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					September - October Newsletter

Vol 3 Issue 7
September-October 2008

Presidents Report

Well we are back from our holidays and boy was it a good one. We left here on Wed 30
July on our way to Kingston ON. And the gasoline prize in NB had just dropped 9 1/2
cents per litre Our Membership had grown to 711 and the day we were back we had
climbed to 725 + and now we are at 760 and still growing more every day.

Our greatest holiday trip took place this year. We travelled from Fredericton via
McAdam-Vanceboro and then via Hwy 2 in the US to Belleville and then to Kingston
Gas prices in the US were then at $ 4.25 at its highest . After 1100 Km we arrived at the
Reunion site at the Kingston Legion were 275 members of the RCR Family had

The next three days were spend there where we had a table set up and 25 NATO Veterans
joined us. On Sunday I laid a wreath at the Church Services in honour of the Royals that
have died as part of NATO as well as all our NATO Veterans that have died as part of
NATO in Germany, France, Bosnia, and now Afghanistan.

On our way, on the Hwy 401 we had the privilege and Honour to drive over the
“Highway of Heroes” from Trenton to Toronto, and while driving over this route we
thought about all our NATO comrades that have died in Afghanistan since 2002 and then
we arrived in Scarborough to have a visit with our Son and I had a meeting with the
Toronto Branch who made some suggestion and they were send to you as part of the
update. Then the Family visits took place in Whitby, Bobcageon, Peterborough Then the
Wednesday we left for Ottawa and had a meeting with 10 of the Ottawa-Gatineau Branch
members and more suggestions were made. It was a real pleasure for me to meet all these
members face to face on the return trip we traveled through the US again and the prices
of gas had dropped to $ 3.65 per gallon.

Flag Banners

We had ordered some Branch Flags but a misunderstanding developed and we received 5
Banners and they will soon be send to our Branches. They are nice but can not be
displayed on a Flag pole so we have to renegotiate to have flags made that can be
displayed on a flag pole and then can be used on parades and Remembrance services.

News letter by Snail Mail
We send out the news as much as possible, either by E-mail with attachments, E-mail
with the news in the e-mail message. All these are done at no cost except the time to push
the key SEND on the key board. Besides all this we have to send 155 by snail mail at 52c
a piece for a total of $ 80.60 plus envelopes and stickers.

Organizations Kit Shop

Our supply of Kit and Organizations items is now fully stocked except of course for the
Berets. They have to be ordered by size and that takes about 2 weeks. All the prices
quoted are Tax and Freight included and are shipped out of here within 1 or 2 days. We
are looking into other items like ball caps but we have no quotes on these yet. It would be
nice to have them in the same colour as our berets and then our crest on the front. As part
of this a clarification has to be noted. The Canada Patch should be on the RIGHT Sleeve
and our Crest should be on the LEFT. Hope this helps.

We Will Remember

Cpl Brendan Downey                      Pte Colin Wilmot

                                                                                Cpl James Arnal

                                        M/Cpl Erin Doyle
M/Cpl Josh Roberts                      3 Bn PPCLI                              Sgt Shawn Eades
                                        11 Aug 2008                             1 Field Sq Combat Eng.
                                                                                20 Aug 2008
                                                                               Cpl Andrew Grenon
                                                                               2 Bn PPCLI
                                                                               3 Sep 2008

                                       Sapper Stephan Stock
Cpl Dustin Wasden                      1 Field Sq Combat Eng.
1 Field Sq Combat Eng.                 20 Aug 2008
20 Aug 2008

Cpl Mike Seggie                        Pte Chad Horn
2 Bn PPCLI                             2 Bn PPCLI                              Sgt Scott Shipway
3 Sep 2008                             3 Sep 2008                              2 Bn PPCLI
                                                                               7 Sep 2008

Old Soldiers Day 13

It did not take us long to get settled in that fall of 1957. We had survived the Cold War
and prevented World War III from starting and we had gone through the Hungary Crisis
and the Suez Canal crisis, and here we were in quit Camp Ipperwash.

As was promised to me in Germany that I was transferring to the Pioneers, it came true
and We started to set up the Pioneer Storage in behind the Drill Hall. We received all new
material like block and tackles, new rope, new rubber boats and tool boxes were issued to
each section commander.

