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            Interviews from the Million-Dollar Rolodex

     Rick joined the company in 1976 after working as a producer at
WOR-AM in New York City. He has a B.F.A. in acting and direct-
ing and a B.S. from Ithaca College School of Communications. Rick
is a sought after lecturer on publishing and public relations and is a
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                  Featuring Mark Victor Hansen

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   Use this interview as a tool for each special guest provides a
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            Interviews from the Million-Dollar Rolodex

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         Mark Victor Hansen
        Interviewed by Rick Frishman
          of Planned Television Arts

Rick:       Hello everyone and welcome to the call. What
            we’re going to be talking about today specifically is
            the Mega Speaking event. I’m going to be there
            and we’re going to have about 500 people there
            and Mark is going to tell you all about that. The
            website that you can go to just to check it out is

            You can also get to it if you go to www.rickfrish-
   Two things will be accomplished for
            people on this call. Number one, it will get you my
            Million Dollar Rolodex, which is 50 pages long
            with thousands of contacts, editors, people all over
            the country, and it’s worth it just for that. Number

Interviews from the Million-Dollar Rolodex

  two; right on the front page is a link to the Mega
  Speaking event.

  Mark will be on the call in a moment I promise
  you. I have been to just about every Mega event
  that has been put on. By the way just so you know,
  I have been working with Mark and Jack Canfield
  since 1993. We actually met at a book convention
  and for those of you who are authors or who want
  to be authors going to the BEA, which now stands
  for Book Expo America, is one of the best things
  that you can do.

  Actually, Mark and I put on an event before BEA
  every year. We met in 1993 and we started work-
  ing on Chicken Soup for the Soul, the first book
  which took us a whole year to get going or get any
  traction at all and we’ve been together ever since.

  The most incredible speakers are at these events.
  They really care about you and teach you and they
  can change your life. Secondly, the people who
  come to Mega events are amazing and the net-
  working alone, meeting each other at lunch, hav-
  ing breakfast, the VIP lunches and spending time
  together can truly change your life.

  I have made contact and friends that are some of
  my best friends as well as some of my best business

            Featuring Mark Victor Hansen

        contacts as well. Please check out the site, go to and get your Million
        Dollar Rolodex or click on the Mega site at

        I just spoke to Mark and I know he’s going to be
        here. I’m going to call his cell phone in a moment
        just to make sure he jumps on the line. People
        have downloaded a bunch of questions about
        strategies for utilizing speaking and selling more
        books, which we’re going to quiz Mark about.

Mark:   Rick, I’m here, but I’m on a cell phone for about
        four or five minutes until I get home.

Rick:   That’s great, welcome. As soon as Mark gets home
        he will transfer to a landline. I don’t know how
        much you heard of me just vamping, but I just
        told people how long I’ve known you and a little
        bit about Mega and how fantastic it is. People are
        on this line not to hear me but to hear you.

        Everybody knows who you are but why don’t you
        just tell the story about the very beginning of
        Chicken Soup and how it got started and how
        becoming a speaker has changed your life.

Mark:   First of all ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard
        and you are listening to me being interviewed by

Interviews from the Million-Dollar Rolodex

  a living legend. Rick Frishman is one of the greats
  of all times in publicity he’s a superstar and I’m
  glad to say he’s one of my super friends.

  When I went bankrupt 31 years ago I had been
  with Buckminster Fuller, one of the smartest
  minds in the world and I desperately wanted to
  do what he was doing and that’s why I went
  bankrupt. I was trying to be Fuller rather than
  me and I said wait, what do I want to do here? I
  wanted to be a professional speaker who talked
  to people, that care about things that matter and
  make a life changing difference.

  I went to a seminar and heard the dean of speak-
  ers, the guy who really started the professional
  industry of speaking, Cavett Robert. He just
  wowed my soul and I said, holy cow, I could do
  this business. He told me I could do multi-
  authored books and I did a book right away and
  made $200,000 my first year and sold 20,000
  copies of a book called Stand Up Speak Up for
  only $20 and that was in 1974 so you can see
  I’ve been doing this for a little bit.

  I watched every speaker speak, I learned how to
  be what’s called a platform professional, which I’d
  like to teach you. The reason is the greatest living
  art form is to change an audience’s mind from the

            Featuring Mark Victor Hansen

        platform. I am back just two days now from China,
        I told all the people from Taiwan that they’re going
        to have to be the think, mind and brain for all of
        mainland China.

