. Gregory S. Coan                Washington, DC
                                                             Rev. Mr. Paul G. Czerwonka              La Crosse
                                                             Rev. Mr. Miguel A. De Angel-Ramirez     Caguas
                                                             Rev. Mr. Martin P. De Mayo              Bridgeport
    v :
Abov e: Theodore Cardinal McCarrick and Archbishop Timothy   Rev. Mr. Robert H. Forcier              Providence
Dolan with the newly ordained deacons.                       Rev. Mr. Robert W. Golas, Jr.           Washington, DC
                                                             Rev. Mr. Edward R. Horkan               Arlington
B elow: Rev. Mr. Phillip Kaim ’03 presents a class gift to   Rev. Mr. J. D. Jaffe                    Arlington
Archbishop Dolan.                                            Rev. Mr. Phillip A. Kaim                Rockford
                                                             Rev. Mr. Matthew G. La Chance           Tulsa
                                                             Rev. Mr. Kevin P. Magner                St. Paul and Minneapolis
                                                             Rev. Mr. Kevin J. Martin                Portland
                                                             Mr. Matthew D. Matthias                 Kansas City in Kansas
                                                             Rev. Mr. Evelio Menjivar-Ayala          Washington, DC
                                                             Rev. Mr. Jonathan P. Meyer              Indianapolis
                                                             Rev. Mr. Jeffrey T. Molnar              Pittsburgh
                                                             Rev. Mr. Patrick A. Moses               Orange in California
                                                             Rev. Mr. Jacobo V. Muñoz                Rapid City
                                                             Rev. Mr. T. Austin Murphy               Baltimore
                                                             Rev. Mr. Michael-Tung Quang Q. Nguyen   Orange in California
                                                             Rev. Mr. Walter (Tad) R. Oxley          Toledo
                                                             Rev. Mr. Timothy D. Reilly              Providence
                                                             Rev. Mr. Todd M. Reitmeyer              Sioux Falls
                                                             Rev. Mr. John A. Riley                  Kansas City in Kansas
                                                             Rev. Mr. Christopher J. Singer          Erie
                                                             Rev. Mr. Bryan D. Stitt                 Ogdensburg
       Photographs courtesy of L’Osservatore Romano.         Rev. Mr. Thomas R. Szydlik              Peoria
                                                             Rev. Mr. Tung Thanh Tran                Corpus Christi
                                                             Rev. Mr. Daniel T. Walz                 St. Cloud
                                                             Rev. Mr. Kenneth P. Wasilewski          Rockford

                                                                                          WINTER        2002        21
 Non Fecit Taliter Omni Nationi
     He Has Not Done So With Any Other Nation
                   (Ps 147:20)