Our Pioneer Sgt was B.C.Robinson and he took firm hand of things and we survived the
first winter. In February 1958 I was selected to attend the Brigade Jnr. NCO Course
which was held at Camp Ipperwash. We were all settled in one H Hut on the left of the
Battalion and the Fires were lit in the Boiler in the outside shed attached to the building.

It was cold in the hut so Bernie, became CWO, and I went out and cranked the controls as
high as possible so we would get some heat in the building. The course had 30 on one
side and an other 30 on the other side and the washroom and washing machines in the
middle. The building was so bad that when you wet mopped the floor on a cold day, it
would freeze and you could slip on it. In the morning when you woke up and it had
snowed their would be snow on the window sill inside the building.

On of the other members was a Postal clerk from out West by the Name of L/Cpl Peck
and the reason I remember him was that as soon as we were finished training for the night
he would stripped right down to his nothings and he parade like that all night and as well
he had a frog tattooed on his behind .

I can’t remember all the candidates from the Bn that were on the course but I remember
L/Cpl Sizarto, L/Cpl B.J Hurley from the ATK Platoon and me as a Private from PNR
Platoon. Life in an H Hut in the camp was quite an experience and I was a newly married
(6month) and had to live in again during the week but could go home on Saturday noon
till Sunday 6 P.M.

L/Cpl Joe Sizarto was a section commander of PNR Platoon as well but he was a L/Cpl
already and I was not yet. At his first presentation of a lesson, complete with lesson plan
at all, he introduced himself as “ I am Lance Corporal Joe Sizarto and I have come up
through the ranks, (Yes from a Pte to a l/Cpl ).

We all past the course and went back to the battalion and for me and Joe it was Pioneers
and for Bernie it was A/Tank platoon for the normal work done in the platoon.

In the summer of June 1958 our first girl was born and the Battalion gave me 14 days
Paternity leave and then I had to report to Petawawa. That left my wife all alone in
Thedford but lucky enough there were some friends and that made it bearable Our
training in Petawawa was with demolition and working with the Engineers as they were
always short of personnel.

A British engineer Officer was coming to look at the Engineer training here in Canada
and the engineers here were going to show how to build a 55-65 ton raft in the
demonstrative area which had a small lake of water The Pontoons were delivered by the
Ordnance Corp as that is where they were stored. They were not in good shape as they
had been out of the water for a long time.

Regardless they started to build the raft, mostly by hand and some of the bailey panels
were heavy about 1000 lbs and so was a 12 men load, 6 on each side. The sweat was just
rolling off as it was a real hot day but the raft was build, motor 75 horse Johnson’s were
mounted on it and then the ramp was lowered so that the tank could drive on it.
On the command of the Raft Master the tank started to roll towards the raft and very
slowly it mounted the ramp and slowly came aboard to the middle of the raft. We spotted
some bubbles coming up in the water but we did not panic as we thought this was just air
escaping due to the raft settling down in the water due to the weight of the tank and so we
lifted the ramps and away we went.

About 10 ft from shore more and more bubbles started to come and then we noticed that
the whole raft was sinking and with in a minute the raft was flooded and settled about
two feed below the water line and all you could see was the tank in the water and only
half of its tracks was above the water. It did not take the Powers to be long to whisked
away the British Engineer. All the blame for the sinking was giving to the Ordnance Corp
for not properly maintaining the pontoons.

It was good for us to see what maintenance of equipment means and don’t rely on
do it yourself.

NATO Veterans Ball Cap

At the Ottawa meeting it was suggested that we should look into have a Ball Cap made so
members could wear it during the day. The cap should have our cloth Hat Badge on it,
but should not be worn as part of the Uniform. They thought it would be a way of
advertising our Organization, We looked at it and have come up with a price of $ 15.00
per cap. The cap has 2 colours in it, the peak is dark blue and the rest is the same blue as
our beret. It can be shipped in a brown envelope so that keeps the cost down as well. I
took a picture of a cap that we now have in stock
The graphic is the same colour as ours will be. We will be waiting till you have voted on
our update. Caps are easier to make fit and we will glue the Hat Badge on it for your
convenience. If you would like one, send us the $ 15.00.

