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									                                        Silent Auction 1- Silver:

                                      Beauty, Health, and Medical Services
1A. A Fresh Look for Spring
Feeling and looking your best is important to your mental health! First, de-stress with a
body massage from Greenville Therapeutics, Angela will have you walking out feeling
like a new person! Then, get a fresh look with a new style at Studio One Hair Design,
where they have the latest cuts, colors, textures, and finishing services with a gift
certificate for hair service with Doug Huffman. Spring is definitely the time for
rejuvenation and for beauty to bloom. Gift certificate to Studio One Hair Design expires
Ms. Angela Breazeale- Greenville Therapeutics
Mr. Doug Huffman

2A. Transcendental Day Spa Basket
Relax, close your eyes, and enjoy dental care with a gentle touch from Transcendental
Dentistry Day Spa. Here, advanced preventative, cosmetic and restorative dental
services are complimented by soothing spa treatments including massage, reflexology
and aromatherapy. It's a comfortable, comforting environment, where you'll find plenty
to smile about. Why would you settle for anything less? Enjoy a piece of these luxuries
with this basket, which includes a Sonicare Flexicare with UV sanitizer, a teeth
whitening service and a complimentary massage! Services must be used within one year
(April 2010).
Mr. Jack Dennis and Dr. Beatriz Dennis

3A. Arbonne Gift Basket
Arbonne's skincare products, based on botanical principles, became a reality in the
United States in 1980, and are now shared throughout the world through Arbonne's
network of Independent Consultants. Building on these same founding principles,
Arbonne's product line has since grown to include both inner and outer health and
beauty products that are unparalleled in quality, safety, value, benefits, and results!
Mr. and Mrs. James Harrington Simkins, Jr.

4A. Teeth Bleaching Supplies & Follow Up Appointments
Want a Hollywood smile? Dr. Hank Faris can give you the smile you’ve always
dreamed of. Teeth bleaching supplies plus follow up appointments are yours with this
Dr. Hank Faris

5A. Teeth Bleaching Trays
Dazzle your friends with your smile. Teeth bleaching is the fastest way to improve your
appearance. Dr. Chris Siachos will help you achieve the smile you will be excited to
Dr. Chris Siachos

6A. Teeth Whitening & Sonicare Toothbrush
It’s time to flash those pearly whites- but only after teeth whitening from Dr. Keith
Strausbaugh! A Sonicare Toothbrush will help to maintain that bright smile!
Dr. and Mrs. Keith Strausbaugh

7A. Three Massages
Stressed? Need relief? A massage may be just what the doctor ordered! This package
entitles the winning bidder to three luxurious massages. Choose from either classical
massage, reflexology, or lymphatic massage. Can’t you feel the stress melting away
already! Must be used by December 31, 2009
Thomas Fleischhauer

8A. Pamper Yourself
To Dye For Salon will treat you to a cut and color by Jennifer. After your salon visit,
it’s time for a mani and pedi at Tips n’ Toes. The new you is just a bid away!
Mr. & Mrs. F. Watt Jackson
Tips n’ Toes

9A. Hair and Nails
Choose your favorite stylist at Josef and Stephen for a new look with your $100 gift
certificate. For the finishing touch visit Georgia Hawkins at Svengali's with your $25
gift certificate for a manicure. Svengali’s gift certificate expires 4/25/10.
David and Lisa Vaughan

10A. Skin and Hair
Stephanie McChesney is the Upstate’s best kept secret! As a leading Medi-Clincal
Esthetician, Skin by Stephanie provides a personal trainer approach to clinical skin care.
With clients like Regis Philbin and Oprah Winfrey you’re sure to look like a star! Terrell
Lawler, of Artistic Cutters, will give you a spectacular haircut to emphasize your
beautiful skin! Gift certificate with Artistic Cutters expires 7/26/09.
Skin by Stephanie
Terrell Lawler at Artistic Cutters

11A. Nails and Hair
Nothing makes a woman feel better than to have her hair and nails looking great! Here
is your chance to have your hair cut and styled at the Ivy Salon. The stylish Ivy Salon is
located at Thornblade Commons. Have your nails done by the professionals at Lovely
Nails, located in the Thornblade Shopping Center. Gift Certificate at Ivy Salon expires
Natalie Tyson
Ivy Salon

12A. WOW package
You will “wow” them after your day at Wilson’s on Washington. Greenville’s premiere
hairstylist Wilson Eidson will cut and style your hair, giving you the look you’ve been
after. Terri Smart will treat you to a relaxing manicure. Your hands and nails will
thank you for the experience!
Terri Smart
Mr. Wilson Eidson

13A. Adult Dental Care Basket
This basket includes an Oral B Electric Toothbrush with replacement heads, Crest Oral
B Premium White Strips (professional strength), Crest Whitening Rinse, and miscellaneous toothpastes.
Everything you need to keep your mouth clean and healthy! For adult use only. Items
may not be returned or exchanged. Use as directed by manufacturer.
Melanie J. Blanton, DMD
14A. Corotid Doppler Study
Concerned about your health? Be proactive with a Corotid Doppler Study. Testing can
provide a window on your vascular health.
Bogdan P. Gheorghiu, M.D.

15A. Teeth Whitening Kit
Brighten those pearly whites with a teeth bleaching from Dr. Jennings! This professional
service includes bleaching of upper and lower teeth using custom bleaching trays. Will
require impressions and two dental appointments of fifteen minutes each.
Dr. and Mrs. H.C. Jennings

16A. Spa and Hair on Augusta
Get dolled up with a shampoo, cut, and style by Stephen Antworth '07 who was trained
by Scott Cole at the Paul Mitchell Hair School in Atlanta, Georgia. Then treat yourself
to a thirty minute massage, a mini pedicure, and a mini aromatherapy facial at the Spa at
Mr. Stephen Antworth
The Spa at Augusta

17A. Gift Certificate to The Mia Alexander Salon (1)
The Mia Alexander Salon, Greenville's newest salon, can give you that fresh Spring
look with a haircut and color by Morgan Nodine. Must be used by October 2009.
The Mia Alexander Salon

18A. Gift Certificate to The Mia Alexander Salon (2)
The Mia Alexander Salon, Greenville's newest salon, can give you that fresh Spring
look with a haircut and color by Lisa Lindsey. Must be used by October 2009.
The Mia Alexander Salon

19A. Gift Certificate to The Mia Alexander Salon (3)
The Mia Alexander Salon, Greenville's newest salon, can give you that fresh Spring
look with a haircut and color by Kari Balliew. Must be used by October 2009.
The Mia Alexander Salon

20A. Girls Night Out for Four at Benetz
Looking for a fun girls night out? Grab three of your friends and head over to Benetz to
be treated to makeovers, wine, and refreshments.