On                  July 31, 2002,
                    after almost 500
                    years and amidst
great controversy, Pope John Paul II
                                         know of him in rela-
                                         tion to his role as the
                                         messenger of Our
                                         Lady of Guadalupe.
raised Juan Diego Cuauhtlactoatzin            St. Juan Diego can
to the honors of the altar at the        be seen as one of the
Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in                                    v :
                                         great evangelizers of Abov e: Symbolic painting by Jorge Sanchez Hernandez.
Mexico City. Controversy surround-       the New World. In                       that he proclaimed were the perfect
ing the canonization ranged from a       honoring the requests of the Mother,    antidotes to these societal poisons in
debate whether to depict the new         he obeyed the Son. Indeed, Juan         the sixteenth century, so too can they
saint as a European or as a Native for   Diego was able to do something that     help us through our twenty-first cen-
the ceremony and festivities, to a       formerly had been impossible – until    tury struggles. A mere nine years
debate over the very existence of        Our Lady appeared to him. He was        after the proclamation of Our Lady's
Juan Diego himself. The public dis-      able to nurture a marriage between      message in 1531, over nine million
                                         the indigenous cultures of the New      people were added to the faith – more
                                         World and Spanish Catholicism.          than were lost in the Protestant
                                         This blend of culture and religion      Revolution. How many today are in
                                         survives within the New World to        need of conversion on both sides of
                                         this day, though it is in danger of     the ocean?
                                         being left behind as many people             St. Juan Diego is a great model
                                         who have been Catholic for half a       for the laity who are called to evan-
                                         millennium drift away from the faith.   gelize and sanctify the world. As
                                              In fact, the “culture of death”    Pope John Paul II noted at the beati-
                                         with which we struggle today is not     fication of Juan Diego on May 6,
                                         unlike the cultural conditions that St. 1990, “[This beatification] is a strong
                                         Juan Diego experienced at the time      call to all the lay faithful of the nation
                                         of the apparition of Our Lady of        to assume all their responsibilities in
                                         Guadalupe. Even as the Aztecs sacri-    the transmission of the Gospel mes-
                                         ficed thousands of people in order to   sage and in the witness of a living
                                         appease the sun-god, today we strug-    and operative faith. I want to call all
putes, however, could not quench the     gle with the scourge of abortion. Just  of the Mexican laity to commit them-
great rejoicing in Mexico and the rest   as the Aztecs worshipped many gods      selves more actively to the re-evan-
of the New World on July 31, when        and not the “True God through           gelization of society.” Indeed, this
Juan Diego was proclaimed a saint.       Whom everything lives, the Lord of      call is made not only to the nation of
He is not a saint, however, merely       all things near and far, the Master of  Mexico, but to the faithful of the
because Our Lady appeared to him;        Heaven and Earth,” so too many          whole world.
he was raised to the honors of the       today worship other “deities” like
altar because he lived out the virtues   money, comfort, and fame. But just              by Jason H. Rodarte y Vigil
in a heroic way even though we only      as St. Juan Diego and the Woman                  Archdiocese of Santa Fé
                                                                                                 Class of 2004

22      Pontifical North American College         MA GA Z I N E
                                Life After the
                           North American College

W               hen you are a “New
                Man,”       everything
                makes an impression.
                Take, for instance, a
homily over twenty years ago by one
                                          ministry since returning from the
                                          Amalfi Coast to the Gulf Coast, I am
                                          filled with a crowd of memories.
                                          There are several high spots of life
                                          after the College that are worth men-
                                                                                     minds of some who might not under-
                                                                                     stand the priesthood covenant, or may
                                                                                     not want to. It has been embarrassing,
                                                                                     humiliating and infuriating, but never
                                                                                     debilitating. Nietzche coined the
of the fifth-year priests who began his   tioning. I could point to the first day    phrase, “That which does not kill us,
remarks with this jewel, “One of the      of being a Pastor and receiving phone      only makes us stronger.” Though an
greatest things about studying in                                                    unlikely sage, he was right. We will
Rome – is going home.” We all               ...the best thing about                  all get through this and be even more
laughed a bit, some wondering if this     Rome was coming home to                    prepared to help build up the
was another example of “NAC wit,”         live out what we promised                  Kingdom of God. Through it all, that
some slowly pondering layered             to do...                                   memorable homily over twenty years
meanings, while others, like me, writ-                                               ago continues to hold true – even bet-
ing everything down as if watching a      calls of support and fraternal love        ter than studying in Rome, has been
master chef preparing the feast of a      from classmates, the wonderful             serving as a priest back home!
lifetime.                                 opportunities for baptisms, mar-
                                          riages, and funerals of family and
  Whatever the case, he was right.        friends, the quiet yet powerful                    by Rev. Msgr. Michael Heras
                                          moments in Adoration, and scores of                 Diocese of Corpus Christi
     It has been twenty-two years         others. It was true: the best thing                        Class of 1984
since my classmates and I walked up       about Rome was coming home
those stairs, staggering from the         to live out what we promised to
trans-Atlantic flight and astounded       do and what was promised to
for the next few hours with the beau-     us. They say that the difference
ty and mystery of our new home. I         between a contract and a
still remember how I could not wait       covenant is that a contract is
to start that journey, how I could not    based on mistrust and a
wait to write home – and I how I          covenant on total trust. The
could not wait to take a shower!          North American College was
                                          the “crucible within a crucible”
     O, how I loved those days!           of witness and fidelity in order
                                          to enter into an eternal
     I cannot say for certain that the    Covenant with the Lord God.
College prepared me for each and          There, on the Janiculum, nes-
every eventuality that would await        tled in the Great City of Rome,
my years of service as a priest of        many lives were forged and
Jesus, but I can say that whatever they   fashioned so that we would be
did there on the Hill – through facul-    able to realize daily that the best
ty, friends, the Greg, the experience –   was yet to come!                       v
                                                                              Abov e, left to right: Msgr. Michael Heras ’84
it worked for me!                              We have all taken a hard hit (Corpus Christi), Rev. Eddie E. L. Tolentino ’84
                                                                              (Washington, DC), and Rev. Joseph G. Hanefeldt
     Reflecting on the highlights of      lately in the press and in the ’84 (Omaha).

