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					        RAINBOW ROOM #1
101   Padded Foot Stool
      Talsma Furniture

102   28 X 36 Mechanic Dolly Cart
      Dean & Dianne Wolf

103   Guess Unisex Sunglasses w/Case & Cloth
      Russel Curtis O.D.

104   Plaque: We Are Woven Of The Same Fabric
      Rosary & Gift Shoppe

105   Wine Basket
      Bob & Karen Grove

106   Bitterswett Lift Tickets & More
      Bittersweet Ski Resort / Unique Nail Spa / Stanley Steemer

107   Garden Gift Basket
      Holwerda Retail Garden

108   Crest White Strips Kit
      Steven J Snyder D.D.S.

109   Car Care - Washes & Oil Change Certificates
      Ron Hale's Car Wash Repair / Bruce BP

110   Precious Moments Porcelain Figurine
      Arnie & Karen Garritano

111   Wine-n-Roses Cork Wreath
      Chuck & Florence Butkus

112   Painting & Ceiling Paint
      James Brandess Studios & Gallery, Inc. / Seven's Paint & Wallpaper Co.

113   Wardrobe for American Doll
      Cecil & Sally Sturm

114   16 X 16 White Wicker Table
      Cecil & Sally Sturm

115   Auto Restyling & Car Wash Certificates
      Rivertown Auto Restyling / Sprinkling Car Wash
        RAINBOW ROOM #1
116   Movie Passes, Dinner Cert. & Stanley Steemer Gift Card
      Anonymous / Blue Ginger / Stanley Steemer Great Lakes

117   Free Night Stay + $30 at Country Kitchen
      Baymount Inn & Suites of Byron Center / Country Kitchen

118   Gofl The Pines & Ironwood, Drinks at Grand Villa
      Jack & Marge Young / Ironwood Golf Course / Grand Villa Restaurant

119   Wine Tasting Party Kit & Gift Basket
      Mary & Larry Taylor / Macatawa Bank

120   Baby Boy Gifts
      God's Gifts

121   Cracker Barrel, Alicat Kitchen & Unique Nails
      Cracker Barrel / alicat Kitchen / Unique Nails Spa

122   3-Childrens Books & The Polar Express DVD
      Tree House Books / Tom & Bev Feuenrstien

123   Tea Light Holder Set
      Fris Office Outfitters

124   Holland Excursion Package
      Model Drug Store / The Shaker Messenger / Crazy Horse Steakhouse /
      Moynihan Gallery

125   Silpada Sterling Silver Bracelet
      Silpada Designs

126   Pink Lady Metal Decoration
      The Beach House

127   Take Care of Yourself Kit
      Ray & Pam Hoffman

128   Beer Logo Mirror
      Tom Selvig

129   Margarita Package #1
      Linda Kaminski / The Beadh House / Dean & Dianne Wolf

130   "Get out of the DogHouse" - Flowers & Dinner
      Grandville Floral / Brinks Wood Products Inc.
        RAINBOW ROOM #1
131   Red Genuine Leather Ladies Handbag
      Van Zeeland Inc. of New York

132   African Wood & Bone Jewlery
      Sharron Reynolds

133   Geek Squad 2- GB USB Flash Card
      Ken & Sue Palm

134   Last Will and Testament Certificate
      Law Office of William F. Henry

135   The Grass Roots Performance (2) & dinner at Carrabba's
      John & Linda Van Singel

136   Backgammon Attaché Case
      Ted Cronin
       RAINBOW ROOM #2
201   16 X 20 Helen Pual Picture w/Frame
      Crystal Lang

202   Ciccone Gift Basket
      Ciccone Vineyad & Winery

203   1:10 scale Harley-Davison Series 15 motorcycle
      Ted & Mary Brummel

204   Plaque: You Are Never Alone
      Rosary Book & Gift Shoppe

205   28 X 36 Mechanic Dolly Cart
      Dean & Dianne Wolf

206   Gift Certificates for the Crafter of the Family
      Fields Fabric / Country Needleworks / Threadbender Inc. /
      Dollar Express of Byron Center

