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									                     SUMMER CELEBRATION!

    A Tradition of Summertime Fun
    Travel through time as we celebrate the best parts of popular decades past
    at Summer Celebration! 2010. Break out those bellbottoms, bust a move
    with some disco groove, grow some Elvis sideburns, tie your saddle shoes or
    dig out your acid wash jeans…we are in for a blast from the past! The City
    is celebrating its 50th birthday this year so watch for some rollback fun from
    our incorporation year of 1960. Can you believe it has been 20 years for
    Summer Celebration! festivals? 2010 marks our 20th Anniversary….hooray
    for Summer Celebration!

    July 10th and 11th 2010
    Festival Hotline: 206.275.7857

    FIREWORKS on Saturday, July 10th. Join us for a special
    “Happy 50th Birthday Mercer Island” fireworks show.

    Presented by the City of Mercer Island with the             Clowns Unlimited Wristbands for Inflatable rides:
    generous support of business and community
    sponsors.                                                    Weekend Everything Pass (includes Fireworks
    Events include:                                              Festivities and Train Rides) - $28.00
        · Community Parade
                                                                 Single Day Pass for Mercerdale (Train not
        · Live bands and entertainers
                                                                 included)- $15.00 per day
        · Street Fair (food booths, arts and crafts
          marketplace, non- profit booths, and sponsor            Evening Fireworks Show at Luther Burbank Pass
          booths)                                                - $7.00
        · Teen Scene (Amps & Ramps- Teen Music                   Individual Ride Tickets (both Mercerdale &
          Celebration and Skate Competition)                     Luther Burbank)- $2.00 per ride
        · 3 on 3 Basketball Youth Tournament
        · Children’s Fun Zone (inflatable rides, hands on        Wristbands can be purchased at the Community
          art, games and more)                                  Center at Mercer View during regular operating
        · Car Show                                              hours from July 1st through July 10th only. Sales
        · MIVAL Junior Arts Show                                end just before closing (8:45pm) on July 10th.
        · Rotary Club Pancake Breakfast
        · Luther Burbank Saturday evening
          Fireworks & Festivities                               Call for Artisans/Crafters,
        · Boat Rides around the island
                                                                Food Vendors and Sponsors!
                                                                Applications are now available for the arts & crafts
    Back by popular demand! Inflatable rides                     marketplace and food faire vendors for Summer
                                                                Celebration! Excellent sponsorship opportunities for
                                                                individuals, businesses and organizations provide high
    Don’t want to stand in long lines to get your tickets       visibility, target marketing/promotions, and community
    or wristbands for Summer Celebration’s children’s           recognition. Download the crafter prospectus, food
    inflatable rides? You can pre-purchase wristbands            vendor application, or a sponsorship portfolio online at
    at the Community Center at Mercer View the week             misummercelebration.com or call 206-275-7857 with
    before our festival. Note: wristbands and individual        questions.
    ride tickets will still be available at the festival.

                                                        TABLE OF CONTENTS

   A welcome from our new Parks and
                                                              SPECIAL EVENTS                                    pg. 5
   Recreation Director:
                                                              ARTS COUNCIL                                      pg. 8
                                On behalf of the
                                Mercer Island Parks           CAMPS                                             pg. 13
                                and Recreation
                                Department, I would           PRE-SCHOOL                                        pg. 25
                                like to invite you to
                                participate in one            YOUTH                                             pg. 29
                                of our many fun
                                filled activities here
                                                              TEENS                                             pg. 33
                                on the island. It is          SPECIAL NEEDS                                     pg. 34
                                with great pleasure
                                that I bring my 25            ADULT                                             pg. 35
                                years of parks and
                                recreation experience         55 +                                              pg. 52
                                to such a wonderful
   community. I have been truly impressed with the            YOUTH & FAMILY SERVICES                           pg. 56
   people, the programs and the many parks within
   our beautiful city boundaries. I look forward to           POOL                                              pg. 60
   meeting you as I walk our trails, participate in
   our festivals and visit our many fine recreational
   programs. Please feel free to give me a call,
   send me an e-mail or set up a meeting if you
   would like to visit.                                      GYM HOTLINE!
   Bruce Fletcher, Director                                  The gym is scheduled for open play basketball on:
   Mercer Island Parks and Recreation
                                                             Mon. 3pm - 5pm
                                                             Wed. 2:30pm - 4:30pm
                                                             Fri. 2:30pm - 5pm
  Code Of Conduct                                            Sat. 3:30pm - 4:30pm and 7pm - 10pm
                                                             Sun. 2pm - 3:30pm
  The City of Mercer Island Parks & Recreation
  Department promotes an atmosphere of harmony and
                                                             Call the gym hotline for other additional times.
  understanding at the facilities, programs and events and
  requests participants and spectators to observe a Code
  of Conduct. A copy of the Code of Conduct is available
                                                             All times are subject to change.
  online at www.miparks.net, is posted at the Community
  Center, and is issued by instructors to participants.

                                                             ADA ACCOMODATIONS
  Mission Statement                                          The City of Mercer Island is committed to providing
  The Mercer Island Parks and Recreation                     programs and services accessible to individuals
  Department takes pride in providing the                    with disabilities. Requests for special and
  highest quality facilities and services in                 reasonable accommodations will be considered
  partnership with the community to enhance                  on a case-by-case basis. Alternate formats are
  livability on Mercer Island.                               available upon request by contacting the Parks
                                                             and Recreation Department at 206.275.7609.

Spring/Summer 2010              www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609                                              3
    Parks & Recreation Department                Parks & Recreation Staff              Open Space Conservancy Trust
    Contact Information:                         Parks & Recreation Director           Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday
    Phone: 206.275.7609                          Bruce.Fletcher@mercergov.org          of each month at 6:00pm in the Council
    E-mail: miparks@mercergov.org                                                      Chambers at City Hall, 9611 SE 36th St.
                                                 Parks Operations Superintendent
    Web site: www.miparks.net                    Keith.Kerner@mercergov.org            Don Cohen, Chair
                                                                                       Peter Guyer, Vice Chair
                                                 Recreation Superintendent             Fletch Waller
    Parks & Recreation Offices Located            Diane.Mortenson@mercergov.org         Rita Moore
    At Luther Burbank Park Admin.
                                                 Community Center Manager              Elliot Newman
                                                 Jana.Raasch@mercergov.org             Tina Lanzinger
    2040 84th Ave. SE                                                                  Dan Grausz
    Office Hours:                                 CCMV Operations Supervisor
    Mon.- Fri. 8:30am - 5:00pm                   Harvey.Barnes@mercergov.org
                                                                                       City Council
                                                 Sr. Administrative Assistant          Meetings are held on the 1st & 3rd
    Community Center At Mercer View              Deborah.Alexander@mercergov.org       Mondays of each month in the Council
    8236 SE 24th Street                          Office & Customer Service Coord.       Chambers at City Hall, 9611 SE 36th
                                                 Yvonne.Defty@mercergov.org            Street. Special meetings and study
    Operating Hours:
                                                                                       sessions begin at 6:00pm with regular
    Mon. – Fri.        6:30am – 9:00pm           Administrative Assistant              meetings at 7:00pm.
    Saturday           8:00am – 10:00pm          Eileen.Trifts@mercergov.org
    Sunday             11:00am – 6:00pm                                                Jim Pearman, Mayor
    For rental guidelines and fees go to         Arts and Events Coordinator           El Jahncke, Deputy Mayor
    www.mercergov.org/ccmv and select            Amber.Britton@mercergov.org           Mike Grady
    “rental information”.                                                              Dan Grausz
                                                 Recreation Coordinator
                                                                                       Steve Litzow
                                                                                       Mike Cero
    Holiday Office & Facility Closures            Vol. & Senior Resources Coordinator   Bruce Bassett
    April 4 Easter                               Jeannette.Eggebrecht@mercergov.org
    May 31  Memorial Day                         Recreation Coordinator                Mercer Island Arts Council
    July 4  Independence Day                     Ryan.Daly@mercergov.org               The Arts Council meets on the 2nd
    July 5  Open for Drop in Play
                                                 Parks Manager                         Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm at
            only; 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
                                                 Aaron.Heyer@mercergov.org             the Community Center at Mercer View.
    Sept. 6 Labor Day
                                                                                       Jane Ditzler, Chair
                                                 Natural Resources Coordinator
                                                                                       Helen Martin, Vice Chair
                                                 Paul West.@mercergov.org
      Inclement Weather Policy                                                         Katalin Pearman
      Mercer Island Parks and Recreation         Forest Steward                        Judith Powers Leithe
      classes and programs are cancelled         Alaine.Sommargren@mercergov.org       Beth Brennen
      when Mercer Island Schools are             Trails Specialist                     Kevin Curry
      closed due to inclement weather.           Justin.Howell@mercergov.org           Ellen Hochberg
      We are open when schools have                                                    Fred Poyner
      a delayed opening. If weather              Park Maintenance, Generalist          Sara Liberty-Laylin
      is questionable, please call               Casey.Troy@mercergov.org              Pam Rock
      206.275.7609. Make-up classes,             Park Maintenance, Generalist          Vacancy
      when feasible, will be arranged within     Ken.Brooks@mercergov.org              Staff Liaisons: Amber Britton & Eileen Trifts
      the session. Please note that refunds
      will not be given.                         Park Maintenance
                                                 Marilyn Anderson                      Senior Commission
                                                 Jeff Roberts                          The Senior Commission meets on the
      Room Rentals: If inclement weather
                                                 Brad Johnson                          third Tuesday of the month, 7:00pm –
      affects the ability of the Community
                                                 Jason Kintner                         9:00pm, September to November and
      Center to operate properly, and we
                                                                                       January to June at the Community Center
      need to cancel a room rental, we will      Facility Scheduler
                                                                                       at Mercer View. Mercer Island residents
      contact your rental group and provide      Merrill.Schadt@mercergov.org
                                                                                       55 or older are eligible to apply to serve
      a partial refund. If your group needs to
                                                                                       on the Senior Commission.
      cancel due to inclement weather, the
      cancellation policy will be in effect.                                           Peter Bailey - Chair
                                                                                       Susan Guralnick
                                                                                       Tom Kenworthy
                                                                                       Eve Green
                                                                                       Lee Vierling
                                                                                       Sid Weiner
                                                                                       Harriet Weiss

                                                                                       For more information email
                                                                                       Ali.Spietz@mercergov.org at the City
                                                                                       Manager’s office.
                                                                 SPECIAL EVENTS

Leap for Green Family Fair!!!                                  Spring Eggs-travaganza!
The 3rd Annual Leap for Green Earth Day Celebration            Lil’ Ones Egg Hunt
offers more fun than ever for kids of all ages! Join the       Hop on over to Mercerdale Park for the annual Eggs-
Reptile Man, award-winning artist Marita Dingus, Full          travaganza Egg hunt just for the little ones! Our resident
Circle Farm, Veraci Pizza and more for an exciting day of      bunny has been hard at work putting together eggs, candy,
hula-hooping, music, art projects, movies and inspiring        and prizes for everyone and plans to make a special visit
ways to be kinder to the environment. It’s also Leap the       to the egg hunts to say “hello”. Bring a basket and your
Frog’s birthday! Bring the whole family! Let’s celebrate!      sweet tooth and get ready to hunt for goodies. Find a
Participants are encouraged to bring a non-perishable food     golden egg for an “eggstra” special surprise. A separate
item to donate to the Mercer Island Food Pantry. Sponsored     section will be reserved for the 1 to 3 year old hunters.
by the City of Mercer Island and IslandVision. For more        Please, no children over the age of 6.
information, please visit www.mercergov.org/leapforgreen
                                                                 Ages:           1 – 6 yrs.
  Date:           Saturday, April 24                             Day:            Saturday
  Time:           10am - 2pm                                     Date:           April 3
  Location:       Community Center at Mercer View                Time:           3:00pm SHARP!
  Fee:            FREE                                           Location:       Mercerdale Park

Interested in helping with Leap for Green? Please call
Joy Johnston at 206.275.7791 or email joy.johnston@            Flashlight Egg Hunt
mercergov.org.                                                 That’s right! This one is done in the dark and was created
                                                               exclusively for older kids! Bring your flashlight and a
                                                               basket to haul off your loot. Lots of eggs, candy and prizes
YouPowered Events Coming in 2010!                              for everyone. Find the golden egg during our Eggs-
Ride a bike or walk! Join your friends and neighbors at        travaganza for an “eggstra” special surprise.
exciting YouPowered events on Mercer Island throughout
2010:                                                            Ages:           7 – 10 yrs.
    • April 24, 10am to 2pm - Leap for Green at the              Day:            Saturday
       Community Center                                          Date:           April 3
    • June 5, 10am to 2pm - Festival at the South                Time:           8:30pm SHARP!
       Island Shopping Area (in partnership with National        Location:       Mercerdale Park
       Trails Day and MI Letterbox Adventures)

And coming this fall…a special YouPowered event at the
Mercer Island Farmers Market
                                                               National Trails Day “Trail Trek”-
Everyone is encouraged to bike or walk to these events.        Renaissance in the Forest
There are lots of great biking and walking trails throughout    In honor of National Trails Day, Pioneer Park will go
Mercer Island. It’s healthy, refreshing, and a great way to    “Medieval” for a special themed trail event. Activities
explore this wonderful community!                              will include a fun Renaissance story along the trail,
                                                               letterboxing adventures kick-off, arts & crafts, Elizabethan
YouPowered events are sponsored by the Mercer Island           games, and other Medieval surprises. Come all ye lads
Green Ribbon Commission. For more information,                 and lasses to Trails Day at ye merry Pioneer Park…t’will
call 206-275-7791 or visit www.mercergov.org/                  be a grand day indeed.
GreenRibbonCommission. Don’t miss the fun…and the
fun getting there powered by you!                                Ages:           Open to all (activities will be
                                                                                 geared for ages 4 to 12)
                                                                 Day:            Saturday
               Mercer Island Letterbox Adventures                Date:           June 5
                Letterboxing is a new fun way to explore         Time:           10:00am - 12:00pm
                outdoors! This spring, letterboxes will          Location:       Pioneer Park- NW quadrant along
                be popping up in Pioneer Park, and it’s                          68th (picnic area across from QFC-
                your job to find them! Follow the clues                           South end)- watch for colored balloons.
                through the forest, and make a print of the
                hidden stamps in your notepad. For more
information, visit www.mercergov.org/letterboxing. Look
for upcoming letterboxing activities at Leap for Green and
National Trails Day Event!

Spring/Summer 2010               www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609                                               5

Aquafina Major League Baseball Pitch, Hit and
Run Competition Event
The Parks and Recreation Department and the Boys and
Girls Club will be hosting Mercer Island’s first Pitch, Hit &
Run baseball and softball competition for boys and girls.
Join us for a day of fun festivities! Swing a bat, toss a      Mountains to Sound “Greenway Days
ball and run as fast as you can! Concessions and other         From the peak of the Cascade Mountains to the shores
entertainment provided, visit www.miparks.net and go to        of Puget Sound, communities along I-90 will celebrate
special events for future details or www.positiveplace.org.    the beauty and amenities that the Mountains to Sound
                                                               Greenway System provides. Greenway day activities and
                                                               events are designed to get participants off the beaten
    Day:          Saturday
                                                               path to explore the region’s natural, historic, and cultural
    Date:         May 8
    Time:         11am - 1pm
    Age:          7 - 14 yrs.
                                                               Events on Mercer Island Include:
    Location:     South Mercer Playfields
                                                               “Let’s Go Fishing” Ages: 8 to 13 (with an adult) and
                                                               includes learning fishing techniques, tying bait, casting
Special Instructions: All participants are required to         etc. Participants enjoy a day of fishing after instruction and
complete a participation form and submit a birth certificate.   take home a small fishing kit. Pre-registration for fishing
Go to www.miparks.net to download form. Or visit the           program required. (minimum 6, maximum 22)
Community Center at Mercer View or Boys and Girls Club.
                                                                 Date:           June 19 and June 20
                                                                 Day:            Saturday
Senior Spring Brunch and Pancake Toss                            Date:           June 19
Spring Showers Bring May Flowers ….and Pancakes!                 Fee:            $22.00 For full details see
Come celebrate spring with a hearty brunch and Pancake                           Let’s Go Fishing” page 30!
Toss. All your favorites and a special game too. Call
206.275.7609 to reserve your spot.

    Day:          Thursday                                     Kayak Academy and Issaquah Paddle Sports
    Date:         May 13                                       present: “Free Kayak Rides for family and
    Time:         10:30am – 12:00pm                            friends!”
    Course #      10966                                        First timers can paddle in double sit-on-top kayaks (a
    Age:          55+                                          small child can ride with two adults).
    Fee:          $5.00                                        Rides limited to 20 minutes. All participants must
    Location:     Comm. Ctr., Mercer Room                      know how to swim. Waiver forms required prior to
                                                               participation. For a fun family adventure turn to page 31
                                                               for Kayak Tour info.

Mercer Island Farmers Market Returns for a                       Day:            Sunday
                                                                 Date:           June 20
3rd Season!                                                      Time:           1:00-3:00pm
                                                                 Fee:            FREE
    Date:        June 20th - October 17th (Plus a
                 special pre-Thanksgiving market)
    Day:         Sundays 11am – 3pm
                 (closed 7/11 and 8/1)
                                                               National Senior Citizen’s Day Celebration – FREE!
    Location:    SE 32nd Street at Mercerdale Park
                                                               Enjoy this special day as we celebrate the older citizens
    Information: www.mifarmersmarket.org
                                                               of M.I. We’ll have free activities and a BBQ lunch.
                                                               Transportation available. Call 275.7609 to reserve your
                                                               spot for lunch and request a ride.

    See Summer Carnival Pg. 22                                   Day:            Thursday
                                                                 Date:           August 19
                                                                 Time:           10:30am – 1:00pm
                                                                 Course #:       10966
                                                                 Age:            55+
                                                                 Fee:            FREE for Seniors
                                                                 Location:       Comm. Ctr., Mercer Room

                                                                  SPECIAL EVENTS

All-Island Track Meet Sponsored by MI Rotary                    Fun Mobile – Recreation on-the-go!
It’s the 40th Annual All-Island Track Meet for 4th and 5th      3 Days a Week in the Parks!
grade boys and girls. Start training for the qualifying meets   Catch us if you can! We are Fun on the Run bringing
scheduled at each elementary school. Come cheer on our          amazing activities to your neighborhoods, parks, camps
local youth. The All-Island Track Meet FINALS will be           and beaches. The Fun Mobile will arrive ready to P-L-A-Y:
Friday, June 11 at MI High School. (Early dismissal day)        games, activities and wacky relays, you name it!!! These
Qualifying Meets:                                               crazy camp crashers will POP in and get you energized
                                                                and PUMPED UP!! Look for a detailed calendar of when
School:          Date:         Time:         Location:
                                                                and where this Wacky Fun crew will be! Keep your eyes
Lakeridge        April 21      3:30pm –      South Mercer       peeled for more information to come. It’s fun and it’s
                               5:00pm        Playfields          FREE! www.mifunmobile.com
Island Park      May 6         3:30pm –      Island Crest
                               5:00pm        Park
West Mercer      May 13        3:30pm –      Homestead          Deane’s Park Adventure Playground
                               5:00pm        Park               Come to Deane’s Children’s Park this summer and create
                                                                your own adventure. Thanks to a grant from Mercer Island
                                                                Preschool Association, the playground will be a new
                                                                place for build-it-yourself play. Make a spaceship, a fort or
                                   The Northwest                anything you can imagine with the help of our Funmobile
                                   Senior Games                 staff. The creations will grow over the summer and be
                                    Let the games begin!        available for play between Funmobile sessions. Sessions
                                    Don’t miss out on this      will be open to 7 – 12 yr. olds, and younger children with
event that gives people age 50 and better the opportunity       a participating parent. Check out the Funmobile calendar
to participate in social, competitive and recreational          to find out when we’re playing. Adventure Play is also
athletic events. The goal is to promote an interest in          available for parties.
lifetime sports, recreation and physical activity that helps
maintain and improve health. Sports and activities offered:
Track and Field, Ice Hockey, Swimming, Badminton, Table         Neighborhood Parties!
Tennis, Tennis,Pickleball (at the Community Center at           Have the fun come to you! Now you can book the
Mercer View), Cycling (on Mercer Island), Fencing, Half         Funmobile for your neighborhood parties and make
Marathon Walk, Line Dance and Ballroom Dance. For               your event really something to remember. Why worry
information or to VOLUNTEER, call 206-755-3588 or go            about how to keep the kids busy when you can have the
online to www.northwestseniorgames.org. Registration            professionals of fun swing in and lead the activities?!?!
forms will be available April 15, 2010.                         To book your party, give the “Funphone” a call at
                                                                206.793.7185. Limited space available, call early to
                                                                reserve your spot!
Teen Music Celebration!                                         Fee: $50/hr
Live on stage in Mercerdale Park local teen bands will
show off their talent in the Music Celebration, part of the
Summer Celebration weekend! Bands are judged by                 Outdoor Movies
local talent, and prizes given. There is an 8 band limit,       Family Films are shown on a giant inflatable screen in
so register early! Interested bands should call Katie           Mercerdale Park. Participants should bring blankets, lawn
Borden at 206-275-7862 for details.                             chairs, and flashlights. Concession treats are sold on
                                                                site. Movies are cancelled during inclement weather. Call
  Age:            High School & Middle School                   the Community Center at Mercer View at 206.275.7609 to
                  Students                                      confirm cancellations on bad weather days.
  Day:            Sunday
  Date:           July 11                                         Day:            Saturday
  Fee:            FREE!                                           Dates:          Aug. 14 & Aug. 28
  Location:       Mercerdale Park                                 Time:           Dusk (approximate times: 8/14-
                                                                                  9:00pm, 8/22- 8:30pm)
                                                                  Location:       Mercerdale Park
                                                                  Movies:         TBA/Check our website in July

Spring/Summer 2010                www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609                                               7

                                 Mercer Island Arts              Much Ado About Nothing: Directed by Sheila Daniels
                                 Council                         In Much Ado About Nothing, when the men return
                                   The mission of the Mercer     victorious from war the women are ready and waiting for
                                   Island Arts Council is to     romance. Couples form and weddings are planned. All is
                                   nurture, promote, and         going smoothly in this delightful comedy until a jealous
                                   implement high quality        brother sets a lie in motion. Suddenly rivals Beatrice
arts and cultural activities for the enrichment of the           and Benedick must join forces to save the honor of an
community of Mercer Island. The Mercer Island Arts               innocent girl. With sparkling prose, Much Ado About
Council was established in 1985 as an advisory board to          Nothing illustrates the beauty and complexity of human
the City Council. The Arts Council meets on the second           relationships and will win your heart again and again.
Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm at the Community               All performances begin at 7:00pm except where noted
Center at Mercer View. The public is encouraged to               with a (*).
attend!                                                          Performance Dates: July 8, 9, 10*, 15, 16, 17, 18*
                                                                 *Special July 10th performance as a part of Summer
Arts Council Programs include:                                     Celebration! (Luther Burbank Amphitheater @ 2pm)
    Indoor Art Gallery
    Outdoor Sculpture Park                                       *Special July 18 performance at 2pm for double feature
    3rd Thursday Art Walk                                        event.
    Mostly Music in the Park
    Meet the Author
    Public Art Additions                                         Othello: Directed by Vanessa Miller
    Shakespeare in the Park                                      Shakespeare’s Othello is a tragedy of a deception taken
    Classics on Film                                             a step too far. After the high-ranking general Othello
    Veteran’s Appreciation                                       bypasses Lago for a promotion, the cunning manipulator
    Shakespeare’s Birthday                                       enacts his revenge. By playing on the Moor’s insecurities,
    Community Grants                                             Lago paints a false vision of Othello’s unfaithful wife
                                                                 Desdemona which leads to a murderous fit of jealousy.
Visit: www.mercergov.org/artscouncil for information on          All performances begin at 7:00pm except where noted
the Arts Council and upcoming programs.                          with a (*).
                                                                 Performance Dates: July 18*, 22, 23, 24, 29, 30, 31
                                                                 July 18 special performance time at 7:00pm for double
                                                                 feature event.
Shakespeare In The Park
“Summer Outdoor Theatre”
Sponsored by the Mercer Island Arts Council, Wooden-O
                                                                   Shakespeare Special Double Feature Event:
Theater presents two plays from Shakespeare for a total
                                                                   Join us on Sunday July 18th for a special day of
of 14 performances. The plays take place at the Luther
                                                                   Shakespeare performances where you can see
Burbank Park amphitheater on beautiful evenings in July.
                                                                   both plays in one day! “Much Ado About Nothing” at
With open seating, the Wooden-O Theater Company brings
                                                                   2:00pm, “Othello” at 7:00pm.
the Shakespeare plays to life engaging audiences of all ages.
Pack a picnic dinner or get take-out from local merchants and
join us at Luther Burbank Park with your friends and neighbors
for an evening of Shakespearean delight.                         Classics on Film
                                                                 Adam’s Rib (1949- 97 minutes)
                                                                 Written by: Ruth Gordon; Directed by: George Cukor
                                                                 Starring Spencer Tracy;Katherine Hepburn