                                                                                        WINTER         2002           23
               Frank Parater
                       Servant of God,
     Rev. J. Scott Duarte ’78, JCD                     Part two of three

           rank      Parater,     North        Frank Parater was born on
           American College seminar-      October 10, 1897, in Richmond,
           ian, Class of 1925, was        Virginia, ten days after the death of
recently declared a Servant of God.       Saint Thérèse, the Little Flower, who
The process for his beatification has     would prove important in Frank's
begun. Though he did not live long        spiritual life. His father, Francis        instrumental in preserving his letters,
enough to be ordained a priest, his       Joseph Parater, Sr., was a Catholic of     journals and other documents and
faith-filled life – and death – prompt-   Portuguese ancestry, and his mother,       personal effects.
ed those who knew him to declare          Mary Raymond, was a former                      Frank was named for his patron
him a true saint. The second article of   Anglican communicant at St. John's         saint, Francis DeSales, founder of the
this series recounts some of the expe-    Episcopal Church and a convert to          Sisters of the Visitation whose
riences that influenced Frank Parater     Catholicism. That marriage was his         monastery was just three blocks from
prior to his entering Belmont Abbey       father's second. His first wife was
Seminary College and that prepared        Elizabeth Miller who bore him five
him for making a gift of himself to       children, three of whom survived
God through an act of oblation for        infancy and grew to adulthood. The
the conversion of non-Catholics.          eldest son of this first marriage, also
                                          named Francis, died in 1887 at the
                                          age of twenty-seven, just a few
                                          months before the birth of our
                                          Servant of God, who was again
                                          named Francis Joseph Parater, Jr.
                                               When Elizabeth was ill and
                                          learned she was going to die, it is said
                                          that she expressed the hope that her
                                          husband would remarry, and even
                                          suggested Mary Raymond as the per-
                                          son best suited to raise her children.
                                          Eleven children were born to this
                                          second marriage, but only three sur-
                                          vived infancy, Marie, Grace, and
                                          Frank, who was the youngest. His
                                          sisters were of great importance to
                                          him, especially Marie who was his          Top: Parater as a Boy Scout.
Above: Frank Parater’s parents, Francis   confidant and who later became
Joseph, Sr., and Mary Raymond.                                                       Above: Parater as an altar boy.