207   Father/Son Day: Haircuts & Oil Change
      Dar's All Star Salon / Jamestown Automotive Inc.

208   Spectrum & Sheldon Cleaners
      Spectrum Entertainment & Food / Sheldon Cleaners

209   One-Hour Massage & Natural Foods Certificate
      Natural Health Chiropractic / Sister's Natural foods

210   16" Stand Fan
      Rite-Aid Pharmacy

211   Fire Fighter Shadowcaster
      Carribbean Colors & Nostalgic

212   Garden Stick & Multi-Purpose Sprayer
      Gary Daniels / Dean & Dianne Wolf

213   Wooden Tray Tables
      Cecil & Sally Sturm

214   Beaded Shaw & Wristbands
      Cecil & Sally Sturm

215   Unique Ring
       RAINBOW ROOM #2
216   Wood Chips & Garden Sticks
      Gary Daniels / Brink Wood Products Inc.

217   Cake Stand
      Gemmens Hardware Inc.

218   Golf-themed Frames
      Mary & Larry Taylor

219   4-Humorous Drinking Glasses
      Mary & Larry Taylor

220   Unique Baby Picture Frame
      God's Gifts

221   Rosary & Religious Goods
      J&S Gift by Design / Angelus Religious Goods

222   Relic Golf Cart Clock
      Tom & Bev Feuenrstien

223   Round Burl Bowl with Lid
      Northern Rustics

224   Carved Angel w/ Wreath Statue
      Chuck & Florence Butkus

225   Gift Card
      Cost Plus/World Market

225   Men's Sweater
      Jergens & Holtvluwer

226   Pfaltzgraff Candle Holders
      Dean & Dianne Wolf

227   Take Care of Yourself Kit
      Ray & Pam Hoffman

228   Beer Logo Mirror
      Tom Selvig

229   Margarita Package #2
      Linda Kaminski / Dean & Dianne Wolf / The Beach House

230   Kids Travel Activity Tote
      Linda Kaminski
       RAINBOW ROOM #2
231   Black Genuine Leather Ladies Handbag
      Van Zeeland Inc. of New York

232   Black Genuine Leather Ladies Handbag
      Van Zeeland Inc. of New York

233   6-piece Steak Knife Set & Steaks
      Brummels / Byron Center Meats

234   Last Will and Testament Certificate
      Law Office of William F. Henry

235   Ice Cream Cake & Spartan Gift Card
      Ben & Jerrys / Spartan Stores

236   Bittersweet Skiing, Unique Nails & Stanley Steemer
      Bittersweet Ski Resort / Unique Nails Spa / Stanley Steemer Great Lakes
       RAINBOW ROOM #3
301   12 Bottle Haier Wine Cellar
      Bob & Karen Grove

302   Big Three Gift Box
      Cherry Republic

303   Airy Diamonds Afghan
      Elaine Woodcox

304   Shop/Vac

305   77" X 92" Multi Color Quilt
      Janet DeGennaro

306   Saugatuck Excursion
      Twin Oaks Inn / Phili's Bar & Grille / Saugatuck Boat Cruises

307   Museum Admission & Carousel Ride (4) + Dinner
      Grand Rapids Public Museum / Monelli's Restaurant

308   Family Fare Gift Card & Dining Certificates
      Family Fare of Byron Center / Red Geranium Restaurant /
      Camille's Sidewalk Café

309   Beauty Package
      Authentics Hair Design / Unique Nails Spa / Midnight Sun & Cruise

310   Christmas Gift Set
      Chuck & Florence Butkus

311   Fire Fighter Shadowcaster
      Carribbean Colors & Nostalgic

312   White Accent Table by Home Interiors
      Cecil & Sally Sturm

313   Vace & Bouquet of Pernanent Yellow Roses
      Cecil & Sally Sturm

314   Appler Dipper
      Chuck & Florence Butkus
       RAINBOW ROOM #3
315   Unique Ring

316   Teeth Whitening Kit Gift Certificate
      Family Dental Associates

317   Gold Metal Painted Star
      Jamestown General Store

318   Ladie’s Day Out
      The Caurragh Irish Pub / Talbots / Teermans / Broadway Café

319   Colorful Coffee/Tea Mug Set
      Mary & Larry Taylor

320   Unique Baby Picture Frame
      God's Gifts

321   Fall Foliage Arrangment
      Tom & Bev Feuenrstien

322   Coco Cola Animated Bear Collectible
      Tom & Bev Feuenrstien

323   Silver Errings
      Tomas A. Davis Jewelers

324   Oster Belgium Waffle Maker
      Janice Downey

325   Home System Leak Test
      VanAndel Propane

326   Pfaltzgraff Candle Holders
      Dean & Dianne Wolf

327   A Day with the Kids
      Spectrum Entertainment & Food / Cold Stone Creamery

328   11 X 14 Scenery Picture
      Bernie & Deb Funk

329   Blue Hawaii Drink Package
      Linda Kaminski / Dean & Dianne Wolf
       RAINBOW ROOM #3
330   Custom Painting
      Foley Studio

