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                         By Carol Stanley
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Statements in For Kids 59.99 and Over regarding diet, ex-
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To my great sons Scott and Eric, their beautiful wives
Rym and Tracy, my perfect grandchildren Ryan, Sara,
             Annemarie and Charlotte.

First, I acknowledge all of us over sixty who have reached
this pinnacle in life. Some of us are still working, some
may have children or grandchildren at home, some of us
look back at a life of great achievement, and others have

details of our situations, we can still create excitement and
do whatever we want with all the years in front of us.
   I would like to acknowledge my friend, Kathy Bunte,
whom I have known just for a few years and has become

ground, but inspired by each other, we have written our
own books. I wish us luck and lots of success!
   I acknowledge my editor, Charity Heller Hogge, who
amazingly put music to my words, and without changing
my story, made everything work.
    I must thank my husband, Jim, who has done all my
graphics and setting up of formatting—areas in which I am
totally helpless. He has been patient yet again with another
of my many ongoing projects.
   I also give a special thanks to my mother. Even though

learned a great deal from her.



3.     Turn and Twist….Life Changes..............................13
5.     Prescription Medicine Today...................................27
6.     Those Designer Diseases and Labels......................31
12..   Stay Centered..........................................................53
15.    Attitudes, Attitudes.................................................66
17.    Life….Manual to Automatic...................................73

x                                           For Kids 59.99 & Over

19..   The Power of Vitamins and Supplements...............77
23.    Changing Life Patterns...........................................97
26.    No Complaining Allowed......................................107
27     Ventures and New Horizons..................................109
28.    Please Daydream and Pray....................................113
30..   The Law of Attraction...........................................119
31.    Dealing with Illness in Life...................................123
32     The Virtues of Appreciation..................................125


    Aging is a fact of life, but growing old doesn’t have to
be. I am proud to have reached this pinnacle in my exis-

     I have come to grips with the fact that I will probably
not be training for marathons or venture into sky diving.
My bones feel a little achy in the mornings, and it takes me
a little longer to get my energy going for the day. It is not
really necessary to plan for the far distant future, as it gets
closer every day.

look good along the way. I remember thinking that a large

and trim, and they had many complaints in the physical,
mental, and emotional department.
     I decided that scenario was not going to happen in my

xii                               For Kids 59.99 & Over

      In my little saga here, I will include some personal sto-

strong; I’ll also incorporate ideas about the many joys and
many challenges that modern technology has brought into
our lives.
    Since we were not born into this era of advancing tech-
nology, most of us over 59.99 have had to adapt if we want
to survive comfortably and converse intelligently with
the new generation. It seems like an easy task for little
pre-school children to program cell phones, and operate
computers, iPods, and DVDs. Many of us technologically-
challenged adults have to read and reread directions to get
things up and running—and even then, we often cannot ac-
complish setting up or programming our new equipment.
How many times a day do we say these things to ourselves:

on and on.
    I am not a professional on the subject of aging, health,
nutrition, or personal relationships, and I hold no degrees
in these subjects. I am not a popular celebrity . . . or even
an unpopular one.
    However, I am an expert on the subject of reaching
sixty, since I am already there. I have worked hard to stay
Introduction                                               xiii

have my own fears, concerns, challenges, and personal
baggage to deal with, but I have enjoyed writing this book
for these very reasons. It has allowed me to deal with my
own insecurities.
    Turning sixty is quite a milestone in life, a time of seri-
ous evaluation of years gone by. Each decade seems to go
faster and faster, and now my sixties are quickly ebbing
away. I spend each day with continued awareness, and I
work diligently to make the most of it.
ing ourselves but rather a time of creating new directions

with you my thoughts and feelings, offer some helpful ad-
vice, and give you a laugh or two. I hope you identify with
these situations and thoughts.
    Thank you for joining me on this journey!
     “Thank God for friends in small numbers true.
    They’re often there . . . when you’re feeling Blue.”

F   riendship is one of the most essential and wonderful
parts of our existence! Life would be very dreary without

woes, laugh at our silliness, and are there for us when we
need them.