                                                                   Day:           Saturday
                                                                   Date:          April 3
                                                                   Time:          7:30pm
                                                                   Location:      Aljoya Theater

                                                                       ARTS COUNCIL

Pioneers of Cinema - A 3-Part Film and Lecture                From The Streets Of Shakespeare To The Court
Series                                                        Of Elizabeth
Lance Rhoades, Director of Literary’s Classics on Film        Tames Alan has been a speaker for the Washington State
Program, will present a fascinating multi-media program       Commission for the Humanities and is a favorite performer
about the artists and entrepreneurs, in front and behind      for our Literary Program. She first appears in an authentic
the cameras, who shaped the early days of Hollywood film       lower-middle class Elizabethan costume and, after a
making.                                                       fascinating discussion of that lifestyle, changes into an
                                                              authentic 62-piece court gown, on stage, and becomes a
  Days:           Saturdays                                   grand lady who probably watched Shakespearean plays
  Dates:          May 1, 15, and 29                           performed for Queen Elizabeth. Birthday cake and ice
  Time:           7:30pm                                      cream following the performance.
  Location:       Aljoya Theater
                                                                Day:            Saturday
  May 1:          The Entrepreneurs: Mack Sennett               Date:           April 17th
                  - created the Keystone Cops;                  Time:           2:00pm
                  discovered Charlie Chapman;                   Location:       Aljoya Theater
                  Buster Keaton and Gloria Swanson
  May 15:         The Inventors: Developers of
                  cinematic sound to the 1st “Talkie”
  May 29:         The Talent: Featuring Mary                  Shakespeare And His Contemporaries:
                  Pickford, America’s Sweetheart
                  and brilliant businesswoman!                Playwriting In The 16th Century
                                                              Jeffrey Woolley, Director of Literary’s Shakespeare and
                                                              Friends, is a Shakespearean and Renaissance Scholar.
                                                              Woolley, a Mercer Island native, is a gifted speaker and
                                                              educator. His insightful observations inspire his audiences
Literary Lecture Series                                       to re-read, re-think, and experience anew the genius of
Back To The Greeks - Two-Part Series                          Shakespeare.
Lance Rhoades, a Comparative English and Media
Scholar, will present our two-part series on the Greeks of      Day:            Saturday
antiquity and their development of a basis for interpreting     Date:           April 17th
the world as they experienced it. Since that time, the          Time:           3:15pm
western world has followed in their footsteps, each age         Location:       Aljoya Conference Center
determining its aesthetic values in part by discovering
aspects of the Ancient Greek legacy. Multimedia
presentations and discussions.
                                                              Cartoons And Popcorn For Families
Part One: Greek Art          Thursday, April 15th at          Families of all ages are welcome to join us before the
and Philosophy               7:00pm                           showing of Othello for a special showing of cartoons
Part Two: Homer’s            Thursday, April 29th at          before Othello begins.Popcorn is provided.
Odyssey                      7:00pm
Location:                    Aljoya Conference Center,          Day:            Sunday
                             2430 SE 76th, Mercer               Date:           April 18th
                             Island                             Time:           12:30pm
                                                                Location:       Aljoya Theater

Shakespeare’s 446th Birthday Party -
Two-Day Event!
Join us for our annual celebration of William
Shakespeare’s birthday. There will be wonderful
performances, lectures, popcorn and cartoons for families,
a film of a Shakespearean play, and birthday cake and ice
cream for all!

Spring/Summer 2010               www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609                                           9

Othello - Film (1952 - 91minutes)
Written by: William Shakespeare
Production, Direction and Screenplay by: Orson Welles
Starring: Orson Welles (as Othello)
Lance Rhoades will introduce the film, and provide behind
the scenes and history of the making of Othello, one of
two plays performed live this summer at Mercer Island’s
Luther Burbank Park during our Annual Shakespeare in
the Park program.

  Day:            Sunday
  Date:           April 18th
  Time:           1:30 pm
  Location:       Aljoya Theater

                                                                Indoor Art Gallery
                                                                The Indoor Gallery displays beautiful paintings and art
Literary Programs                                               work of regional visual artists at the Community Center at
                                                                Mercer View located at 8236 SE 24th Street. The Indoor
                                                                gallery is open to the public with the exhibits updated
  Note: All Literary programs (Classics on Films, Literary      approximately every six weeks. The art work is for sale
  Lectures, Shakespeare’s Birthday Celebration) are             with a percentage of the sales going to support arts and
  open to the public and will be held at Aljoya Conference      cultural programming of the Mercer Island Arts Council.
  Center and Theater, 2430 SE 76th, Mercer Island.
  Parking for events is available in the lot between Aljoya
                                                                2010 Upcoming Exhibits:
  and the Drive Thru Starbucks (watch for the A-board           Monday, March 29 – Friday, May 7
  advertising Aljoya parking). Additional free parking is       NW Collage Society
  available in the lot directly across 76th from Aljoya.        Committed to advancing the stature of collage as a major
  For this lot pick up ticket from the Aljoya’s receptionist,   art medium
  write your car description or license # on the back, and
  place it in the ticket box located in the lot.                Monday, May 10 – Friday, June 18
                                                                Martin Anderson/Joan Boyle/Marilyn Burkhardt
                                                                Three artists from Oregon representing different topics
                                                                and mediums
Thank our Veterans!
Once again, the Veterans from the Island will lead Mercer       Monday, June 21 – Friday, July 30
Island’s Summer Celebration Parade. They will march to          Eastside Association of Fine Arts
the entrance of Mercerdale Park and meet at the beautiful       Well-established organization for Puget Sound area multi-
VETERANS PERGOLA for a grateful community’s chance to           media artists
say, “Thank you!” A special performance will feature Mercer
Island singers “The Raretones,” sponsored by Aljoya.            Monday, August 2 – Friday, September 10
                                                                Jose Orantes/Blanca Santander
                                                                ‘Urban Naïve’ art by two well-known native Central and
                                                                South American artists
I-90 Outdoor Sculpture Gallery
Walk through and enjoy the art sculptures at our award
winning Sculpture Gallery. The I-90 sculpture gallery is
located between 77th Ave. SE and 80th Ave. SE on the
Lid. Many of the sculptures are available for sale. For
more information on purchasing a sculpture contact the
Parks and Recreation Office at 206-275-7609. Watch in
2010 for new and exciting sculptures to be added as we
celebrate the end of major town center construction.

                                                                       ARTS COUNCIL

3rd Thursday Event Schedule 2010                             2010 Concert Dates (Sundays & Thursdays):
The 3rd Thursday Community Art Walk is a fun, family
event designed to promote local artists, and walk-ability    Sunday, July 18             Nowhere Men
in the town center. Meet your local business owners,                                     Beatles Tribute Music
tantalizing tastings, entertainment and culture. The event   Note: The City of Mercer Island was incorporated on July 18,
is every 3rd Thursday from 5:30pm – 8:00pm from May to       1960. Join us at 6 pm for a Special Birthday party celebration
October; watch for the orange balloons and pick up your      prior to the 7pm concert.
participant map at QFC or your copy of the Mercer Island
Reporter.                                                    Thursday, July 22           Magnolia Road
                                                                                         60’s Rock ‘n Roll
                                                             Sunday, July 25             Moodswings
  May 20               BBQ Blues and Brews
                                                                                         All Woman Jazz Band
  June 17              Kids Art Fan Fare
  July 15              Mercer Island 50th Birthday Fun       Thursday, July 29           Show Brazil
  August 19            Arts Council 25th Anniversary                                     Brazilian Music
                       & Street Bazaar
  September 16         Alive After 5                         Sunday, August 1            Cornucopia Concert Band
  October 21           Harvest Festival                                                  Music of Ragtime Era

  Fee:                 Free                                  Thursday, August 5          Spirit of Ojah
  Location:            Town Center                                                       African Dance Band
  Time:                5:30pm to 8:00pm
                                                             Sunday, August 8            Freckles Brown
                                                                                         Rhythm and Blues

                                                             Thursday, August 12         Global Village
Mostly Music in the Park                                                                 World Fusion/Latin Jazz
Join us for the Mercer Island Art Council’s annual summer
concert series! Pack a picnic dinner or get takeout from     Thursday, August 15         Kings of Swing
a local merchant and join us at Mercerdale Park for an                                   Big Band Swing Music
evening of entertainment and fun! The concerts are
on Sunday and Thursday evenings at 7:00pm and are            Look for a printed schedule that will be mailed in your
about 1-1/2 hours in length. The bands play under the        May/June utility bill. This schedule is also available on the
covered Veteran’s Recognition Pergola. The concerts          Mercer Island Arts Council website at www.mercergov.org/
feature various bands and artists from our region playing    artscouncil.
a variety of music for every taste. The summer concert
series is sponsored through the generous donations of our
sponsors. NEW for 2010! Shaved ice will be sold at all
warm weather concerts.

Spring/Summer 2010              www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609                                                   11

Happy 25th Anniversary Arts Council!
The Mercer Island Arts Council is excited to celebrate its 25th Anniversary in 2010. The Arts Council was established in 1985
as an advisory board to the City Council on matters related to the arts. For 25 years, Islanders and surrounding communities
have enjoyed a wide range of Arts Council programs and events including the very popular Mostly Music in the Park free
summer concert series, Shakespeare in the Park live plays at the amphitheater, indoor art gallery, outdoor sculpture park,
public art projects visible throughout the city, and many literary programs such as Classics on Films and Meet the Author
events. The Mercer Island Arts Council plans on celebrating their 25th Anniversary in a big way. Watch the Mercer Island
Reporter and visit our website at www.mercergov.org/artscouncil for details on the 2010 Anniversary Celebration to be
announced in May.

Join the Arts Council!
The Mercer Island Arts Council is seeking individuals interested in serving the community through service in the arts. There
are currently 3 vacancies. Arts Council members select the areas in which they would like to focus their service. Program
choices include Mostly Music in the Park, Literary & Shakespeare, Gallery, Public Art, Community Relations and Special
Projects. The mission of the Mercer Island Arts Council is to nurture, promote, and implement high quality arts and cultural
activities for the enrichment of the community of Mercer Island. Interested individuals should contact the City Clerk, Ali Spietz,
at 206-275-7793 or by e-mail at ali.spietz@mercergov.org.

Call For Artists
The Mercer Island Arts Council is hosting a design competition to provide artistic banners that celebrate the programs and
events offered through the Arts Council and City. This is a public art project to be placed on light poles in downtown Mercer
Island. An honorarium of $2500 will be awarded for the selected group of banner designs (1 artist chosen for all 5 designs).
For a complete “Call for Artist” packet which includes descriptions of the banner themes, visit www.mercergov.org/artists or
e-mail amber.britton@mercergov.org.

                                                                  CAMPS - SPORTS

Tiny Tennis Camp                                              Soccer
Have a blast in these four-day week camps! Kids will play     LET’S KICK IT! Learn all about soccer in an interactive
fun and creative games while learning the basic skills of     and entertaining way. The camp staff have put together
tennis, using beach balls, jump ropes and racquets. (Min.     ingenious drills, games, activities and scrimmages that will
Reg. 4)                                                       leave you wanting more and more soccer! At the end of
Age:             3 – 5 yrs                                    the week test your skills with a fun-filled scrimmage with
Days:            Mon. – Thurs.                                the Parents!! GAME ON!
Fee:             $30.00
Location:        Luther Burbank Park, Tennis Courts,
                                                                Date:            June 28 – July 2
                 *Camp 7/26-8/5 at Island Crest Park
                                                                Code:            10989
                                                                Location:        Homestead Park
Code:          Date:                Time:
10995          June 28-July 1       10:45am – 11:15am
10996          June 28-July 1       11:30am – 12:00pm         This week is a SLAM DUNK of a good time, starting with
10997          July 12-15           10:45am – 11:15am         a field trip to the Seattle Storm basketball game! Learn
                                                              all about basketball basics, dribbling, passing, court
10998          July 12-15           11:30am – 12:00pm
                                                              boundaries and more! Come prepared to play some
10999          July 19-22           10:45am – 11:15am         outrageous games and pick up some bouncin’ b-ball
11000          July 19-22           11:30am – 12:00pm         moves.
11001          July 26-29*          10:45am – 11:15am
11002          July 26-29*          11:30am – 12:00pm           Date:            July 6 – 10, (No class Monday 7/5)
11003          Aug. 2-5             10:45am – 11:15am           Code:            10990
                                                                Location:        Park on the Lid, Basketball Courts
11004          Aug. 2-5             11:30am – 12:00pm
                                                                Field Trip:      7/6 Seattle Storm Basketball game.
                                                                                 Meet at CCMV at 9:30am and pick
                                                                                 up at 3:00pm. Bring money for
  LITTLE CHAMPS SPORT CAMP                                                       lunch or a sack lunch.
  Summer time is fun time! Have an outstanding time             Fee:             $67.00
  developing your sports skills at a fun filled camp with
  knowledgeable enthusiastic staff. Each week has a
  different sport theme, learn the basics in a creative       Wacky Week
  way that will spark interest in a variety of activities     Prepare yourself for a FUNTASTIC week of wacky sports!
  while creating life long memories. Little Champs is a       Have a BLAST playing silly games that incorporate a little
  recreational sports camp with emphasis on health,           bit of everything; sports, health, fitness, and how fun they
  wellness and sports FUNdamentals that are age               can be. You never know what to expect during this week
  appropriate. On Fridays we will be showing off the skills   of creative games and activities.
  we learn each week by inviting the parents to play in a
  related game or activity. Each Camper will receive a
  Camp T-shirt.                                                 Date:            July 12 – 16
                                                                Code:            10991
  Ages:            4 – 7 yrs Campers will be                    Location:        Homestead Park
                   separated based on age and ability
  Day:             Mon. – Fri.
  Time:            9:00am – 12:00pm                           T-Ball/Coach Pitch
  Fee:             $83.00                                     Batters Up! During this popular week of camp learn the
                                                              basics of T-Ball and Coach Pitch Baseball. Our wacky
                                                              coaches have concocted creative and hilarious drills,
                                                              relays and games that will keep you laughing and learning
                                                              all week long.

                                                                Date:            July 19 – 23
                                                                Code:            10992
                                                                Location:        Homestead Park

Spring/Summer 2010              www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609                                           13

American Gladiator                                             Youth Tennis Camp
Want to learn how to play with the heart of a champion?        This is a great way for beginner through intermediate
Our staff has come up with some of the craziest courses        players to learn the fundamental skills needed to
and challenges to make this week insanely fun. We have         participate in this lifelong sport. Participants learn proper
worked to set the stage for a week you will never forget.      techniques including grip, footwork, ground-strokes,
Learn how to battle the odds and be a champion!                volleys, overheads, and serves. Rules and etiquette of the
                                                               game are also covered.
  Date:            July 26 – 30                                Day:               Mon. – Thurs. (2-week sessions)
  Code:            10993                                       Fee:               $51.00
  Location:        Homestead Park                              Location:          Luther Burbank Tennis Courts
                                                                                  *Camp 7/26-8/5 at Island Crest Park Court

Track and Field                                              Code:    Age:     Date:        Time:            Level:
On your mark, get set, GO!!! Don’t walk, RUN to this         11005    6-8      June 28-     10:30am –        Beginner
action packed week of camp! There will be running,                    yrs      July 8       11:30am
throwing, jumping, smiling, laughing and a lot of memories
                                                             11006    6-8      June 28-     11:30am –        Intermediate
made during track week. The camp staff has put together
                                                                      yrs      July 8       12:30pm
a variety of relays, obstacle courses and events that will
provide basic knowledge and skills associated with track     11007    9-12     June 28-     1:15pm –         Beginner
and field.                                                             yrs      July 8       2:15pm
                                                             11008    13-16    June 28-     2:30pm –         Beginner
  Date:            August 2 – 6                                       yrs      July 8       3:30pm
  Code:            10994
  Location:        Islander Middle School, Track             11009    6-8      July 12-     10:30am –        Intermediate
                                                                      yrs      22           11:30am
                                                             11010    9-12     July 12-     11:30am –        Beginner
T-Ball/Coach Pitch                                                    yrs      22           12:30pm
Batters Up! During this popular week of camp learn the       11011    9-12     July 12-     1:15pm –         Intermediate
basics of T-Ball and Coach Pitch Baseball. Our wacky                  yrs      22           2:15pm
coaches have concocted creative and hilarious drills,
                                                             11012    6-8      *July 26-    10:30am –        Beginner
relays and games that will keep you laughing and learning
                                                                      yrs      Aug 5        11:30am
all week long.
                                                             11013    6-8      *July 26-    11:30am –        Intermediate
                                                                      yrs      Aug 5        12:30pm
  Date:            August 9 – 13
  Code:            11032                                     11014    9-12     *July 26-    1:15pm –         Advanced
  Location:        Homestead Park                                     yrs      Aug 5        2:15pm
  Field Trip:      8/11 Mariner Baseball game. Meet          11015    13-16    July 26-     2:30pm –         Intermediate
                   at CCMV at 11:30am and pick                        yrs      Aug 5        3:30pm
                   up at 3:30pm. Bring money for
                   lunch or a sack lunch.
                                                               Tennis Team
                                                               Sign up now, spots fill quickly! Join the Eastside Junior
                                                               Tennis Team and play tennis all summer long! Meet new
                                                               friends and fine tune your game. This team is for the player
                                                               who has completed a beginning tennis lesson, and has an
                                                               intermediate level of play. Matches are held on Fridays.

                                                                 Age:              8 - 18 yrs
                                                                 Code:             10822
                                                                 Day:              Mon. – Thurs., Fri. (matches)
                                                                 Date:             June 28 – Aug. 20
                                                                 Time:             8:00am – 10:00am
                                                                 Fee:              $160.00
                                                                 Location:         Luther Burbank Park Tennis Courts

                                                                   CAMPS - SPORTS

Challenger British Soccer Camps                                Session I: July 19 – July 23
Challenger’s British Soccer camp program provides              Age:          Time:           Type:              Fee:
players with a rare opportunity to receive high level
coaching from a team of international experts’ right in        5-6 yrs       9:00am –        Mini Kicks         $102.00
the heart of your own community. Coaches are from                            11:00am
Great Britain and are licensed experts with broad soccer       3-5 yrs       11:00am –       First Kicks        $74.00
experience and a genuine interest in children. Each camp                     12:00pm
features international coaching staff, low coach to player
                                                               6-13 yrs      9:00am –        Recreational       $123.00
ratio, age and ability specific curriculum. Each camper will
receive a ball, T-shirt and an individual player profile.
Challenger Sports is giving away FREE replica jerseys          6-13 yrs      1:00pm –        Recreational       $123.00
if you register on-line at challengersports.com 45 days                      4:00pm
before camp starts ($30 value)                                 6-13 yrs      9:00am –        Advanced           $178.00
Special Instructions: Campers should wear shin-guards
and soccer shoes and bring a water bottle.
Location: South Mercer Playfield                                Session II: Aug. 2 – Aug. 6
Registration is through Challenger British Sports –            Age:            Time:          Type:              Fee:
visit www.challengersports.com                                 5-6 yrs        9:00am –        Mini Kicks         $102.00
                                                               3-5 yrs        11:00am –       First Kicks        $74.00
                                                               6-13 yrs       9:00am –        Recreational       $123.00
                                                               6-13 yrs       1:00pm –        Recreational       $123.00
                                                               6- yrs         9:00am –        Advanced           $178.00

                                                               Camps for Champs - A Multi Sport Camp
                                                               This camp is designed for athletes and non-athletes
                                                               with developmental disabilities. It allows campers the
                                                               opportunity to play sports, interact with peers and have
                                                               a lot of fun! We will play basketball, soccer (inside and
Mini & First Kicks:                                            outside), ultimate Frisbee, kickball and on the last day we
Recreational Camp: Players will be grouped according           will take a field trip to a local park and have a pizza and
to age and level of play and will receive personal attention   lawn bowling party! If participant is in need of a caregiver,
and continual encouragement from our staff as they             they are welcome to attend. Please, let us know by calling
complete the daily program of: individual foot skills,         Ryan at 275.7863.
technical practices, tactical progressions, small-sided
games, and the famous CAMP WORLD CUP!                            Age:             12 – 24 yrs
                                                                 Day:             Monday – Friday
Advanced Camp: This camp provides advanced training              Date:            July 12 – 16
for players who are serious about the game. The camp will        Time:            1:00pm – 4:00pm
focus on game related techniques, tactical development           Code:            10925
and coached match play. This is an ideal camp for the            Fee:             $200.00
competitive player.                                              Location:        Luther Burbank Park & Community
Register at www.challengersports.com                                              Center at Mercer View. Meet at
                                                                                  CCMV East gym on the first day of

Spring/Summer 2010               www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609                                              15

Gymnastics Camps                                             Pirates For Peace
The emphasis is fun! Instruction is based on overall         Ahoy Mateys! It’s time for Pirate Camp…with a twist! This
skill development and equipment familiarity in a safe        camp will explore ways to make our world a better place, full
atmosphere. Each participant receives a camp T-shirt.        of peace and love…all while dressed like pirates who look
Instructors are certified and provided through Cascade        to only steal smiles, kisses, or hugs. Campers will explore
Elite Gymnastics Training Center. Cascade has over           different cultures and learn to appreciate differences that
14 years of experience in recreational and competitive       sometimes lead to conflict, all the while teaching about the
gymnastic lessons for ages 2 – adult.                        world in a way that’s both educational and fun.
Beginners – An introduction for first time participants
Adv. Beg. – Successfully learned beginner skills               Date:             June 28 – July 2
Intermediate – Has had a least one session of gymnastics       Course #:         10950
lessons through a private gymnastics center
*All students 5 -12 yrs. will be assessed the first day of
class to determine whether they are beg./adv.beg./interm.    Happy Campers
Day:              Mon. – Fri.                                Do the ideas of being in a tent, roasting marshmallows,
Instructor:       Cascade Elite Gymnastics Staff             riding in a canoe, star gazing and going on hikes sound
Location:         Mercer Island High School,                 like great fun to your preschooler? Kids love camping,
                  Gymnastics Gym                             even if they have never gone. At our camp we will
Course : Date:           Time:          Age:       Fee:      experience all the best parts of camping with activities
                                                             designed specifically for preschoolers. Campers will
11058       July 19-     10:00am –      3-4 yrs    $72.00    learn great camp songs and skits, enjoy imaginative play
            July 23      12:00pm                             with camping gear, play traditional camp games, and be
11059       July 19-     1:00pm –       5-12 yr    $97.00    completely immersed in the total camping experience.
            July 23      4:00pm
11060       Aug. 9 -     10:00am –      3-4 yrs    $72.00      Date:             July 12 – 16
            Aug. 13      12:00pm                               Course #:         10951
11061       Aug. 9 -     1:00pm –       5-12 yrs   $97.00
            Aug. 13      4:00pm                              Princess Camp
11062       Aug. 23 -    10:00am –      3-4 yrs    $72.00    This camp has everything little girls love pretend, dance,
            Aug. 27      12:00pm                             music, dress up, a tea party, princess stories and crafting
11063       Aug. 23 -    1:00pm –       5-12 yrs   $97.00    princess accessories. Children will spend their time
            Aug. 27      4:00pm                              being princesses while learning proper manners and self
                                                             esteem. At the end of the 3 days, campers will be graced
                                                             with a visit from a Fairy Godmother.
  A camp designed just for your little ones. This half-        Date:             July 13 – 15 (T,W,Th)
  day camp for 3 - 5 year olds is a perfect fit for parents     Course #:         10956
  and campers alike. Each week has a creative and              Fee:              $77.00
  educational theme that includes activities, games, arts,     Time:             1:00pm – 4:00pm
  crafts, songs and more!
  (* Pay for the first week of camp in full and $20 deposit   Teddy Bear Picnic
  for each additional week, payment in full is due one       This week we will read Teddy Bear stories, play games,
  week prior to the start of each camp week.)                learn songs and make special shirts for our own Teddy
                                                             Bears to wear at the Teddy Bear Party!