331   Blue Genuine Leather Ladies Handbag
      Van Zeeland Inc. of New York

332   Microsoft Wireless Note Book Mouse 3000
      Ken & Sue Palm

333   Personal Organizer & Wireless Accessories
      Brummels / Byron Center Wireless

334   Melting Pot Gift Certificate
      Mick & Luan Dola

335   Southkent Veterinary Hospital Certificate
      Southkent Veterinary Hospital, P.C.

336   Cutlery & Cutting Board
       RAINBOW ROOM #4
401   Gardening, Grazing and Guzzling
      Robert & Patricia Dorr

402   Movie & Snack Fun Basket
      Ray & Kathy Funk

403   Spa Wrap
      Pete & Bernice Van Dyke

404   Radio Flyer Wagon
      Grand Buick & Pontiac

405   Fall Thanksgiving Basket
      United Bank of Michigan

406   Outback Steakhouse & Shoreline Cleaners
      Brinks Wood Products Inc. / Shoreline Cleaners

407   Kids Day at GR Children's Museum
      Grand Rapids Children's Museum / McDonald's Restaurant /
      Spectrum Entertainment & Food

408   Rivertown quick lube Gift Certificate
      Rivertown quisk lube

409   Grand Rapids CivicTheatre Certificate
      Grand Rapiads Civic Theatre

410   Christmas Gift Set
      Chuck & Florence Butkus

411   Hunter Shadowcaster
      Carribbean Colors & Nostalgic

412   Small George Forman Grill
      Cecil & Sally Sturm

413   Nascar Die-Cast Replica
      Cecil & Sally Sturm

414   Serving Bowl
      Chuck & Florence Butkus
              RAINBOW ROOM #4
415         Pet Package #1
            Stanley Steemer Great Lakes / The Paragon School of Pet
Grooming / Sterk Cleaning Center

416          Aquage Tote and Hair Produts
             EMB Image Studio LLC.

417          French Writing Portfolio
             Mary & Larry Taylor

418          Golf Edition Monoploy Game & Spectrum Gift Card
             Mary & Larry Taylor / Spectrum Entertainment & Food

419          Hummingbird Feeder & 2 Garden Sticks
             Mary & Larry Taylor / Gary Daniels

420          The Pines Golf Course Gift Certificate
             Jack & Marge Young

421          Kid's Big Yellow School Bus Playhut
             Tom & Bev Feuenrstien

422          Unique Lantern
             Great Lakes Interiors

423          Car Care
             Express Care Lube & Car Wash / Pfeiffer Quality Care

424          Holy Family Sculpture
             Betty Tonack

425          Hot-Pink Summer Straw Purse & Nail Certificate
             The Beach House / Unique Nails Spa

426          Uncle Sam Mail Box
             Cecil & Sally Sturm

427          Fiesta Basket
             Chris & Deb Steele

428          11 X 14 Scenery Picture
             Bernie & Deb Funk
       RAINBOW ROOM #4
429   Custom Painting
      Foley Studio

430   Black Genuine Leather Ladies Handbag
      Van Zeeland Inc. of New York

431   Handmade Christmas Cards by Heather Wolf
      Heather Wolf

432   Logitech Webcam
      Ken & Sue Palm

433   Y M C A Adult or Family 1-month Membership
      Y M C A of Greater Grand Rapids

434   Bella Boutique Gift Card

435   John Ball Zoo Family Membership - Enjoy the City
      John Ball Zoological Society / Chad & Kelly Bussa

436   36" Christmas table cloth & sequined candles
      Lavina & Jim Roxbury
       RAINBOW ROOM #5
501   Sessions Gift Basket & Gift Certificate
      Sessions Coffee & Café