21A. Braces for a Perfect Smile
It is never too late to obtain that perfect smile! BRACES! You will definitely want to
bid on this generous orthodontic treatment for one child or one adult. Must start
treatment by 12/31/09. Required minimum bid of $2000.
Timothy E. Hughes, DMD

22A. Makeover at Josef and Stephen
Want a makeover? Now is the time! Spend an hour with Jessica at Josef and Stephen
for that new haircut! Next, indulge in a bioelement facial with Gwen Jackson to give your
skin a fresh glow! Gift certificate for haircut must be used within one year.
Josef and Stephen

23A. Haircut Plus Extras
Waiting for a make over? Now is the chance with this win! You will end up with a
fabulous look: a color consultation, shampoo, spa treatment for the hair, cut, and finish
with Sabrina Campbell at It’s not hair it’s art. Also includes, lip, and/ or brow wax.
Sabrina Campbell

24A. Botox Session with Dr. Joe Catanzaro
Here is your chance to do something about those frown lines. Try this single Botox
session and you will love the results.
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Catanzaro

25A. Orthodontic Treatment
Now is the time to get that great smile you have always wanted! Bid on this gift
certificate valued at $2000 for orthodontic treatment. Expires April 2010.
Harrison Orthodontics

26A. Pamper Yourself
Want a new look? Look no more! With this package you can get a haircut and gloss at
Identity Salon and take home a Redken hair care gift basket compliments of Millie
Millie Lewis
Stephanie Smith, Identity on McDaniel

27A. Get That Perfect Smile...Braces
Get that perfect smile you have always wanted! Bid on this orthodontic treatment for
one child or an adult. Required minimum bid of $2000. Must start treatment by April
25, 2010.
Karen S. Rogers DDS

28A. Dental Exam with Teeth Whitening
Get that whiter, brighter smile! This package includes a dental exam with teeth
whitening using custom molded trays.
Richard G. Jacques, DDS, PA

29A. Summer Ready
Summer is almost here and there is no need to be embarrassed by those spider veins in
your legs! Help is here with Injection Therapy for ablation of those spider veins. Then
have those frown lines eliminated with a Botox treatment. Must be used by 12/31/09.
Harriet M. Van Hale, M.D.

30A. Pampering at LA Nails
Maybe that special occasion is coming soon or you just need a little pampering. Make a
visit to LA Nails and use your $105 gift certificate for any of their fabulous treatments.
Expires April 25, 2010.
LA Nails

                                            CCES Treasures
31A. Two Handmade Cavalier Scrapbooks
There is no better way to preserve those special memories of CCES than with a
handmade scrapbook. These two beautiful scrapbooks are waiting to be filled with
your children’s pictures and mementos.
Dr. Lisa Allen

32A. Day Hike, Picnic, and Ice Cream
A day of fun at Jones Gap State Park! Three lucky students will hike and picnic with
Mrs. McDow, Mrs. Butler, and Mrs. McDonald. Lunch will be provided and the day
will end with ice cream! Students must be in the 1st grade or above. Weather
permitting. Pick up and return at CCES.
Mrs. Dee Butler
Mrs. Katherine McDonald
Mrs. Becky McDow

33A. A Spectacular Student Lunch with Mrs. Piepkow, Mrs.
Stewart, and Mrs. Sadler
A very special outing with the second grade teachers! Your child and two friends will
enjoy lunch at Mimi’s Cafe on May 9, 2009, with their favorite teachers. Limit three
children. Parents to provide transportation to Mimi’s Cafe at 11:20 and pick-up at
Mrs. Erin Piepkow
Mrs. Tippi Sadler
Mrs. Leigh Stewart

34A. Lunch with the 4th Grade Teachers for Four Students
Four lucky students will enjoy a lunch out with the 4th grade teachers! Date, time, and
place to be mutually agreed upon. Students need to be picked up and dropped off.
Mrs. Laura Johnson
Mrs. Sara Shavelson
Mrs. Scottie Waddell
Mrs. Angie Wilson

35A. Four Tutoring Sessions
Mrs. Donna Qualls will tutor your lower school child in a subject of your choice. If you
prefer, she will help your middle school child with organizational skills and time
management. These four tutoring sessions will give your child the advantage he or she
needs! Tutoring sessions must be arranged and times approved by Mrs. Qualls. Can be
used prior to the beginning of school for refresher sessions or anytime during the
2009-2010 school year.
Mrs. Donna Qualls

36A. Voice Lesson with Tina Batchelder-Schwab
Having trouble hitting the high notes? A lesson with Tina Batchelder-Schwab is the
answer. This 45 minute lesson is for one adult or child over the age of 12. The lesson
must be used by May 20, 2009. Lesson to be held in the CCES Middle School Music
Tina Batchelder-Schwab

37A. Letterman Jacket
This letterman jacket is perfect for your CCES varsity athlete! This quality wool jacket
is sure to be a hit. Must be ordered within one year.
First Team Sports

38A. Primer Lemonade Stand
You are sure to fall in love with this adorable Lemonade Stand constructed by the
Greenville Woodworkers Guild. What makes this so special??? It is decorated by our
very own Primer class.
CCES Class of 2021
Duncan’s Hardware
Greenville Woodworkers Guild

39A. 1st Grade Lemonade Stand
You are sure to fall in love with this adorable Lemonade Stand constructed by the
Greenville Woodworkers Guild. What makes this so special??? It is decorated by our
very own 1st grade class.
CCES Class of 2020
Duncan’s Hardware
Greenville Woodworkers Guild