Letter of Invite from the Royal Canadian Legion

Yes we have been invited by the Legion to come to Ottawa in October to talk about
amalgamation of the so called splinter group and the Legion, and we are one of the so
called splinter groups and still growing. Their 4 option are the same as last year and we
voted on them and basically said that we would like to stay as we are ( Option 1 ), Did
not wanted to talk about Option 2 & 3 and we might be interested to talk about Option 4
if we could get more give from them and more take from us. So far we have seen no
movement in Option 4. The cost for me spending $ 1000.00 of our limited budget is not
worth while but we are sending Mr Gordon Jenkins, President of Ottawa-Gatineau
Branch # 3 to represent us. Now maybe with an National Election coming up during this
period they might change the date but we will have to see.

Urgent Appeal to our Members that have not renewed their 2008
Yes we hope that you will renew your membership. We are growing day by day and our
numbers are starting to be noticed by many Canadians as we are the 3rd largest
contingent of Armed Forces in the history of Canada and we hope to find the remaining
300.000 NATO Veterans. Our Annual Dues are only $ 10. but you can also take out a “
Life Time Membership “ at a cost of $ 100. So far 43 members have done so and they are
always paid up. Just check out your card and if it says EXP 15 Oct than you have not paid
up as well. Please send your dues to NATO Veterans Organization, 332-25 McKnight St,
Fredericton NB, E3A 9V4. We accept a cheques or money order or even cash

We will send you all a personal letter later this month.

Can we reach our Goal of 1000 Members by 4 April 2009.
As of today the 1 Sep we have 760 members and we are still growing every day.
However we need your help and I have attached a membership form on this news letter
and would it not be nice if everyone that is now a member get at least one new member.
For the 156 members that are not on a computer I will enclose an application form on one
side English on the other side is the French application form. Yes you will get answers
like I am a member of so many organizations etc but you have to outline the benefits that
they will get a newsletter every 2 month, we have members all over the world, we have
our own website and are listed first on Google So please help us reach our Goal.

The Maple Leaf Forever

We are proposing that the NATO Veterans Organization, will adopt the March, the
Maple Leaf Forever as our “March”. We are only adopting the Music and not the lyrics.
That makes it 3 units in Military history adopting this march as theirs. Besides us the
“Queens Own Rifles and the Royal Westminster Regiment” have them as their
Regimental march. Anne Murray sang this song in Maple Leaf Gardens on the closing of
the Gardens in Toronto and is as follows:

The Maple Leaf Forever                           Sur mers sauvages ou glaciers durs,
                                                 Tant d’héros se sont suivis,
O ’land of blue unending skies,                  En conquérant la peur, le froid,
Mountains strong and sparkling snow,             Et les tempêtes de leurs vies,
A scent of freedom in the wind,                  Et tant de braves, rouges ou blancs,
O’er the emerald fields below.                   Reposent ici ensemble,
To thee we brought our hopes, our dreams,        De noble sang, de tant de neige,
For thee we stand together, our land of peace,   Est née la feuille d’érable,
Where proudly flies, The Maple Leaf forever!
                                                 De leurs exploits, de leurs travaux,
Long may it wave,and grace our own,              Et leur courage sublime,
Blue skies and stormy weather,                   Dans leurs vieux rêves réunis,
Within my heart, above my home,
The Maple Leaf forever

From East and West, our heroes came,
Through icy fields and frozen bays,
Who conquered fear, and cold, and hate,
And their ancient wisdom says:
Protect the weak, defend your rights,
And build this land together,
                                                 Puisons nouvelles racines
Above which shines the Northern Lights,
And the Maple Leaf Forever!
                                                 Sur nos montages, dans nos prairies,
                                                 A travers temps et sable,
                                                 Aimons toujours la fleur de lys,
                                                 Toujours, la feuille d’érable
Oh, Maple Leaf, around the world,
You speak as you rise high above,
Of courage, peace and quiet strength,
Of the Canada I love.
Remind us all our union bound,
By ties we cannot sever,
Bright flag revered on every ground,
The Maple Leaf forever