24        Pontifical North American College         MA GA Z I N E
the modest Parater home. Their           liberty or give me death!’ After          in his journals and speeches.
house faced Jefferson Park, where        Frank's early death, its Rector ener-          In the Scouts and in high school,
Francis Parater, Sr. was the             getically praised his virtues.            he acted in various plays and was
groundskeeper, a work that he volun-         A warm and loving family intro-       sought after as a speaker at public
tarily extended to the grounds of the    duced Frank to a loving God and           events. Frank was valedictorian of
nearby monastery. Frank’s father was     gave him confidence in himself to         his primary school, his high school,
highly regarded in the city and once     overcome the physical limitations of      and ultimately at Belmont Abbey
was appointed a term on the City         his small stature and to pursue goals     College Seminary. In a vigorous
Council. This proximity to the           that others would have considered         debate during high school, Frank
Visitation Monastery, Monte Maria,       beyond their reach. The world was a       argued convincingly for the rights,
also permitted the Parater family to     fascinating place for Frank Parater.      dignity and innate value of the black
hear the bells that regulated the life   He became a collector of sheet            man against opponents who argued
of the Sisters, announced the                                                           for the continued segregation or
Angelus, and called the faithful                                                        even the re-enslavement of
to the 6:40 a.m. Mass. From his                                                         blacks. He carried on copious
first Holy Communion as a                                                               correspondence with friends, and
boy, Frank faithfully served                                                            after leaving home for college,
that Mass until the time that he                                                        he wrote his family faithfully.
left home for college, though                                                           His correspondence reveals his
he also served Mass at his                                                              personality and his spirituality,
parish church of St. Patrick’s.                                                         just as it provides insight into his
Above the Monastery chapel’s                                                            family’s life and his own experi-
altar was the image of the                                                              ences. From his personal jour-
Sacred Heart of Jesus that                                                              nals we can also see his personal
became a symbol for him of the                                                          sacrifices to help others, in spite
tremendous love that Jesus has                                                          of a meager income.
for all people. Frank grew in                                                                These same journals convey
his devotion and wrote,                                                                 Frank Parater’s missionary zeal
“Remember the Sacred Heart                                                              to serve the Church in Virginia
never fails those that love                                                             and his support for the new orga-
Him.”                                                                                   nization known as the Boy
     His neighborhood, still                                                            Scouts of America. His answer
known as “Church Hill,” was dense-       music, of post cards, of stamps, and      to the question, “Why am I a Scout”
ly populated, family-centered, and       of autographs, writing many notable       is to be found in this passage from his
marked by a spirit of ecumenical         figures of the time, including several    writings:
cooperation. Many of the students at     European monarchs, for their auto-         We, Catholics, are selfish. With our
the Sisters’ school were Protestants,    graphs and collecting the stamps           Divine Religion and all its wonder-
and as a youth, Frank joined the         from their replies! He began a prac-       ful aids for leading a pure and holy
newly established Scouting move-         tice of keeping a record of his activi-    life, not to mention our character
                                                                                    developing parochial schools and
ment that met at a local Methodist       ties and his thoughts, compiling, for
                                                                                    Christian motherhood exemplified
Episcopal church. He was well            instance, a list of the books that he      in our Catholic mothers…but what
known to the Rector of his mother’s      read. In one year, it amounted to over     of the non-Catholic lad or the son
former parish, St. John’s Episcopal      three hundred titles, many drawn           of indifferent parents? Should we
Church, itself famous as the site of     from the classics and poetry. He           not help them? Think of what it
                                                                                    would mean if the 8,000,000 boys
Patrick Henry's speech, “Give me         would often quote from such works