40A. 2nd Grade Lemonade stand
You are sure to fall in love with this adorable Lemonade Stand constructed by the
Greenville Woodworkers Guild. What makes this so special??? It is decorated by our
very own 2nd grade class.
CCES Class of 2019
Duncan’s Hardware
Greenville Woodworkers Guild

41A. 3rd Grade Lemonade Stand
You are sure to fall in love with this adorable Lemonade Stand constructed by the
Greenville Woodworkers Guild. What makes this so special??? It is decorated by our
very own 3rd grade class.
CCES Class of 2018
Duncan’s Hardware
Greenville Woodworkers Guild

42A. 4th Grade Lemonade Stand
You are sure to fall in love with this adorable Lemonade Stand constructed by the
Greenville Woodworkers Guild. What makes this so special??? It is decorated by our
very own 4th grade class.
CCES Class of 2017
Duncan’s Hardware
Greenville Woodworkers Guild

43A. VIP Football Parking and Seating
Why worry about parking and snagging those hard to get seats during the 2009 season.
Get your bid in for a designated parking spot right next to the Cavalier Training Center and two
reserved seats at Carson Stadium. Does not include admission to the game. Purchaser
will contact RJ Beach prior to football season to select desired seating. Seats will be
painted and marked.
CCES Athletic Department

44A. Five Hours of Help with Freshman Bug Project
Who better to help you classify and pin those creepy crawlies than Mr. Titmas himself?
He will provide five hours of assistance for this winning freshman student.
Reginald W. Titmas

45A. Six Tickets and Reserved Seating for CCES Musicals
Come and enjoy all the Middle School and Upper School musicals during the
2009-2010 season. You will receive six tickets and be treated to reserved seating for
each of these performances.
CCES Arts Guild

46A. CCES Lap Quilt
This is a perfect accessory for snuggling on those cold nights or take with you to your
favorite CCES sporting event when you expect chilly weather. This 50”x70” CCES
Lap Quilt will be used over and over again.
The Perfect Window

47A. Name that Driveway
What better advertisement for your business, firm, or personal accomplishments than a
street sign on the school's driveway entrance with your name or business name boldly
inscribed on it? This kind of promotion translates into sales and visibility throughout our
Christ Church Episcopal School

48A. Headmaster for a Day
Ever wonder what it would be like or what you would do if you wore Dr. Kupersmith’s
shoes for a day?? Now is your chance to fill the shoes of Dr. Kupersmith with this
fun and insightful adventure for the lucky student or parent who wins this bid.
Christ Church Episcopal School

49A. Primo Parking at the Upper School
Bitter cold or gusty winds may prevail, but you won't be far from the door! When you
arrive on CCES's Upper School campus, simply pull into your very own parking space
with your name prominently displayed on the parking sign. Upper School student
drivers and parents may need to fight over this one! Space is reserved for span of
'09-'10 school year.
Christ Church Episcopal School

50A. Division Director for a Day
Now is your chance to really be “in charge”! You could be the Division Director for a
day at your choice of the Lower, Middle, or Upper School. You're in charge, so be
Christ Church Episcopal School

                              Clothing, Accessories, and Jewelry
51A. Lilly Pulitzer Tote Bag
Do you need a wonderful weekend travel bag? Go home tonight with this new addition
to your tote bag collection!!!
Pink Bee: A Lilly Pulitzer Shop

52A. Beautiful Hand Knitted Pocketbook
Add that perfect touch to your handbag collection with this delicate, red hand knitted
pocketbook with wooden handles and pearl clasp.
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Cox

53A. Gift Certificate to Etcetera
Etcetera is the in home clothing line that features fine clothing with a slightly younger
edge. This $100 gift certificate will enable you to select a summer outfit that will
certainly turn heads! Must be used for Summer 2009 or Fall 2009.
Beth Nuckolls-Etcetera

54A. Three Handmade Beaded Necklaces
These three 15" beaded two color necklaces with one inch tiles are simply beautiful! A must
have for that stylish woman.
Andy and Steve Perry

55A. Daypack by North Face & HMO Frisbee
If you’re an avid hiker or just starting out, we have the daypack for you! North Face, a
respected name in outdoor adventure, has developed a daypack that is extremely
resilient with ample pockets to store all your essential gear. No returns to the store.
Half Moon Outfitters

56A. Sapphire and Diamond Ring
This lovely sapphire and diamond ring in a platinum setting, size 6.5, would be a
beautiful keepsake for the young lady in your life.
Kathy L. Corwin

57A. Gorgeous, Elegant Dinner Ring
She deserves the very best! She's the light of your life, so why not spoil her with a piece
of jewelry that lets her know how you feel. This stunning ring is a 6.46 carat green Beryl
surrounded by .46 carats of diamonds set in 18k white gold. It is truly something she
will treasure forever.
Croghan's Jewel Box

58A. Vera Bradley Sunglasses with Matching Case and Bag
Hit the beach with these trendy Vera Bradley polarized sunglasses and matching Vera
Bradley sunglass case and ditty bag.
Pelham Vision Center

59A. Handmade Jewelry
Gold filled charm bracelet with personalized hand stamped charms. It can be stamped
with children's initials, names, or birthdates. Winner will choose their own
CDRD Designs

60A. Gift Certificate to the Worth Collection
Update your wardrobe!! Choose from a selection of sophisticated and
elegant clothing with this generous gift certificate for $250.00 to the Worth
Clothing Collection.
Mrs. Joanna Aiken

61A. Custom Cigar Purse
This special purse is sure to be one of a kind created from a
cuban cigar box with jeweled handle. Use this unique purse to
accessorize your favorite outfit!
Mary and Don Frericks

62A. Custom Cigar Purse
This special purse is sure to be one of a kind created from a
cuban cigar box with jeweled handle. Use this unique purse to
accessorize your favorite outfit!
Mary and Don Frericks

63A. Custom Cigar Purse
This special purse is sure to be one of a kind created from a
cuban cigar box with jeweled handle. Use this unique purse to
accessorize your favorite outfit!
Mary and Don Frericks

64A. Costa Del Mar Sunglasses
You will certainly want to bid on these top of the line Costa Del
Mar Triple Tail Black Frame/ Green mirrored sunglasses! Costa
Del Mar takes technology to a new level with their state of the
art long lasting frames and polarized lenses…..not to mention
great style and comfort.
Fowler's Pharmacy