        China has eight hundred billion of our dollars
        going in every year thanks to Wal-Mart but
        somebody’s got to do the thinking. What I’d like
        to do is bring the greatest minds over. I think
        what happens is when you become a profes-
        sional speaker and it’s your right art form, your
        right livelihood, your true vocation and you are
        passionate about it like it was for me that the
        world gets changed.

        The world right now needs visionary leadership,
        communicators that are crystal clear, have clar-
        ity of purpose and want to make a difference
        that will leave a legacy of a difference and that’s
        what I’m about. If that’s what you want to be
        about then I want to teach you along with the
        superstars that I’m bringing to show. Is that what
        you wanted me to say Rick?

Rick:   That’s a good beginning. You’re driving around
        some mountains with people in the car so I want to
        make sure that you’re actually watching the road.

        Interviews from the Million-Dollar Rolodex

Mark:     I am doing a good job driving and we’re just
          arriving at my little estate so it’s fine.

Rick:     Before I ask you a question why don’t we talk about
          a few people that are going to be at Mega and how
          we got them? Judge Hatchet is going to be there.
          You want to tell everybody about each one and how
          you chose them?

Mark:     Yes, Judge Glenda Hatchet and I met because
          she read our One Minute Millionaire and she
          has three million viewers on her TV show every
          day. She is a lovely lady of color. She has got
          more zip, more potential, and more desire to
          change the world than anybody I’ve met. She is
          an extraordinary speaker that has been trying to
          help juveniles for a long time in juvenile court.
          This is after she was the head of Delta Airlines
          10 years, then was picked to be the top most
          charismatic TV personality going and it’s the top
          Judge show on TV right now.

          I said, hey Glenda, the speaker world needs to
          see you, hear from you and know that anyone
          can come into this great business of ours and
          become a professional superstar. She is coming
          at my personal request because we just think
          the absolute world of each other.

            Featuring Mark Victor Hansen

Rick:   This is a three-day event, with speakers all day long
        and every one of these speakers are dedicated to
        teaching people. This is not where we’re just selling
        you stuff and by the way this call will not be just
        selling Mega as well.

        My friend Mark is going to do some teaching about
        speaking. We’re going to start quizzing him once he
        gets to his landline, which he’s doing right now. Jack
        Canfield is coming which is really cool. Everyone
        knows who Jack is, but he doesn’t come to every
        Mega event.

        Also a guy who I guess is probably one of the leg-
        ends in the speaking industry, Nido Qubein.

Mark:   I’m now on a land line. Ladies and gentlemen
        thank you for being patient with me. Nido Qubein
        and I are friends and peers and have known
        each other for 31 years. Nido who came from
        Lebanon with $50 in his pocket went to High
        Point University on somewhat of a scholarship
        and worked his way through. He came out and
        started speaking at little Methodist churches
        because he was Methodist. He started making
        money and joined the National Speaker’s
        Association the same year I did and has gone on
        to become probably the only billionaire speaker
        on the planet.

Interviews from the Million-Dollar Rolodex

  He owns the Great Harvest Bread Company
  and I think 67 other companies. He was unani-
  mously voted to become president of High Point
  University. They said, Nido, we need you and
  he’ll tell you the same thing that you’re hearing
  from me which is speaking is a thing that gave
  him the self-confidence, self-empowerment, the
  access to people who travel around the world
  and the desire to keep going higher and higher.
  See how much he can serve, he really wants to
  make a difference, not only in your life and his
  student’s life, but in the whole life of our planet
  seeing what is possible if we all got together
  and worked.

  Nido and I are of like mind. When you hear him
  he is one of the finest human beings and profes-
  sional speakers on the planet. You will hear me
  teach about philanthropy; I’ve created a new
  forum called residual philanthropy and Nido is
  totally for that.

  Rick and I were with him when he became pres-
  ident of High Point University. He immediately
  gave the school a million dollars and then got 10
  of his friends to do the same. He started a $10M
  endowment and has raised over a $100M in the
  last fiscal year. He’s a guy that if you want to

            Featuring Mark Victor Hansen

        have a good life you need to come out and lis-
        ten to our friend Nido.

Rick:   Super. We’re going to talk about each one of these
        people. Go to
        You’ll get to the website and see all the people who
        are speaking and we’ll get to them later. Barbara
        De Angelis who we just had at Mega Book is an
        old friend and client that actually blew people
        away, will be there.

Mark:   We’ve got two other things I want you to know
        about. One person that is not listed is David
        Brenner, the top comedian.

Rick:   We just put him in here. Bonus session, I can’t
        believe we got David Brenner coming.

