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									                                            Aileen G. Sampson
300 Kingsboro Road                                                   
Anderson, SC 29626                                               
(864) 221-1077                                                                 Fax and Voicemail: (917) 591-6220

   Economic Research and Analysis
   Statistical Analysis using SAS & Stata
   Econometrics
   Training and Instruction
   Software Engineering/Programming/Rational SQA Test Bed Development
   Computer Programming/Administration
   Quality Engineering/ISO 9000 Certified Auditor

Clemson University, John E. Walker Department of Economics, Clemson, SC
Ph.D. in Economics (circa 12/06) Fields: Public Economics and Industrial Organization, GPR 3.6.

Clark University, Graduate School of Management, Worcester, MA
MBA (1987) Concentration in Marketing, GPA 3.7/4.0

Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Mechanical Engineering, Atlanta, GA
MSME (1983) Concentration in Materials and Design.
BSME (1982) Honor graduate. Minor in Math and Statistics.


Research and Analysis

   Using SAS, culled, modified, sorted, and aggregated records within large data extracts to produce
    suitable research-specific working datasets. Each extract contained over 800,000 IRS tax returns. All
    modifications and steps are documented in detail.
   Using SAS and Stata, completed projects requiring vector autoregression (VAR), seemingly unrelated
    regression (SUR), ordinary least squares (OLS), and other types of statistical analysis as part of
    advanced econometric study. Projects included work with limited-dependent-variables and panel data.
   Successfully completed doctoral-level coursework in data analysis, advanced econometrics, fiscal
    policy, public policy, public finance, public choice, advanced price theory, industrial organization,
    property rights, antitrust, and regulation.
   Works in progress: Commercial and Recreational Allocation of Fisheries (Valuation, Competition,
    Taxes, Subsidies); Regulatory Activity over the Business Cycle: a Time Series Analysis of Department
    of Justice Caseloads; Granger Causality between Taxes and Government Spending; Race or
    Economics: Redlining in the Real Estate Market (in conceptual stage).
   Dissertation title: Factors Affecting the Formation of Interest Groups. This paper is an empirical,
    cross-sectional study of political interest group formation in the United States. On a per capita basis,
    this study finds that lower voter participation rates and higher government expenditures, on average, are
    consistent with the formation of more political interest groups. Additionally, this study finds that firms
    seeking to avoid political opposition can increase their odds of avoiding opposition by locating in
    Southern, urban regions with concentrated religious markets.
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Computing and Automation

   Wrote product test procedures for and maintained Rational SQA Visual Basic test bed programs to test
    PowerBuilder-based software applications.
   Ensured a high level of customer satisfaction by structuring solutions and workarounds to CAD/CAM,
    UNIX, and MS-DOS problems.

Instruction, Communication, and Leadership

   Taught college-level economics, marketing, computer science, physics, and algebra.
   Assembled a transition team and successfully planned and executed the transfer of chemical dispensing
    duties from one department to another as head of a quality assurance laboratory.
   Launched and facilitated plant-level Mistake-Proofing program. Guided operation analysis efforts in a
    textile facility.


Clemson University, Clemson, SC                                                               2002-2006
Economics Graduate Assistant, Teaching Assistant, Instructor (not concurrently)

PowerCerv Corporation, Anderson, SC                                                           1998-2001
Quality Assurance Engineer

Frigidaire Home Products, Anderson, SC                                                        1996-1997
Quality Engineer

Clark-Schwebel Fiberglass, Inc., Washington, GA                                               1995-1996
Quality Systems Process Improvement Engineer

Contract Employee to Paine College and others, Augusta, GA                                    1990-1994

Prime Computer, Inc., Bedford, MA                                                             1987-1990
Customer Service-CAD/CAM Technical Support Engineer (Software Engineer)
Customer Newsletter Administrator

Digital Equipment Corporation                                                                 1983-1986
Design & Evaluation Laboratory, Northboro, MA
Test & Design Engineer II

Member of National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering (GEM) Alumni
Association, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, and Tau Beta Pi Association.


John E. Walker Department of Economics, Clemson University, 222 Sirrine Hall, Clemson, SC 29634.

       Robert D. Tollison (Chair)                  (864)656-0483
       John T. Warner                         (864)656-3967
       Scott L. Baier                          (864)656-4534

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