                                                                                       WINTER         2002            25
 in America were taught “To do              Frank enrolled in the Scouting
 their duty to God, their country,
                                        movement on January 19, 1914.
 and to obey the scout law: to help
 other people at all times, to keep     Advancing quickly through the
 themselves physically strong, men-     ranks, by 1916 he was an assistant
 tally awake, and morally straight.”    scout master, the scribe of Troop 32,
 No! It would not make angels of        and the official photographer of the
 them – we don’t want them angels.
                                        Richmond Council. He served as
 It would not abolish the flagrant
 abuses that we witness on all sides.   camp director in Richmond and dur-
 But it would lessen these evils; it    ing the summer of 1916 was the first
 would make our Catholic boys bet-      camp director of the newly-founded
 ter Catholics; it would teach the      Camp Ackerman in Plainfield, New
 non-Catholic true Catholic princi-
                                        Jersey. In the camps he ran, he intro-
 ples of morality; it would produce
 better men, true patriots and real     duced a half hour of prayer in the
 citizens; it would lead our boys to    evening schedule, consisting of a         public speaking and stick to his high
 something higher than mere accu-       chapter of Sacred Scripture, a talk by    ideals, despite the efforts of some in
 mulation of riches or the desire for   the director and the recitation of the    Scouting and among his friends to
 fame.                                                                            dissuade him from his calling.
                                        “Our Father” followed by silent
                                                      prayer. His efficiency            Frank possessed marvelous tal-
                                                      and       organizational    ents and gifts. These were crowned
      Prayer for the Beatification of
                                                      skills are noted in news-   with a purity of heart and a mission-
               Frank Parater                          paper accounts.             ary zeal that would ultimately find
Loving Father,                                           As he graduated          expression in his act of oblation that
                                                      from primary school,        may be found in the Pontifical North
    Your servant, Frank Parater, sought per-
                                                      Frank began thinking        American College’s Manual of
fection as a student, scout, and seminarian.                                      Prayers. In this stirring document of
                                                      about the priesthood.
He offered himself to You completely through He was worried that he               self-offering, Frank declares that:
the Sacred Heart of Your beloved Son, Jesus.          could not pronounce
                                                                                   I have nothing to leave or to give but
    Through the intercession of Frank Parater, Latin well enough to be             my life and this I have consecrated to
                                                      a priest. When he was        the Sacred Heart to be used as He
may young people answer Your call to follow                                        wills. I have offered my all for the
                                                      only fourteen years old,
Jesus as priests and religious. Grant the he began to correspond                   conversion of non-Catholics… This
                                                                                   is what I live for and in case of death
favors I seek, so that Your Church may recog- with Walter Nott, then a             what I die for.
nize his holiness and proclaim him Blessed. Richmond                  diocesan
                                                      seminarian       at   St.   The spiritual conversion of others is
Grant this through Christ our Lord.
                                                      Charles College in          what he died for – and what he lived
                      Amen                            Catonsville, MD and         for. That, among his many other
                    Imprimatur                        eventually an alumnus       virtues, is a desire worthy of imita-
           Most Rev. Walter F. Sullivan               of the North American       tion by Frank Parater’s successors at
               Bishop of Richmond                     College, about his          the North American College today.
                 February 7, 2002                     desire to be a priest.
                                                      Nott allayed his fears,               In the next issue:
               Kindly report favors to                                                Part Three of Frank Parater,
                                                      encouraged him to pur-
           Rev. J. Scott Duarte’78, JCD
                                                      sue his priestly voca-                 Servant of God.
                                                      tion, study Latin, devel-
               811 Cathedral Place
               Richmond, VA 23220                     op skills necessary for

26       Pontifical North American College         MA GA Z I N E
                                V   O C AT I O N         ST    O R I E S

      “...come after me and I will make you fishers of men.” (Mt 5:19)

                                     Take the Risk

            he Greek orthodox envi-              It is impossible to miss the two      any more. One day after classes I
            ronment in which I grew          immense steeples of Saint Anne’s          went to Saint Anthony’s shrine in the
            up was heavily influ-            Basilica that overpower the skyline of    heart of Boston, a spot I had frequent-
enced by religion. I can still remem-        Quebec. After arriving and admiring       ly visited because it was close to the
ber vividly our priest chanting in           this aesthetic wonder from the out-       university. As I was sitting there after
Greek during Mass and incensing the          side, I felt compelled to go inside and   Mass the idea ran through my head to
altar behind an icon screen. During          marvel at its beauty. As I entered the    “take the risk.” I realized that the rea-
my childhood I was fascinated by the         church, however, I was overwhelmed        son I was holding back was because I
mysterious nature of the Divine              not by the beauty of marble or wood,      was afraid to take the risk to follow
Liturgy and the priesthood. As I grew        but by the loving gaze of Christ. The     God’s call and enter the seminary. I
                                             warmth I felt can only be described as    had not put my trust in the Lord, and
                                             a sense of “coming home” after a          He let me know it with a loud knock!
                                             long time away. From that moment I        Saint Louis Marie de Montfort says
                                             could never deny this divine pres-        very beautifully, “If we do not risk
                                             ence, which I had tried to do for so      anything for God we will never do
                                             long. On the Easter Vigil in 1996, I      anything great for Him.” Placing my
                                             was received into full communion          trust in God, then, I took the plunge
                                             with the Catholic Church.                 and applied to Saint John's Seminary
                                                 My fascination with the priest-       for the Archdiocese of Boston. With
                                             hood grew as I attended daily Mass.       the many prayers and support of
                                             Despite my admiration for the priest-     friends and family, I found the
                                             hood, though, it never crossed my         courage to answer God’s call – and
                                             mind that God might be calling me to      have never looked back.
                                             a vocation. Then one day my pastor                    by Jason Makos
Abov e, left to right: Joe Kenn, Fr. Barry
Bossa, SAC, and Jason Makos ‘05.             asked me, “Have you ever thought                   Archdiocese of Boston
                                             about being a priest?” This small but                  Class of 2005
older and more rebellious, however, I        profound question planted a seed
stopped going to church and fell away        within my heart. After taking it to
from religion completely.                    prayer, I found myself torn between
     In the summer of 1995, a good           marriage and the priesthood.
friend invited me on a pilgrimage to             My indecision grew, so I decided
Canada to visit the shrines of Saint         to enroll at the University of
Anne de Beaupre and Saint Joseph’s           Massachusetts, Boston, to study pre-
Oratory. I agreed to go with him – on        med in the hopes of entering medical
the grounds that I would not attend          school. I believed that if I kept busy
any services or Masses. “I just want         with studies, the question of priestly
to see the countryside of Canada,” I         vocation would eventually fade away.
told him. Looking back, I can see that       In spite of my stubbornness, however,
my heart was hard and the Lord was           the Lord knocked even harder at my
setting me up for a hard fall.               door, and I knew I could not ignore it                Jason Makos ‘05