Mark:   David Brenner tells me that I’m the best friend
        he’s never met. We were only telephone bud-
        dies because one of our mutual buddies intro-
        duced us and then we started laughing and
        goofing around. I said David you do the same
        kind of stuff that I do except you’re funny. Cavett
        Robert used to say you have to be funny only if
        you want to get paid.

        David is going to show everyone how to think
        funny. We’re going to do a tape that shows how

Interviews from the Million-Dollar Rolodex

  one tape can make a million dollars. We’re
  going to sell it to a major chain that already
  wants the tape. I’m interviewing David, but it’s
  interviewing him about humor and how your
  endorphins increase and then how you can take
  any subject and look at it as funny.

  When he says that the President of the United
  States found out that gas was $4.00 a gallon he
  says it’s much cheaper in some other countries.
  He says you look over there in Hawaii and it’s
  cheaper over there. He is cute beyond being
  funny and is the only guy ever to be 178 times
  Johnny Carson’s replacement on the Tonight
  Show. He will get you laughing with good clean
  humor laughing, giggling and twirling.

  Rick and I were at the last Mega we thought it
  through with a few of us and had a Mega book
  with tapes. We asked what would it be like if we
  could teach people how to quickly write their
  best seller in 90 days or less? Rick and I have
  been in this business so long and we have peo-
  ple come up and say I’ve been writing this best
  seller for 15 years and Rick and I would look at
  them and say why are you wasting your time?

  I wrote a book with Jack Canfield called The
  Power of Focus, concentrate the energy, get it

            Featuring Mark Victor Hansen

        done, do an excellent job and you’re only 10%
        done well it’s the same thing with speaking. How
        do you quickly write a speech for a client that
        really delivers a grand slam home run?

        So for the first time ever we’re going to teach
        how to create and write a best selling speech in
        20 minutes or less. We’ve got Dr. Jim Turrell,
        Doug Weed who is a former presidential
        speechwriter for two presidents. We’ve got Dan
        Clark coming who is a guy who wrote Puppies
        for Sale, which is one of the greatest stories in
        all the Chicken Soup books. We have Richard
        Green who wrote the Words that Shook the
        World to which I wrote an endorsement and
        Tony Robbins wrote the foreword. I’m not look-
        ing at the list right now so I know there’s some-
        one I’m forgetting.

Rick:   I don’t have the list for the day before, but it will
        come to you its all right.

Mark:   The point is ladies and gentleman, if this is
        where you’re meant to be and need to be - get
        there. When I had no money and I was bankrupt
        I had two guys put up credit cards to make sure
        I could get to a seminar because that’s how
        important it was to me. I ultimately paid it back
        and went on to make a fortune.

        Interviews from the Million-Dollar Rolodex

          Gosh, it sounds like I’m bragging but I’m told
          that I’ve helped millions of people. I’ve talked to
          about three million live in 5,000 seminars. It is
          my livelihood and I think there are many people
          out there that think it could be their livelihood.
          Rick and I have talked about this over meals
          and they’re afraid to say, I think, I want to be in
          a personal growth business.

          What I said when I was in China was education
          alone won’t do it, unless you’re into self-help
          action type products. Rick and I are great propo-
          nents of these and there are only about 400 of
          in the whole world. Most of them come from
          America; this is the place you’ve got to be.

Rick:     We’ll talk more about it and the special deals that
          people are going to get who are signing up tonight
          and on this call. First, we had people download some
          questions and we want them to listen closely and fill
          in the blanks. Now it’s time to quiz Mark.

Mark:     All right.

Rick:     Question strategy number one. This form of
          ”blank” ”blank” is different.

Mark:     This form of seminar and education is different
          from anything that’s ever been done before.

    Featuring Mark Victor Hansen

Education, of course, means to draw, but this is
immersive. The two ways to learn are space
repetition learning and immersive. Immersive is
where you go and it changes your direction so it
changes your destination in life.

One of the great speaker’s that’s going to be
here is Art Linkletter. He was 27 years on ABC,
NBC and CBS with Kids Say The Darndest
Things, People are Funny and House Party and
at 94 years old he and I have just written a book.
He owns the world’s biggest solar energy com-
pany with 20,000 employees and does five bil-
lion dollars per year gross. Art and I were say-
ing, look, this is the vocation; the highest paid
skill in the world, but it’s also the vocation that
we think that could end Alzheimer’s.