502   Tool Rack With Wheels
      Tom Williams

503   Women's Ryka Walking Shoes-8 1/2
      Kris Martel

504   Toshiba CD-DVD Player
      Bob & Bev Baird

505   Golf Ball Game
      Chad & Kelly Busa

506   Gerald Ford Museum (4) & Dinner
      Gerald Ford Museum / Monelli's Restaurant

507   VanSingel Fine Arts (2) + Brann's (2)
      VanSingel Fine Arts Center / Brann's Steakhouse

508   Beauty Package
      Unique Nails Spa / Midnight Sun & Cruise / Panopoulos Salons

509   Pet Package #2
      Stanley Steemer Great Lakes / Sterk Cleaning Center / The
      Paragon School of Pet Grooming

510   Christmas Gift Set
      Chuck & Florence Butkus

511   Slitzer Cutlery
      Elder Appliance

512   Brass Finish Plant Stand
      Cecil & Sally Sturm

513   Unique Candy Dish
      Cecil & Sally Sturm

514   Kuchestolz Cutlery Set
      Chuck & Florence
       RAINBOW ROOM #5
515   Hazard Light/Tool Kit/AM-FM Radio Combo
      Ted Cronin

516   Car Care Package
      Pfeiffer Quality Care / Express Care Lube & Car Wash

517   Bait & Tackle Canisters, Garden Stick
      Mary & Larry Taylor / Gary Daniels

518   Picnic Time-Cheese Set & Chicago Cutlery
      Mary & Larry Taylor / Anonymous

519   Baby Girl Gifts
      God's Gifts

520   Oil Change & Car Wash
      Express Care Lube & Car Wash

521   Precious Moments Bride Doll
      Tom & Bev Feuenrstien

522   Tea Light Holder Set
      Fris Office Outfitters

523   Contours 3-mons. Membership Gift Certificate
      Contours Express

524   Silpada Sterling Silver Necklace
      Silpada Designs

525   Turquoise Summer Straw Purse & Manicure
      The Beach House / Unique Nails Spa

526   French Mat and Dive Discs
      Zager Pool and Spa

527   Limited Edition White Christmas Oranment

528   16 X 20 Scenery Picture
      Bernie & Deb Funk
       RAINBOW ROOM #5
529   Custom Painting
      Foley Studio

530   Brown Genuine Leather Ladies Handbag
      Van Zeeland Inc. of New York

531   Black and White Necklace w/ Errings

532   Geek Squad 2-GB USB Flash Card
      Ken & Sue Palm

533   Travel Dimensions Travel Voucher
      Travel Dimensions

534   Lamphear Service Furance Inspection Certificate
      Lamphear Service Company

535   Dine out while the carpets are cleaned!
      Stanley Steemer Great Lakes / Culver's Restaurant

536   Mary statue & grotto
      St. Sebastian Women’s Ministry
                     LIVE AUCTION
601   Down On The Farm Hayride & More
      The Williams family will treat you to a hayride, cookout, campfire, s’mores
      and a tour of the farm. If you schedule a hayride in July/August each family
      will be given a dozen brown eggs. If you schedule a hayride in September or
      October, each family will receive a pumpkin from the family farm.
      Tom & Tammy Williams

602   12-yards of 22A Crushed Concrete/ Delivered
      Improve your curb appeal with a new driveway or walkway. Good for one
      year from date of auction. Delivery within 25 miles of J&R’s Jenison office.
      J & R Trucking & Septic Systems

603   Chinese Dinner For Six
      Feel like your halfway around the world without leaving Michigan! Meal
      includes appetizers, soup, 4 main dishes (your choice), rice, dessert, wine and
      tea. Date is negotiable, but redeem before June 2008.
      Wally & Mary Claire Fu

604   Great Wolf Lodge Certificate
      What do you say to a 52,000 square foot indoor entertainment area featuring
      a gigantic waterpark? Use this $300 gift card to enjoy the Traverse City Great
      Wolf Lodge, and play in the four-story indoor waterpark. It’s huge! It’s wet!
      It’s yours, if you’re the highest bidder!