65A. Handmade Custom Jewelry
Talented jewelry designer, Katherine Hughes, has created a fabulous piece just for you!
Lady B Designs

66A. Magnetite Necklace
This stunning double strand blue magnetite necklace will be a
glamorous accessory that you will enjoy wearing over and over
B. Vogt

67A. Magnetite and Pearl Necklace
Who says diamonds are a girl’s best friend? You will enjoy
wearing this beautiful multi strand freshwater pearl and
magnetite necklace.
B. Vogt

68A. Murval Luggage Set
Looking for the perfect graduation gift?? This quilted black patent three piece luggage
set will send her off to college in style!
Karen and Greg Sieber

69A. Roberto Coin Necklace
Display your South Carolina pride in style with this 18 inch Roberto Coin 14 carat white gold
Palmetto Tree necklace.
Elizabeth K. Gross

70A. Handmade Necklace & Earrings
This beautiful adjustable gold filled chain, with chalk turquoise cross, and freshwater
pearl necklace and earrings will become your newest jewelry treasures. Created by
popular designer Kathy Townes.
K Townes Designs

71A. Southern Tide Polo Shirts and Hats
Young entrepreneur Allen Stephenson, created the popular line of polo shirts called
Southern Tide. Stock up with a total of five shirts, mens or womens, in any solid color
or size. Complete your preppy look with five hats of your choice.
Southern Tide, LLC

72A. Gift Certificate to Muse Shoe Studio
Shoes, shoes, shoes! Shop till you drop with this generous gift certificate for $500.00 to
Muse Shoe Studio. Choose from a myriad of styles that are sure to tickle your toes.
Muse Shoe Studio
Musette Stern
Leslie and Frank Williams

73A. Tory Burch Bag
This Tory Burch tote bag is luxurious and stylish! J. Lo and Cameron Diaz are fans!
Get in line to bid on this fabulous bag. Take it along to hold all of your finds when you
go shopping at Monkee's with a $25 gift certificate that is included.
Monkee’s of the West End

74A. Savvy Package
You will look fabulous in this handcrafted piece of jewelry designed by Alexia Bittar,
artist from Brooklyn, NY. Each piece is hand carved and painted creating a marriage
between bold design and high style. Find the perfect piece of clothing to accent your
jewelry with a $50 gift certificate to Savvy. Let Caroline Kimball, Savvy owner, lend her
expertise to help organize and update your wardrobe with a two hour closet consultation.
Expires April 25, 2010.

75A. Anglican Prayer Necklace
You will look angelic in this delicate necklace. This piece is handmade by Paige
Grimball and composed of crystals and various glass beads.
Richard and Paige Grimball

76A. Silk Scarf
You will love this beautiful one of a kind silk scarf. This scarf was custom designed
and handpainted exclusively for “ A Cavalier Evening."
Fan Cromwell Watkinson

77A. Sterling Necklace
Adorn yourself with this lovely custom made sterling silver necklace.
The Althoff Family

78A. Sterling Silver Palmetto Tree Earrings
Sport your South Carolina pride when you wear these sterling silver Palmetto Tree
Plaza Jewelers

79A. Mother and Daughter Monogrammed Clogs
The famous original monogrammed clogs!! These are adorable and will be fun for the
mother/daughter winner. Size and design may be selected.
The Pink Monogram

80A. Vera Bradley Bag
Be in style when you carry this unique bag by Vera Bradley. This popular bag in the
“Yellow Bird” pattern is a real winner.
Nina’s at Haywood Mall

81A. Gift Certificate to Rush Wilson Ltd.
Suited for the Southern gentleman! This gift certificate can be used towards the
purchase of a cotton poplin suit. The package also includes the book How to Be a
Gentleman…..though we know you already are!! If suit size is not available or in stock,
owner will allow for comparable dollar amount on other in stock items.
Rush Wilson Ltd.

82A. Amethyst Necklace
This beautiful one of a kind necklace showcases a fluorite stone with faceted amethyst
beads. Start your bidding now!
Ponthieux’s Jewelry Design Studio

83A. Emily Ray Bracelet
For the young lady in your life. This precious bracelet is made of Swarovski crystals and
sterling silver. Your daughter will love this gift! Perfect for any occasion.

84A. Ladies Handbag
For the hip and stylish Clemson or Furman fan. Carry the latest look with this Dunlin
oversized purple leather bag. Item may not be returned or exchanged.
Hampden Clothing

85A. Augusta Road Shopping
Need a trendy piece or perhaps a timeless classic to spruce up your spring wardrobe? Head to
Augusta Road with gift certificates to Pierce and Parker and Sassy. You will find
quality clothing that is sure to turn heads.
Sassy on Augusta
Pierce and Parker

86A. Ercolano Jewelry Box
Hand made in Italy with high quality solid wood, this amazing jewelry box is intricately
inlaid with different shades of wood. Guaranteed to bring enjoyment for generations,
this unique and timeless piece will compliment any decor, whether traditional or
Chloe & Grace

87A. Couture Ball Gown
Find your dream fabric and let Yelena design and construct the perfect ball
gown for that special occasion. The perfect fit and the perfect
fabric will make you “the Belle of the Ball”. Winning bidder must pay for fabric.