  Age:             3 – 5 yrs (must be potty trained)           Date:             July 19 – 23
  Day:             Mon. – Fri.                                 Course #:         10952
  Time:            9:00am –12:00pm
  Fee:             $127.00 per week
  Location:        West Mercer Elementary

                                                                               CAMPS - DAY

Start Your Engines                                              Where’s Your Inner Animal?!
Vroom! Vroom! Race on over for three afternoons of fun          Today we’re off to the Cougar Mountain Zoo in Issaquah to
with cars at this specialty camp designed with boys in          learn all about animals. We’ll see Macaws, tigers, cougars,
mind. All games, crafts, and activities will center around      reindeer and more!! We’ll stop in the Wildlife Library and
tires and engines. Campers will enjoy painting with             Museum to learn more about the new furry friends we saw
Matchbox cars, remote control car races, and many other         on our exploration.
specialized activities including some from NASCAR, the
cartoon Speed Racer, and the movie Cars.                          Day:             Monday
                                                                  Date:            Aug. 16
  Date:            July 20 – 22 (T,W,Th)                          Time:            9:00am – 2:00pm
  Course #:        10957                                          Course #:        10961
  Fee:             $77.00
  Time:            1:00pm – 4:00pm
                                                                Sweet Celebrations & Willy Wonka!
                                                                Celebrate with sweets! Just like Mr. Wonka….we’ll find out
Under The Sea                                                   how chocolate is made with a tour of a Chocolate Factory
Straight from the adventures of the Little Mermaid, Finding     and enjoy some samples! Although candy is fun, we’ll
Nemo, and Shark Tales, campers will head “Under the             also learn that its only good in moderation and see what
Sea” for a week of underwater amusement. Campers will           healthy snacks are all about too!
explore ocean life and creatures of the sea with games,
songs, crafts and cooking activities.                             Day:             Tuesday
                                                                  Date:            Aug. 17
  Date:            July 26 – 30                                   Time:            9:00am – 2:00pm
  Course #:        10953                                          Course #:        10962

Safety Town                                                     It’s Magic!
Fastest Filling Camp in 2009! Afternoon session added!          There’s magic in the air this week. Campers will explore all
Safety town is a 2 week program for 4 -7 year olds that         about magic through crafts, games, and play. A highlight
teaches Children applicable safety information on important     of this week includes a special magic show performance.
topics such as; Pedestrian, Traffic, Earthquake, Electricity,    Each participant will have a bag of magic tricks designed
Personal Safety, School Bus riding, Playground behavior,        especially for preschoolers to take home so their magic
Water Safety, Fire Safety and other issues. This hands-on       fun can continue.
awareness program will have your children learning safety
by participating in interactive demonstrations, role playing,     Day:             Wednesday
craft activities and games. (Min Reg. 20, Max Reg. 30)            Date:            Aug. 18
                                                                  Time:            9:00am – 2:00pm
  Age:             4 – 7 yrs.                                     Course #:        10963
  Day:             Mon. – Fri
  Date:            Aug. 2 – 13
  Course#          Time:                                        It’s a Jungle Out There!
  10938            9:00am – 12:00pm                             Today you don’t want to miss out on what nature has
  10939            1:00pm – 4:00pm                              to offer. We’ll visit the Nature Center in Bellevue and
  Fee:             $152.00 (2 wks)                              see the Mercer Slough. There’s lots to learn about our
  Location:        PEAK *New location                           environment and we’ll end our trip with some good ‘ol
                                                                fashioned blueberry picking.

                                                                  Day:             Thursday
                                                                  Date:            Aug. 19
  DAY ADVENTURES                                                  Time:            9:00am – 2:00pm
  Age:           4 – 7 yrs.                                       Course #:        10964
  Fee:           $67.00/ Day or $212.00/ All 4 Days
                 Includes admission to all locations, a
                 snack, bus transportation to/from the
                 Community Center.
  Depart/Return: Comm. Ctr.

Spring/Summer 2010                www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609                                             17

                                                                A Camping We Will Go! – July 12 - 16
  DAY CAMP                                                      Course #: 10630            Extended Care: 10971
  Calling all kids!!! Come experience a summer                  Lace up your boots, load up your pack, grab your
  packed full of adventure, arts and crafts, field trips,        binoculars and head over for a week of camping fun. We
  swimming, friends, educational activities and SO              will experience all the best parts of camping right down
  MUCH MORE!!! Each camper receives a cool camp                 to the roasting of marshmallows! Campers will learn
  T-shirt. Each week campers will go on a field trip or          great camp songs and skits, enjoy imaginative play with
  have a special guest in the classroom. There will be          camping gear, play traditional camp games, and become
  swimming (weather permitting) and visits to parks             completely immersed in the total camping experience.
  and beaches. Every Monday a weekly itinerary will be          Also included is a field trip to the Seattle REI flagship store
  available with a supply list of what to bring each day.       for hands-on, interactive activities in a PEAK presentation
  Campers will need to bring a lunch and water bottle           where campers will learn to have fun outside, stay safe,
  every day.                                                    and practice responsible outdoor recreation using the
                                                                Seven Leave No Trace Principles.
 Age:             6 – 11 yrs (Need to have completed
                  Kindergarten no exceptions)                     Looking for S’more camping fun? Join us for the
 Day:             Mon. – Fri.                                     first ever Community Campout in Luther Burbank
 Time:            9:00am – 4:00pm                                 Park on July 17th.This is a great opportunity
 Fee:             $192.00 per week                                for participants of this camp to put their newly
                  3 days a week: $114.00                          learned skills to work. See ad on the back cover.
 Location:        Comm. Ctr., Groveland Room

 Additional options for camp hours:                             Flying High - July 19 - 23
 Mon. – Fri.     8:30am - 5:30pm             $20.00/week        Course #: 10631                    Extended Care: 10972
                 (Extended Care)                                Up, up, and away! This week is all about taking flight and
                                                                catching some air. Campers will make rockets, fly kites,
Other schedule options are available, contact Katie
                                                                participate in a kid-sized slam dunk contest, and attend
Borden at 206.275.7862 for more information.
                                                                a paper airplane flight school which will include hands
(* Pay for the first week of camp in full and $20 deposit for    on folding and friendly competition. Field trips include
each additional week, payment in full is due one (1) week       specialty programs at the “Museum of Flight “in Seattle
prior to the start of each camp week.                           and a visit to “Sky High” in Bellevue where campers can
                                                                take flight on trampolines.

                                                                Rock ‘N Roll– July 26 - 30
                                                                Course #: 10632             Extended Care: 10973
                                                                Drum roll please…..it’s time to ROCK and ROLL! This
                                                                week our campers will be dressed up for some serious
                                                                Rock Band and disco ball making. So You Think You Can
                                                                Dance?! Well, show us your moves and your karaoke
                                                                too. We’ll also be rolling the ball for a big camp game of
                                                                kickball. It’s a V.I.P. week, so don’t be shy!

                                                                Wipe Out! – Aug. 2 - 6
                                                                Course #: 10633             Extended Care: 10974
Top Chef Kids – June 28 - July 2                                Slip ‘n’ sliders rejoice! We’ll break out the reserves of
Course #: 10628           Extended Care: 10970                  water as we wipe out on the all-time favorite: the Giant
Time to chill, chop, blend and baste! It’s all about fun with   Slip ‘n’ Slide! Any camper in sight is sure to be all wet with
food this week at camp where you’ll team up for some            water fun and games such as water dodgeball, water tag,
food competitions, make a recipe book to take home to           and the ever-popular water balloon launch. This week’s
make your favorite after school snacks, take a restaurant       theme wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the bowling
tour and tasting and best of all…we’ll make our own ice         alley for a few rounds of bumper bowling!
cream! Bring an appetite for fun and flavor, you don’t want
to miss this!

                                                                              CAMPS - DAY

The BIG Catch – Aug. 9 - 13                                   Exploring Seattle
Course #: 10634           Extended Care: 10975                We love Seattle and bet your kids will too! Our day will
Catch a glimpse of all the fun this week has in store for     be full of exploring some of Seattle’s favorite destinations
your campers: Catch a big one with fishing at Luther           for kids. Campers will enjoy a morning at Discovery Park
Burbank Park. Catch a thief in a mystery and crime solving    with hands on activities designed just for them. Lunchtime
activities. Catch some bugs and enjoy a special visit from    activities include play and kite flying at Gasworks Park.
THE BUG GUY who will prepare bug dishes that only the         Campers will end the day by watching the boats and
bravest of brave will want to sample... Catch the Golden      salmon ladders at the Chittendam Locks and beach play
Snitch in a fun game of Quidditch. CATCHING on? Field         at Golden Gardens Beach.
trips include a Mariner’s baseball game where we hope to
catch a fly ball and “Sky High” in Bellevue where campers        Day:             Wednesday
will catch some air on trampolines.                             Date:            July 7
                                                                Time:            9:00am – 4:00pm
                                                                Course #:        10959
Under The Big Top – August 16 - 20
Course #: 10640            Extended Care: 10976
Under the Big Top will be a week that captures the magic
and excitement of the circus. Campers will experience all     Water Park Tour
the fun of performing at a circus including juggling, magic   Splish, Splash…get ready to get super soaked! We’re
tricks, riding unicycles, and “Clown College”. A field trip    checking out 2 water parks in our amazing tour today.
to SANCA Seattle (School of Acrobatics & New Circus           We’ll be inside and outside catching the best waves and
Acts) is sure to be a highlight as campers are introduced     having the most fun. Campers will spray, soak and keep
to trapeze, tightwire, acrobatic tumbling, and a variety of   cool with their friends all day long.
circus tricks. Campers will also attend Mercer Island’s
Circus themed Summer Carnival at Mercerdale Park                Day:             Thursday
where they will have the opportunity to perform on stage        Date:            July 8
to show off their clowning skills.                              Time:            9:00am – 4:00pm
                                                                Course #:        10959

  Age:           6 – 12 yrs.                                  Safari Adventures
  Fee:           $77/Day or All 4 Days: $252.00.              Get your binoculars and cameras ready as we hop on
                 Includes admission to all locations,a        the safari bus to the Zoo and go on a safari hunt! Animals
                 snack, bus transportation to/from the        are the name of the game as we learn about fascinating
                 Community Center.                            creatures. We’ll also see under the sea creatures and
  Depart/Return: Comm. Ctr., Comm. Ctr., Groveland            learn all about the underwater world!
                                                                Day:             Friday
                                                                Date:            July 9
                                                                Time:            9:00am – 4:00pm
It’s Great To Be A Kid!                                         Course #:        11033
Time to celebrate the joys of being a kid! We will start
our day by creating fan gear and spirit posters before
heading to a special Kids Day Celebration with the Seattle
Storm. Activities at Kids Day include face painting, music,
inflatables, autographs with WNBA Mascots, and more.
During the game, kids can expect special activities and
entertainment just for them as they root on the Seattle
Storm. We will wrap up this day of fun with play and
exploration at the Pacific Science Center.

  Day:             Tuesday
  Date:            July 6
  Time:            9:00am – 4:00pm
  Course #:        10958

Spring/Summer 2010               www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609                                           19

Jeff Johnson’s Cartooniversity Camp
A unique opportunity for kids of any skill level to learn all
aspects of cartoon drawing from local editorial cartoonist
Jeff Johnson. This course emphasizes developing each
child’s own style in a positive, encouraging environment.
Multiple projects allow students to explore a variety of
illustration methods. Visit Jeff at www.cartooniversity.com.
(Min Reg. 10)

  Age:              9 – 15 yrs
  Day:              Mon. – Fri.
  Instructor:       Jeff Johnson
  Location:         Comm. Ctr., Art Room
  Course #:         Date:          Time:           Fee:
  10686             June 28 –      10:00am –       $252.00      An Artist a Day
                    July 2         3:00pm                       Each day you will learn about a different artist and create
  10687             Aug. 9 – 13    10:00am –       $252.00      a picture that reflects that artist’s style. Learning from
                                    3:00pm                      other artists helps to develop technique and eventually
                                                                your own style and creativity. Your children will love this
Special Instructions: Bring 25-30 sheets of white copier        class!
paper, 2-3 pencils, sharpener, black extra fine point
Sharpie marker, black felt-tip Flair pen, sack lunch and          Age:             8 – 12 yrs.
drink.                                                            Day:             Monday – Friday
                                                                  Date:            July 12 – 16
Mary Art Adventures Summer Camps                                  Course #:        10664
In this fun and exciting class, Mary will teach you how to        Time:            10:30am – 12:00pm
draw with her successful Guided Drawing Lessons. You              Fee:             $112.00
will learn to really see the world and then to draw what
you see line by line. Students are encouraged to begin
developing their personal style and add their ideas to each
lesson. Experiment with a variety of art media such as          Volume Drawing Using Shading and Perspective
graphic markers, oil pastels, colored pencils, and chalk        We will use oil pastels, chalk pastels and graphite pencils
pastels. All supplies are included. This is Mary’s 18th         to create drawings that have volume. Learn to make
year teaching drawing. She has an education degree              objects look real with proper shading and applying the
from the University of Washington. Visit her website at         principals of perspective. Your children will be amazed
www.MaryArt.com to learn more. (Min Reg. 8)                     with their new talent.
Location: Community Center, Art Room
                                                                  Age:             11 – 15 yrs.
                                                                  Day:             Monday – Friday
Things That Fly!                                                  Date:            July 12 – 16
Each day we will draw something that flies! Think as               Course #:        10666
small as a lady bug and as big as the space shuttle. Your         Time:            1:00pm – 2:30pm
children will bring home a piece of art each day.                 Fee:             $112.00
  Age:              5 – 7 yrs.
  Day:              Monday – Friday
  Date:             July 12 – 16
                                                                From the Tree Tops to the Ocean Floor
  Course #:         10663
                                                                Students will explore the wonderful world of nature and
  Time:             9:30am – 10:30am
                                                                animals in this fun drawing class. We will learn about the
  Fee:              $82.00
                                                                animal and its habitat and create a piece of art each day!

                                                                  Age:             5 – 7 yrs.
                                                                  Day:             Monday – Friday
                                                                  Date:            Aug. 2 – 6
                                                                  Course #:        10665
                                                                  Time:            9:30am – 10:30am
                                                                  Fee:             $82.00

                                                                               CAMPS - ART

Oil Pastel Camp                                                Art For Kids Camp
Each day this week we will draw with oil pastels. Your child   Kids will create in a nurturing, supportive class with
will become very proficient with the use of this medium.        fun projects in a technique process oriented class that
Oil pastels were specially designed for Picasso who            emphasizes self-esteem. Students will explore their
requested an oil paint like medium that he could easily        creativity using pen and ink, charcoal, soft and oil
transport. I love oil pastels and my enjoyment is sure to      pastels, and acrylics (all supplies are furnished). Dress
excite your children! Each day your child will take home a     to get messy! Students will complete approximately 8
wonderful picture they created!                                finished art pieces. A degreed, professional artist will
                                                               teach this program. Art For Kids School teaches an after
  Age:             8 – 12 yrs.                                 school arts program in 10 school districts throughout
  Day:             Monday – Friday                             Western Washington. To learn more about this program,
  Date:            Aug. 2 – 6                                  and to see examples of students’ work, please visit
  Course #:        10667                                       www.artforkidsschool.com (Min. Reg. 10)
  Time:            10:30am – 12:00pm                           Day:              Tues. – Fri.
  Fee:             $112.00                                     Fee:              $117.00
                                                               Instructor:       Art For Kids School
                                                               Location:         Community Center, Art Room
                                                               Special Instructions: Please bring a snack each day.
Drawing from Still-Life
Each day we will have a still-life to observe and draw.        Course #:      Date:             Age:           Time:
Mary will teach you how to see the object and draw what        10942          July 6 – 9        5-8 yrs        9:00am -
you actually see, not what you think you see. We will learn                                                    Noon
contour drawing, perspective, proportion, shading and          10943          July 6 – 9        9-12 yrs       1:00pm -
the importance of negative space. Your children will be                                                        4:00pm
amazed at what they can do!
                                                               10944          Aug. 24 – 27      5-8 yrs        9:00am -
  Age:             11 – 15 yrs.
  Day:             Monday – Friday                             10945          Aug. 24 – 27      9-12 yrs       1:00pm -
  Date:            July 19 – 23                                                                                4:00pm
  Course #:        10669
  Time:            1:00pm – 2:30pm
  Fee:             $112.00                                     Multi-Media Art Camp
                                                               Dimensional drawing, and painting! Come surprise
                                                               yourself with how easy and fun creating beautiful works
                                                               of art can be. Students will be inspired to see through
                                                               the eyes of an artist, blending imagination and reality into
                                                               unique works of art. (Min. Reg. 10)
                                                               Day:             Mon. & Wed.
                                                               Fee:             $52.00
                                                                                Pair this course with Cooking For Kids
                                                                                Class for $92.00
                                                               Instructor:      Scott MacGregor
                                                               Location:        Comm. Ctr., Art Room
                                                               Course #:      Date:             Age:           Time:
                                                               10877          July 12 & 14      5-8 yrs        10:00am –
                                                               10878          July 12 & 14      9-12 yrs       1:00pm –
                                                               10879          Aug. 16 & 18      5-8 yrs        10:00am –
                                                               10880          Aug. 16 & 18      9-12 yrs       1:00pm –

Spring/Summer 2010               www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609                                            21

Cooking For Kids
Come learn how to make fun, healthy foods with Scott          Summer Carnival!
MacGregor! Together you will learn how to make many           Join us for the Parks and Recreation Department’s end
snacks and dishes that you will be able to re-create at       of summer tradition! The Summer Carnival is a MUST!
home! It’s never too early to start cookin’ in the kitchen,   Enjoy Arts and Crafts, Face Painting, Games, Pie Eating
come join the fun! (Min. Reg. 10)                             Contests, Cake Walks, A dunk tank, bouncy toys and
Day:             Mon. & Wed.                                  more! Bring $$ for Concessions and game tickets.
Fee:             $52.00
                 Pair this course with Multi-Media Art
                 Camp for $92.00                                Age:              5 – 12 yrs
Instructor:      Scott MacGregor                                Day:              Friday
Location:        Comm. Ctr., Mercer Room & Kitchen              Date:             August 20
                                                                Time:             12:00pm – 4:00pm
Course #: Date:                 Age:           Time:            Location:         Mercerdale Park
10854         July 12 & 14      5-8 yrs        11:15am –
10855         July 12 & 14      9-12 yrs       2:15pm –
                                               3:30pm                                                     Children’s
10856         Aug. 16 & 18      5-8 yrs        11:15am –                                                  Technology
                                               12:30pm                                                    Workshop
10857         Aug. 16 & 18      9-12 yrs       2:15pm –                                                   icamp
                                               3:30pm                                                    Looking for
                                                              unique to do this summer? Don’t miss icamp, the premier
Nate Robinson Basketball Camp                                 multi-technology program from Children’s Technology
A four day basketball camp for boys and girls featuring       Workshop. Highly-skilled instructors will work with
players from the NBA! The camp will focus on the              campers to customize each student’s experience based
fundamentals with plenty of game action. Stocked with the     on his or her personal interests and ability level. Activities
finest local area coaches and a small player-to-coach ratio,   occur both on and off the computer with a focus on
this camp provides that personal attention to each camper.    animation, engineering and robotics, digital art, and video
                                                              game creation. Almost unlimited choices ensure that all
  Course #:         10876                                     students are engaged. HAVE FUN, and are challenged
  Age:              6 – 16 yrs.                               to achieve their potenital. Campers choose from a
  Day:              Tues. – Fri.                              variety of themes including Fashion Design, Architecture,
  Date:             Jul. 27 – July 30                         Gamemaker Guru, Mission to Mars, Team F1, and many
  Time:             9:00am – 4:00pm                           more. Popular with both boys and girls, middle-school
  Fee:              $275.00                                   aged students and younger campers, icamp is one camp
  Instructor:       Athlete Foundations, local coaches        kids want to attend again and again! (Min. 10, Max. 20)
                    and various NBA players
  Location:         Comm. Ctr., Gym                             Grades:   2nd – 8th (Must have completed 1st
                                                                Date:     July 21 – 26 (Mon. – Fri.)
                                                                          July 19 – 23 (Mon. – Fri.)
                                                                Time:     Half Day: 9am - 12pm
                                                                          Half Day: 1pm - 4pm
                                                                          Full Day: 9am - 4pm
                                                                Fee:      Half Day: $325, Full Day: $595
                                                                Location: Community Center, Art Room
                                                                To Register go to www.ctworkshop.us or phone

                                                            CAMPS - SAILING

Boating Programs                                           Sailing - Junior Opti Camp
All camps meet at the Boat House at Luther Burbank Park.   Kenneth Grahame said, “There is nothing - absolutely
                                                           nothing - half as much worth doing as simply messing
                                                           about in boats.” That’s where we start our Junior Opti
                                                           camp. We don’t focus as much on teaching kids how to
                                                           sail; we focus on playing in boats. This camp includes
                                                           more direct instructor supervision than our regular Opti
                                                           Camp due to the younger age group. Students over the
                                                           age of 8 years, must enroll in the regular Opti Camp. (Min.
                                                           4, Max. 14)

                                                             Age:     6 – 8 years
                                                             Day:     Mon. – Fri. (one week)
                                                             Fee:     $227

                                                           Name:      Course # Date:               Time:
                                                           Opti 1     11018       July 5 - 9       9:00am - 12:00pm
                                                           Opti 2     11019       July 5 - 9       1:00pm - 4:00pm
   FOR ALL SAILING AND KAYAKING                            Opti 3     11020       Aug. 16 - 20     9:00am - 12:00pm
   CAMPS                                                   Opti 4     11021       Aug. 16 - 20     1:00pm - 4:00pm
   Special Requirements: Comfort in the water is
   key. Everyone must take a swim test on the first
   day of every camp. Visiting the lake is highly
                                                           Sailing - Opti Camp
                                                           Sailing teaches kids not only a lifetime sport but also gives
   recommended prior to 1st day of camp. (If you
                                                           them self-confidence and an appreciation of the aquatic
   have questions regarding the swim test please
                                                           environment. All students will have the opportunity to
   contact Ryan at 206.275.7863).
                                                           single and double hand the optimist dinghy. Beginners
                                                           will work on capsizing, tacking, gybing, and docking,
  Special Instructions: Students asked to dress
                                                           while more advanced students will learn about sail shape,
  weather appropriate!
                                                           advanced techniques and boat control. Must be at least 8
  • Pack lunch or snacks
                                                           years old on June 1 of this year, unless given permission
  • Bring water bottle-No glass
                                                           by the program recreation director. (Min. 4, Max. 7)
  • Wear UV protecting sunglasses (with retaining
    strap-optional)                                        Age:     8 – 14 years
  • Waterproof Sunscreen                                   Day:     Mon. – Fri. (two weeks)
  • Wet Suit (optional)                                    Fee:     $352
                                                           Name:      Course #    Date:             Time:
                                                           Opti 3     11022       July 12 - 23      9:00am - 12:00pm
                                                           Opti 4     11023       July 12 - 23      1:00pm - 4:00pm
                                                           Opti 5     11024       Aug. 2 - 6        9:00am - 4:00pm
                                                                                  (1 week)

Spring/Summer 2010            www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609                                           23

Sail, Paddle and Play during Water Week!
Sail Sand Point and Kayak Academy are teaming up
to offer an all day water camp that incorporates sailing,
kayaking, and fun and games. This program is all about
trying new things and having new experiences. Sail,
Kayak and join your friends for games in and out of the
water all week long! (Min. 12 Max 24)

  Age:             9 – 14 years
  Date:            Aug. 9 – 13
  Day:             Mon. – Fri.
  Time:            9:00am - 4:00pm
  Fee:             $400

Learn basic paddling and safety skills in single kayaks with
Head Youth Kayak Instructor, Barbara Sherrill of Kayak
Academy. Campers will learn basic skills, play water
games and on day 5, will take a kayak trip in both double
and single kayaks. Kayak Academy Inc. provides kayaks
and related gear including wetsuit (depending on your size
and water temperature). (Min. 5, Max. 8)
Age:   9 - 11 years
Location: Luther Burbank Park, Boat House
Course #:      Date:                Time:         Fee:
11026          July 12 - 16         9:00am -      $302

Age: 12 - 15 years
Course #:      Date:               Time:         Fee:
11027          July 12 - 16        1:15pm -      $302


