How would you describe the Career Decision-Making and by erz16039


									How would you describe the Career Decision-Making and Planning help and
support you received as a PGR within MHLS?
Your comments will be very useful, for future Doctoral students….
As an independent career management consultant, The University of Southampton have
asked me to create a report on the sources of support available to PGRs within the
Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Sciences. The findings of this report may lead to
initiatives which will enhance the career options, and ‘employability’ skills amongst the
(increasingly diverse) PGR body.

As a recent alumnus, your input to this project would be really appreciated
I would be very interested to hear your views about the ‘career development’ aspects of
your PGR experience within MHLS, and the wider University. Ideas about ways to improve
the support available will be valuable, and also any comments about the aspects of your
experience which you found particularly helpful.

All information will be treated anonymously.

I appreciate you taking time to answer any (or all!) of these questions. Please feel free to
add any other comments that could be relevant. Your contribution will help to enhance
the experience of current and future PGR students within MHLS.

1. Did you feel that you had good knowledge of the range of options available to you
once you had completed your PhD?

2. How would you assess the relevance and quality of the ‘researcher development’ skills
training within the school?

3. How satisfied were you with the ‘transferable skills’ training available?

4. Did you feel that the quality of ‘constructive feedback’ available – through your
Supervisor, and others within the Faculty – enabled you to make good career decisions?

5. Were you made aware of personal development needs which could improve your
chances of success in your chosen field?

6. Did you feel that the atmosphere was supportive, and that the school really cared
about what you would be doing after your PhD?

7. Did you have any interaction with the Careers Service?

8. Were you given well-informed support to help you develop your CV?

9. Were you ‘mentored’ or ‘appraised’ by someone other than your Supervisor?

I would be really grateful if you could drop me a note, outlining what you are doing now,
commenting on your experience during the course of your PhD, giving an indication of
your age/stage at the start/completion of your doctorate.

Would you be interested in discussing this further? I am arranging informal
telephone interviews with recent alumni, such as yourself. Please let me know if
you would be prepared to talk about your experience.

Please contact me by email on, or call me on 020
8332 1331, and I will respond as soon as possible.
I look forward to hearing from you!

Many thanks for your help.
With regards,
Shiona Llewellyn
Independent Career Management Consultant.

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