88A. Pearl Necklace and Earring Set
You will look beautiful in this 18" freshwater pearl necklace with matching earrings.
The perfect gift for that special graduate.
Alexa and Bill Perry

89A. A Bevy of Evening Bags
Looking for that perfect accessory for a night out? Complement your attire with the perfect evening purse for a
special night out.
Dr. and Mrs. Steve Hamberis

                                            Dining and Food
90A. Cachaca Rum Basket
It’s time to party with Cachaca Rum! This basket includes Cachaca Brazilian Rum,
recipe cards, and all the tools you need to be the perfect bartender!
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Molloy

91A. In Home Dinner for Eight
Sit back, relax, and enjoy a great dinner party prepared by Phil Canale and Jordan
Lea. Must be used within one year of the auction.
Phil Canale and Jordan Lea
Haywood Hardin

92A. Dinner for Eight at Rick Erwin's
Can’t you just taste that juicy prime steak? Rick Erwin’s will host your party of eight
for a sumptuous dinner. Prepare for an incredible gastronomic experience! If a
babysitter is needed, we have that covered too. Sloan Renfro '12 is at your service.
This fabulous night on the town is not to be missed!
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Carroll
Mr. & Mrs. George Conits
Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Davis
Mr. & Mrs. David Slade
Sloan Renfro

93A. Blessings for the Busy Mom
How can you do it all: make breakfast, run errands, and still have enough energy to make dinner? Now you can!
Start your day sipping Starbucks coffee from your favorite mug while you and your family enjoy Greenfield’s
bagels or muffins from Mug and Muffin. You won’t have to wonder what is for dinner with certificates to all
the family favorites: American Pie Factory, Corona’s, and Gourmet Pizza. With several days of breakfast and
dinner under control you’ll be happy to head to The New York Butcher Shoppe to make your family a home
cooked meal. Best of all, you’ll have the gas to do it all with certificates to Harvey’s B.P.(two Starbucks mugs
and 1 lb. of coffee, (2) certificates for 1 dozen Greenfield’s bagels, $10 certificate to Mug and Muffin, $50 gift
certificate to American Pie Factory, $20 gift certificate to Corona’s, $25 gift certificate to Gourmet Pizza, $15
gift certificate to The New York Butcher Shoppe, (2) $25 gift certificates to Harvey’s B.P.).
American Pie Factory
Gourmet Pizza
Ms. Robin Greenfield
Harvey's BP
Mug and Muffin
The New York Butcher Shoppe
Starbucks- Augusta Road

94A. Oktoberfest Dinner for Eight
Do you love German food but don't really have the knack for making it yourself? How
about having an authentic Oktoberfest dinner prepared for you and your friends. A few
of our very own CCES families with German ties will create and serve this special feast
for eight people. For use any weekend during September 2009.
Monika and Jens Melcher
Sieglinde and Martin Schuebel
Rochelle and Roger Stark
Adriana and Carsten Wagner

95A. Tea Kit
Are you a tea lover? Then this package is for you! It includes a custom Amanzi Tea
Starter Basket with a handmade kiln fired black teapot, tea cups, strainer, teas, etc. It
also includes twelve coupons, one for every month.
Amanzi Tea
Tesa and William Dupre

96A. 1979 Chateau Lafite Rothschild Wine
Château Lafite Rothschild was one of the first growths or “Premier Cru Classé” classified in
1855. Enjoy this vintage bottle from 1979, a real treat for any wine connoisseur!
Mary and Don Frericks

97A. 1980 Chateau LaFite Rothschild Wine
Château Lafite Rothschild was one of the first growths or “Premier Cru Classé” classified in
1855. Enjoy this vintage bottle from 1980. This would be a great addition to any wine
Mary and Don Frericks

98A. "Coffee Break" at Atlanta Bread Company
You are going to love this coffee basket with two mugs that can be re-filled anytime for
the month of May……the busiest month for most of us!
Atlanta Bread on Woodruff Road

99A. A Night Out in Greenville
Enjoy a wonderful dinner at Stax Peppermill with this $100 gift certificate, and then relax while
you escape to the Marriott Hotel for two nights. A perfect in town getaway. Hotel stay
based on availability. Black out dates may apply. Hotel stay expires March 31, 2010.
JHM Hotels
Mr. and Mrs. George Koumoustiotis
Mr. and Mrs. DJ Rama

100A. Picnic Basket
Spring is the perfect time of year for a picnic. Gather the family and friends and take
along this special picnic basket. Comes with plates, cups, napkins and flatware.
Milly and Malcolm Isley

101A. The Ultimate Christmas Cookie Party
Have the Ultimate Christmas Cookie Party put on just for you and all you have to do is
provide your guest list! Up for auction is a Mother-Daughter Cookie-Swap/ Holiday
Party. You and your daughter along with eleven other mother/daughter guests will be
treated to an ultimate Christmas cookie party at Linda Grandy's home. The party
includes anything you could think of from invitations, Christmas platters, personalized
aprons, a cookie bake with Chef Janet Poleski, photography of the party by David
Poleski, and much more! CCES Senior girls will help assist in baking the cookies so
everyone has some to take home. David Poleski will take photos to capture the party
and provide a memory book for you and your daughter. The ultimate party is complete
with a visit from Mrs. Claus who will read a Christmas story and even take the girls’ letters
back to Santa at the North Pole.
Mrs. Betty Farr
Linda and Rod Grandy
Chef Janet Poleski
David Poleski Design Photography

102A. Double Magnum of Merlot
This three liter signed bottle of wine is perfect for that group party or special occasion.
Originally purchased at Napa Valley Wine Auction.
Nan and Ron Rasmussen

103A. Dinner at Greenville Country Club
Enjoy dinner for four at the chef’s table at Greenville Country Club. This dinner is
complete with wine. Please call Chip Woods, Clubhouse manager, at 232-6771 ext. 135
to arrange your dinner.
Greenville Country Club

104A. Gift Certificate to Copper River Grill
When you are ready for some traditional American cuisine in a warm and relaxing
setting head to the Copper River Grill with this $60 gift certificate.
Copper River Grill

105A. Sweet Deal
Looking for something to satisfy that sweet tooth? How about not one, but two cakes,
for you to indulge in or to use for a special occasion. One caramel cake from Patti
Cakes and another cake of your choice from Vivian Day.
Vivian Day
Patti Howard of Patti Cakes

106A. Northampton Wine "Hosted" Dinner for Six
Enjoy this hosted dinner for six at one of the best dining experiences in Greenville -
Northampton Wines! The cuisine is both classic and contemporary. Choose from over
20,000 bottles of wine from around the world. This dinner includes tax, tip, wine, and
wine commentary. Must be used within one year.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Einstein
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Einstein
The Wine Café at Northampton Wines

107A. Northampton Wine "Hosted" Dinner for Six
Enjoy this hosted dinner for six at one of the best dining experiences in Greenville -
Northampton Wines! The cuisine is both classic and contemporary. Choose from over
20,000 bottles of wine from around the world. This dinner includes tax, tip, wine, and
wine commentary. Must be used within one year.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Einstein
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Einstein
The Wine Café at Northampton Wines