Pre-Ballet                                                    Arena Sports – Lil’ Kickers
Children will learn the basics of ballet in a supportive      Lil’ Kickers is a non-competitive, introductory soccer
environment that is creative and fun. Debbie uses her         and movement skills program for boys and girls ages 18
background in dance and education to provide the              months - 9 years. In Lil’ Kickers, we don’t just teach soccer
students with a foundation in ballet. (Min Reg. 6)            to kids, but also use soccer as a tool to teach kids about
Instructor:       Debbie Nittrouer                            life. Enroll your child today, and find out why Lil’ Kickers
Location:         Comm. Ctr., Dance Room                      is the Highest Quality Child Development Program in the
Course #:     Age:       Day:      Date:         Time:            Spring Location: All Classes at the Community
                                                                  Center at Mercer View
10930         3 - 4 yrs Tues.      Apr 20 –      3:10pm -         Summer Location: The Tues. classes will be at
                                   June 15       4:00pm           Homestead Park, Friday classes at South Mercer
10931         3 - 4 yrs Thurs.     Apr. 22 –     3:10pm -         Playfields.
                                   June 17       4:00pm           Registration is through Arena Sports, call 1-866-885-
                                                                  4881 or online at www.arenasports.net.
Fee:    $92.00 (9 wks)
                                                              OPEN ENROLLMENT, JOIN ANYTIME AND YOU WILL
                                                              BE PRORATED! All participants are required to have
SUMMER:                                                       current Arena Sports $44 annual membership. $15 sibling
Course #:     Age:       Day:      Date:         Time:        discount if more than one child is enrolled.
10932         3 - 4 yrs M,W,F      July 7 –      3:10pm -
                                   July 19       4:00pm
Fee:     $62.00 (6 sessions)
                                                              Parent & Child Classes: Bunnies classes are a fun
                                                              introduction to the Lil’ Kickers program. Toddlers and
                                                              parents explore basic soccer and movement skills
                                                              together. Classes include parachute activities, bubbles,
Music Together®                                               lots of goal scoring, and the famous cone towers! Ratio
Using our voices, bodies, and kid-friendly instruments, we    is 10:1 withparents on the floor depending on space
will immerse ourselves in the joy of music and movement,      available.
learning new songs, rhymes, chants, bounces, and              Age:     18 - 24 Months
lullabies each week. Children through age four participate    Fee:     $13.00 per class
with their parent(s) or caregiver. Learn how to provide a     No Class May 29
rich musical environment for your child. Tuition includes
two professionally recorded CDs, an illustrated songbook,      Day:     Date:               Time:        Location:
and a parent’s guide. Children eight months old and            Tues.    Ongoing – mid       9:30am –     Comm. Ctr.,
younger attend free with a registered sibling. For more                 June                10:20am      Gym
information on Music Together nationwide, visit                Fri.     Ongoing – mid       9:30am –     Comm. Ctr.,
www.musictogether.com. (Min Reg. 6)                                     June                10:20am      Gym
Age:                       2 mo. – 4 yrs
Day:                       Tuesday                             Sat.     Ongoing – mid       9:30am –     Comm. Ctr.,
Instructor:                Hilary Field                                 June                10:20am      Gym
Location:                  Comm. Ctr., Groveland Room          Tues.    Ongoing – Aug.      9:30am –     Homestead
Special Instructions: Siblings under 8 months old                                           10:20am      Park
                           are free!                           Fri.     Ongoing – Aug.      9:30am –     South Mercer
Course #: Date:           Time:        Fee:                                                 10:20am      Playfield
10612        Apr. 20 -    10:30am - $146.00/                   Sat.     Ongoing - Aug.      9:30am -     South Mercer
             Jun. 15      11:15am   $106.00 sibling fee                                     10:20am      Playfield
10614        July 6 –     10:30am - $114.00/
             Aug. 17      11:15am   $74.00 sibling fee

Spring/Summer 2010                www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609                                          25

Thumpers                                                            Hoppers
Parent & Child Classes: Parents and kids, lead by one of            Beginning: Three and four year-olds get a fast-paced, fun
our instructors, play organized games together to develop           exposure to the most popular sport in the world. Classes
listening skills, balance, ball skills and foot-eye coordination.   focus on foot-eye coordination, dribbling, scoring and bal-
Thumpers is the ideal next step for Bunnies veterans who            ance.
are not yet old enough for the Hoppers level, and a perfect         Age:    3 - 4 Years (Beginning)
introduction to Lil’ Kickers for new players who are just barely    Fee:    $13.00 per class
3 years old. The ratio is 10:1 w/parents on the field.               No Class May 29
Age:      25 - 35 Months                                            Day:     Date:          Time:            Location:
Fee:      $13.00 per class
No Class May 29                                                     Tues.    Ongoing –      10:30am or       Comm. Ctr.,
                                                                             mid June       12:30 pm         Gym
 Day:     Date:                  Time:         Location:
                                                                    Fri.     Ongoing –      9:30am,          Comm. Ctr.,
 Tues.    Ongoing – mid          11:30am – Comm. Ctr.,                       mid June       11:30am, or      Gym
          June                   12:20pm   Gym                                              12:30
 Fri.     Ongoing – mid          10:30am – Comm. Ctr.,              Sat.     Ongoing –      9:30am,          Comm. Ctr.,
          June                   11:20am   Gym                               mid June       11:30am, or      Gym
 Sat.     Ongoing – mid          9:30am or Comm. Ctr.,                                      12:30
          June                   10:00am   Gym                      Tues.    Ongoing –      10:30am or       Homestead
 Tues.    Ongoing – Aug.         9:30am or Homestead                         Sept.          12:30 pm         Park
                                 11:30am   Park                     Fri.     Ongoing –      10:30am or       South Mercer
 Fri.     Ongoing – Sept.        9:30am or South Mercer                      Sept.          11:30am          Playfield
                                 10:30am   Playfield                 Sat.     Ongoing –      10:30am or       South Mercer
 Sat.     Ongoing – Sept.        9:30am or South Mercer                      Sept.          11:30am          Playfield
                                 10:30 am Playfield

Cottontails                                                         Intermediate: Jackrabbits is a class designed for three
Parent & Child Classes: Parents and kids, led by one of             and four year-olds who have either taken a session of
our coaches, play organized games together to develop               Hoppers or have other soccer experience.
listening skills, balls skills, and foot-eye coordination. This     Age:    3 - 4 Years (Intermediate)
class is a transitional class from the parent/child format of       Fee:    $13.00 per class
Thumpers to the independent Hoppers class where they                No Class May 29
begin to be alone on the field with a coach.                         Day:     Date:         Time:           Location:
Age:     2.5 – 3.5 Years
Fee:     $13.00 per class                                           Tues.    Ongoing –     11:30am         Comm. Ctr., Gym
No Class May 29                                                              mid June
 Day:     Date:                Time:          Location:             Fri.     Ongoing –     10:30am         Comm. Ctr., Gym
                                                                             mid June
 Tues.    Ongoing – mid        10:30am –      Comm. Ctr.,
          June                 12:20am        Gym                   Sat.     Ongoing –     10:30am or      Comm. Ctr., Gym
                                                                             mid June      11:30am
 Fri.     Ongoing – mid        11:30am –      Comm. Ctr.,
          June                 12:20pm        Gym                   Tues.    Ongoing –     9:30am or       Homestead Park
                                                                             Sept.         11:30pm
 Sat.     Ongoing – mid        10:30am        Comm. Ctr.,
          June                 or             Gym                   Fri.     Ongoing –     10:30am or      South Mercer
                               11:30am                                       Sept.         12:30pm         Playfield
 Tues.    Ongoing –            10:30am –      Homestead             Sat.     Ongoing –     9:30am,         South Mercer
          Sept.                11:20am        Park                           Sept.         10:30am or      Playfield
 Fri.     Ongoing –            9:30am or      South Mercer
          Sept.                11:30am        Playfield
 Sat.     Ongoing –            9:30am or      South Mercer
          Sept.                11:30am        Playfield


Big Feet                                                      Micro Leagues (cont.)
Beginning: Big Feet classes are for five and six year-
olds who have not played soccer before. These classes         Fee:   $13.00 per class
concentrate on giving beginning kids a set of basic soccer    No Class May 29
skills (dribbling, passing, trapping, scoring) and some       Day:       Date:             Time:        Location:
confidence on the field of play.
                                                              Sat.       Ongoing –         12:30pm – Comm. Ctr.,
Age:      5 - 6 years
                                                                         mid June          1:20pm    Gym
Fee:      $13.00 per class
No Class May 29                                               Tue.       Ongoing –         12:30pm – Homestead
Time: 11:30am                                                            Sept.             1:20pm    Park
Location:          Comm. Ctr., Gym                            Fri.       Ongoing –         12:30pm – South Mercer
Day:     Date:           Time:        Location:                          Sept.             1:20pm    Playfield

Fri.     June – Sept.    11:30am      South Mercer            Sat.       Ongoing –         12:30pm – South Mercer
                                      Playfield                           Sept.             1:20pm    Playfield

Sat.     June – Sept.    11:30am      South Mercer
                                                              Gymnastics: Toddle Time
                                                              Toddle time gymnastics is designed to promote basic
Micro Leagues                                                 movement skills for little ones! Participants will have the
Micro Leagues are non-competitive, developmental              opportunity to develop skills and confidence with step-
leagues for kids 4-9 years old, designed to enhance indi-     by-step progression using curriculum from Cascade Elite
vidual and team skills; with an emphasis on fun and safety.   Gymnastics. Each session will offer new and exciting
Micro Leagues are for kids who have played soccer before      activities. Toddle Time class are parent-assisted. (Min.
either in Lil’ Kickers or another program.                    Reg. 5)
Age:      4 - 5 years                                         Age:      18 mo. - 3yrs
Fee:      $13.00 per class                                    Course #:     Day:     Time:         Date:         Fee:
No Class May 29                                               11052         Sat.     9:15am –      Apr. 2 –      $63.00
Day:       Date:            Time:           Location:                                9:45am        May 8
Tues.      Ongoing –        9:30am or       Comm. Ctr.,       11055         Sat.     9:15am –      May 15 –      $46.00
           mid June         12:30 pm        Gym                                      9:45am        June 12
Fri.       Ongoing –        12:30pm         Comm. Ctr.,
           mid June                         Gym
Sat.       Ongoing –        9:30am,         Comm. Ctr.,
                                                              Gymnastics: Preschool
           mid June         10:30, 11:30,   Gym
                                                              Preschool gymnastics is designed to promote basic move-
                                                              ment skills for little ones! Participants will have the oppor-
Tues.      Ongoing –        10:30am,        Homestead         tunity to develop skills and confidence with step-by-step
           Sept.            11:30am,        Park              progression using curriculum from Cascade Elite Gymnas-
                            12:30pm                           tics. Students will be assessed, separated & instructed by
Fri.       Ongoing –        10:30am,        South             age and ability, and all classes are coed.
           Sept.            11:30am,        Mercer            Age:      18 mo. - 3yrs
                            12:30pm         Playfield          Course #: Day:         Time:         Date:          Fee:
Sat.       Ongoing –        10:30am,        South             11053         Sat.     10:00am – Apr 3 –            $74
           Sept.            11:30am,        Mercer                                   10:45am   May 8
                            12:30pm         Playfield
                                                              11056         Sat.     10:00am – May 15 –           $55
                                                                                     10:45am   June 12

Spring/Summer 2010               www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609                                             27

                                                             Indoor Playground
                                                             Socialize and have fun! We provide bouncy houses, balls,
                                                             scooters, toys and more in our gym! A great place for little
                                                             ones to run, and play! No pre-registration, but check in at
                                                             the front desk is required. Parent or caregiver must
                                                             provide supervision of children at all times Parent help is
                                                             needed for set up and take down of the program. Program
                                                             sponsored generously by the Mercer Island Preschool
                                                             Association. Thank you! This program is subject to Gym
                                                             availability. Any scheduling changes will be posted on the
                                                             GYM HOT LINE: 206.275.7892 by 8am the morning of the

                                                               Date:           Sept. 15 – May 31
                                                               Day:            Time:
                                                               Tues.           1:45pm – 4:00pm
                                                               Thurs.          9:30am – Noon
                                                               Fri.            2:00pm – 4:30pm
                                                               Sun.            11:00am – 2:00pm
Kids Birthday Parties at the Community Center                  Age:            Up to 6 yrs
Are you tired of the same old birthday parties? Do you         Fee:            $3.00 per child resident,
stress over entertaining your guests? If so, let us show                       $4.00 per child non-resident
you why the Community Center at Mercer View is THE             Location:       Community Center at Mercer View,
location for your next birthday party bash! We provide                         Gym
the room on Friday, Saturdays and Sundays, for two
hours, activities, games for you to play with your guests,
place settings and a table cloth for the gift/cake table.
The Community Center at Mercer View is changing the
way Islanders celebrate birthdays, one birthday at a time!
Everyone has one, it’s how you celebrate it that counts!
Call 206-275-7609 today to book. For more information,
go to www.mercergov.org/birthdays.


Gymnastics: Beginner and Intermediate
Gymnastics is designed to promote basic movement skills for      OUTDOOR
little ones! Participants will have the opportunity to develop
skills and confidence with step-by-step progression using
curriculum from Cascade Elite Gymnastics.
                                                                 After School Adventure Program
                                                                 Splash! Flutter! Wiggle! And Whoosh! Immerse yourself
Students will be assessed, separated & instructed by age
                                                                 in the wonders of nature! Join us for some fun-filled,
and ability, and all classes are coed.
                                                                 hands-on after school programs with a Nature Vision
Age:                5 – 12 yrs.
                                                                 Naturalist. Each Monday we will explore a nature topic,
Instructor:         Cascade Elite Gymnastics Staff
                                                                 share a story and enjoy a snack, provided by Friends
Location:           Mondays: Community Ctr.,
                                                                 of Luther Burbank Park. Minimum 10, Maximum 20
                    Dance Room
                                                                 participants. Special Instructions: Dress kid’s for rain
                    Saturdays: Mercer Island High School,
                                                                 or shine! Please be sure to alert any food allergies at
                    Gymnastics Gym
                                                                 time of sign-up.
Course #:     Day:      Time:             Date:        Fee:      Age:             4 - 9 years
11054         Sat.      11:00am –         Apr 3 –      $89       Day:             Monday
                        12:00pm           May 9                  Time:            2:30pm-4:30pm
                                                                 Location:        Comm. Ctr. Craft Room
11057         Sat.      11:00am –         May 15 –     $65
                        12:00pm           June 12
                                                                   Session 1:      April 12 – 26 Session (3 Classes)
                                                                                   April 12, Nosy about Nests; April 19,
                                                                                   Busy Beavers; April 26, Forest Fun
                                                                   Code:           10987
Future Athletes of Tomorrow – Hoopers
                                                                   Fee:            $47
Hoopers is for you! Learn the fundamentals of
basketball through basic drills and enhance your
knowledge about the history, rules and sportsmanship.              Session 2:      May 10 – June 24 (3 classes)
Our goal is to build self esteem and character while having                        May 10, Wilderness Survival; May 17,
fun. The instructor, Deborah Walker, was inducted into                             Salmon Cycles; May 24, Bug Safari
the 2005 Indiana Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame Silver            Code:           10988
Anniversary Team and also holds several other accolades.           Fee:            $47
(Min. Reg. 5)
Instructor:      Deborah Walker
Location:        Comm. Ctr., Gym
Fee:             $147.00
No Class: 5/31
                                                                 Fish ON! Fun Fishing Techniques for Lake
Course Age:            Day:       Date:             Time:        Proven techniques for catching trout, bass, perch and
#:                                                               salmon from Lake Washington will be covered while
10691      5 - 8 yrs   Mon.       Apr. 5 –          4:30pm –     demonstrating basic presentation of lures or bait right
                                  May 3             6:00pm       down to tying your own fishing knots. Techniques will
10693      9 - 12 yrs Mon.        Apr. 5 –          6:00pm –     include fishing from boat or off a public dock. Get ready for
                                  May 3             7:30pm       summer fishing on the Lake!
10692      5 - 8 yrs   Mon.       May 10 –          4:30pm –       Age:            12 yrs. & up
                                  June 14           6:00pm         Day:            Tuesday
10699      9 - 12 yrs Mon.        May 10 –          6:00pm –       Date:           April 20
                                  June 14           7:30pm         Time:           7pm – 9pm
10696      5 - 8 yrs   Mon.       June 21 –         4:30pm –       Fee:            $20
                                  July 14           6:00pm         Code:           10755
                                                                   Location:       CCMV, Slater room
10698      9 - 12 yrs Mon.        June 21 –         6:00pm –       Instructor:     Roger Urbaniak is an experienced
                                  July 14           7:30pm                         outdoor writer, fisherman and
10697      5 - 8 yrs   Mon.       Aug. 2 –          4:30pm –                       past president of Lake Washington
                                  Aug. 30           6:00pm                         Chapter Puget Sound Anglers.
10699      9 - 12 yrs Mon.        Aug. 2 –          6:00pm –
                                  Aug. 30           7:30pm

Spring/Summer 2010                www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609                                           29

                                                                Family & Friends Kayak Tour
                                                                Grab your family and friends for an evening on the lake!
                                                                Tour starts from Luther Burbank and crosses over to the
                                                                Mercer Slough. Trip will include dry land introduction to
                                                                basic safety and paddle instruction before setting out in
                                                                double kayaks to paddle Mercer Island’s shoreline and
                                                                explore the birds and solitude of Mercer Slough. (Min. 4,
                                                                Max. 10)

                                                                  Course#:             11030
                                                                  Age:                 9 & up (all participants age 9-17
                                                                                       accompanied by adult)
                                                                  Day:                 Thursday
                                                                  Date:                July 22
                                                                  Time:                5:00 – 7:00pm
                                                                  Fee:                 $60 per person (or $200 for four
Let’s Go Fishing!                                                 Instructor:          Kayak Academy, Inc.
Summer is a great time to enjoy one of the great all-             Location:            Luther Burbank Park Boat House
American past-times – fishing! Instructors Roger and Linda
Urbaniak will show students how to fish from a dock to catch
trout, perch and bass. This class will teach you effective
fishing techniques that will allow you to catch more fish from
Lake Washington public fishing docks. The Students will tie      Beginning Guitar for Youth
up their own bait presentation for trout and perch during the   Give your child the gift of music. This is a fun and
class. At the end of the lecture, students will be encouraged   affordable way to begin playing the guitar. In no time
to accompany the instructor to the public docks at Luther       they will learn how to read music and play their favorite
Burbank Park and actually fish for wild Lake Washington fish.     tunes. Bring guitar or rent from the instructor. (Min. Reg.
                                                                7) Special Instructions: Guitars available for rent from
Students will be provided with hooks, and various dock          the instructor. Call Mary at 425.775.3171 prior to the
fishing tackle & some bait to use during the class. Bring a      first class if you need one.
fishing pole if you have one! (Min. 6, Max. 22)                  Age:              7 - 11 yrs.
Age:             6 – 15 yrs (One adult must accompany           Instructor:       Mary Lord
                 each student)                                  Location:         Comm. Ctr., Clarke Room
Fee:             $22.00. Includes a tackle box with             Fee:              $122.00
                 supplies                                       No Class: 5/31
Instructor:      Roger & Linda Urbaniak. Roger is the           Course #:       Day:      Date:                Time:
                 past president of Lake Washington Puget        10741           Mon.      Apr. 19 – June 14    5:30pm-
                 Sound Anglers, outdoor writer, frequent                                                       6:30pm
                 lecturer and an avid fisherman.
Location:        Luther Burbank Park (Main parking lot,         10744           Mon.      July 12 - Aug. 30    5:30pm-
                 follow signs)                                                                                 6:30pm
Code:      Day:              Date:          Time:
10753      Saturday          June 19        1:00-3:00pm
10754      Saturday          July 31        1:00-3:00pm


Classical ballet is taught in combination with jazz. The result   MARTIAL ARTS
is a fun and energetic dance experience, where students
learn the basics of both dance styles. (Min Reg. 6)               Kendo
Instructor:        Debbie Nittrouer                               Learn the art and traditions of Kendo, “the Way of the
Location:          Comm. Ctr., Dance Room                         Sword”. Become skilled in this Japanese samurai style of
                                                                  swordsmanship. Kendo is powerful and graceful posing
Spring                                                            challenges to build character, mind, and body. Kendo is for
 Course #: Age:           Day:      Date:          Time:          the entire family! (Min. Reg. 10)
                                                                  Age:              8 yrs and up
 10934        5 - 6 yrs   Tues.     Apr. 20 –      4:00pm -       Time:             7:00pm – 9:00pm
                                    June 15        5:00pm         Fee:              $87.00/ Drop In: $9.00
 10935        7 - 9 yrs   Tues.     Apr. 22 –      4:00pm -       Instructor:       Cascade Kendo Kai, Gary Imanishi
                                    June 17        5:00pm         Location:         Comm. Ctr., Gym
 Fee:         $92.00                                              Fee:              $87.00
                                                                  No Class: 7/5
                                                                  Course      Day:      Date:                  Level:
                                                                  10858       Wed.      March 31 – June 16     Advanced
 Course #:    Age:         Day:     Date:          Time:
                                                                  10859       Friday    April 2 – June 11      Beginning
 10936        5 - 6 yrs    M,W,F    July 7 – 19    4:00pm -
                                                                  10860       Wed.      June 23 – Sept. 8      Advanced
                                                                  10861       Friday    June 25 – Sept. 10     Beginning
 Fee:         $62.00

                                                                  Naginata: ALL LEVELS
MI Writing Club                                                   This Japanese martial art shows both power and grace.
Students experience the boundless potential of writing as         It is characterized by the grandeur of its sweeping
well as the pride of performance. Each class consists of          movements of the Naginata, a Japanese sword on the
group activities, individual writing and individual feedback.     end of a six foot pole. This art is for those interested in
Inspirational group activities include: idea rounds,              either competitive fighting, or in the physical beauty of
plot-action ball, autobiography poems, movie-scene                choreographed, practiced movements called kata. Both
characterizations, zany mood stories, and description             instructors were members of the US Team at the Naginata
guessing games. During the last class, the Club presents          Federation World Championships. (Min.. 10)
a read of their writing aloud to parents and guests at the        Day:              Saturday
“Writers Cafe.” All skill levels welcome! (Min Reg. 7)            Time:             1:30pm – 3:30pm
Instructor:        Barbara Winkleman, a published author          Age:              16 yrs and up
                   of over 30 children’s books, has earned        Location:         Comm. Ctr., Gym
                   both a law degree and a Master’s Degree        Instructor:       Kurt and Karen Schmucker
                   in Teaching. Barbara brings her                No Class: May 29, July 3, Aug, 7
                   writing programs into schools and tutors       Date:                   Course #:          Fee:
                   grades 3-12.
                                                                  April 3 – June 12       10831              $102.00
Location:          Comm. Ctr., Clarke Room
Fee:               $114.00                                        June 28 – Aug. 28       11106              $92.00
 Grade:    Course #: Day:          Date:           Time:

 2–3       10852          Tues.    April 13 –      4:15pm –
                                   June15          6:15pm
 4–6       10853          Thurs. April 15 –        4:15pm –
                                 June 17           6:15pm

Spring/Summer 2010                 www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609                                            31

Tai Chi
T’ai Chi Ch’uan (Taijiquan) is an ancient Chinese exercise
for the harmony of body and mind. Consistent practice
provides valuable help in lessening tension and increasing
physical, mental and spiritual well-being. (Min. 4)

Tai Chi:         Beginning, Part 2
This class is for beginners who have completed Part 1
or equivalent
Time:            6:30pm – 7:45pm
Age:             16 yrs and up
Fee:             $65.00
Location:        Community Center, Dance Room
Instructor:      Colin Berg
Day:         Date:                             Course #:
Mon.         April 12– May 24                  10833

Tai Chi:        Beginning, Part 3
This class requires completion of Parts 1 & 2
Time:           6:30pm – 7:45pm
Age:            16 years +
Location:       Community Center, Dance Room
Instructor:     Colin Berg
No class July 5
Day:       Date:                   Course #:     Fee:
Mon.       June 14 – Aug. 9        10835         $74.00

Tai Chi:        Intermediate
Time:           7:45pm – 9:00pm
Age:            16 yrs and up
Location:       Comm. Ctr., Dance Room
Instructor:     Colin Berg
No class July 5
Day:       Date:                   Course #:     Fee:
Mon.       April 12 – May 24       10834         $65.00
Mon.       June 14 – Aug. 9        10836         $74.00


Super Sitter Babysitting Course                               Counselor in Training Program (C.I.T)
Super Sitters is a program designed to train young            TEENS! Learn all aspects of working with children
people, ages 11 to 17, in basic babysitting skills, safety    in a Day Camp setting, Leadership, Communication,
and infant child care. Those completing the course will       Planning, Safety and Fun! Learn from experienced Day
be better prepared to provide a safer, more effective and     Camp Directors, and Recreation Coordinators. Each
positive babysitting experience. The course is taught by      CIT will become First Aid and CPR certified. After the
experienced, qualified Overlake Hospital Medical Center        formal training is complete get hands on experience
instructors, with presentations by trained professionals      by shadowing a Camp Counselor during a week of
from the community. Graduates are awarded a certificate        summer camp. (Min. Reg. 5) Contact Katie Borden at
upon completion. (Min. Reg. 12) Special Instructions:         206.275.7862 for more information. Special Instructions:
Bring a lunch to class.                                       C.I.T’s will have the opportunity to Shadow at a variety
Age:              11 - 15 yrs                                 of different programs throughout the summer, sign-
Instructor:       Overlake Hospital                           ups will occur on the June 9th meeting. One week of
Location:         Comm. Ctr., Groveland Room                  Shadowing is required of all CIT’s.
Fee:              $50.00                                      Age:              13 - 16 yrs
Course #:     Day:      Date:       Time:                     Course #:         10946
                                                              Fee:              $132.00
10660         Sat.      April 17    9:00am – 2:00pm           Location:         Comm. Ctr., Groveland Room
10661         Wed.      June 30     9:00am – 2:00pm           First Aid/CPR training will be offered at the Mercer
10662         Sat.      Aug. 7      9:00am – 2:00pm           Island Fire Station.
                                                              Day:     Date:       Time:         Itinerary:
                                                              Wed.     May 12      6:00pm –      Introduction/Roles &
Beginning Guitar for Teens                                                         7:15pm        Responsibilities
This is a fun and affordable way to begin playing the
                                                              Wed.     May 19      6:00pm –      Effective
guitar. In no time they will learn how to read music and
                                                                                   7:15pm        Communication/
play their favorite tunes. Bring guitar or rent from the
                                                                                                 Positive Discipline
instructor. (Min. Reg. ) Special Instructions: Guitars
available for rent from the instructor. Call Mary at          Wed.     May 26      6:00pm –      Arts & Crafts and
425.775.3171 prior to the first class if you need one.                              7:15pm        planning
Age:               12 -19 yrs.                                Wed.     Jun. 2      6:00pm –      Games & Safety &
Day:               Monday                                                          7:15pm        being a leader
Instructor:        Mary Lord
                                                              Wed.     Jun. 9      6:00pm –      Review, Shadow
Location:          Comm. Ctr., Clarke Room
                                                                                   7:15pm        Sign-up, PIZZA!
Fee:               $177.00
No Class: 5/25
Course #:     Day:    Date:                   Time:
                                                              Amps and Ramps! Skate Jam
10743         Mon.    April 19 – June 14      4:00pm –        The crowds will already be swarming Mercerdale Park
                                              5:30pm          so all we need are the skaters. Skateboard contestants
10746         Mon.    July 12 – Aug. 30       4:00pm –        will be split into age divisions and have the opportunity
                                              5:30pm          to participate in a variety of contests. Timed runs, best
                                                              trick competitions, and even an exhibition game of
                                                              “S.K.A.T.E.” will give riders the opportunity to show their
Teen Music Celebration!                                       skills. Skaters must have a signed waiver and helmet
Live on stage in Mercerdale Park local teen bands will        to participate. Special Instructions: All participants
show off their talent in the Music Celebration, part of the   under 18 years of age MUST have a waiver signed
Summer Celebration weekend! There is an 8 band limit, so      by a parent. Waivers are available at the Community
register early! Interested bands should call Katie Borden     Center at Mercer View and the day of the event at the
at 206-275-7862 for details.                                  Skate Park.