2                              For Kids 59.99 & Over

    Think of friends whom you cared deeply about, friends
whose relationships you ended, friends with whom you
spent your childhood . . . and those friends you have known
for a long time and are still with you.
    There are the friends with whom we share a common
interest or activity. There are the friends we make because
cally chosen, and this friendship may terminate after one
friend moves to a new location or changes jobs.
    There are some friends that we can only deal with in
very small doses—any more than that, and they will drive
us nuts! (This is when caller ID on our phone comes in
handy.) There are the friends whom we connect with on
a very deep level, and we never want the friendship to
end. Sometimes friendships can be extremely fragile; one
thoughtless comment can end it forever.
    Throughout my life, I have gained and lost friends
for all of these reasons. Don’t you wish that you could go
back in time and take back some of your words, or perhaps

miss because we had a silly misunderstanding which was
never resolved.

loyal, supportive friends. It becomes increasingly chal-
We Love Our Friends                                        3

longer have children at home to introduce us to the parents
of their friends, and sometimes a simple lack of our in-
volvement in community activities prevents us from con-
necting with new people. Not working outside the home

aging people become increasingly withdrawn from new
situations, preferring instead to stay in their comfort zone.

do not actively search out new ones.
    In personal experiences that many others have shared
with me, there is a consensus: vital, attractive, stimulating
people are generally friendly and show an interest in what
we do and think. They are always happy to add one more
person to their list of friends.
   My husband and I have moved to quite a few new
ous and restless spirits and love living in different cities.
Sometimes I connect closely with two or three people, and

who share my ideas, beliefs, and goals. If a goal in your

you are.
   As we age, we are faced with a whole new bundle of is-
sues that people acquire as they travel through their golden

that others may not care as deeply about friendships and
4                               For Kids 59.99 & Over

life as we might. Not everyone we meet is eager to become
our friend. People seem to have more problems and chal-
lenges in the areas of health, money, and family as they
age. Sometimes these problems take over their lives, mak-

exciting friendships and experiences.
ing of loneliness. It is a basic desire to feel needed and
be productive. Most of us hunger to have a strong pur-

kids have left the nest and old activities no longer having

objectives in life. Happily, there are many places to con-
nect with others and feel needed, such as activity groups,
churches, interesting classes, charity work, and a variety
of volunteer services.
    The bottom line is that we must extend ourselves to
others, be open and available. Sitting back and waiting for
people to call us will not accomplish anything.
pecially when family relationships are stressed or strained...

friends more kindly and have more understanding about
their circumstances than we do our own families.

The people we come in contact with may not be able to
We Love Our Friends                                       5

connect closely with us in the way we want our friendship
to develop. Every once in a great while, we meet someone
with whom we share an immediate, amazing connection.

were once in our life; I have had the opportunity to look up
lots of old friends! I have become a great detective on the
computer and have discovered enormous amounts of pa-
tience in my searches for old friends. Sometimes we stay
in touch for only a short period of time and the friendship
ends once again. By and large it is fun and rewarding to
reconnect with old acquaintances, even for a short while.
As you can see I am a consummate analyzer of life, friend-
ships and others’ behavior. I wear myself out at times with
my overactive examination of people!
    Most of us like folks who view life in a way that is
similar to the way that we do. But friends who possess
completely different philosophies of life are so very in-
teresting! This creates great conversations and intriguing
interaction between friends. As we age, we tend to enjoy
more autonomous relationships, yet we so dearly want to
keep a few close connections. I am blessed to have three
very close girl friends. Even though they do not live close,
we stay in touch frequently by telephone and e-mail.
   Now there is one wonderful result of our current tech-
   “Problems and stress are the order for the day . . .
          Always be sure . . . They will go away.”

Y   ou have heard of road rage . . . but what about “tech-

your telephone against the wall while trying to solve one
of many problems that occur with regularity in modern

8                               For Kids 59.99 & Over

faulty merchandise, a cancellation notice for no apparent
reason, or even not receiving a bill.
    Pressing buttons on the telephone is fast becoming an
American pastime. It is quite possible that you have felt
like cutting your telephone wire after being on hold for
over half an hour . . . only to get accidentally disconnected.

the gratitude you experience when a voice comes on and
asks if you would like to speak with a customer service

when you discover that this person resides in India and

English. Their scripts do not provide for anything out of
the ordinary.
    Now you have reached the point of total frustration
and your voice begins to go up a few decibels. After much
ado, you are hopeful that your problem has been solved.
The next month, however, the faulty bill or cancellation
notice appears in your mail once again. Somewhere along
the way, someone dropped the ball or hit the wrong key on
the computer, and your problem has returned.
   My husband and I received a cancellation of our insur-
ance policy due to our accidentally writing the check one
cent short. After trying to solve the problem on-line and on
The Twenty-First Century is Here                          9

the telephone, we still received reminders that our invoice
had not been paid. I felt very anxious at the prospect of
being cancelled due to the one-cent error I made. But, yes,