108A. Cheers
A toast to you with this bottle of champagne and two Tiffany champagne glasses.
Carol and Reese Clark
Connie and Whit Walker
109A. A Cooking Class/ In Home Dinner Party
Chef Janet Poleski will conduct a cooking class for ten people at the home of Rich and
Sara Lynne Roettger. Dinner will be prepared and enjoyed by all! Date to be mutually
agreeable between host and bidder.
Chef Janet Poleski
Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Roettger

                                      Sports and Miscellaneous
110A. Gift Certificate to Earshot
Tune in to Earshot Music to enjoy this $50 gift certificate.
Mr. Jack Dennis and Dr. Beatriz Dennis

111A. $2000 worth of Radio Advertising
Radio advertising is the fastest way to reach a target audience. With airtime from
stations like B93.7, Rock 101, WORD 106.3, Magic 98.9 or NEW Rock 93.3 you’re
sure to get your message out loud and clear! Expires 12/31/09.
Mrs. Emily Rackley

112A. Garmin GPS Navigation System
Need a little help finding your way? Do you tend to always take the wrong turn or just
don't want to ask for directions? Then bid on this Garmin GPS Navigational 205 to get
you around safely!
Nancy and Jim Thomas

113A. Autographed Copy of Southern Collections and Art Museum Private Tour for Ten
Enjoy a private tour of the Greenville County Museum of Art for ten people! Take home an autographed copy
of the Southern Collections, a must have for the southern art enthusiast.
Anne Q. Barr

114A. Financial Planning Services
Need a little help in getting your ducks in a row? Then take advantage of this great
opportunity to have some help with your financial planning. Services include: 1) Initial
meeting with prospective client, 2) Fact finding session to gather data concerning
assets, liabilities, financial goals, etc., 3) Provide financial plan, 4) Assist in
implementing financial plan. Services must be used in 2009 calendar year.
Robinson Financial Inc.

115A. College Counseling with Educational Directions
Take the worry out of the college search! Use this one hour session of
professional college counseling and financial aid assessment with Bill
Dingledine of Educational Directions to strategize about all aspects of
college decisions. Valid until 12/31/2009.
William S. Dingledine

116A. Custom DVD Photo Slide Show Creations
Transform your favorite digital photos into a fabulous DVD
slideshow. PhotoTreasures will produce a custom DVD Photo
Slideshow approximately 10-15 minutes long using 100 digital
photos and customer choice of three songs. The slideshow will
have custom backgrounds, a title page, transitions, captions, and
minor photo corrections. Must be used within one year.

117A. Get Connected with Two LG Dare Cell Phones
Update your cell phone or get your family hooked up!! Enjoy two LG Dare phones.
The LG Dare Cell phone has an innovative, touch screen interface. You will love the
sleek look of this high end smart phone and enjoy its many features, including HTML
browser, full media player, adjustable text size for messaging, and turn by turn GPS.
Verizon Wireless

118A. College Counseling with Educational Directives
Take the worry out of the college search! Use this one hour session of professional
college counseling and financial aid assessment with Bill Dingledine of Educational
Directions to strategize about all aspects of college. Valid until 12/31/2009.
William S. Dingledine

119A. Fennell Open Top Container
Time to de-clutter and get rid of some junk? Now is your chance. Bid on this
opportunity for a Fennell open container!!! There will be no charge for landfill drop-off.
Delivery and pickup included.
Fennell Container

120A. Two Hour Party by Above Ground Entertainment
Take your entertainment to new heights with Above Ground Entertainment!! For your
next party, this Bungee jump is sure to entertain both kids and adults. They will come
to your location and set up for the two hours of fun. Must have clearance of 25 ft. high,
15 ft. width, and 60 ft. length outdoors. Now this is sure to be the hit of the party.
Ages three to adult.
Above Ground Entertainment

121A. Newspaper Ad in the Greenville Journal
Need to advertise? Take advantage of this opportunity for a ¼ page full color ad in the
Greenville Journal. Ad must be run on or before 12-31-09.
Greenville Journal

122A. Piano Central
Always wanted to learn to play an instrument? Now is the chance with this opportunity
for two months of music lessons in piano, voice, guitar, violin, or flute.
Lessons can be held at CCES or at Piano Central. Also, introduce your
child to the world of music with this $100 gift certificate to Kindermusik at Piano
Central on South Pleasantburg Drive. Must be used by December 2009.
Piano Central Studios

123A. David Lawrence Portrait Session and Portrait Package
Use this portrait session for your family, children, or business. You will have the choice
of either a wall portrait or a portrait package. The minimum bid for this item is $150.00.
David Lawrence Photography

124A. Grand Player Piano Rental for One Evening
Add some pizzazz to your next party with this Grand Player Piano right in your home.
Piano Central will deliver and pick up the piano on the designated evening. Must be on
ground level.
Piano Central

125A. One Hour of Moving Services
Moving? You have to bid on this! One hour of moving services by our very own Toni and Hardy
Auston. You will not be disappointed!! Two men provided for one hour. Time to get to work!
Toni and Hardy Auston

126A. Gift Card to Spinx
Gas up and go with this generous gift card for $500 to Spinx! We can all use this one!