Sacrifice Medal

Background The Sacrifice Medal was created to recognize a member of the Canadian
Forces, a member of an allied force, or a Canadian civilian under the authority of the
Canadian Forces who, as of October 7, 2001, died or was wounded under honourable
circumstances as a direct result of hostile action.
Applications A commanding officer will submit an application through the usual military
chain of command for eligible members of their unit.
Sacrifice Medal Description: the Medal consists of a silver circular medal that is 36 mm
across, has a claw at the top of it in the form of the Royal Crown, and is attached to a
straight slotted bar.
• On the obverse of the Medal appears a contemporary effigy of Her Majesty the Queen
of Canada, facing right, wearing a Canadian diadem composed alternately of maple
leaves and snow flakes, and circumscribed with the inscriptions “ELIZABETH II DEI
GRATIA REGINA” and “CANADA”, separated by small maple leaves, and
• on the reverse of the Medal appears a representation of the statue named “Canada” –that
forms part of the Canadian National Vimy Memorial – facing right, overlooking the
horizon. The inscription “SACRIFICE” appears in the lower right half of the Medal.
• The Medal is suspended from a watered ribbon that is 32 mm in width, consisting of a
10-mm black stripe in the middle that is flanked by 11-mm red stripes, on which are
centred 1-mm white stripes.
• The bar to the Medal is in silver with raised edges and shall bear a centred, single silver
maple leaf overall. The Medal shall be engraved on the edge with the service number,
rank, forename initials and surname of any military recipient or with the forenames and
surname of any civilian recipient.
Wearing: The Medal shall be worn following the Royal Victorian Medal (R.V.M.), in the
order of precedence in the Canadian Honours System. For more information on the
wearing of orders, decorations and medals.

Our Commends This medal is a bit of an insult to all the NATO causalities that the
NATO Forces suffered during the Cold War in Europe from 1949 till 2002. We buried
the 570 members of the Armed Forces in the 44 Cemetery’s in Europe and yes we were
under the treat of Communism and the hostile action. If you have a look at some of their
young ages, Lambert JRJJ age 25 Flight Officer died in 1956, Shruiff NJ age 22 Flight
Officer died in 1959, Reid RR age 20 Gunner died in 1966, just to name a few.

Again we as NATO Forces during the COLD WAR are forgotten and by passed. I have
written our objection to the Gov General about the arbitrary date of October 7 2001, to
qualify for this medal. All these that died and were wounded during these NATO warfare
should also be honoured and so the date should be back dated to when NATO was started
4 April 1949.

Legion notes from their 42nd Dominion Convention in Ottawa

So here are some of the points. 1. They urges the Federal government to declare VIMY
Ridge as a National federal holiday. 2. Recommends the CF repay veterans in the same
manner as still serving members for the court of mounting medals. 3. Ask VAC to review
the entire medical file of applicants seeking redress for hearing loss and/or tinnitus
related to service, since some were tested upon release with primitive equipment unable
to detect hearing loss due to noise exposure. 4. Amends the Legion Dress regulations to
permit Legion members their former/current unit or Regt blazer badge on the lower right
pocket of their Legion blazer 5. Permit members in parade can wear Cdn or Allied
Headdress complete with their service badge instead of Legion badge 6. Urges that the
National Flag remain upright, erect and proud during the National and Royal Anthem,
and not displayed in an inferior position to any other flag 7.Ask the Federal government
to create a Canadian Cold War Commemorative Medal for veterans with at least 3 years
Cold War service

As you can see They have done some things right but more has to be done to sway us
over to amalgamate us with them.

Letter Writing to Many
It seems that this weekend 6-7 Sep became the time to climb into my writing mood and I
send letters to the Governor General asking her to make more veterans eligible to receive
the Sacrifice Medal. As well I asked her why She did not reply on my letter of 28 May. I
also send a copy of the Sacrifice medal to Min of Defence and Veterans Affairs. Wrote to
RCL Dominion Command on the motion of a Cold War Commemorative Medal,
CWCM, that have received at their convention and our change was to make the eligibility
from 3 years to 2 years as many served in the 50,s for only 2 years

Closing notes from your International President

It seems that the title is getting bigger but we are now also having veterans joining that
have served in other Country’s like England, USA, Switzerland etc. We are sending this
Newsletter out early as we have already 6 pages of news. It sad part is that in this news
letter we are remember 11 Comrades that have laid their life on the line in Afghanistan
and that is a total of 96 We are working to get a base ball cap in our Kit shop with our
Hat Badge crest on it for a cost of $ 15-20.The Organizations tie is at this moment on the
back burner but maybe the future will be different. No word yet on the 60th Anniversary
of NATO celebrated in Ottawa and I will send you the news as soon as I get it. Pleas
advertise our organization to other Veterans. All it takes is to have them fill out an
application form and collect the $ 10.00 dues. I will be in Truro on Friday 26 Sep in the
Legion and I am staying at the Holiday Inn, Come and visit us, I have pins and badges
with me. Editor….. Thom