  Age:                    High School & Middle                  Age:                       All
                          School Students                       Day:                       Sunday
  Day:                    Sunday                                Date:                      July 11
  Date:                   July 11                               Time:                      12pm – 4pm
  Time:                   1:00pm – 3:30pm                       Location:                  Mercerdale Skate Park
  Fee:                    FREE!
  New Location:           Mercerdale Park

Spring/Summer 2010               www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609                                           33

Mercer Island Special Olympics                                  Footloose Day Sails
Special Olympics is for anyone with a developmental             Footloose Sailing invites you to come visit our fleet of
disABILITY. To register or to find out how to be a               sailboats housed out of Leschi. This special fleet of boats
volunteer with Special Olympics, go to their website            is designed for safe and fun sailing and can accommodate
at www.MISpecialOlympics.org For information on                 a wide range of people with disabilities. We will cruise
Special Olympics in general contact Lucinda Soha at             the Medina shoreline and the northwest end of Mercer
425.641.8100.                                                   Island, and then back across the lake back to Leschi. This
                                                                is a great social opportunity and participants will have the
                                                                opportunity to learn a little bit about sailing, and maybe
Special Needs Program                                           see an eagle fly overhead! Enjoy a day of doing something
Bellevue Highland Center, 14224 NE Bel-Red Road,                fun! All trips leave out of The Community Center at Mercer
Bellevue, WA – 425.452.7686                                     View on Mercer Island at 11:15am sharp! Van will arrive
Mercer Island residents qualify for the same registration       at Leschi at a bit before Noon. Participants will be on the
priority and rates as Bellevue residents.                       water from approximately Noon - 3pm. (Min.4, Max.10)
Adaptive Fitness Equipment, Special Parities, Art Classes,
Computers and more!                                             Special Instructions: Please bring a hat, sun block,
                                                                a snack or lunch, water and weather appropriate
                                                                clothing. Trips are weather permitting.
Camps for Champs - A Multi Sport Camp
                                                                  Age:          All Ages (children under 16 years
This camp is designed for athletes and non-athletes
                                                                                must have caregiver present)
with developmental disabilities. It allows campers the
                                                                  Day:          Saturday
opportunity to play sports, interact with peers and have
                                                                  Fee:          $20
a lot of fun! We will play basketball, soccer (inside and
                                                                  Code:         Date:     Time:
outside), ultimate Frisbee, kickball and on the last day we
                                                                  10984         July 24 11:00am-4:00pm
will take a field trip to a local park and have a pizza and
                                                                  10985         Aug. 28 11:00am-4:00pm
lawn bowling party! If participant is in need of a caregiver,
                                                                  Location:     All Trips meet at the Community
they are welcome to attend. Please, let us know upon
                                                                                Center at Mercer View Parking lot.
                                                                  *Trips are weather permitting.
 Day:             Monday-Friday
 Date:            July 12 – 16
 Time:            1:00pm – 4:00pm
 Code:            10925                                           Participant Behavior Standards:
 Fee:             $200.00                                         Staff will make every attempt to accommodate the
 Location:        Camp will meet at the Comm. Ctr.                aspects of individuals’ disabilities. However, staff
                  East gym on the first day of camp.               and volunteers are not prepared to handle significant
                  Camp will take place at Luther                  behavioral issues. Please contact Ryan Daly in
                  Burbank Park & Community Center                 advance regarding issues of concern so we can work
                  at Mercer View.                                 together to ensure a positive and safe experience for
                                                                  all - participants, staff and volunteers.

                                                                  Participant Personal Needs:
                                                                  Staff and volunteers are not prepared or trained to
                                                                  handle significant personal care needs (for example
                                                                  restroom needs). Individuals requiring extra support
                                                                  for restroom and other personal care needs must
                                                                  provide their own caregiver. Staff and volunteers will
                                                                  not dispense medication to participants. For questions,
                                                                  please contact Ryan Daly at 206.275.7863.


                                                                Walla Walla Wine Wine!
  ADULT TRIPS                                                   This 3-day weekend will highlight the region’s best
  If you need transportation to the Community                   wineries as well as the legendary Walla Walla Balloon
  Center in order to attend these outings please                Stampede! Celebrating its 36th year, over 40 hot air
  contact Katie Borden at 206.275.7862.                         balloons will fill the skies with vibrant colors each day.
                                                                Other attractions include the juried arts and crafts show,
                                                                farmers market, Saturday Nite Glow and classic car show.
Tulip Festival                                                  On Friday we’ll make a few stops at vineyards to stretch
Join us as we “tip toe through the tulips” at the 27th annual   our legs and tease our palettes. Upon arrival, you’re on
Tulip Festival in the beautiful Skagit Valley! Don’t forget     your own Friday night to explore and enjoy the area’s fine
your camera as we see the amazing colors that the tulips        cuisine, art and music. Saturday will be a day of visiting
have to offer. Experience every variety on display, along       wineries and a fabulous vineyard lunch. Once again you
with daffodils and irises at the Roozengaarde gardens           will have the evening free to explore all of the local shops,
and gift shop, the wide variety of plants and flowers then       galleries, trails, etc. Finally, we’ll depart mid-morning on
lunch in LaConner with time to view some shops and other        Sunday and enjoy a leisurely drive home making a few
festivities! Lunch is on your own. (Min. Reg. 10)               stops along the way.

                                                                Special Instructions: Fee includes: transportation,
  Course #:                10947
                                                                accommodations (double occupancy) and some meals.
  Age:                     Adult
                                                                Participants should bring money for tastings, additional
  Day:                     Friday
                                                                meals and purchases. A detailed supplies list and itinerary
  Date:                    April 23
                                                                will be available at registration. Hurry…space is limited
  Time:                    9:30am – 4:00pm
                                                                and the deadline is early! (Min. Reg. 10)
  Fee:                     $16.00
                                                                Register by Monday, April 5 (early deadline!)
  Location:                Depart/Return from
                           Comm. Ctr., Lobby
                                                                  Course #:                10948
                                                                  Ages:                    Adult
                                                                  Days/dates:              Friday – Sunday, May 7 - 9
High Tea at Willows Edge                                          Time:                    9:00am Fri. – 8:00pm Sun.
Join us for a wonderful afternoon of atmosphere, fabulous         Fee:                     $297.00 per person/
food, tasty teas and amazing service. We will travel to                                    double occupancy
Mukilteo to enjoy high tea. (Min. Reg. 10)                        Location:                Depart/Return from
Fee includes tea and light lunch.                                                          Comm. Ctr., Lobby
                                                                  Facilitator:             Katie Borden
  Course #:                11035
  Age:                     Adult
  Day:                     Friday
  Date:                    June 4
                                                                  Cooking with Lisa Odegard
                                                                  Come learn how to make wonderful winter dishes
  Time:                    10:00am – 3:00pm
                                                                  with Lisa Odegard. Lisa has worked in professional
  Fee:                     $30.00
                                                                  kitchens in New York, San Francisco, Oregon
  Location:                Comm. Ctr., Lobby
                                                                  and Seattle. She graduated from the Culinary
                                                                  Institute of America and has a baccalaureate in
                                                                  nutrition and business. All class menus and further
Snoqualmie Casino                                                 information can be found on her website at: www.
Visit the newest casino in the Northwest! The                     odegardepicurean.com. For questions, please email
165,000-square foot, mountain-style lodge casino just             lisa@odegardepicurean.com. (Min. Reg. 6)
opened in November, includes a 1,000-seat event center,
five restaurants, a cigar lounge and wine bar. It sits on a      Low fat Rustic Summer Salads and Side Dishes
56-acre woodsy, secluded site off of I-90 and just outside      Enjoy the bounty of summer while you learn how to make quick
the city of Snoqualmie. (Min. Reg. 10)                          and easy salads and side dishes to enjoy during the summer.

  Course #:                11036                                  Course #:                10619
  Age:                     Adult                                  Age:                     Adult
  Day:                     Friday                                 Day:                     Thursday
  Date:                    August 27                              Date:                    July 22
  Time:                    9:30am – 4:00pm                        Time:                    10:00am – 12:00pm
  Fee:                     $12.00                                 Fee:                     $44.00
  Location:                Comm. Ctr., Lobby                      Location:                Comm. Ctr., Kitchen

Spring/Summer 2010               www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609                                             35

Summer Desserts                                                Contract Bridge
Enjoy low fat desserts without the guilt! You will learn how   You do not need a partner to play with this friendly group
to make a few and take recipes home to enjoy!                  of players. Play bridge, make new friends and play
                                                               leisurely. New players are always welcome. Register the
  Course #:                10620                               first Tuesday of the month. For more information please
  Age:                     Adult                               contact Katie Borden at 206.275.7862.
  Day:                     Thursday                            Age:             Adult
  Date:                    Aug. 12                             Day:             Tues. & Thurs.
  Time:                    10:00am – 12:00pm                   Time:            12:45pm - 3:00pm
  Fee:                     $44.00                              Fee:             $3.00/mo.
  Location:                Comm. Ctr., Kitchen                 Location:        Comm. Ctr., Clarke Room
                                                               Course #:                 Date:
                                                               10918                     April 6 - 29
Bridge - Beginning
Once you try it, you will never give it up! Join instructor    10919                     May 4 – 27
Aidee Pokroy as she teaches you how to play one of             10920                     June 1 – 29
the world’s most popular card games. This fascinating          10922                     July 1 – 29
fun game exercises your mind and keeps you constantly
interested and challenged. This game is perfect for your       11034                     Aug. 3 - 31
retirement years, it provides you the opportunity to meet
people with common interests and spend time in an
enjoyable interactive setting. (Min Reg. 4) Prerequisite:
You must complete Beg. Bridge Part 1 prior to taking
Beg. Bridge Part 2.
Age:              Adult
Day:              Tuesday
Fee:              $74.00 (6 wks) / $62.00 (5 wks)
Instructor:       Aidee Pokroy
Location:         Comm. Ctr., Clarke Room
Course #:     Date:                          Time:
11048         Apr. 6 – May 11 (6 wks)        10:00am –
11049         May 18 – June 15 (5 wks)       10:00am –

Bridge – Intermediate                                          Beginning Guitar for Adults
When you’ve mastered elementary bridge, Instructor Aidee       Treat yourself to guitar lessons! Dust off that old guitar and
Pokroy will guide you along improving your bridge skills as    learn the chords to your favorite songs. Start from scratch
you progress to an intermediate level. Remember the game       or brush up on your basics, strumming, finger-picking,
of Bridge provides an excellent opportunity to use your        chord progressions, bar chords…the works! You’ll never
mind, meet new people and have fun. You must complete          put the guitar down again. Special Instructions: Guitars
both parts 1 and 2 Beg. Bridge before progressing to           available for rent from the instructor if needed, call
Intermediate Bridge. (Min Reg. 4) Prerequisite: You must       Mary at 425.775.3171 prior to the first class. Important
complete both Beginning Bridge Part 1 and Beginning            to attend all sessions. Bring a notebook to class.
Bridge Part 2 prior to enrolling in Intermediate Bridge.       Age:              Adult
Age:             Adult                                         Day:              Monday
Day:             Thursday                                      Instructor:       Mary Lord
Fee:             $74.00 (6 wks) / $62.00 (5 wks)               Location:         Comm. Ctr., Clarke Room
Instructor:      Aidee Pokroy                                  Fee:              $177.00
Location:        Comm. Ctr., Clarke Room                       Course #:         Date:                      Time:
Course #:     Date:                  Time:                     10742             Apr. 19– June 14           6:30pm -
11050         Apr. 8 – May 13        10:00am –     Part 1                                                   8:00pm
              (6 wks)                12:00pm                   10745             Jul. 12 - Aug. 30          6:30pm -
11051         May 20 – June 17       10:00am –     Part 2                                                   8:00pm
              (5 wks)                12:00pm


Digital Photography                                           Dog Obedience
Digital Photography is now the photography of choice by       Join our popular dog (and people) training classes taught
both hobbyists and professionals alike. Whether you are       by the staff of Joyce’s Dog Obedience Services, Inc. Joyce
planning to purchase a new digital camera or use your         and her staff have over 15 years of experience training
existing camera, you will learn the most important features   dogs and people. You will have at least two instructors
of a digital camera and how to use them. Sign up to learn     in your class. Our focus is on teaching owners to utilize
the basics of digital photography and how to improve your     leadership techniques that the dog can easily understand.
photography.                                                  Methods are positive (not permissive), gentle, and take
                                                              into consideration how people learn.This class is for
Some of the subjects and photo techniques to be covered       any age dog. You will learn to teach your dog skills and
are as follows:                                               acceptance of management so that you can experience
    • Latest features of digital cameras including optical    the fun and pleasure of catching your dog doing something
      and digital zooming                                     right rather than having to deal with the consequences
    • Default, mode, and image resolution settings            of what went wrong. (Min. Reg. 5) Special Instructions:
    • How to size, format, and email your digital             Must attend first night! Puppies and dogs should be
      photographs                                             vaccinated according to your veterinarian and the
    • Solving the mystery of mega-pixels - capturing vs.      AVMA guidelines for his/her age.
      printing your photos
    • The easiest way to download photographs to your           Age:          14 yrs & up
      computer                                                  Day:          Sunday
    • Storing, organizing, and displaying your digital          Course #:     10926
      photographs                                               Date:         July 11 – Aug. 15
    • Traveling with your digital camera                        Time:         4:30pm – 5:30pm
    • What makes a great photograph including                   Fee:          $96.00 (6 weeks)
      techniques to improve your photography                    Instructor:   Joyce’s Dog Obedience Services Inc.
    • Current web sites & publications available to help        Location:     North Mercer Gym
      you with your digital photography                         * No dogs the first night, class meets from
                                                                  4:30pm – 6:30pm
Special Instructions: You may bring your digital
camera and instruction booklet to class. You should
have basic knowledge of how your camera works.

  Age:            16 yrs & up
  Course #:       10955                                       LANGUAGE CLASSES
  Day:            Wednesday
  Date:           June 23                                     French - Beginners II
  Time:           6:00pm – 9:00pm                             Bonjour! Do you have some basic knowledge of French? If
  Fee:            $42.00                                      your answer is Oui, then this is the class for you! Improve
  Location:       Comm. Ctr., Groveland Room                  your grammar, culture and oral skills in this fun and
  Instructor:     Duke Coonrad has been a serious             interactive course with instructor Chole Eisen. (Min. Reg. 6)
                  student of and photographer over            Special Instructions: Book fee paid to Instructor
                  the past 25 years. At the end of
                  this class he will present a digital          Age:            Adult
                  show of some of his award winning             Course #:       10843
                  images. Please have the media                 Day:            Wednesday
                  card that is in your camera.                  Date:           April 7 – May 26
                                                                Time:           10:15am -11:15am
                                                                Fee:            $52.00 (8 wks)
                                                                Instructor:     Chloe Eisen
                                                                Location:       Comm. Ctr., Groveland Room

Spring/Summer 2010              www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609                                            37

French - Intermediate                                        Changes in IRA Rules
Parlez-vous Francais? This intermediate course               If you are over 70 ½ you did not have to take a mandatory
requires at least one year of previous French. Culture       distribution in 2009 from your IRA or other retirement plans.
and language skills stressed. (Min Reg. 6) Special           What about 2010 and beyond? What NEW RULES take
Instructions: Book fee paid to instructor.                   effect only for 2010 regarding Roth conversions? Why are
                                                             your beneficiary designations more important now than
  Age:           Adult                                       ever before? We will be discussing each of these important
  Course #:      10842                                       issues in detail so that you can plan to take maximum
  Day:           Monday                                      advantage of the new regulations, as well as preserve the
  Date:          April 5 – May 24                            tax advantages of your retirement accounts for your heirs.
  Time:          11:00am - 12:00pm
  Fee:           $42.00 (8 wks)                                Age:            Adult
  Instructor:    Chloe Eisen                                   Day:            Wed.
  Location:      Comm. Ctr., Groveland Room                    Date:           May 19
                                                               Time:           10:00am – 11:30am
                                                               Course #:       10928
                                                               Fee:            $4.00
French - Advanced                                              Location:       Comm. Ctr.
This class is for students who have at least 2 years
                                                               Instructor:     Terry Cole
experience in grammar and conversational French. (Min Reg.
6) Special Instructions: Book fee paid to the instructor.

  Age:           Adult                                       Conservative Investing in a Changing
  Course #:      10841                                       Environment
  Day:           Monday                                      How should your assets be positioned to take advantage
  Date:          April 5 – May 24                            of the market’s current opportunities, and still PROTECT
  Time:          9:00am – 11:00am                            YOUR CAPITAL? Given the current level of interest
  Fee:           $67.00 (8 wks)                              rates, what is the best way to generate income from your
  Instructor:    Chloe Eisen                                 portfolio? Which investment assets should be tapped into
  Location:      Comm. Ctr., Groveland Room                  first? Come learn about a Nobel Prize winning strategy for
                                                             successful investing.

                                                               Age:            Adult
                                                               Day:            Wed.
FINANCIAL CLASSES                                              Date:           May 26
                                                               Time:           10:00am – 11:30am
                                                               Course #:       10929
Changes in Estate Tax Laws
                                                               Fee:            $4.00
                                                               Location:       Comm. Ctr.
will be joined by a local estate planning attorney to
                                                               Instructor:     Terry Cole
review for you the coming federal guidelines for estate
taxation. We will also discuss the Washington State estate
tax guidelines. Should you use a will or a living trust?
If transferring your wealth to future generations with a
minimum of tax erosion is important to you, you won’t want
to miss this timely and very important workshop.

  Age:           Adult
  Day:           Wed.
  Date:          May 12
  Time:          10:00am – 11:30am
  Course #:      10927
  Fee:           $4.00
  Location:      Comm. Ctr.
  Instructor:    Terry Cole


                                                               Birding Trips
OUTDOOR                                                        Trip leader Bob Sundstrom has led Victor Emanuel Nature
                                                               Tours trips to Hawaii, Mexico, Belize, Trinidad & Tobago,
                                                               Iceland, Antarctica, Papua New Guinea and the Southwest
Introduction to Home Vegetables & Fruit                        Pacific, Canada and throughout the United States. Bob and
Gardening                                                      his wife Sally live in the rural Scatter Creek Valley south
Topics will include siting and laying out your garden,         of Olympia, Washington. Bob’s doctorate in anthropology
incorporating fruit and vegetables into your landscape, soil   is from the University of Washington, and he maintains an
preparation, seed and plant selection, pest control and        avid interest in both the natural and cultural settings of his
irrigation. (Min. Reg. 6)                                      tours. Bob has served on the boards of several nature and
                                                               conservation organizations, is a member of the Washington
  Age:            Adult                                        State Bird Records Committee, and is a co-author of
  Day:            Thursday                                     The National Audubon Society Field Guide to the Pacific
  Date:           April 8                                      Northwest. He is lead writer for the Northwest public radio
  Time:           6:00pm – 7:30pm                              program BirdNote, broadcast on KPLU 88.5 and archived at
  Course #:       10981                                        www.birdnote.org.
  Fee:            $42.00
  Location:       Comm. Ctr.                                   About the Trips: Trips involve some walking and light
  Instructor:     Lee Buffington                               hiking, please bring binoculars, if meals arrangements are
                                                               not noted in trip description, please bring a lunch.
                                                               Location:          All trips meet at the Comm. Ctr. at
                                                                                  Mercer View
Landscape professional, Lee Buffington, will introduce the
basics of pruning woody plants, ornamental grasses and
                                                               Spring Sage and Pines
                                                               Purple sagebrush violets light the landscape east of Cle
evergreen perennials. Learn the three basic techniques
                                                               Elum, as Brewer’s and Vesper Sparrows sing, backed by
and when and where to use each. (Min. Reg. 6)
                                                               Sage Thrashers and Western Meadowlarks. Bluebirds are
                                                               back, migrants like Townsend’s Solitaires are arriving, and
  Age:            18 yrs. and up
                                                               teh last wintering Rough-legged Hawks linger.
  Day:            Thurssday
  Date:           April 15
                                                                 Course #:       10675
  Time:           6:00pm – 7:00pm
                                                                 Day:            Friday
  Course #:       10982
                                                                 Date:           April 9
  Fee:            $42.00
                                                                 Time:           Depart: 6:30am, Return 7:30pm
  Location:       Comm. Ctr.
                                                                 Fee:            $77.00
  Instructor:     Lee Buffington

Garden Design                                                  Hermit Warblers to Bowerman Basin Shorebirds
Lee Buffington of Arcadia Garden Design will guide              A trip west of Olympia with a dual purpose: to find scarce,
you through this four-session class to find solutions to        local, beautiful Hermit Warblers singing in the tall firs of
your specific landscape issues. The process will include        the Black Hills, and to enjoy the spectacle of Bowerman
site drawing and analysis, space usage, traffic flow,            Basin’s immense spring shorebird flocks. Near Aberdeen,
hardscape, soil improvement, lighting, plant selection and     thousands of Western Sandpipers, Dunlin, and other
lay-out. At the end of four weeks, you will have a working     shorebirds fly in tight formations above the tideflats. Plus a
drawing and installation outline. (Min. Reg. 6)                bakery stop near Olympia.