127A. Business Identity Package
Step aside Oprah Winfrey. This is your chance to bid on the real secret...the secret of
your business's success and growth, even in these difficult times. Coconutwater proudly
offers a Business Identity Package that includes design of the tools your business needs
to make its presence known: logo, letterhead, envelopes, mailing labels, e-mail
signatures, and business cards for a new or existing business. If all of that is already
under control for you, you can use the certificate for credit toward other services, such
as website development, brochures, html, emails, or copywriting.
Coconutwater owner June Wilcox

128A. Gift Certificate to Paper Petals, LLC
Use this $100 gift certificate towards holiday or graduation stationery from Paper
Petals. It will really come in handy when catching up on those thank you notes.
Paper Petals, LLC

129A. Two Tickets to a Carolina Panthers Game
This is a excellent opportunity to see the Carolina Panthers play at home (Bank of
America Stadium in Uptown Charlotte!) The two tickets are located on the 25 yard line,
second tier, row 7. (Schedule pending.) Must be used for the upcoming 2009-10
Janet and Jay Mullins

130A. Custom Made Bimini Top for Boat
Let’s get out of the sun! Have a bimini top custom made for your boat by Carver
Industries. Made of Sunbrella fabric, this will make a great addition to any boat! The
bimini top will be manufactured for purchaser upon receiving exact dimensions.
Carver Industries

131A. Half Day Guided Turkey Hunt at Harris Springs Sportsman's
Turkey season will be here before you know it! Plan your day in the field with this
fabulous hunting package. Harris Springs Sportsman’s Preserve is the 2007-2008 Orvis
Wing Shooting Lodge of the year. This half day guided turkey hunt is for the April
2010 season. Call to schedule in advance. Harris Springs is located in Waterloo,
SC. Hunt is for one person.
Harris Springs Sportsman Preserve

132A. Body Glove Wakeboard
Body Glove is the ultimate brand for wakeboard enthusiasts. This awesome board will
carry you to extremes! This board, with its bold design, will be the envy of everyone at
the lake!
Garland and Fleming Mattox

133A. One Month of Unlimited Kickboxing Classes
Want to kick some @#$! Do it in a constructive way at Downtown Martial Arts. Their
kickboxing classes will give you the fitness results you're looking for in less time than
conventional exercise programs-and you’ll have a blast doing it! Enjoy one month of
unlimited kickboxing classes.
Downtown Martial Arts

134A. Yuengling Kayak
Want to paddle around? This kayak will be fun to use on the water and easy to take wherever
you go!

135A. Get into Shape
Here’s your opportunity to get into tip top shape! Start with four sessions of Pilates
with instructor Merritt Ray. Pilates is the latest exercise craze that concentrates on
strengthening your core. Next, Top Shape will give you four personal training visits at
their facility on Augusta Road. Top Shape training offers one on one total body
training. Dr. Louis Sijon will treat you to a one hour therapeutic massage. Dr. Sijon is
noted for his ability to help with sports related injuries. Pilates expires November 1,
2009. Time and place must be mutually agreed upon. One or two individuals may
attend the four sessions. Top Shape Training must be used by April 2010.
Mr. & Mrs. Roderick A. Ray
Top Shape of Greenville
Dr. Louis G. Sijon, D.C.

136A. Greenville Drive Fieldhouse Condo
Watch a Greenville Drive game from the comfort of a West End Field House condo.
You and 25-30 of your closest friends can enjoy downtown baseball from a private field
house condo overlooking centerfield. Along with the baseball comes a $150 gift
certificate to Chiefs Wings and Firewater on Congaree Road and a Chick-Fil-A Nugget
Tray. Batters up! Condo valid for one regular home game during the 2009 season.
Arrangements based on availability.
Cimora and David Carter
Clayton B. Hunt
Chiefs Wings and Firewater

137A. Coastal Golfing
Enjoy a relaxing week at a fantastic two bedroom two bathroom condominium at the
Litchfield Retreat, North Litchfield, South Carolina. While at Litchfield enjoy one
round of golf for your foursome at Caledonia Golf Club and another round at True
Blue. Both highly acclaimed golf courses are located in the Pawleys Island area.
Condominium available for the week of CCES Fall Break October 3 -6, 2009. Exact
dates are negotiable with owner. Golf packages exclude cart fees.
Nolley and Jimmy Sanchelli
Ponderosa, Inc.

138A. Private Yoga Lessons
Yoga has quickly become the exercise regime of many in the know. Certified instructor
Caroline Perlman will tailor four private one hour lessons to your ability and
experience. Caroline is trained in the Lyengar Method of yoga. Don’t miss this
opportunity to learn yoga from the best!
Caroline and Scott Perlman

139A. Yoga Party for Ten
Have a yoga party in your home or if you prefer at North Main Yoga. Party to include
45 minutes of yoga with instructor Liz Delaney. For ages 4 and up. Please contact Liz
Delaney for date of party and provide ages of participants.
Liz Delaney

140A. Four USC Football Tickets to the Zone
You will love these four Zone tickets for a South Carolina Football game. Enjoy the
open bar and fully stocked personal locker with drinks of choice. Date of game will be
determined by both parties for the 2009/ 2010 football season. Must know
specifications for locker two weeks before game.
Friends of CCES

141A. Blue Ridge Mountain Hike
Get your exercise on this half day nature hike guided by Environmental Geologist Cathy
Foster. Hike is suitable for up to 12 guests.
Cathy Foster

142A. Four UNC Football Tickets
These are four great tickets to a 2009 season University of North Carolina Football
game. Lower Level...out of sun and rain. Great view of field and videoboard. Comes
with a parking pass.
Julie and Allen Bosworth

143A. Sports Photo Shoot
You will love this photo shoot of your athlete during a game including basketball, track,
tennis, and volleyball within the Greenville area. You will treasure these pictures forever.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Carroll

144A. Four Rounds of Golf at Verdae Greens
Get your foursome together and hit the links at Verdae Greens. What a great day of
golf! For use anytime Monday through Friday or Saturday and Sunday after 12:00pm.
Verdae Greens Golf Club

145A. Boot Camp
Get into shape with this six week fitness bootcamp session with Ramona Graham. Just
to help motivate you a bit more you can arrive in style in your Nike Lunartrainer
running shoes (Size 7.5 ) and Title Nine running apparel purchased with your $100 gift
certificate from Title Nine ladies sportswear. Bootcamp runs Monday through Friday
5:30am-6:50am and must redeemed by May 2010. Just in case you don't love your
shoes or need another size you may exchange them.
LifeForce Fitness
Run In!
Title Nine

146A. Tennis Lessons with Robb Thompson at GCC
You will be sure to fine tune your tennis game with these four one hour
tennis lessons with Rob Thompson at Greenville Country Club.
Mr. Robb Thompson

147A. Two Months of Dancing at Westend Dance Company
Kick up your heels and learn some new dance moves! Enjoy two months
of dancing at Westend Dance Company. This is your chance to learn
creative movement, pre-tap, tap, jazz, ballet, or even hip-hop.
Westend Dance Company