605   Curio Cabinet
      Display your collectables, knick knacks, or religious relics in this beautiful
      wood curio cabinet.
      Gary & Jan Nickels

606   Elegant 6 Course Gourmet Dinner For 8
      Enjoy a meal fit for a King or Queen. You will not go away hungry from this
      meal that includes Shrimp Cocktail, Mixed Salad Greens, Soup served with
      Homemade Rolls, Sorbet, Beef Wellington, Red Skin Mashed Potatoes served
      Ranch Style, Baby Carrots glazed in Honey Sauce, Vanilla or Chocolate
      Soufflé’ and an Assortment of Homemade Holiday Cookies and Chocolates.
      David & Crystal Lang & Betty Tonack

607   Husqvurna 142 Chain Saw w/ 16" Bar
      Heating with wood this winter?
      Make the job go quicker with a new chain saw.
      Corner Sales
                    LIVE AUCTION
608   4-Griffins Tickets (Sat. Dec.8 - 8:00p)
      Take your team of four (4) to see the Grand Rapids Griffin’s Hockey team.
      Game time is 8:00 p.m.
      Roger & Bonnie Abbott

609   Ford Tractor
      Own a piece of St. Sebastian history. Great collectors’ item or restoration
      project. Formerly used to maintain our parish grounds this tractor has been
      very well maintained with only 2597.8 hrs.
      St. Sebastian Church

610   Poker Table
      Looking to join the World Series of Poker? Practice at home on a hand-
      crafted table.
      Brian & Collette Staal and Ike Fifelski

611   Franklin Mint 11- Baseball Plates
      No sports memorabilia collection would be complete without these baseball
      Bernadine Wurn

612   Solid Oak Storage Bench
      Make your entry way complete with this 32 in. long bench seat. Hinged top
      allows for storage of hats, mittens, etc.      Natural stained solid oak
      Rod MacLachlan

613   Deer Blind
      Hide yourself from wandering deer in this custom-made Deer Blind. Shoot
      that 12-point buck from inside, if you have the highest bid.
      Ted Brummel

614   Antique Carlton Silverplate Silverware
      Antique Road Show fans will not want to pass on 71 year old silverware.
      Six (6) 3-piece place settings and six (6) serving spoons.
      Estate of Joe Schwartz

615   Antique Crown Ivory China (71 yrs. Old)
      Eat like your grandparents did on six (6) place settings with one (1) oval bowl
      and one (1) meat platter. 71 years old and would go great with the Carlton
      Silverplate Silverware (#614).
      Estate of Joe Schwartz
                      LIVE AUCTION
616      All Season Resort 3-night stay Gift Certificate
         Need a relaxing weekend? Head up north to All Season Resort on Paradise
         Lake minutes from Mackinaw City. This getaway would be a perfect stop
         during a Fall Color Tour, Snowmobiling in the winter, ATVing in the spring or
         you could even try your luck at Kewadin Casinos in St. Ignace or Sault Ste.
         Marie and the NEW Ojibwa Casino in Petoskey. This cottage sleeps up to 6
         people so bring your friends and family. Available Labor Day, 2007 -
         Memorial Day, 2008
         All Season Resort

617      Garden Tool Storage Shed
         Don’t get caught with your pants down. Bid on this storage shed that looks
         like an old outhouse that will take you back in time.
         Dave & Kay Williamson

618      Ladies Jacket Designed for You
         One-of-a-kind jacket designed of elegant patchwork for a one-of-a-kind lady!
         Mona Andre

619      Euchure At The Brummel (Easter & Larry)
         Everyone’s a winner when you play cards at the Brume’s. All the fun and
         none of the clean-up! Includes cards, appetizers, beverages, and food for four
         (4) couples.
         Esther & Larry Brummel

620      Sterk Carpet Cleaning Gift Certificate
         Holiday parties on the horizon? Have clean carpet for your gathering or
         clean-up once your guests have headed home.
         Roger & Bonnie Abbott

621      Thomas Kinkade Wreath
         Collectors of Thomas Kinkade will love this Christmas wreath for holiday
         Bernie & Deb Funk

622A-I   Handcrafted Mahogany Pens
         Take a piece of St. Sebastian everywhere you go!
         These 9 pens are custom made from the actual wood used in building the
         church altar and accessories. ~~ 9 Available ~~
         PenArt Brian & Terry McMellen

623      18K White Gold Diamond Necklace
         Gentleman, treat your lady to an early Christmas present or get your
         Valentine’s Day shopping done early. Heart lariat necklace with .20 ct total
         weight in diamonds.
         Haan Jewelers