He said you get exposed to somebody 94 and
it’s going to give you quality of life and quantity
of life. What we’re saying is you have to be in an
immersive, to hear a great humorist, to hear a
great educator like Nido, to hear Rick Frishman,
to hear me. You want to know the possibilities
are infinite for you with a future that is bigger,
brighter, grander than may be you’ve ever imag-
ined before.

        Interviews from the Million-Dollar Rolodex

          I’m inviting you and we make the guarantee that
          at the end of three days if you don’t think you got
          more than your money’s worth you tell us and we
          write you a check back on the spot. It has been an
          extraordinary occasion to have all these people
          get it and forgive me Rick for waxing poetically
          one second more, but Rick was there last time
          and we had a guy come all the way from Uganda.

          We had people from 28 countries and a guy
          walked me out of the hotel. The guy that was
          wearing a pink shirt and pink tie every day,
          remember him Rick?

Rick:     Yes.

Mark:     He said I know this is about book writing and I
          know all your Mega Seminars will get you to
          think mega but I’m thinking mega. In my coun-
          try, we don’t have sweet water, which means
          clean water in Africa. He said I’m going to go
          back and I’m going to be the waterman. It only
          costs $200 for a well and he takes care of 2,000
          people a day. He said, I’m going to make sure
          that everybody will have water because of what
          you did in this seminar.

            Featuring Mark Victor Hansen

        What we do is electrify you from the top-down,
        inside out. We help you reinvent who you are,
        would you agree with that Rick?

Rick:   Also, it invigorates your soul. I come back and my
        wife says what happened to you? I live between
        Mega events because it’s inspiring, it keeps me
        going and the people that I meet and the energy
        and its two ways.

        Number one, what Mark teaches us as lecturers
        and teachers, he calls us faculty, is most important-
        ly is that we have to help and we have to give to
        the audience and help them. By doing that we get
        enriched and they give back to us, but everybody
        leaves these three days as a different person.

        For people that have never experienced this it
        sounds weird. It sounds like woo woo stuff. I’m
        telling you it will change your life and the people
        you meet there will change your life.

        Plus, you learn, this isn’t just spiritual and feeling
        good. What we’re teaching to you is how to make
        more money, how to be a speaker, how to write a
        book, how to go on TV, radio, newspaper, how to
        do publicity, so many things. Then we want you to
        give back and so much of this is giving back every
        step of the way.

        Interviews from the Million-Dollar Rolodex

          I’m ready to ask you another question here. I’m
          going to fill in the answer and then let you go.
          Question number two is - speaking is your great-
          est and the answer is leverage. What do you mean
          by that?

Mark:     Speaking is the greatest leverage because
          instead of talking one-on-one you can talk one
          on ten, one on a hundred, and one on a thou-
          sand. You also go from one mind to another
          mind and as Emerson said ‘it can be better in
          the second mind than in the first mind.’

          The best example is a guy that just hired me in
          China and paid me $100,000 for three days. He
          does not speak English but he heard me 10
          years ago and it took him nine years to get
          through high school. He heard me say to set
          101 goals so he set 101 goals. Last year Rocky
          Lang made $15M net; bought 10 multiunit differ-
          ent investments so he’s got his cash flow going.
          He owns six exotic cars and he wants to turn
          around China.

          The big thing is set 101 goals, he set the goals,
          made the money, has the lifestyle he wants.
          Now he is going to get fifty million people in
          China setting 101 goals because he wants all of
          China to come to work and quicken their spirit.

            Featuring Mark Victor Hansen

        He’s bringing me back to Shanghai to make
        sure that happens in January and then again in
        June of next year.

        What’s amazing to me is that I could not have
        leveraged that because there’s my leverage
        speaking, but then there’s his leverage. Solomon,
        the wisest and richest man of all times in the
        Bible said in Psalm 72 the greatest thing you can
        have is influence. The greatest influence leverage
        you can have is if you learn how to speak from
        the peak and talk from your heart.

        What we do at our seminars is three things. You
        heard Rick say it, we are a heart centered
        organization. Number two, you get to network
        with not only the speakers, but also all of your
        peers who you’re going to grow and grow with
        like I have with Nido. Number three, you want to
        make sure you are serving at a level that no one
        else has served before by giving you a bigger
        idea, a bigger thinking than maybe you have
        ever had before.

Rick:   We know that this is an investment. You have to
        get there and it is an investment of time and
        money and we want to make sure it pays off for
        you. Let me tell you about several of the speakers,
        a colleague named Jeffrey Combs, has his seminar,

        Interviews from the Million-Dollar Rolodex

          Speaking for Profit. He’s creating six figures a
          month as a speaker, we want you to learn how to
          make money, too.