  Age:            18 yrs. and up                                 Course #:       10674
  Day:            Wed.                                           Day:            Wednesday
  Date:           May 5 - 26                                     Date:           April 28
  Time:           6:00pm – 7:30pm                                Time:           Depart: 6:30am, Return 7:30pm
  Course #:       10982                                          Fee:            $77.00
  Fee:            $152.00
  Location:       Comm. Ctr.
  Instructor:     Lee Buffington

Spring/Summer 2010               www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609                                            39

Umtanum Rd. to Wenas and Beyond                                Ptarmigan Ridge, Mt. Baker
From Ellensburg, we’ll bird the full length of Umtanum Rd.     A focused quest for mountain birds, as we drive north
all the way to famed Wenas Creek, making the most of           to Mt. Baker and hike out in the Ptarmigan Ridge area.
this diverse stretch of sage, canyon, and forest. Birds on     Easier to reach than Mt. Rainier Ptarmigan sites, an
tap include White-headed and Lewis’ woodpeckers, red           average walker can reach White tailed ptarmigan habitat
naped sapsucker, and many more. Expect a long list of          here. Expect a beautiful day, an assortment of wildflowers,
birds today.                                                   and a fair chance to find one of the hardest birds to see in
                                                               the state. Plan on level to moderately strenuous hiking of
   Course #:       10672                                       at least four miles round trip.
   Days:           Friday
   Date:           May 14                                         Course #:       10678
   Time:           Depart: 6:30am, Return 7:00pm                  Day:            Wednesday
   Fee:            $75.00                                         Date:           August 18
                                                                  Time:           Depart: 6:00am, Return 7:30pm
                                                                  Fee:            $67.00

Entiat Mts. Overnighter/Stevens Pass
A two day trip. Day #1 leads across Steven’s Pass, where
                                                               Docent-led Spring Walks in Pioneer Park
west meets east. High elevations near the pass offer
                                                               One hour walks through trails in Pioneer Park, suitable for all
considerable variety, such as nesting “slate-colored” Fox
                                                               ages. Experience the glories and surprises of spring in the
Sparrows, Hermit and Varied Thrushes, MacGillivray’s and
                                                               park with Audubon Master & Birder, Judy Roan & Washington
other warblers.
                                                               Native Plant Society Steward, Rita Moore. The focus is on the
                                                               interactions between the birds we see and the native plants
Day #2 is devoted to Swakane canyon and a sequence
                                                               they use. FREE! Call 206.275.3883 for questions.
of habitats in a sheltered canyon in the Entiat Mts.,
from rimrock and sage and then stands of pine all the
way to aspen-rimmed beaver bogs. Chukar are a good                Time:           10:00am
possibility, as are brilliant Lazuli Buntings, tiny Calliope      Day:            Date:
Hummingbirds, as well as Say’s Phoebe. Two picnic                 Sunday          April 11
lunches and the night’s lodging are included in the fee.          Saturday        May 29
                                                                  Sunday          June 20
                                                                  Location:       Meet at kiosk, NW corner of
   Course #:       10675
                                                                                  Island Crest Way and 68th.
   Day:            Mon. – Tues.
   Date:           June 28 - 29
   Time:           Depart: 6:30am, Return 6:30pm
   Fee:            $250.00/double occupancy                    Beginner Adult Sailing
                                                               This class will introduce you to the basics of sailing and
                                                               teach you how to safely handle a boat on your own.
Alpine Lakes Wilderness and Tuquala Lake                       We sail two people to a boat so that the class is both a
From Cle Elum, we will bird the back roads north through       learning and social experience. Most of our sailors are
Roslyn and Ronald and up along Kachess and Cle                 ready to go out in moderate breeze at the end of the
Elum Lakes, and on to Tuquala Lk. in the Alpine Lakes          course. This class is conducted mostly on the water, so
Wilderness. Black Swifts forage here, Lincoln’s Sparrows       be prepared to get wet! This class meets 6 times over
sing along the lake edge, and Western Tanagers and             2 weeks. Special Instructions: Everyone must wear
Evening Grosbeaks share the forest with Swainson’s,            a lifejacket on our boats and docks. Lifejackets are
Hermit, and Varied thrushes. Grouse and Williamson’s           provided, but if you have your own bring it! Please
Sapsuckers are possible, Hammond’s and Dusky                   wear shoes that can get wet and won’t fall off in the
flycatchers overlap, and we’ll turn up a diversity of           water (old sneakers work great!). Comfort in the water
warblers, finches, flycatchers, and hummingbirds                 is key. We suggest you visit the lake prior to the 1st
                                                               day of class.
   Course #:       10677
   Day:            Wednesday                                      Course #:       11107
   Date:           July 7                                         Age:            Adult
   Time:           Depart: 6:30am, Return 6:30pm                  Day:            Mon. – Fri.
   Fee:            $77.00                                         Date:           July 26 – 30
                                                                  Time:           5:30pm - 8:00pm
                                                                  Fee:            $277
                                                                  Location:       Luther Burbank Park, Boat House


Forest Stewardship Training
Want something different than the regularly scheduled
volunteer projects? Do you prefer to work on your own?
For people ready to lead small projects or work on their
own, we offer the Forest Stewardship Training. You
will meet with Paul West, the Park Natural Resources
Coordinator at the park where you would like to work.
Paul will go over policies, safety, tools, techniques,
paperwork and answer your questions. At the end of the
training you are qualified to work on your own and report
your hours. You also can propose to lead group projects
that would benefit the park.

Special Projects
Do you have a school, church or business looking for
a service opportunity? Groups that want to do service
work in a park or open space can contact us. Working
with our partner EarthCorps, we can find an event that
will fit your group up to 100 people. Projects include all
tools, logistical help and on-site guidance you will need
to feel a great sense of accomplishment at the end of the
day. Your work helps to pass on healthy parks and open
spaces to future generations.

For either of these options, please call Paul West at
206.275.7833 to learn more and schedule time to meet.

Spring/Summer 2010              www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609       41
Mercer Island Parks & Recreation Forest Stewardship Opportunities - Spring 2010 Schedule

Confirm times and meeting locations at registration websites. Please sign up for events in advance.
Day                        Date       Time           Park             Activity                   Meet at…
Saturday                   3/27/10    10am-2pm       Clarke Beach     Maintain/expand past       Parking lot
www.earthcorps.org                                                    invasive removal
Saturday                   4/10/10    10am-2pm       Ellis Pond       Annual Spring              90th Ave SE, north
www.earthcorps.org                                                    Maintenance                of SE 47th St.
Saturday                   4/17/10    9 am-3pm       Mercerdale       Invasive removal           76th Ave SE at SE
www.mtsgreenway.org                                  Hillside                                    37th
Saturday                   4/17/10    9 am-noon      Wildwood Park    Annual Spring Clean-up     7400 86th Ave SE
Sunday                     4/18/10    10am-2pm       Clarke Beach     Maintenance and mulching Parking lot
Saturday                   4/24/10    10 am-2pm      Clarke Beach     Invasive removal and       Parking lot
www.earthcorps.org                                                    mulching
Saturday                   5/8/10     10am-2pm       Island Crest     Maintain past invasive     Parking lot
www.earthcorps.org                                   Park             removal
Saturday                   5/15/10    9am-3pm        Upper Luther     Invasive removal           84th Ave SE & SE
www.mtsgreenway.org                                  Burbank                                     32 St.
Saturday                   6/12/10    10am-2pm       Island Crest     Invasive removal           Parking lot
www.earthcorps.org                                   Park
Saturday                   6/19/10    9am-3pm        Luther Burbank, Invasive removal            Parking lot
www.mtsgreenway.org                                  north wetlands

Thursday                   6/24/10    10am-2pm       Pioneer Park     Invasive removal           Island Crest Way
www.earthcorps.org                                                                               & SE 68th
Thursday                   7/1/10     10am-2pm       Luther Burbank, Invasive removal            Parking lot
www.earthcorps.org                                   north wetlands
Thursday                   7/8/10     10am - 2pm     Island Crest     Invasive removal           Parking lot
Saturday                   7/10/10    10am-2pm       Pioneer Park     Maintain/expand past       Island Crest Way
www.earthcorps.org                                                    invasive removal           & SE 68th
Thursday                   7/15/10    10am-2pm       Mercerdale       Invasive removal           76th Ave SE at SE
www.mtsgreenway.org                                  Hillside                                    37th
Saturday                   7/17/10    9am-3pm        Luther Burbank, Invasive removal            Parking lot
www.mtsgreenway.org                                  north wetlands
Thursday                   7/22/10    10am-2pm       Island Crest     Invasive removal           Parking lot
Thursday                   7/29/10    10am-2pm       Mercerdale       Invasive removal           76th Ave SE at SE
www.mtsgreenway.org                                  Hillside                                    37th
Thursday                   8/5/10     10am-2pm       Pioneer Park     Invasive removal           Island Crest Way
www.earthcorps.org                                                                               & SE 68th
Thursday                   8/12/10    10am - 2pm     Luther Burbank, Invasive removal            Parkling lot
www.earthcorps.org                                   north wetlands
Saturday                   8/14/10    10am-2pm       Ellis Pond       Invasive removal           90th Ave SE,
www.earthcorps.org                                                    maintenance                south of SE 45th
Saturday                   8/21/10    9 am-3pm       Mercerdale       Invasive removal           76th Ave SE at SE
www.mtsgreenway.org                                  Hillside                                    37th
Saturday                   9/18/10    9am-3pm        Luther Burbank, Invasive removal            Parking lot
www.mtsgreenway.org                                  north wetlands


                                                                 Costumed Model Painting
ART CLASSES                                                      Another opportunity to brush up on your painting! Paint
                                                                 in any medium from a costumed model. Three to four
Open Studio                                                      week sustained poses. Only non-aromatic/non-invasive
This is a unique non-instructional program for the artist        mediums.
who enjoys still life and landscape painting. You will be
able to share in the designing and creating of beautiful still     Age:            Adult
life sets or paint from natural settings. Please use non-          Course #:       10845
toxic paints and bring set ups or pictures to paint from.          Day:            Friday
(Min Reg. 5)                                                       Date:           Apr. 9 – June 25
                                                                   Time:           9:30am - 12:30pm
  Age:             Adult                                           Fee:            $98.00 (12 wks)
  Course #:        10875                                           Instructor:     Hiroko Seki, Master Artist.
  Day:             Monday                                          Location:       Comm. Ctr., Art Room
  Date:            May 3 – June 28
  No Class:        May 31
  Time:            1:00pm - 4:00pm
  Fee:             $50.00 (8 wks)                                Sumi Painting
  Facilitator:     Genevieve Rees                                Covers techniques for design, various stroke and effects,
  Location:        Comm. Ctr., Clarke Room                       paper preparation and simplicity of Japanese Sumi and
                                                                 Gansai color painting. Master artist Hiroko Seki has a
                                                                 diverse background in instructing to include Bellevue
                                                                 Community College, Seattle Asian Art Museum, Frye Art
Figure Drawing                                                   Museum and more! Learn the beautiful stroke of Sumi
This class allows you to explore your strengths and seek         painting. (Min. Reg. 5)
helpful suggestions from fellow colleagues while drawing
from a live nude model. You can use pencils, pastels,              Age:            Adult
charcoal, watercolors or other non-aromatic, non-invasive          Course #:       10874
media. (Min Reg. 10)                                               Day:            Thursday
                                                                   Date:           Apr. 15 – June 3
  Age:             Adult                                           Time:           1:00pm - 2:30pm
  Course #:        10659                                           Fee:            $102.00 (8 wks)
  Day:             Wednesday                                       Instructor:     Hiroko Seki, Master Artist.
  Date:            Apr. 7 – June 23                                Location:       Comm. Ctr., Art Room
  Time:            9:30am - 12:30pm
  Fee:             $85.00 (12 wks), $14.00 Drop-In
  Facilitator:     Lee Berry & Ellen Borison
  Location:        Comm. Ctr., Art Room                          Ikebana
                                                                 This creative class will focus on a special theme each
                                                                 week and operate as a workshop. Fresh flowers and
                                                                 branches, dried flowers, driftwood, bleached and
Sculpture                                                        unconventional materials will be used. Instructor will
This is a unique non-instructional program designed for          demonstrate and introduce materials. Beginning class
the sculptor who wants to work from a live model. Model          will use a text book to learn styles, techniques and about
holds one pose for nine hours. The sculptors rotate              materials. (Min Reg. 5) Special Instructions: Please
around the model. This friendly, positive environment            bring container, scissors, a kengan (plant holder) and
offers artists a chance to share ideas and learn from one        materials.
another. Bring your own clay, tools and sculpture stand;
benches are provided. (Min Reg. 5)                                 Age:            Adult
                                                                   Day:            Friday
  Age:             Adult                                           Course #:       11047
  Course #:        10844                                           Date:           April 9 – June 11, No class on
  Day:             Tuesday                                                         April 23rd
  Date:            April 6 – Jun. 22                               Time:           10:00am – 12:00pm
  Time:            6:00pm - 9:00pm                                 Fee:            $92.00 (10 wks)
  Fee:             $85.00 (10 wks)                                 Instructor:     Mitsuko Hakomori
  Instructor:      Lori Falterman & Jennifer Mattson               Location:       Comm. Ctr., Groveland Room
  Location:        Comm. Ctr., Art Room

Spring/Summer 2010                www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609                                           43

Special Effects Workshop                                        Why Paint in Oil?
Five day workshop working with 7 water-based media,             If you are an oil painter, you already know the answer.
focusing on introduction to special effects. Beginner and       If not, do yourself a favor and relish the organic, gutsy,
intermediate artists will benefit and soar and advanced          elegant medium that serious artists cherish. This is a class
artists will achieve higher skill level due to Keith Sluder’s   for beginning students as well as advanced. We will be
inspirational instruction.                                      using the still life genre to experience the potentials of this
                                                                medium. The classes are designed so that you can create
   Age:            Adult                                        a piece of art whether you know how to draw or not. We
   Course #:       11066                                        will include discussions on art history and the techniques
   Day:            Mon. – Fri.                                  of well known artists as well as discussions on what
   Date:           July 19 – 23                                 makes a piece of art an exemplary creation.
   Time:           9:00am – 4:00pm                              There will be positive critiques on the progress of our work
   Fee:            $450.00                                      at the end of each session.
   Instructor:     Keith Sluder
   Location:       Comm. Ctr., Art Room                            Age:                     Adult
                                                                   Course #:                10616
                                                                   Day:                     Tuesday
                                                                   Date:                    May 4 - 24
Watercolor – Intermediate                                          Time:                    10:00am – 12:00pm
Learn various techniques for painting landscapes, florals,          Fee:                     $66.00
and figures. Individual attention will be given as you              Instructor:              Claudia Zimmerman,
explore this exciting medium. (Min Reg. 5) Special                                          www.claudiazimmermanart.com
Instructions: Supply list available upon registration.             Location:                Comm. Ctr., Art Room

 Age:                       Adult
 Course #:                  10622
 Day:                       Wednesday                           Garden Art: Mosaic Birdbaths
 Date:                      Apr. 7 – May 26                     Learn the basic technique of mosaic art. Use stain
 Time:                      1:00pm – 3:00pm                     glass remnants, glass mosaic tiles and florist gems to
 Fee:                       $77.00 (8 wks)                      create a birdbath in this 3 hour class. Craft instructor,
 Instructor:                Joan Frey                           Lee Buffington will lead you through choosing a design,
 Location:                  Comm. Ctr., Slater Room             implementing your design and maintaining your birdbath.
                                                                No glass cutting required with this method.

                                                                   Age:            Adult
Chiaroscuro, The Dark and the Light of it                          Course #:       10980
What is it? Why do we need it? Who did it? How can we              Day:            Thursday
do it? We will answer the above questions by reviewing             Date:           August 12
Art history and exploring the lives of painters famous for         Time:           6:00pm - 9:00pm
their chiaroscuro technique. Concurrently, we will paint a         Fee:            $74.00
canvas from a still life set up concentrating on darks and         Instructor:     Lee Buffington
lights over form and narrative. We will interact as a group        Location:       Comm. Ctr., Art Room
as well as one on one with the instructor. Positive critiques
of each individual work-in-progress will be given at the end
of each session.

   Age:                     Adult
   Course #:                10615
   Day:                     Tuesday
   Date:                    April 6 - 27
   Time:                    10:00am – 1:00pm
   Fee:                     $66.00
   Instructor:              Claudia Zimmerman,
   Location:                Comm. Ctr., Art Room


                                                             Tap Dance
DANCE                                                        Have fun while exercising! Listen to great music and
                                                             create rhythms with your feet. This class offers a
                                                             combination of easy dance steps, fascinating rhythmic
                                                             patterns, and lots of fun. Basic Tap Dance experience is
                                                             required for this course. Tap shoes are recommended, but
                                                             hard-soled shoes will work. (Min Reg. 3)

                                                               Age:             Adult
                                                               Course #:        11045
                                                               Day:             Mon. & Fri.
                                                               Date:            April 5 - July 2
                                                                                No class 5/31
                                                               Time:            1:00pm – 3:00pm
                                                               Fee:             $94.00 (13 wks)
                                                               Instructor:      Darlene Jones
                                                               Location:        Comm. Ctr., Dance Studio

Hula Hoop Dance Class
Enjoy learning to dance with our adult size, slightly        Beginning Ballroom Dancing
weighted, core fitness hula hoops. Tone and strengthen        This is a program to teach students the basics of a variety
all your muscle groups while you increase mental and         of ballroom dances. Students will focus on lead and follow
physical coordination. Low impact Hoop Dancing allows        roles, timing and basic patterns. (Min. Reg. 5)
each person to build their personal fitness level at their    Age:             Adult
own pace. We can get you started hooping, even if you        Instructor:      Jacob Matthew
have never done it before. Classes are fun and supportive,   Location:        Community Center, Dance Room
hoops provided for class room use. For questions,            Course #:     Day:     Date:         Time:        Fee:
concerns, or to view our community photo albums,             10881         Wed.     April 7 –     6:30pm –     $52.00/5
please check out our website at www.hooptothebeat.com.                              May 5         7:30pm       wks
Classes offered three times a week. All classes are multi
level.                                                       10882         Wed.     May 26 –      6:30pm –     $42.00/4
                                                                                    June 16       7:30pm       wks
  Age:           16 yrs. and up                              10883         Wed.     June 23 –     6:30pm –     $62.00/6
  Course #:      10641                                                              July 28       7:30pm       wks
  Day:           Tues., Thurs
  Date:          April 11 – June 6
  Time:          12:30pm – 1:30pm                            Beginning Salsa Dancing
  Fee:           $12/class                                   This class introduces you to the rhythm and timing of the
  Instructors:   Marcie Spahi, Merissa                       music, as well as the technique in leading and following.
                 Sweetland & Kate Taylor                     You will learn basic footwork, dance positions and
  Location:      Comm. Ctr., Dance Room                      connections between partners. We will teach you fun and
                                                             easy dance patterns that include single right turns, single
  Age:           16 yrs. and up                              left turns, cross body leads and ladies right and left turns.
  Course #:      10642                                       No partner needed. (Min. Reg. )
  Day:           Sunday                                      Age:               Adult
  Date:          April 11 – June 6                           Instructor:        Jacob Matthew
  Time:          11:00am – 12:30pm                           Location:          Community Center, Dance Room
  Fee:           $12/class                                   Course #: Day:          Date:        Time:        Fee:
  Instructors:   Marcie Spahi, Merissa                       10885        Wed.       April 7 –    7:45pm – $52.00/5
                 Sweetland & Kate Taylor                                             May 5        8:45pm   wks
  Location:      Comm. Ctr., Dance Room
                                                             10886        Wed.       May 26 –     7:45pm – $42.00/4
                                                                                     June 16      8:45pm   wks
                                                             10887        Wed.       June 23 –    7:45pm – $62.00/6
                                                                                     July 28      8:45pm   wks

Spring/Summer 2010             www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609                                             45

                                                               Fitness Boot Camp
HEALTH & FITNESS                                               This workout program is for people of all abilities, ages,
                                                               shapes and sizes who want to challenge themselves.
Power Flex Sports Conditioning                                 No time to workout? Get your workout done before work
Power Flex is designed to work on strength training,           and school. Class consists of walking, running, stair
plyometic drills for speed and agility, cardio conditioning,   climbing, push-ups, sit-ups, strength and circuit training.
core strength, balance and flexibility. This class will         Make it a family challenge and sign up with your kids!
incorporate a variety of workouts to improve participants      Class operates rain or shine! (Min. Reg. 5) Special
overall health, strength and fitness levels. Level One is for   Instructions: Bring a water bottle and exercise mat.
beginning and intermediate students and participants are       Ages:            16 yrs & up
encouraged to work at their own pace. Level Two is for         Days:            Mon.Wed. Fri.
intermediate and advanced students. (Min. 10)                  Time:            6:00am - 7:00am
Level One                                                      Fee:             $82.00
Age:               40+                                         Instructor:      Joseph Raineri,
Day:               Mon, Wed, Fri                               Location:        High School Stadium/Track, North
Time:              8:00am – 9:00am                                              Mercer Gym
Location:          Comm. Ctr.                                  No Class: May 31, July 5
Instructor:        Janelle Akana                               Course #:            Date:
No Class: July 5
                                                               10846                April 5 – 30
Date:             Course #      Fee:
                                                               10847                May 5 – 28
April 2 – 30      10862         $93.00/13 sessions
                                                               10848                June 2 – 30
May 3 – 28        10863         $86.00/12 sessions
                                                               10849                July 7 – 30
June 2 – 30       10864         $93.00/13 sessions
                                                               10850                Aug 2 – 30
July 2 – 30       10865         $86.00/12 sessions
Aug. 2 – 30       10866         $93.00/13 sessions
                                                               Beginning Pilates
                                                               This Matwork and Stretching class is a system of floor
Level Two                                                      exercises designed to introduce beginners to “core”
Age:           40+                                             (abdominal and low-back) strength while working the
Day:           Mon, Tues, Thurs.                               body in correct alignment. You’ll learn to strengthen and
Time:          Monday: 7:00am – 8:00am; Tues. &                stretch muscles simultaneously, improve posture and
               Thurs: 8:00am – 9:00am                          balance, re-educate muscles and achieve a greater sense
Location:      Comm. Ctr.                                      of well-being. Instructor, Janis Levine has over 27 years
Instructor:    Janelle Akana                                   experience as a certified fitness instructor and 11 years
No Class: July 5                                               teaching Pilates. (Min. Reg. 8) Special Instructions:
Date:             Course #      Fee:                           Bring a water bottle.
                                                               Ages:             18 yrs & up
April 1 – 29      10868         $93.00/13 sessions;
                                                               Day:              Wed. & Fri
                                                               Time:             10:45am – 11:30am
May 3 – 27        10869         $86.00/12 sessions;            Instructor:       Janis Levine
                                $58.00/T&Th                    Location:         Community Ctr., Clarke Room
June 1 – 29       10870         $93.00/13 sessions;            Date:                 Course # Fee:
                                                               April 7 – May 14      10682         $152.00/Drop-In $17.00
July 1 – 29       10871         $86.00/12 sessions;
                                                               May 19 – June         10683         $127.00/Drop-In $17.00
Aug. 2 – 31       10872         $100.00/14 sessions;


Advanced Pilates                                                Yoga - Hatha Style
Pilates Matwork is a more advanced paced floor exercise          This style of Hatha Yoga (Bikram Influenced) is a series
class and is suited to those familiar with Pilates or Yoga.     of poses with variations, always done in the same
Increase your overall strength, flexibility, coordination, and   progressive order to work the entire body. Work at your
achieve balanced muscle development. You’ll get amazing         own pace. All levels of experience welcome. Bring a towel
abdominal muscles! (Min Reg. 8) Special Instructions:           or yoga mat and wear loose, comfortable clothing. (Min.
Bring a water bottle.                                           Reg. 8)
Ages:             18 yrs & up                                   Age:             18 yrs & up
Day:              Wed. & Fri                                    Drop-In Fee:     $18
Time:             9:45am – 10:40am                              Instructor:      Maude Pauletto
Instructor:       Janis Levine                                  Location:        Community Ctr., Dance Room or
Location:         Community Ctr., Clarke Room                                    Groveland Room
Date:                 Course # Fee:                             Fee:             $75.00
April 7 – May 14      10688          $152.00/Drop-In $17.00     Course #:     Day:     Date:                 Time:
May 19 – June 18 10689               $127.00/Drop-In $17.00     10648         Tues.    Apr. 13 – May 18      10:30am –
                                                                10652         Thurs. Apr. 15 – May 20        9:00am –
Summertime Mixed Level Pilates                                  10653         Tues.    June 1 – July 6       10:30am –
Ages:           14 yrs & up                                                                                  11:45am
Day:            Wed.                                            10655         Thurs. June 3 – July 8         9:00am –
Time:           11:00am – 12:00pm                                                                            10:15am
Instructor:     Janis Levine
                                                                10656         Tues.    Jul 20 – Aug 24       10:30am-
Location:        Community Ctr., Dance Room
Special Instructions: Bring a water bottle.
                                                                10658         Thurs. Jul 22 – Aug 26         9:00am –
Date:                 Course # Fee:
June 16 – July 21 10690              $77.00/Drop-In $17.00