624      Wolf & Wooly Frame Picture
                   LIVE AUCTION
      Redecorating and looking for that special item to finish the room?              This
      picture is what you’ve been looking for!
      Cecil & Sally Sturm

625   4-Griffins Tickets (Wed. Dec.12 - 7:00p)
      Take your team of four (4) to see the Grand Rapids Griffin’s Hockey team.
      Game time is 7:00 p.m.
      Roger & Bonnie Abbott

626   Patio Wood Rocking Chair
      The natural beauty of this hand-crafted wood deck chair will enhance the
      pleasures of the natural spaces outside your home. The possibilities for the
      outdoor enjoyment are unlimited!
      Cecil & Sally Sturm

627   Handmade Tote
      Tote your stuff in style in this one-of-a-kind Sunday Satchel pattern bag. Big
      enough to hold a laptop computer.
      Mona Andre

628   Vizio 50" Plasma HDTV
      Too sick to come to church? Watch at home and feel like you’re in the
      cathedral on this flat panel TV.
      Integrated Architecture

629   Cub Cadet Lawn Tractor
      Don’t bother with the Bargain Corner this Model LT2138, Series 2000, 38 in.
      cut with only 1065.8 hours is just what you need to cut your grass.
      St. Sebastian Church

630   Beauty Basket by Mary Kay
      Treat yourself or that special someone on your Christmas list.
      Includes the Everything Tote and cosmetic bag filled with (2) color crayons,
      (1) lip gloss, (1) mascara, (1) sharpener, (1) Velvet Set, Facial Clothes, Brush Set,
      (1) eye firming, (1) line reducer.
      Roger & Bonnie Abbott

631   Wicker Table & Chairs
      Enjoy reading the Sunday paper and drinking your morning cup of coffee at
      this 40 in. x 20 in. glass-top wicker table and 2 matching chairs.
      Bernadine Wurm

632   150' of 4' fencing + gate
      Keep your pets in or your neighbors out with a new fence. Add that finishing
      touch to your landscaping with this galvanized chain-link fencing.
      M&M Fencing

633   Sewing Maching
                      LIVE AUCTION
         Make your sewing “sing” with your own Singer Sewing Machine. This new
         machine would be great for someone just learning to sew or for the seasoned
         Lakeshore Sewing

634      Escape Fitness 6-Month Membership
         Don’t wait until the New Year to start your fitness resolution. Get an early
         start with this membership that includes a full-service fitness center (cardio,
         weight machines, free weights, towel service, showers and lockers). Free child
         care Mon-Fri, 8:30am-11am. Single person (not family), age 16 or older.
         Expires May 31, 2008. Location: corner of Chicago Dr. and Port Sheldon.
         Escape Fitness Center

635      Religious Education Baby/Toddler Wagon
         The children of St. Sebastian’s Religious Education Program contributed to this
         wagon full of gifts for the baby or toddler in your family. From our children
         to yours!
         St. Sebastian’s Religious Education Program

636      Mini Vintage Car Collection
         Remember all those cars you wish you would have held onto? Own them all
         again with this mini vintage car collection.
         Bernadine Wurm

637A-B   Park-N-Pray at Christmas Eve/Midnight Mass
         Take advantage of this great opportunity to have not only the best reserved
         pew in the Lord’s house, but the best parking space in the church lot! We all
         know how hard it can be to get a seat for your immediate family at Midnight
         Mass, so why not reserve your seven (7) seats now! ~~ 2 Available ~~
         St. Sebastian Church

638A-B   Park-N-Pray at Christmas Eve/Children's Mass
         Are your little ones crying because they can’t see from the back of church?
         Bid on this to ensure they get a seat at the Christmas Eve Children’s Mass right
         up front. Reserve your seven (7) seats & front row parking before the snow
         flies! ~~ 2 Available ~~
         St. Sebastian Church

639A-F   Orchid
         Don’t overlook the orchids searching for a rose. This orchid is sure to bring
         life to any room in your home. All the beauty – none of the thorns. ~~ 6
         Available ~~
         Masterpiece Flower Co.
               LIVE AUCTION
640   Leprechaun's Treasure
      Throughout the night the treasure pot will be passed around for auction
      attendees to add money. What it ends up with is “Over The Rainbow”.

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