148A. Ski or Snowboard Rental from Alpine Ski
Head for the slopes!! Enjoy a ski or snowboard rental for two
people for a three day weekend rental. Must be used within one
Alpine Ski Center

149A. Two hours of Mixed Doubles with Lester & Warren at GCC
Improve your game and have fun at the same time with two hours of fun with Lester
and Warren at GCC. Grab a friend and take them on!
Warren Bray
Lester Herbert

150A. Personal Training & Classes at Focused Fitness
Time to get in shape! Start with this one month personal training and body composition
analysis as well as cross fit classes.
Focused Fitness

151A. Life Center Package with Three Month Membership
Time to get in shape! Get started with this three month membership pass to the Life
Center. This package also includes t-shirts, hair band, water bottle, and sun shade for
your car!! Must be used within three months and a health history must be completed
prior to workout.
The LifeCenter

152A. Framed Print "The Big Three" Signed by Player, Palmer and
Wow! This is a great collectible for golf fans! Your favorite golfer is going to love this
framed print entitled “The Big Three” and signed by Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, and
Jack Nicklaus.
Annette and Scott Ferrell
The Player Foundation

153A. Nike Tennis Package
Gentlemen, the tennis court is calling! You are sure to look stylish on the courts with
this package. This Nike package includes two dri-fit caps, fifteen socks, four
shorts, two shirts, and one jacket.
David Holly, GCC Tennis Director

154A. Nike Tennis Package
Gentlemen, the tennis court is calling! You are sure to look stylish on the court with
this package. This Nike package includes two dri-fit caps, fifteen socks, four
shorts, two shirts, and one jacket.
David Holly, GCC Tennis Director

155A. Tennis Racket and Tennis Bag
This top of the line tennis racquet just might improve your game! Comes with a custom
tennis bag.
Mr. Barkley Rickman

156A. Ten Personal Pilates Classes by Pilates Couture
Fulfill that New Year’s Resolution for a healthier you. This package includes ten
sessions (one hour each) of personal pilates instruction by certified Stott trained
instructor, Susan Francis. Susan will instruct you at her home on Waccamaw Avenue.
It is equipped with Stott equipment including the “reformer”.
Susan Francis - Pilates Couture

157A. Overnight Deer Hunt
How fun is this?? A lucky parent and child will participate in an overnight deer hunt
with Tommy Hodges at the Hogskins Hunt Club in Abbeville County. You will hunt Saturday
afternoon and then be treated to dinner and overnight lodging in a cabin and hunt again
on Sunday morning. Good for 2009 deer season. Cannot be used opening weekend of
deer season. Best times would be late October or early November. Please contact
Tommy Hodges for details and to make arrangements. All ages are welcome but those
over age 16 must be a licensed hunter within SCDNR regulations.
Erroll Anne and Tommy Hodges

158A. Gift Certificate to Fitness Solutions
Time to get in shape!!! Start with this generous $300 gift certificate towards a treadmill
or elliptical. You won’t regret it! Expires June 30, 2009.
Fitness Solutions

159A. Pilates Reformer/ Jumpboard Session for Five People
This is a fun way to get fit! Experience the toning and core benefits of pilates and get
your cardio in as well with this package. Diane Nichols at the Sports Club in Greenville
is a Peak certified instructor! Time and date to be determined by winner and instructor.
Call 363-8072 to schedule.
Mrs. Diane Nichols

160A. Round of Golf for Four at Bright's Creek
Nestled among the Blue Ridge Mountains, this Tom Fazio designed golf course has
breathtaking views! Golfers will not want to miss this opportunity for a round of golf
for four at this world class course. Must be used by 12/31/09. Contact Michael
Waldrop at 864-420-5318.
Bright’s Creek Realty - Michael Waldrop

161A. Tickets to Furman Football
Calling all Paladin Fans!! Support the Furman Paladins with these four tickets to a
Furman football game in the 2009 season. Date to be mutually agreed upon by both
CCES Booster Club

162A. Tickets to Clemson Football
Tiger fans, this one is for you! Head to Death Valley with these four tickets to a
Clemson football game in the 2009 season. Date to be mutually agreed upon by both
parties. Excludes Clemson/Carolina. You also get signed photographs of two well
known Clemson icons.
CCES Booster Club

163A. Tickets to Bristol Motor Speedway
Start your engines!! Nascar fans will be lining up to bid on this one. How about four tickets for the night races
on Friday, August 21 and Saturday, August 22 to the Food City 250 and the Sharpie 500 at the Bristol Motor
CCES Booster Club

164A. Jay Haas Memorabilia
One of the senior golf tour’s greatest star, our very own Jay Haas, has generously
donated items that you will want for your sports collection!! Your friends will be green
with envy when you leave with this package!
CCES Booster Club

165A. Four Rounds of Golf at Chanticleer
Get out and enjoy the sunshine and hit the links with three of your friends at the
Chanticleer golf course. Please call Stefi Taylor at 313-4636 to coordinate.
Friends of CCES

166A. George Hincapie Autographed Jersey
This jersey is a men's small (could be worn by a lady) Potenza White Hincapie
Sportswear jersey signed by Greenville's own world known cyclist, George Hincapie.
Hincapie Sportswear

167A. Six months of Fast Twitch Training
Enjoy six months of Fast Twitch Training at Steadman Hawkins. The Fast Twitch
System is a two-step system that develops an athlete's speed, quickness, explosiveness,
power, endurance, and strength to its maximum potential. Fast Twitch System uses
similar isokinetic exercise technology that has been used in the rehabilitation industry
for over 20 years. However, the Fast Twitch System is specifically designed for sports
performance applications. This specialized training is offered in a controlled
environment during one-hour sessions twice a week. The training is done under the
supervision and guidance of a certified strength and conditioning professional who has
received specific training on the use of the equipment, computers, and application of the protocols.
Steadman Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas

168A. Two Clemson Football Tickets
You will have a great day enjoying your two tickets to a Clemson home football game.
These tickets are located in the College of Business and Behavioral Science
box. Choose either the Middle Tennessee, TCU or Wake Forest game. Go Tigers!
Clemson University- College of Business and Behavior Sciences

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