                                                                                           WINTER         2002            27
                          BENVENUTI A ROMA!
      Fr. Vincent                              Fr. Tobin comes to the North
                                          American College as this year’s new
         Tobin                            Carl J. Peter Chair of homiletics.
                                          While continuing to teach Greek, Fr.
     A monk of St. Meinrad                Tobin joins the North American
Archabbey in St. Meinrad, Indiana,        College faculty as a formation direc-
Fr. Vincent Tobin is no stranger to the   tor. He enjoys life in Rome, which he
Eternal City. Prior to arriving at the    says “is a good place to learn to be
North American College, he spent six-     catholic with a small ‘c’ and to learn to
teen years serving as the Segretaria      be Catholic with a large ‘C’.”
Generale of San Anselmo University        Welcome to the College, Father!
in Rome. Along with this position he
also spent fifteen years teaching
Greek at the Gregorian University.
     Originally from Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania, Fr. Tobin received his
degrees from St. Meinrad, which
includes a Master’s Degree in Classics
and Latin. He also received an S.T.L.
in Spirituality from the Gregorian

Sr. Norma Fultz                           of library service and assistant educa-
                                          tion and psychology librarian. From
                                                                                      to the community of the North
                                                                                      American College in the position of
                                          there, she went to Ball State               Archivist.
     Sr. Norma Fultz is a Benedictine
                                          University to serve as associate pro-
sister from Ferdinand, Indiana. She
                                          fessor of library service and media
entered her community in 1960 and
                                          resources librarian. One of her
pursued her studies at Indiana
                                          favorite tasks was dealing with
University, receiving a B.S. in
                                          the realia, the “real things” used
Education, an M.A. in Library
                                          at the University such as science
Science, and an M.S. in Instructional
                                          specimens, teaching devices,
Systems Technology. Studying at St.
                                          projects, and photographs, to
Michael's College at Winooski Park
                                          name just a few.
in Colchester, Vermont, she also
                                               This is not Sr. Norma’s first
received an M.A. in Theology.
                                          visit to the North American
     Sr. Norma has had a great deal of
                                          College. In 2001, she spent her
experience as a librarian before com-
                                          sabbatical for two months at the
ing to the College. At Southern
                                          convent attached to the College.
Illinois University in Carbondale,
                                          We warmly welcome Sr. Norma
Illinois, she was assistant professor

28       Pontifical North American College          MA GA Z I N E
                           WELCOME TO ROME!
 Fr. Dennis Gill                                Fr. Gill comes to the North
                                           American College as the new direc-
                                           tor of liturgy. He views his position
     Fr. Dennis Gill was ordained to
                                           as a wonderful opportunity to pro-
the priesthood on May 21, 1983. He
                                           mote an authentic understanding of
is a priest of the Archdiocese of
                                           the liturgy and to prepare future
Philadelphia. After finishing his
                                           priests for its celebration. Welcome
priestly studies at St. Charles
                                           to the College, Fr. Gill!
Borromeo Seminary, Fr. Gill served
as Parochial Vicar in the Archdiocese
for fourteen years, first at Nativity of
Our Lord Parish in Warminster,
Pennsylvania, for four years, and
then at Our Lady of Good Counsel in
South Hampton for ten years.
     Fr. Gill then went on to receive a
License and Doctorate in Liturgy at
San Anselmo University in Rome.
Before arriving at the North
American College, he served on the
faculty at St. Charles Borromeo for
one year.