                                                                Prenatal Yoga
Aerobic Dancing                                                 Prenatal Yoga can help prepare your body for labor,
Share the fun and fitness with friends! Jacki Sorenson,          provide relief from pregnancy related changes and prepare
leader in aerobics for more than 25 years, offers great         you for motherhood. Connect with other mothers-to-be,
choreographed dance routines that include floor work and         use breathwork to ease into each stage of pregnancy
vertifirm with weights. You will love the music, the safe        and build confidence and stamina for your transition to
and effective routines and the fun with friends. Get ready      motherhood. Expectant mothers at any trimester are
for a total body workout for all levels! (Min. Reg. 8)          encouraged to join us. Permission from your doctor
Day:              Mon. & Wed.                                   required before attending.
Time:             5:15pm – 6:15pm                               Day:              Thursday
Age:              18 yrs & up                                   Time:             6:00pm – 7:10pm
Location:         Comm. Ctr., Dance Room                        Age:              18 yrs & up
Instructor:       Delores Ledbetter                             Fee:              $54.00/Drop-in: $12.00
No Class: May 31, July 5                                        Location:         Comm. Ctr., Clarke Room
Date:           Course #:     Fee:                              Instructor:       Rachel Lowe
April 5 –       10837         $163.00 (23 sessions)             Date:                            Course #:
June 23                                                         April 1 – May 6                  10914
June 28 –       10838         $121.00 (17 sessions)             May 13 – June 17                 10915
August 25
                                                                July 8 – August 19               10916

Spring/Summer 2010               www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609                                            47

Jazzercise is a 60 minute class incorporating cardio,          MARTIAL ARTS
strength, and stretch moves for a total body workout.
We’ve taken moves from hip hop, Pilates, yoga, kick-           Kendo
boxing, and resistance training and bundled them into          Learn the art and traditions of Kendo, “the Way of the
one hour. All ages, levels,sizes welcome. There is no          Sword”. Become skilled in this Japanese samurai style of
memorization of routines. Each class is taught follow-the      swordsmanship. Kendo is powerful and graceful posing
leader style, enabling you to begin anytime. Jazzercise        challenges to build character, mind, and body. Kendo is for
Lite: This 60 minute class pairs moderate aerobics with        the entire family! (Min. Reg. 10)
exercises designed to improve your strength, balance and       Age:              8 yrs and up
flexibility Whether you’re a senior, newcomer, pregnant,        Time:             7:00pm – 9:00pm
or prefer low impact, you can’t go wrong with this popular     Fee:              $87.00/ Drop In: $9.00
light version of the original Jazzercise program. No joining   Instructor:       Cascade Kendo Kai, Gary Imanishi
fees the first two weeks of April, otherwise, go to             Location:         Comm. Ctr., Gym
www.jazzercise.com for a NEW student offer. Register at        Course      Day:    Date:           Level:        Fee:
class with the instructor, Lori Hollow 206-632-3079.           #:
Please go to www.jazzercise.com for a new student
special offer.                                                 10858      Wed.     March 31 – Advanced           $82.00
                                                                                   June 16
Age:             Teen and up                                   10859      Friday   Apr 2 –         Beginning     $82.00
Date:            April 1- August 31                                                June 11
No Class:        Times are subject to change. See              10860      Wed.     June 23 –       Advanced      $82.00
                 instructor for prescheduled class                                 Sept. 8
                 cancellations and time changes.
Fee:             (All prices subject to state tax.)            10861      Friday   June 25 –       Beginning     $82.00
                 2 month unlimited pass $100 + $50                                 Sept. 10
                 joining fee
                 12 month minimum monthly autopay
                 $40.00, $30 off joining fee
                 6 month minimum monthly autopay $45,          Naginata: ALL LEVELS
                 $15 off joining fee                           This Japanese martial art shows both power and grace.
                 Walk in welcome $11.00, no joining fee        It is characterized by the grandeur of its sweeping
Location:        Comm Ctr , Room subject to change.            movements of the Naginata, a Japanese sword on the
Instructor:      Lori Hollow                                   end of a six foot pole. This art is for those interested in
Day:          Time:                    Room:                   either competitive fighting, or in the physical beauty of
                                                               choreographed, practiced movements called kata. Both
M, W, F       6:45am - 7:45am          Mercer Room             instructors were members of the US Team at the Naginata
M, W, F       8:00 – 9:00am &          Mercer Room             Federation World Championships. (Min. 10)
              9:30am – 10:30am                                 Day:              Saturday
                                                               Time:             1:30pm – 3:30pm
Tu, Th        7:45am – 8:45am          (Jazz Lite) Dance
                                                               Age:              13 yrs and up
                                                               Location:         Comm. Ctr., Gym
Monday        6:30pm – 7:30pm          Mercer Room             Instructor:       Kurt and Karen Schmucker
Tu, Th        5:45pm – 6:45pm &        Dance Room              No Class: May 29, July 3, Aug, 7
              7:00pm – 8:00pm                                  Date:                       Course #             Fee:
Saturday      8:00am – 9:00am          Gym                     April 3 – June 12           10831                $102.00
Sunday        8:30am – 9:30am          Mercer Room             June 28 – Aug. 28           11106                $92.00


Tai Chi
T’ai Chi Ch’uan (Taijiquan) is an ancient Chinese exercise   SPORTS
for the harmony of body and mind. Consistent practice
provides valuable help in lessening tension and increasing   CO-ED and MEN’S Softball Leagues
physical, mental and spiritual well-being. (Min. 4)          We want you to play in our league! Join a great league of
                                                             fun, energetic and competitive softball teams. There are
Tai Chi: Beginning Part 2                                    two divisions in each league; intermediate and advanced,
This class is for beginners who have completed Part 1        something for everyone. Games are played once a week.
or equivalent.                                               Interested? Call 206-275-7863. Must be registered in
Time:            6:30pm – 7:45pm                             full prior to April 9th.
Age:             16 yrs and up
Location:        Comm. Ctr., Dance Room                        Day:             Mon., Tues., Wed., or Thurs.
Instructor:      Colin Berg                                    Date:            May – Aug.
Day:      Date:               Course #:       Fee:             Time:            6:00pm – 9:30pm
                                                               Fee:             $677.00 per team
Mon.      April 12– May 24    10833           $65.00
                                                               Location:        Homestead Park

Tai Chi: Beginning, Part 3.
This class requires completion of Parts 1 & 2.
Time:           6:30pm – 7:45pm
                                                                Women’s Tennis Flights
                                                                Doubles play at Seattle Tennis Center. In the
Age:            16 yrs and up
                                                                summer, matches are at Homestead Park. We
Location:       Comm. Ctr., Dance Room
                                                                offer both recreational and competitive leagues. If
Instructor:     Colin Berg
                                                                interested please call Katie Borden at 206-275.7862.
No class: July 5
Day:      Date:               Course #:       Fee:
Mon.      June 14 – Aug. 9    10835           $74.00
                                                             Adult Tennis
                                                             Great way to end your day, get out on the court! Learn the
                                                             basics skills of tennis or continue to master your advanced
Tai Chi: Intermediate                                        skills. (Min. Reg. 4)
Time:          7:45pm – 9:00pm                               Fee:               $52.00
Age:           16 yrs and up                                 Location:          Island Crest Park, Tennis Courts
Location:      Comm. Ctr., Dance Room                        Code:     Day:      Date:       Time:       Class:
Instructor:    Colin Berg
No class: July 5                                             10703     Tues./    Jun. 29 –   6:00pm -    Beginning
                                                                       Thurs.    Jul. 15     7:00pm
Day:      Date:               Course #:       Fee:
                                                             10704     Tues./    Jun. 29 –   7:00pm -    Intermediate
Mon.      April 12 – May 24   10834           $65.00                   Thurs.    Jul. 15     8:00pm
Mon.      June 14 – Aug. 9    10836           $74.00         10705     Mon./     Jul. 19 –   6:00pm -    Beginning
                                                                       Wed.      Aug. 4      7:00pm
                                                             10706     Mon./     Jul. 19 –   7:00pm -    Intermediate
                                                                       Wed.      Aug. 4      8:00pm
                                                             10707     Tues./    Aug. 10 –   6:00pm -    Intermediate
                                                                       Thurs.    Aug. 26     7:00pm
                                                             10708     Tues./    Aug. 10 –   7:00pm -    Advanced
                                                                       Thurs.    Aug. 26     8:00pm

Spring/Summer 2010              www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609                                        49

                                                               Drop In Ping Pong
  Drop-In Activities/Sport Fees:                               Drop in for a game of ping pong! Improve your mental
  Dates and times are subject to change. Participants          and physical agility! It’s a great way to spend a Friday
  will be notified of these changes through postings at         afternoon or evening with family and friends. Paddles
  the CCMV.                                                    provided. Bring your own ping pong balls or purchase
                                                               them for $1.00 at the front desk.
      Youth/Senior Resident: $2.00
      Youth/Senior Non-Resident: $3.00                           Day:            Friday, Saturday
      18+ Resident: $3.00                                        Time:           3:00pm – 9:00pm
      18+ Non-Resident: $4.00                                    Age:            All Ages
                                                                 Location:       Comm. Ctrr.
  4/4, 5/31, 6/18-20, 7/4, 7/5, 7/27-30
  (list is subject to change)

  Quarterly Passes Available: please check the website
                                                                 CCMV Open Gym
  for details: www.mercergov.org/ccmv.
                                                                 Mon.              3pm - 5pm
  All participants are required to check in at the front
                                                                 Wed.              2:30pm – 4:30pm
  counter and provide requested information before
                                                                 Fri.              2:30pm - 5pm
  beginning drop-in play or working out in the Fitness
                                                                 Sat.              3:30pm – 4:30pm and 7pm - 10pm
                                                                 Sun:              2pm – 3:30pm
Pickleball                                                       Age:              All
Socialize and Exercise! This fun and fast indoor coed            MI Residents – No charge
court game is an exciting combination of tennis and              Non-MI Residents - $3 session
badminton. Everyone plays! Play will be mostly doubles.          All times are subject to change. Call the gym hotline for
Bring your own paddle and pickleballs Stop by even if you        additional times: 206. 275.7892.
don’t know how to play, it is easy to learn and participants
are always willing to explain the game to an interested
new-comer to the sport!

  Days:           Mon., Wed, Fri. 9:30am – 1:30pm;
                  Sunday 4:00pm – 6:00pm
  Age:            18 yrs. & up
  Location:       Comm. Ctr., Gym

Drop-in recreational play for fun and exercise. Bring a
raquet and birdies. A limited number of loaner rackets
and birdies are available. Friday night location is the
North Mercer Gym and the play is more advanced than

  Day:            Friday, 7:30pm -12:00am
                  (North Mercer Gym)
                  Saturday (Comm. Ctr. Gym),
  Age:            18 yrs. & up


Spring/Summer 2010   www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609       51

Senior Lunch Program
Come join the fun at Senior Lunch at Covenant Shores.          Senior Services of Seattle-King County
We provide transportation from your home or from               Information & Assistance      206.448.3110
the Community Center as there is no parking for you            Volunteer Transportation      206.448.5740
at Covenant Shores. A full lunch is served including
soup, entrée, roll, dessert and beverage. Reservations         Mercer Island Senior Programs
required. Please call 275.7895, prompt # 2 by 4:00pm           206.275.7609
on the day before to reserve your spot for lunch and call
275.7895, prompt #1 for a ride from your home. Special         Mercer Island Voice Mail Numbers
Instructions: Reservations required. No parking at             Call 206.275.7895 for the following programs:
Covenant Shores.                                               Sr. Adult Transportation                Press 1
                                                               Sr. Lunch at Covenant Shores            Press 2
  Day:            Tues. & Thurs.                               Foot Care Clinic                        Press 3
  Time:           12:00pm – 1:00pm                             Meals on Wheels                         Press 4
  Date:           Ongoing
  Age:            55+
  Fee:            $5.00
  Location:       Covenant Shores Lodge                      Sr. Adult Transportation
                                                             Door-to-Door Pick-up:
                                                             Rides available to most Senior Adult activities sponsored
Foot Care Clinic                                             by MI Parks and Recreation on Tuesday and Thursday,
For foot care appointments, cancellations and                from your home to program location and return home.
questions, call 206.275.7895, prompt #3. This is a voice
mail number. Please leave your name, phone number and        Grocery Shopping:
message. The clinic volunteer will return your call on the   Grocery shopping is every Wednesday unless otherwise
next Tuesday that the clinic is open. Tina Williams, R.N.    indicated. One errand and a grocery store of your choice
Appointments required. Special Instructions: Please          on the Island.
bring your own towel.
                                                             Reservations for transportation are required by 4:00pm
  Day:            1st, 2nd & 4th Tues. of each month         on day before pick-up for Tues., Wed., or Thurs.
  Time:            9:00am – 3:00pm                           transportation. Call 206.275.7895, prompt # 1 and leave
  Date:           Ongoing                                    your request on the 24-hour voice message line. Must
  Age:            55+                                        be 55+; Mercer Island locations only; $1.00 one way;
  Fee:            $30/per visit                              $2.00 round trip/person. First time riders will be contacted
  Location:       Comm. Ctr., Health Room                    to reserve a pick-up time.

                                                             Senior Adult Social Program
Meals on Wheels
                                                             A fun, caring and active program designed to provide a
A selection of frozen meals, including Kosher and low-
                                                             safe place for your loved ones to socialize with friendly,
sodium, available to homebound persons, 60 years or
                                                             sensitive staff and volunteers while providing respite for
older. The meals are planned by registered dietitians and
                                                             caregivers. Adults who have physical, memory, hearing
delivered by Mercer Island volunteers on Wednesdays.
                                                             or vision limitations enjoy a number of activities to help
Suggested donation is $3/meal. To apply, call
                                                             maintain or improve mental and physical health and
206.275.7895, prompt # 4.
                                                             socialization. Snack and lunch included. Scholarships are
                                                             available. For more information, call 206.275.7843.

                                                               Days:          Tues. & Thurs.
                                                               Time:          10:00am-2:00pm
                                                               Dates:         Ongoing
                                                               Age:           55+
                                                               Fee:           $45.00/day
                                                               Location:      Comm. Ctr., Slater Room
                                                               Program Lead: Patti Murphy, founder of Senior
                                                               Social in 1994, cared for her father with Alzheimer’s
                                                               Disease. Patti has a recreation background with
                                                               gerontology emphasis.


Powerful Tools for Caregivers                                Adult Children of Loved Ones with Parkinson
Powerful Tools for Caregivers is a 6-week educational        Disease Support
committment designed to help family caregivers take care     This group provides resources, education and support for
of themselves while caring for a relative with a chronic     adults providing support for family members dealing with
illness. You will benefit from this class whether you are     Parkinson Disease.
helping a parent, spouse, someone who lives at home,
in a nursing home or across the country. Class size is         Day:            3rd Monday
limited and registration is required. Call 206.275.7609 to     Time:           7:00pm – 8:30pm
register.                                                      Date:           Ongoing
                                                               Fee:            Donation
  Day:            Monday                                       Location:       Comm. Ctr., Board Room
  Course #:       10965                                        Facilitator:    Carin Mack, MSW, 206.230.0166
  Time:           9:45am – 12:00pm
  Dates:          April 19 – May 24
  Fee:            Donation
  Location:       Comm. Ctr., Clarke Room                    Grief & Loss Support
  Facilitators:   Carin Mack, MSW, Terry Schuler             Support group for Senior Adult widowed men & women
                                                             who have lost a spouse or partner. To sign up please
                                                             call Betsy Zuber at 206.275.7752.

SUPPORT GROUPS                                                 Day:
                                                                               2nd Thursday
                                                                               1:00pm – 2:30pm
                                                               Date:           Ongoing
Caregivers Support                                             Fee:            Donation
Caregivers are invited to share concerns, receive support      Location:       Comm. Ctr., Board Room
and increase their knowledge about resources in a small        Facilitator:    Betsy Zuber, MS, GMHS
group setting.

  Day:            1st Thursday
  Time:           3:00pm – 4:30pm
  Date:           Ongoing                                    HEALTH & FITNESS
  Fee:            Donation
  Location:       Comm. Ctr., Clarke Room                    Parkinson Exercise
  Facilitator:    Carin Mack, MSW, 206.230.0166              Do you have Parkinson Disease or other strength and/or
                                                             balance concerns? Come exercise with us. Join others in
                                                             a relaxed learning environment of stretching, bending and
                                                             mobility enhancing exercise.
Parkinson Disease Support                                    Time:            Monday: 11:00am – 12:00pm
Professionals will be here monthly to provide community                       Thursday : 10:30am – 11:30am
and educational resources to help participants maintain      Location:        Comm. Ctr., Monday: Slater Rm.
independence and develop health awareness. Concerns                           Thursday: Dance Rm.
and challenges will be shared by group participants at the   Age:             18 yrs and up
regular support meetings.                                    Instructor:      Debbie Hanson, PT, DPT,
                                                                              Vivian Bowles
  Day:            1st and 3rd Tuesday                        No Class Dates: May 31, July 5
  Time:           2:00pm – 3:30pm
                                                             Day:      Date:                    Course #:   Fee:
  Dates:          Ongoing
  Fee:            Donation                                   Mon.      April 5 – June 14        10804       $29.50
  Location:       Comm. Ctr., Groveland Room                 Thurs.    April 8 – June 17        10805       $32.25
  Facilitator:    Carin Mack, MSW, 206.230.0166
                                                             Mon. &    April 5– June 17         10806       $59.75
                                                             Mon.      June 21 – Aug. 30        10814       $29.50

                                                             Thurs.    June 24 – Sept. 2        10815       $32.25
                                                             Mon. &    June 21 – Sept. 2        10816       $59.75

Spring/Summer 2010              www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609                                        53

Enhance Fitness
Exercise program for people 55+. This program is                    Enhance Fitness Early Registration Procedure
designed to increase your physical conditioning level and           Enhance Fitness will again be able to register by
to decrease risk of falling. It includes stretching, low-           phone during the online registration time period for all
impact aerobics, balance training, strength exercises and           sessions (April 2010 – September 2010). This phone
motivation. Phone registration available beginning 3/19             line will open at 12:00am, March 19th. You will be able
at 12am. Call 206.275.7830 and leave your name, phone               to leave a message on this dedicated phone message
number, class time and sessions,. You will be called for            line beginning at 12:00am, Friday, March 19th through
payment as needed.                                                  6:30am, Wednesday, March 24th.
Day:             Mon, Wed, & Fri
Age:             55+                                                · The phone number to use is 206.275.7830.
Location:        Comm. Ctr., Dance Room                             · Your message should contain your name, which
Instructor:      Karen Beck, Vivian Bowles,                           time (class) you want to attend, which sessions you
                 Marilyn Leck                                         want to register for and whether you are a member
No Class Dates: May 31, July 5, Sept. 6                               of Group Health.
                                                                    · Your message will be saved in the order received
 Time:       Date:                      Course #: Fee
                                                                      and we will register you in that order.
 7:45am      March 29 – April 23        10758        $26.00         · Please do not leave any credit card information on
 9:00am      March 29 – April 23        10759        $26.00           this message line.
                                                                    · You may register any members of your household
 10:00am     March 29 – April 23        10760        $26.00           for Enhance Fitness during one phone message.
 7:45am      April 26 – May 21          10761        $26.00
 9:00am      April 26 – May 21          10764        $26.00         Payments for “Early Registration” will only be
                                                                    accepted between March 24th and March 26th. You
 10:00am     April 26 – May 21          10757        $26.00         may stop by the CCMV or call 206.275.7609 to pay
 7:45am      May 24 – June 18           10762        $24.00         by credit card. Payments must be received by 9pm
 9:00am      May 24 – June 18           10763        $24.00         on March 26th. Unfortunately, no payments can be
                                                                    accepted prior to March 24th.
 10:00am     May 24 – June 18           10765        $24.00
 7:45am      June 21 – July 16          10768        $24.00
 9:00am      June 21 – July 16          10769        $24.00
 10:00am     June 21 – July 16          10770        $24.00       Lace up your lightweight hiking boots! Moderate 5 to 7
 7:45am      July 19 – August 13        10774        $26.00       mile hikes in the beautiful Northwest for seniors! Come
 9:00am      July 19 – August 13        10773        $26.00       along as we visit a variety of locations within an hour’s
                                                                  drive. Space is limited to 10 hikers per trip. Registration
 10:00am     July 19 – August 13        10772        $26.00       required. Call 275.7609 to register.
 7:45am      Aug. 16 – Sept. 10         10766        $24.00       Day:              Thursday
                                                                  Age:              55+
 9:00am      Aug. 16 – Sept.10          10767        $24.00
                                                                  Time:             8:45am – 1:30pm
 10:00am     Aug. 16 – Sept. 10         10771        $24.00       Location:         Comm. Ctr.
                                                                  Facilitator:      Fran Call - 206.232.4032 for questions
                                                                  Fee:              $6.00
Reflexology                                                        Date:         Course #:          Location:
The application of firm pressure to specific areas on
the feet and ankles that correspond to all major organs,          Apr. 8        10825              Cougar Mt. Park
glands and body parts. This practice helps to stimulate           Apr. 22       10826              Squak Mt. Park
the body’s ability to heal itself by increasing circulation and   May 6         10827              Rattlesnake Ledge
promoting relaxation and well being at the same time. A
great stress reducer! Call 206.275.7609 to schedule an            May 20        10828              Twin Falls
appointment. Sessions are 30 minutes in duration.

   Day:            1st and 3rd Wed. of each month
   Time:           9:00am – 12:00pm
   Fee:            $26 per visit
   Location:       Comm. Ctr.., Health Room
   Facilitator:    Desiree Hoynck


Come join us for neighborhood walks in the Seattle area!           Senior Men’s Tennis
Dress for the weather as we go rain or shine. Four miles           Play all summer long with a great group of avid players!
of walk and talk, followed by a stop at a coffee shop. No          The Park on the Lid on Tuesdays and Thursdays from
sign-ups necessary. Solemates welcomes you!                        6:30am to 9am. If interested, please call 206-275-
                                                                   7863. Cost: $7.00 for the season.
   Day:            Wednesday
   Time:           8:30am – 11:30am
   Dates :         Apr. 7, 14, 21, 28 & May 5, 12, 19, 26        Senior Drop-In Volleyball
   Age:            55 +                                          55+ men and women are invited to participate in the
   Fee:            $3.00                                         drop-in Sr. Volleyball program at the Community Center at
   Location:       Comm. Ctr., Lobby                             Mercer View on Mercer Island.
   Facilitator:    Fran Call
                                                                   Age:           55+
                                                                   Day:           Tues. & Thurs.
                                                                   Time:          9:30am-Noon
                                                                   Location:      Comm. Ctr., Gym
50+ Summer Softball League                                       Yoga for Seniors 55+
Men and Women needed! Come join the Mercer Island                The perfect class for active seniors and seniors who are
Rockers for another great season! Spend the summer               looking to reactivate! Instructor, Maude Pauletto, will
staying active while playing with friends as we take on          guide you through gentle stretching for flexibility and
teams from other neighboring cities. Gather your friends         strength. All levels welcome! Work at your own pace..
and register to join in for this fun in the sun activity! (Min   Bring a towel or yoga mat and wear loose, comfortable
Reg. 12)                                                         clothing. (Min. Reg. 8)
                                                                 Age:              55+
   Code:           10639                                         Day:              Tuesday
   Day:            Tues. & Thurs.                                Time:             9:00am – 10:15am
   Date:           Apr. 1– Aug. 5                                Drop-In Fee:      $18.00
   Time:           10:00am - 12:00pm                             Instructor:       Maude Pauletto
   Fee:            $57.00                                        Location:         Comm. Ctr., Dance Room
   Location:       LID Park
                                                                 Course #:      Date:                       Fee:
                                                                 10651          Apr. 13 – May 18            $75.00
Senior Golf Program Yearly Membership                            10654          June 1 – July 6             $75.00
It is time to dust off those clubs and join us as we spend       10657          July 20 – Aug. 24           $75.00
our Mondays visiting different courses in the area. We
have both 9 and 18 hole options available as we play
some of the finest courses in the area.
                                                                 Seniors Getting There Safely: Defensive Driving
                                                                 This class is sponsored by the Washington Traffic
Round trip bus transportation is provided for a $5
                                                                 Safety Education Association. In taking this course, the
fee. Green fees vary and are paid to the golf course.
                                                                 participants receive a 10% discount on their insurance
Reservations are accepted weekly beginning on Tuesdays
                                                                 rates. The instructor will go over the new traffic safety
at 8:00am, for the following Monday. Call the Parks and
                                                                 laws and talk about such as road rage, prescription drugs,
Recreation front office at 206.275.7609 to register. Refer
                                                                 round-abouts and freeway driving.
to the schedule for tee times and courses. No golfing on
                                                                 Instructor:      Gerald Apple
designated holidays. Season Introduction Meeting:
                                                                 Location:        Comm. Ctr.
Friday, March 19th, Community Center at Mercer View,
                                                                 Fee:             $14.00
                                                                 Course #:      Day:           Date:         Time:
   Age:            Seniors 55 +                                  10617          Wed.           May 12        8:30am –
   Course #:       10913                                                                                     4:00pm
   Day:            Monday
                                                                 10618          Wed.           Aug. 11       8:30am –
   Date:           March 22 – Nov.1
   Fee:            $22.00

Spring/Summer 2010                 www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609                                          55

Mercer Island Youth & Family Services provides services        Employment Services & JobLink
for every Islander. Clinical services include individual and   MIYFS’ Employment Assistance Coordinator provides
family counseling, services to Island senior adults and        professional employment assistance services to both
their families, mental health and drug & alcohol counselors    youth and low income adults looking to enter the
on-site in Mercer Island public schools and services           job market. Individualized services include resume
for youth involved with the law. Community-based               development, job search coordination and referral to
services include youth development and volunteerism            job readiness programs. The JobLink job boards post
programming, employment services, emergency                    full, part-time and temporary jobs at local businesses
assistance for families in need and community-wide drug        and households. They are maintained at several island
and alcohol prevention services.                               locations and online at www.mijoblink.org. Call Cheryl
                                                               Manriquez, Employment Assistance Coordinator, at
MIYFS is supported by the Mercer Island Thrift Shop,           (206) 275-7869.
the MIYFS Foundation and is a department of the City
of Mercer Island. MIYFS is a unique public-private
partnership—an arrangement which helps maximize the            Family Assistance and Support Program
quality and scope of services offered to Island residents.     If you are a Mercer Island resident living on a limited
                                                               income or you and your family find it difficult to make ends
                                                               meet, you may qualify for limited assistance through our
                                                               Family Assistance and Support Program. Program staff
PROFESSIONAL SERVICES                                          will professionally and confidentially work with you to
                                                               move towards financial stability. You will be connected to
                                                               additional local resources as needed including services
MIYFS Counseling – Individual and Family                       offered in-house at MIYFS. For more information, call
Quality, affordable counseling services are available          Cheryl Manriquez, Family Assistance Coordinator, at
to Mercer Island residents of all ages. MIYFS provides         (206) 275-7869.
counseling for couples and families, children, adolescents
and all individual islanders. Fees are assigned depending
upon family size and income. Day and evening
                                                               Friends of the Food Pantry
appointments are available. Islanders are also offered
                                                               Mercer Island Food Pantry continues to recruit sponsors
free information and referral. Call Gayle Erickson, Clinical
                                                               for the Friends of the Food Pantry program. Individuals
Supervisor, at (206) 275-7611.
                                                               commit to providing one type of non-perishable item as it
                                                               is needed for a period of six months. Sponsors are called
                                                               when the pantry is low on particular item and asked to
MIYFS Counseling – School Based                                bring in a new supply. If interested in being a sponsor,
Professional MIYFS counselors work onsite in each public       please call Cheryl Manriquez at (206) 275-7869.
school on Mercer Island, providing counseling services,
parent and teacher consultations, classes, and drug and
alcohol education and intervention at the high school and
middle school. Call Gayle Erickson, Clinical Supervisor, at
(206) 275-7611.