          Tom Antion, who’s a good friend, is one of the great-
          est speakers I’ve ever met but more importantly he is
          an Internet expert. He teaches you how to make
          money through the Internet, passive income
          where you’re waking up every morning and ka-
          ching; it is in your computer. You want to talk
          about Tom for one minute and then I’m going to
          quiz you some more.

Mark:     I’ll gladly do that. Tom Antion as you said is a
          great Internet speaker, but some of you don’t
          know that he used to write comedy for Robin
          Williams. He used to write straight lines for him
          so he was a comedy writer before that. He also
          did well in real estate while he was in college.

          The thing about this guy is that he came into the
          Internet and decided to make money from day
          one. He did a telephone conference call on the
          Internet, made money, had tapes that he sold
          for $35. He sold a thousand sets the first week
          and he made $35,000. What he’s doing is say-
          ing every one of you can come into this and
          monetize it in a short time.

            Featuring Mark Victor Hansen

        Just like what I said about David Brenner and I
        doing it. In other words you don’t have to be the
        expert. You can be the reporter about experts
        and there are plenty of experts that don’t want
        to speak that would gladly do an interview or a
        telephone interview.

        When I was upside down trying to make
        Chicken Soup work. both Jack and I had spent
        $140,000 of our last money that we had to make
        the book go. I made a set of tapes where I inter-
        viewed in the Chiropractic field, the 12 top doc-
        tors that all made over a million a year, how they
        did it. I sold those tapes and made a fortune. I
        wasn’t the expert but then I was hired by every
        association, national, regional and consultancy
        groups because they said that you’re the only
        one that’s ever interviewed those people.

        That’s what we’re going to teach you; little tech-
        niques, technologies, tools, skills, abilities that
        are immediately transferable and that you can
        go make work for your benefit and your client’s
        benefit the next day.

Rick:   Sounds good. Mark just touched on this. It’s not
        just making money, getting paid for a speech. It’s
        having other products; having to sell in the back of

        Interviews from the Million-Dollar Rolodex

          the room, having audiotapes, videotapes, telesem-
          inars, seminars and eBooks.

          Of course, we want everyone on this line and
          everyone who comes to every Mega event to
          become an author. Mark, at an author event two
          years ago, I signed a four-book deal because I was
          at Mega, crazy things happen and that’s the Author
          101 series that went to number four on Barnes &
          Noble yesterday.

          By becoming an author and that was with Mark’s
          and Jack’s help and our network of people that we
          know and that we met, everyone can be an author.
          By becoming an author you are then the leading
          authority and people look at you in different ways,
          will pay you more for speeches, will have you come
          in, but the key is learning. This is the part where
          you’re going to learn how to make money on the
          Internet, having other products to sell, Internet
          things to sell, eBooks, and even how to put on
          your own seminars.

          Question number three. Speaking increases your
          ability to ask and receive. What do you mean by

Mark:     First, it allows you to ask yourself what you
          know about a subject. I’m going to teach you

    Featuring Mark Victor Hansen

that you want to write out everything you know
about the subject before you find somebody
else‘s information because it may pollute you or
limit you. I’m creating a set of tapes on How to
Have an Unlimitingly Good Memory and
Remember Absolutely Everything Every Time.

I’m teaching 10 things and when I wrote out
everything that I knew first it amazed me how
much stuff I really know. That’s one of the things
I’m going to teach you is how to go deep
because you already know enough to be a high
paid professional speaker. You don’t have to
wait until tomorrow; we want you to have some-
thing that is going to work in the marketplace.

Jack and I wrote another book called The Aladdin
Factor which is how to ask for and get everything
you want. One of the people we interviewed was
Dr. Barbara De Angelis. There’s no limit to what
you can ask for and if you get yourself to the right
vibratory rate there is no limit to what you can do
to satisfy an audience either.

Once you have a satisfied audience you go from
great platform to greater platform to great plat-
form from great success to more success. You
get to source and serve people in a wonderful
and original way and it’s so much fun to do that.

        Interviews from the Million-Dollar Rolodex

Rick:     We’re about halfway through the call at this point
          we want to do a little commercial. Go to megas-
 or you can go to rickfr-
 and it’s right on the front page there
          whichever is easier for you. There is still time
          where you can get a great deal and it doesn’t cost a
          fortune. This event is three days with a bonus day
          before it.

          The most important thing and not everyone does
          this. Never go to a seminar unless you get a guar-
          antee. Mark talked about it before where there is a
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