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					V.     The Grant Application: The JVSG application for this funding opportunity is posted
       on the VETS home page at and on the Federal grant website at Directors for Veterans’ Employment and Training (DVETs)
       will provide any and all assistance needed by States to develop a State Plan and
       funding request that meets the requirements of the application.

       This JVSG application places a strong emphasis on developing a State Plan that
       focuses on:
             The core responsibilities of DVOP specialists and LVER staff;
             Identification of veteran populations that will be targeted for intensive
              services; and,
             The targeted role of DVOP specialists and LVER staff in the State’s overall
              continuum of services to veterans.

       States should understand that they are submitting new State Plans for the FY 2010-
       2014 grant period. All waivers or exceptions to policy expire with the FY 2005-2009
       approved State Plans. Accordingly, States that wish to continue these practices or
       policies must submit a new waiver request for ASVET approval. Waiver requests
       should include appropriate justification.

VI.    Submission of Grant Applications: The total base funding estimate for each State
       is provided in the Preliminary Estimate of Funding column of Attachment I. This
       column includes the 1% set aside that can only be used for approved Incentive
       Award Programs and the 1% set aside that is designated for postage. The last
       column contains the Preliminary Estimate of Funding for States that do not plan to
       use Incentive Award funding.

       States should use the appropriate allocation estimate to develop their Budget Plan.
       VETS has provided budget estimates for planning purposes only. Please note that
       neither column on the “Estimate of Funding” provided as Attachment I includes
       funding to facilitate Transition Assistance Program (TAP) Employment Workshops.
       These costs are forecast by States, and when requested, are in addition to the
       State’s estimated allocation.

       Federal government obligations and funding for State Grants are contingent upon the
       availability of an authorized appropriation. If a timely appropriation is not enacted
       into law, or as funding exigencies require, the DOL reserves the right, upon proper
       notice to the grantee, to unilaterally reduce the grant amounts to reflect the actual
       amounts available in the funding resolution or annual appropriation. Based upon
       under-expenditures, VETS may adjust a grantee’s funding through the reallocation

VII.   Actions Required:

       A. The Department of Labor’s E-grants system will generate JVSG grant numbers
          starting in FY 2010 and these will not be known when grant applications are
          submitted. Therefore, States will not include a grant number on any application
          documents. States will provide full grant applications to their respective DVET in
          hard copy or electronic copy in accordance with the application instructions and
          due dates below:

                                  Action Item                              Due Date

           VETS notifies States of application availability              April 27, 2009
           State submits first draft of grant application to DVET for
                                                                         June 12, 2009
           DVET returns recommendations and review findings to
                                                                         June 19, 2009
           State submits final grant application to DVET                  July 2, 2009
           National Review Team meets to evaluate grant
                                                                        Aug 3-14, 2009
                                                                        Upon notification
           State submits approved application to
                                                                           by DVET

       B. States should review the draft Special Grant Provisions provided as attachment
          II. Comments should be provided through the DVET within 45 days of issuance
          of this VPL.

VIII. Inquiries: Questions should be referred to the appropriate DVET.

 IX.   Expiration Date: This directive expires on September 30, 2010.

  X.   Attachments:

     I. Jobs for Veterans State Grant Funding Estimates
    II. Draft Special Grant Provisions


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