Senior Outreach
MIYFS’ geriatric specialist assists Island seniors 55 years
and older and their families through in-home assessments,
counseling, support groups, advocacy and information
referrals. Our Caregiver Corner has great resources
for caregivers and our grief and loss support group for
senior widows and widowers meets on the 2nd Thursday
each month at the CCMV. Call Betsy Zuber, Geriatric
Specialist, at (206) 275-7752 for more information.

                                   YOUTH & FAMILY SERVICES

                                                               Mercer Island Youth and Family Services

                                                               MIYFS School Counselor Fund Drive
                                                               Mercer Island Youth and Family Services Foundation’s
                                                               School Fund Drive supports YFS Counselors in all
                                                               Mercer Island Public Schools. Don’t forget to make
                                                               your donation when you get your letter.
  SUMMER VOLUNTEERING                                          Leave a Legacy. . .
  PROGRAMS FOR YOUTH!                                          . . .and get a tax break, too. You can be part of the
                                                               future of Youth and Family Services by including the
                                                               MIYFS Foundation in your estate plans and becoming
SVP (Summer Volunteer Program):
                                                               a founding member of “Community Stewards.” You
Current 6-7th graders
                                                               will have the satisfaction of building a future for Youth
VOICE (Volunteer Outreach in Communities
                                                               and Family Services, creating a lasting legacy in your
Everywhere): Current 8th – 11th graders
                                                               name, and taking advantage of tax breaks. Call 206-
Every summer, the Mercer Island Youth and Family
                                                               275-7751 for more information.
Services is offering two youth volunteer programs:
Volunteer Outreach in Communities Everywhere (VOICE)
                                                               Donate Online to YFS
for high school youth, and Summer Volunteer Program
                                                               You can now donate online to Mercer Island Youth
(SVP) for middle school youth. These programs give
                                                               and Family Services securely at www.miyfs.org. Click
Mercer Island students the opportunity to raise their social
                                                               on “Donate Now!” and be sure to make the proper
awareness by working directly with needing populations
                                                               selections from the drop-down menus.
around the greater Seattle area while volunteering with
their peers. SVP and VOICE projects are plentiful and
diverse—by participating with the program volunteers
have the opportunity to cook a meals at a soup kitchen,        Mercer Island Thrift Shop
tutor children in need, play baseball with people living       The Mercer Island Thrift Shop (M.I.T.S.) is located
with disabilities, build a hiking trail in Snoqualmie and so   just south of Mercerdale Park. It provides a great
much more! Through hands-on community service the              shopping experience, a convenient way to recycle
program promotes awareness about social justice issues         usable items and volunteer opportunities for islanders.
confronting diverse populations both locally and globally.     All proceeds go to support the services offered at
Please check the website www.mercergov.org/svp or              MIYFS. Volunteers of all ages are welcome! Call
www.mercergov.org/voice for more information about the         Suzanne Philen, Thrift Shop Coordinator, at (206)
registration process and dates. For more information           275-7760.
about VOICE, email Tambi Cork, Youth Development
Coordinator at tambi.cork@mercergov.org or call her at
(206) 275-7755. For information about the Summer Youth
Program, email Joan Jankowski, Summer Youth Program
Coordinator at joan.jankowski@mercergov.org or call her         Mercer Island Thrift Shop is now open on
at (206) 275-7756.                                              Mondays 10am to 7pm.

Log onto www.shiftboard.com/voice for the most up-              With our expanded hours, we need Cashier and
to-date year round volunteer opportunities!                     Customer Service Volunteers for Monday shifts

                                                                If you are interested in giving back to the
Communities That Care (CTC)                                     community and getting a store discount, please
MIYFS coordinates the MICTC Community Coalition to              call Suzanne Philen today to learn more about
prevent the harm that comes from underage drinking              becoming a volunteer. (206) 275-7753
and drug use. Information about the coalition, including
opportunities to get involved, is now available online. Go
to www.mercerisland-ctc.com where you can find valuable
resources about raising drug free youth and information
about community events. Check it out! Call Sharon Broz,
CTC Project Coordinator, at (206) 275-7743.

Spring/Summer 2010               www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609                                          57

                                                          Café Conversations: Reduce Underage Drinking
MIYFS EVENTS                                              and Drug Use
                                                          Join Mercer Island Communities That Care coalition
5th Annual Youth Job Fair                                 members in conversations in living rooms across the
Saturday, April 10th                                      island that address the issues about reducing underage
Community Center at Mercer View                           drinking and drug use on Mercer Island. CTC sponsors
Noon to 4 p.m.                                            these bi-yearly conversations as well as a Town Hall
If you are a young person between ages 14 and 22, the     Meeting on Mercer Island to further a community dialogue
Mercer Island Youth Job Fair is the place where you can   and build collaborations as we find answers together as a
connect with employers. Youth and young adults can also   community to the real problem of underage drinking and
speak with local employers about summer employment,       drug use. Call Sharon Broz, CTC Project Coordinator,
find help writing their employment resume, and consider    (206) 275-7743.
volunteer opportunities and experience.
                                                          Please call 206.275.7611 or visit our website,
The event is co-sponsored by MIYFS, Boys & Girls Club     www.mercergov.org/yfs for more information about any of
and MI Chamber of Commerce. If you are an employer        our programs or opportunities.
and would like to host a booth, please contact Cheryl
Manriquez at (206) 275-7869 or cheryl.manriquez@
mercergov.org. This event is supported by a grant from    Thank You Island Volunteers!
the Mercer Island Community Fund.                         The week of April 19th through 23rd is National Volunteer
                                                          Appreciation Week. The Youth & Family Services and
                                                          Parks & Recreation Departments would like to thank our
                                                          volunteers who give their valuable time to help make city
                                                          programs and services run smoothly. We cannot do our
                                                          work without you! If you would like to start volunteering
                                                          today, please contact Kim Richards at kim.richards@
                                                          mercergov.org for volunteer opportunities.


   Join us to keep Mercer Island Parks and Recreation a valued part of our community!
   Parks play a vital role in the quality of our lives by providing play areas, green places and open spaces. Quality
   recreation programs offer all ages opportunities for learning, enrichment, growth, self-improvement, leadership and
   good citizenship in our community.

   Through the purchase of a gift, or by making a donation, you are contributing to the continued quality of your parks
   and community programs, and investing in the future for many generations to come.
   The Mercer Island Parks and Recreation Department is proud to join with Northwest Parks Foundation as a
   community partner in providing a Parks Safety Net (PSN) fund. This is a flexible pool of donations entrusted
   to Northwest Parks Foundation that enables donors to direct their charitable contributions to a desired park
   improvement, recreation program, or special event.

   Northwest Parks Foundation, founded in November 2002, is a non-profit, charitable 501(c)(3) organization created
   to support parks and recreation facilities throughout Washington through private donations, financial endowments,
   organization grants and capital projects.

   You can direct your donation inquiries to Keith Kerner, Parks Superintendent at 206-275-7872. We thank you for
   your support as we seek to leverage public, private and nonprofit resources to provide the very best parks resources
   and programs.

   $1-$400                                                        Donate your time
   Plant and landscape material                                   You can lend a hand in many ways and make
   Indoor play equipment                                          a difference in someone’s life by donating your
   Game equipment for the Community Center at Mercer              time. Mercer Island citizens have demonstrated
   View                                                           their generosity by working in the office, helping
                                                                  with transportation, providing support for Summer
   $400-$1,000                                                    Celebration!, forest stewardship, and countless other
   1,000 square feet of invasive plant removal                    ways. If you’d like to make a contribution of your
   Bicycle rack                                                   time, please contact Jeannette Eggebrecht at
   Special event /Program Donations                               206-275-7841.
            Mostly Music in the Park Concerts
            Summer Celebration! Festival                          Planned giving
            Spring Egg Hunt                                       Now more than ever, personal contributions
            Summer Carnival                                       are needed to provide for the future health and
   Tables and Chairs for the Community Center at                  happiness of our children and community in the face
   Mercer View                                                    of reduced public funding and increasing challenges
                                                                  to urban families. A charitable contribution can
   $1,000-$5,000                                                  improve, protect and strengthen your financial
   Park signs                                                     status through various forms of estate and financial
   Drinking Fountain/Doggie Drink Station                         planning, with a wide range of flexibility and tax
   Ballfield maintenance equipment                                 advantages.
   Soccer goals                                                   We encourage you to include Mercer Island Parks
   Media Equipment for special events or the Community            and Recreation in your charitable planning. Consult
   Center at Mercer View                                          your banker, trust officer, attorney or accountant
   Park Benches/Picnic Tables                                     for how to make this long lasting contribution to the
                                                                  quality of life on Mercer Island.
   $5,000 and up
   Picnic shelter
   Information kiosk
   1 acre of trees planted and maintained
   Playground equipment

Spring/Summer 2010             www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609                                                59

                                                                     FAMILY SWIM is a time set aside for families in the shallow
 MERCER ISLAND MARY                                                  end of the pool. This is a great opportunity for kids and adults
 WAYTE POOL INFORMATION                                              to practice in a quieter setting. All children under the age of
                                                                     18 must be accompanied by an adult while in the water. Sun.
                                                                     11:30 –1
Mercer Island – Mary Wayte Pool                                       Monday – Friday         12:30 – 2:00 pm (shallow end
8815 SE 40th                                                                                  only)
Mercer Island, WA 98040
(206) 296-4370                                                        Friday                  6:00 – 7:00 pm (shallow end
www.nwcenterpools.com                                                                         only)
                                                                      Saturday                8:00 – 9:00 am (shallow end
  SPRING/SUMMER 2010                                                                          only)
                                                                      Sunday                  11:30 am – 1:00 pm (shallow
  Pool Closed:                                                                                end only)
  Monday, May 31st, Memorial Day
  Sunday, July 4th, Independence Day                                 SENIOR LAP SWIM is an opportunity for seniors to come in
  Monday, September 6th, Labor Day                                   and swim laps with other people their age. This is a great
                                                                     opportunity for low impact exercise and bonding with other
                                                                      Senior age 60+          Monday, Wednesday, Friday
RECREATIONAL SWIM SCHEDULE                                                                    10:30 – 11:30 am
All recreational swim programs may be changed, modi-
fied, or cancelled due to special events or to maximize
pool usage. Please speak with the pool staff if you have             SHALLOW WATER EXERCISE
any questions or concerns.                                           A 60-minute, drop in, exercise class designed to increase
                                                                     flexibility and range of motion during an aerobic workout. This
LAP SWIM is an excellent opportunity for swimmers of all             class can challenge all fitness levels. Beginners are always
abilities to exercise or work on their skills. The pool is divided   welcome.
into slow, medium, and fast lanes to allow for different paces           Monday, Wednesday, Friday
and workout needs. Please circle swim with three or more                 7:30 am - 8:30 am
swimmers. Please note: Limited space Mon. – Thurs. PM.                   8:30 am - 9:30 am
 Monday – Friday            5:30 – 9:00 am (April 4th –                  11:35 am - 12:35 pm
                            June 17th)
 Monday – Friday            5:30 – 8:00 am (June 21st –              DEEP WATER EXERCISE
                            Sept. 3rd)                               A zero-impact, high energy aerobic class that is great for
 Monday – Friday            11:30 am – 2:00 pm                       strength, conditioning, and range of motion. This class fo-
                                                                     cuses on working your core muscle groups, abs, gluts, and
 Monday – Thursday          8:00 – 9:00 pm                           thighs. Come try this fun class!
 Saturday                   7:00 – 9:00 am                           Tuesday, Thursday 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
 Sunday                     11:30 am – 1:00 pm                       WATER WALKING is a 45-minute class designed for aerobic
                                                                     exercise and to improve range of motion. A great, low-impact
PUBLIC SWIM is a time for kids and families to practice their        way to exercise consistently.
swimming skills or just to have fun. Floats, mask, fins and           Monday, Wednesday         7:15—8:00 PM
snorkels are welcome. Children wishing to swim in the deep
must pass a swim test. All children under six (6) years of age       ADMINISTRATION REGISTRATION FEE applies for course
or less than 3’6” in height must be accompanied by an adult          registrations once a year per family and the first course regis-
into the water.                                                      tration under any account. Fee is based on course registra-
                                                                     tion dates. Register for any spring or summer classes in the
 Monday – Thursday             7:00 – 8:00 pm                        month of April and receive 10% off.
 Friday                        7:00 – 9:00 pm
 Sunday                        1:00 – 2:30 pm ($2.00)
 Monday – Friday               2:00 – 3:30 pm (June 21st –
                               August 27th ONLY)

                                                           POOL INFORMATION

Class session dates are listed below for customers plan-         If you are looking for an opportunity for one-on-one instruction
ning purposes. Actual times for ages and abilities will be       to focus on specific skills and provide an individualized
determined at a later date.                                      lesson, Private and Semi-private lessons are a great choice.
                                                                 Each lesson is 30 minutes in length. Register for a single
    Mon/Wed      Tues/Thurs    Sunday        Registration
                                                                 lesson or consecutive lessons. We will make every effort to
                                             Begins              provide customers with a consistent instructor of their choice.
                                                                 Call the pool for more information or to schedule classes.
    April 5 –    April 6 –     April 11 –    February 5          Private lessons: $30.00 per ½ hour; semi - private
    April 21     April 22      April 25                          lessons: $24.00 per student per ½ hour
    April 26 –   April 27 –    May 2 –       February 26
    May 12       May 23        May 23                            ADAPTED AQUATIC LESSONS Mercer Island Pool is
                                                                 proud to offer lessons for children and adults with special
    May 17 –     May 17 –      June 6 –      April 1             needs. Our instructors are trained to have the knowledge
    June 21      June 2        June 20                           and ability to provide students with the best care, instruction
    June 7 –     June 8 –      April 1                           and safety during their lessons. The classes have a one-
    June 162     June 172                                        to-one instructor-student ratio so that all students receive
                                                                 individualized instruction and attention. Call for more
                                                                 information or to schedule lessons.
    No lessons May 31st, Memorial Day                            Price: $9.00 per lesson.
    Promo session ($20.00 per student)
                                                                 MERCER ISLAND DIVE CLASS
                                                                 Come learn how to dive from a 1-meter springboard in
SUMMER LESSON SCHEDULE – REGISTRATION BEGINS                     our beginning class or improve your competitive dive in
APRIL 1ST.                                                       our intermediate or advanced dive class. No experience
Class session dates are listed below for customers               necessary for beginners. Intermediates must be at least 10
planning purposes. Actual times for ages and abilities           years old, can do a dive or a front flip and have experience on
will be determined at a later date.                              a springboard or trampoline.
                                                                 Spring & Summer: Tues/Thurs sessions any level
    Mon – Fri (am)       Mon/Wed     Tues/         Sunday        7:00 — 8:00 pm
                                     Thurs                       Price: $11/ per lesson
    June 21 – June 25    June 21 – June 22 –       June 27
                                                                 PARENT-TOT CLASSES A fun, water-exploration class for
                         July 7    July 8          – July
                                                                 parents and children! Teach your child by example to enjoy
                                                   18*           and relax in the water. All children requiring a diaper must
    June 28 – July 2     July 12 –   July 13 –     July 18       wear tight fitting protective coverings with elastic legs. Ages 6
                         July 28     July 29       – Aug 1       mo – 3 years. All students must pre-register.
                                                                 Price: 6 classes $45.
    July 5 – July 93     Aug 2 –     Aug 3 –       Aug 8 –
                         Aug 18      Aug 19        Aug 22
    July 12 – July 16
                                                                                                 Riptides swim team continues
    July 19 – July 23                                                                            once again! We will continue
    July 26 – July 30                                                                            our work on the four competitive
                                                                                                 strokes: freestyle, backstroke,
    Aug 2 – Aug 6                                                breaststroke and butterfly. Each practice will incorporate
    Aug 9 – Aug 13                                               proper starts, turns, or relay exchanges, all in preparation for
                                                                 the various NWC swim meets throughout the year. Our team
    Aug 16 – Aug 20                                              is designed to give your swimmer a chance to compete on
    Aug 23 – Aug 27                                              a developmental swim team. In addition to ensuring proper
                                                                 technique and conditioning, the Riptides emphasize the
                                                                 development of self-esteem, sportsmanship and teamwork to
ADULT GROUP LESSONS for adults ready to be comfortable           prepare the swimmer for success in both sport and life.
and learn to swim or develop their basic skills. No experience    Spring         Advanced           Monday &           5:30 –
necessary for beginners. Intermediates must float for 10 sec,      Schedule                          Wednesday          7:00 pm
glide on both front and back for 15 ft, & have a coordinated
stroke on both front and back for 15 ft.                                         Intermediate       Tuesday &          6:00 –
Dates: Sundays of spring and summer sessions                                                        Thursday           7:00 pm
Beginners: 11– 11:30 am; Intermediates: 11:30—12:00 pm
                                                                                 Beginner           Tuesday &          5:30 –
                                                                                                    Thursday           6:15 pm
                                                                  Summer         Team Practice Monday –                3:30 –
                                                                  Schedule                     Friday                  5:00 pm

Spring/Summer 2010                 www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609                                                61

Registration Information                                        Disclaimer: This brochure is for informational purposes
Online at www.myparksandrecreation.com                          only. Prices and schedules are subject to change without
                                                                prior notification. The classes and programs offered are
PHONE: 206.275.7609                                             designed to be useful and informative. We do not endorse
                                                                any products or programs that are presented. It is the
Policy                                                          individual’s responsibility to make informed decisions
   1. Classes/activities sizes are limited and are filled on     regarding these issues.
      a first come, first served basis.
   2. Classes/activities may be cancelled due to
      insufficient registration or combined to attain
      sufficient enrollment.
   3. Complete payment MUST accompany registration.
   4. If financial assistance is needed, please contact the

   •    A full refund will be given if the MI Parks and
        Recreation Department cancels a class.
   •    Refunds will not be given for classes or programs
        for amounts less than $10.00, unless the
        Department cancels the activity.
   •    A full refund/credit, less the $10.00 withdrawal fee
        will be refunded if a participant requests a refund a
        minimum of five (5) business days before a class is
        scheduled to begin, unless otherwise noted in the
        Recreation Guide. The $10.00 withdrawal fee is
        assessed per registrant per class/activity.
   •    A class withdrawal requested less than five (5)
        business days prior to the start of the class will
        result in a credit/refund of 50% of the registration
        fee less a $10.00 withdrawal fee.
   •    No refunds or credits will be issued the day of or
        after a class has started.

   * A refund/credit less the deposit and $10 withdrawal
     fee will be granted if withdrawal is received a
     minimum of three (3) weeks before league play
     begins. If the withdrawal is received less than three
     weeks prior to the start of the league a refund less
     the deposit will only be given if a replacement team
     can fill the withdrawal space. If a replacement team
     cannot fill the space no refund will be granted.

Day Camps:
       * Deposits for day camps are non-refundable and
       * A refund/credit less deposit and $10 withdrawal
         fee will be granted if withdrawal is received at
         least two (2) weeks prior to the start of camp. If
         the withdrawal is received less than two (2) weeks
         prior to the camp a 50% refund/credit less the
         deposit and $10 withdrawal fee will be granted.
         NOTE: If there is waiting list for the camp that the
         customer is cancelling out of, and their spot can be
         filled we will issue a 100% refund less the $10.00
         withdrawal fee.

PLAYGROUND GUIDE                                                      BEACH INFORMATION
Mercer Island….It’s Your Playground!                                  Beaches will be guarded
                                                                      Saturday, June 26th – Saturday, August 28th,
The City has a number of play structures waiting to welcome           11:00am – 6:00pm
your child located in parks and playfields
throughout Mercer Island.                                             Groveland Beach
                                                                      SE 58th St & 80th Ave SE
Deane’s Children’s Park           5500 Island Crest Way
First Hill Park                   SE 32nd St & 72nd Ave SE            Luther Burbank Beach
                                                                      2040 84th Ave SE
Groveland Beach                   SE 58th St & 80th Ave SE
Homestead Field                   82nd Ave SE & SE 40th St              * If you are interested in bringing a large group to
Luther Burbank Park               2040 84th Ave SE                        visit either Groveland or Luther Burbank please
                                                                          download and complete the group usage
Mercerdale Park                   77th Ave SE & SE 32nd St                form. Mail or fax to Beach Program, 2040 84th
Park on the Lid                   72nd Ave SE & SE 22nd St                Ave SE, Mercer Island, WA 98040, fax 206-
Roanoke Park                      70th Ave SE & W Mercer Way              275.7868.

Secret Park                       SE 27th St & W Mercer Way             * Beaches are subject to close due to inclement
South Mercer Playfield             SE 78th St & 84th Ave SE                weather or low staffing.

Luther Burbank Park
There are three areas that can be reserved in Luther Burbank
Park, depending on the size of your group and the activities and
amenities desired.

Lid Park Shelter
$89/half day; $174 full day
Capacity: 100
Our covered picnic area. The Shelter has 3 barbecues, seating
for 64, electrical outlets and water fountain. Adjacent to softball
fields, kids’ playground area and a small grass playfield. Shelter is
approximately 150 feet from parking under 72nd St.

General Information

Picnic areas can be rented from Memorial Day through Labor Day,
otherwise areas are available on a first come, first served basis or
can be booked as special events. Reservations can be made up to
one year in advance.

Failure to comply with City laws and park rules could result in
citation, fines, and exclusion from future park use. Users must
obey the rules and verbal directions of the Parks staff.

Call:             (206) 275-7873
Email:            scheduler@mercergov.org
Web:              More info at www.miparks.net!

Spring/Summer 2010              www.myparksandrecreation.com . 206.275.7609                                             63

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