drinks to calm down.
   Stuff like that is not for the weak of heart. Recently,
we received a notice from our homeowner’s association

were charged huge late fees. The association threatened to

other account. The young lady called to say, “Everything

on our part.
    The stories of people getting $10,000 phone bills, or
electric bills for their home that could have heated the Ve-
netian hotel in Las Vegas, are of epidemic proportion. In
our hearts, we know the problems will get solved at some
point, but the work and aggravation we endure is devastat-
ing. Being retired can turn into a full-time job!
    In the good old days, customer service reps were actu-
al people and tried to solve our problems with great effort.
Since the onset of modern technology, I have developed

other technological mistakes! Do you think that Merriam
10                             For Kids 59.99 & Over

  ebster will want to add this great new word in the latest

voice who answers the phone to take our order for a prod-
uct. Though we enunciate as clearly as possible, the voice
ly, we cannot complain to this animated voice. So we get
louder and more frustrated. It is just easier to hang up and
forget it.

little frightened, by all of this technological progress and
continuing annoyance. Much of it is still relatively new
and different from our previous experience in life.

the guise of being easier.

Solutions for Avoiding Twenty-First Century Stress:

     1. Never change your residence;

     2. Keep your old car (it has no computers to
        freeze up);

     3. Keep your old computer and never buy new
        software; it won’t be compatible;
The Twenty-First Century is Here                       11

   4. Don’t buy a cell phone;

   5. Pay all major bills annually;

   6. Pay bills when you receive them with an enve-
        lope and stamp;

   7. Never order from catalogues;

   8. Keep all of your receipts (in case you have to
        return the item);

        searching only;

   10.. Never give out personal information unless
        you absolutely have to;

   11. Never change insurance companies unless nec-

   12. Always read the small print on anything you
12                                For Kids 59.99 & Over

     13. Ask if payments are going to increase for that
           special deal you are getting;

     14. Always get the name, rank and, serial number
           of anyone along the way of your purchase or
           attempt to solve a problem;


Did you actually think life would get easier as the years

         “Life full of issues takes many a turn.
       With each one comes . . . a lesson to learn.”

I  t is amazing how one incident can change our entire
life’s path. Many decisions we make on a daily basis can
redirect our lives. It can be as simple as turning left instead
of going right.

14                              For Kids 59.99 & Over


feeling very lonely, I quit school and went to work in an

more than a few times, but that is another story.)
    I was going out to lunch one day with a friend, and we
picked a restaurant that was new to us. At the restaurant,
sity of Arizona.
     He said, “Larry is coming out for my wedding; he is

though someone propped him up and dialed the telephone

    If I had not gone into that particular restaurant on that
particular day, I more than likely would never have seen

    A good friend of mine had planned to come over and
have dinner one night. She was so late in getting back to
me that I was annoyed enough to not answer the phone
when she called. (Again, thanks to caller ID) She decided
to go out to one of the local bars, and, lo and behold, she
met her future husband that night. If she had come for din-
ner, she probably would not have met him.
Turn and Twist....Life Changes                           15

each decision affects our lives. If I had not gone to the

someone else and not had my great boys.
    If we take time to think this all over, the possible re-
sults are amazing! Each time that we make a call, take a

can take an entirely different turn.
         “Time was, it is, and always will be . . .
       Try hard to understand and never will see!”

T    i
fun it goes fast, and when we are nervous and waiting for
an answer to a pressing problem, it goes slow.
   Several months ago, I had lunch with a high school

18                               For Kids 59.99 & Over

where have all these years gone and what have I accom-

and give ourselves credit for the achievements in our lives.
There are many, you know!
    Time is said to be technically non-existent. If this is the
case, why do we get wrinkles and sags and bags, all the in-

turn twenty-one and become a true adult. Now, of course,
we are just growing older, and our birthdays are not quite
so exciting.
     I have to admit I still love my birthdays, and always do

our birthdays–we are alive another year!
     Remember when we were young and told people our

twelve-and-a-half. No one ever says that they are sixty-
   During our youth, we are considered skinny and gor-
geous, but when we are old and happen to be thin, we are

our younger years . . . now we want to slow the clock and

up with activity: dating, attending school, earning a living,
new and changing careers, mortgages, raising our chil-
Time. . . .Fast, and Yet So Slow                          19

gave our lives meaning, and certainly we didn’t take a lot
of time to appreciate all the good things in our lives.
     The key to making the most of our days here on earth
is to take stock of each hour of the day and appreciate each

up with joy every day and acknowledge all the good things
we have!

with life in general, sometimes just pretending that things

changing our unhappy mo
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