   Fr. Frederick                               Fr. Frederick Miller is a priest of
                                           the Archdiocese of Newark, New
                                                                                     faculty of St. Charles Borromeo
                                                                                     Seminary. He served at this seminary

       Miller                              Jersey. Born in Jersey City, Fr. Miller
                                           attended college seminary at Seton
                                                                                     in a number of ways: Professor of
                                                                                     Systematic Theology, Academic
                                                   Hall University and complet-      Dean, and Spiritual Director. He was
                                                   ed his studies for the priest-    also involved with the St. Charles
                                                   hood       at    Immaculate       Spiritual Year Program.
                                                   Conception Seminary. Fr.               Fr. Miller is glad to be at the
                                                   Miller received a Master’s        North American College because of
                                                   Degree        in    Dogmatic      its good reputation and its close loca-
                                                   Theology from St. John’s          tion to the heart of the Church, and
                                                   University along with an          we are delighted to have him as one
                                                   S.T.L. and an S.T.D. in           of our spiritual directors.
                                                   Spiritual Theology from the
                                                   Pontifical University of Saint
                                                   Thomas Aquinas in Rome.
                                                    For fifteen years, Fr. Miller
                                                                                                 by Justin Fish
                                                   was involved in parish min-                  Diocese of Duluth
                                                   istry. After this period, he                   Class of 2005
                                                   was assigned in 1993 to the

                                                                                         WINTER        2002            29
 in Siena

30   Pontifical North American College   MA GA Z I N E
T          he rugged, picturesque
           mountain town of Siena,
           Italy, became my summer-
time home for six weeks. This
                                           California, along with
                                           myriad other students
                                           from around the world,
                                           some as far away as
medieval town is famous for its his-       Iceland and Japan. My
tory, its saints, and, of course, its      last two weeks were
horse race, and made an enjoyable          spent in one-on-one con-
respite from the bustle of Rome.           versation with a tutor,
Upon my arrival, following a six           which was a very chal-
hour train ride (which was supposed        lenging arrangement for
to be only two), the first question that   me. I feel that I made
                                                                         L eft to right: Douglas Becker ‘05, Anthony Lonzo ‘05,
entered my mind was: What am I             dramatic progress this and Jeremy Leatherby ‘05
really here for? A five-word answer        summer which should
                                                                                              I am deeply thankful for my time
sufficed: to study and learn Italian.      help me with my note-taking duties
                                                                                         spent in Siena and I would do it over
With the generous financial assis-         in the Italian lectures at the Pontifical
                                                                                         again. They say it is tough to spend
tance of my archbishop, I set out to       Gregorian University.
                                                                                         one's first summer in Europe rather
conquer the Italian language like the           Outside of the classroom, there
                                                                                         than back home in the States, and, at
                                           was plenty of time to explore the
                                                                                         times, that statement held true.
                                           town of Siena itself. Situated on the
                                                                                         However, I believe this experience
                                           top of a huge hill, this charming
                                                                                         will pay off for me academically and
                                           walled town attracts thousands of
                                                                                         spiritually both now and in the years
                                           tourists each year. The opportunity to
                                                                                         to come.
                                           explore the city's churches, architec-
                                           ture, and historical setting was too           St. Catherine of Siena, pray for us!
                                           good to pass up. It was a special treat                  by Douglas Becker
                                           to be able to explore the area where a                 Archdiocese of St. Louis
                                                                                                      Class of 2005
                                           patroness of Europe, St. Catherine,
                                           lived, worked, and prayed. I also
                                           happened to be in town during the
                                           famous Palio horse race, which takes
                                           place twice a year, July 2 and August
                                           16. In order for the race to take place,
“I set out to conquer the                  the main piazza – Piazza del Campo
Italian language like the                  – is filled with dirt and transformed
Romans conquering the Italian              into a horse track that plays host to a
peninsula 2300 years ago”.                 grueling, no-holds-barred race
                                           between the city's sixteen historic
Romans conquering the Italian              “contrade,” or rival neighborhoods.
peninsula 2300 years ago. The first        The whole city is passionately
four weeks were in a classroom set-        engaged in this event. Each neigh-
ting, as I attempted to master the         borhood hosts a dinner for the other
intricacies of the language. Joining       contrades before the race, and a
me were two fellow North American          tremendous party is thrown for the
College students, Tony Lonzo from          winning contrade that lasts for days              v :
                                                                                        Abov e: Image of St. Catherine of Siena
Columbus, Ohio, and Jeremy                 and where the pasta and the wine             receiving the stigmata, located in the
                                                                                        Church of the St. Catherine Institute.
Leatherby      from     Sacramento,        flow freely.
                                                                                      F acing P age: The Cathedral of Siena

                                                                                           WINTER        2002            31
                     T   H E     E   C O N O M O       ’S   C   O R N E R
  “Cleverly done! You too are an industrious and reliable servant” (Mt 25:23)

          Built on the Rock of St. Peter
                                 MCMLIII - MMIII

As               a result of the recent power washing of
                 the seminary building, the cornerstone
                 has become more visible than ever.
                 Hewn from granite rather than travertine
                                                            from 1940 to 1956, was the rediscovery and verification
                                                            of the tomb of St. Peter. In its day it was viewed as the
                                                            most significant Christian archaeological discovery of the
                                                            century. Proving that the Basilica was truly built on the
marble, the light cornerstone con-                                                 tomb of St. Peter himself would
trasts sharply with the darker                                                     reinforce the tradition of the apos-
tones of the travertine, which was                                                 tolic succession of the papacy from
quarried in the 1950s from the                                                     St. Peter to Pope Pius XII.
famous Tivoli quarries, ten miles                                                     The excavations below St.
east of Rome. These quarries                                                       Peter’s Basilica involved careful
have provided the primary build-                                                   removal of fill material dating back
ing material for most of Rome,                                                     to the construction of the original
including St. Peter's Basilica. So                                                 fourth-century church by the
why is this single stone different -                                               Emperor Constantine. Once the
and what is the significance of the                                                excavations were completed,
Latin inscription?                                                                 archaeologists had uncovered a
    The Seminary building of the                                                   necropolis or “City of the Dead”
Pontifical     North American                                                      beneath the present Basilica. The
College on the Janiculum Hill is a                                                 ancient cemetery was originally
massive building. At the time of                                                   located next to the Circus of Nero,
its construction, it was the sec-                                                  where St. Peter and many others
ond-largest building constructed                                                   were martyred. Indeed, the tomb of
in Rome since World War II. The                                                    the first Vicar of Christ was discov-
only other larger project was the                                                  ered to be located directly beneath
new train station; the old train sta-                                              the present high altar.
tion was destroyed by Allied                                                           Our cornerstone is among the
bombing. The new American seminary was an important         foundation stones that Scavi excavators removed during
project not only for the American Catholic Church. It was   that important project. The Latin inscription indicates that
also an affirmation by the Vatican of the Holy Father’s     this stone is a symbol of blessings and good wishes
closeness to the Church in America. The building of this    brought up from the excavations beneath the Vatican
new seminary building was to be the “Capolavoro” or         Basilica. We can truly say, then, that our College is built
crowning masterpiece of Pope Pius XII’s favorite Vatican    on the rock of St. Peter’s!
Architect, Count Enrico Galleazzi.
    As construction of the new Pontifical North                          by Rev. Msgr. Mark Svarczkopf ’74
American College began, another archaeological project                      Archdiocese of Indianapolis
                                                                           Vice Rector for Administration
was coming to completion. That project, which lasted

32       Pontifical North American College         MA GA Z I N E
                       you know
                       to consider
                       the Priesthood.. .

...Please Pray for Vocations!
            Archbishop Timothy Dolan, Rev. Msgr. Kevin McCoy, and the Class of 2003 with the Holy Father.

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