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					                               TECHNICAL DATA SHEET
                               No. 2036/INT.EN
                               Rev.-No. 03/08.2004

                                  Sto Glass Fibre Mesh
                                 Reinforcement mesh with alkali-resistant impregnation.

Material description
                                           Table 1: Product range
                                           Art.-No.                 Width       Packaging quantity            Weight
                                                                    [cm]          [linear metres]            [kg/roll]
                                           2036-005                  110                50                     8,53
                                           2037-001                   33                50                     2,56
                                           2038-001                   25                50                     1,94
                                           2039-001                   15                50                     1,16

                                           Areas of use                               At building openings (e.g. win-
                                           For exterior and interior use.             dows, doors), diagonal reinforce-
Type of material                                                                      ment with mesh strips (minimum
Reinforcement mesh with alkali-            Restrictions                               dimensions 20x40 cm) must be
resistant impregnation.                    Not solvent resistant.                     carried out.
                                           Uses not clearly described in this         If the mesh is cut into (e.g. in the
                                           Technical Data Sheet should only           area of scaffold anchors) an
Glass fibre, impregnated with
                                           take place after consultation with         additional mesh strip must be
                                           Sto AG.                                    embedded over the cut.
Plasticiser free.
                                                                                      At the plint end, the mesh is cut off
Does not contain PVC.
                                           Application                                at the lower edge of the Sto Starter
                                                                                      Track, using a sharp knife.
Uses                                       Reinforcing procedure                      Handle the mesh carefully during
                                           Apply reinforcement material over          application in order to prevent
Uses                                       whole substrate. Press in Sto Glass        damage.
On wall and ceiling surfaces:              Fibre Mesh so as to leave no
                                           bubbles or folds and level smooth.
As reinforcement mesh for:                 The mesh must lie in the upper third
1. External wall insulation systems        of the reinforcement material and           Product characteristics
   (EWIS) eg                               must be completely covered. (The
                                                                                       • Small initial expansion.
   • StoTherm Classic                      pattern of the mesh may be visible
                                                                                         Optimal absorption of forces.
   • StoTherm Vario                        on the surface, but the colour of the
                                                                                         Prevents cracks in
   • StoTherm Mineral                      mesh must be completely hidden.)
                                                                                         reinforcement and plaster
                                           The mesh should be overlapped                 from the first stresses.
2. Ventilated curtain facade
                                           approx. 10 cm where strips meet.
   • StoVentec Facade                                                                  • High tensile strength.
                                           The yellow edge strips serve as
3. EWIS renovation system                  overlap marking for this purpose.           • Alkali resistant impregnation.
   • StoReno Facade
                                           The mesh must where appropriate             • High displacement resistance.
4. Crack repair system                     be continued around corner and
                                                                                       • Plasticiser free.
   • Sto Anti-Crack System                 window reveals.
TDS 2036/INT.EN              Sto Glass Fibre Mesh           03/08.2004       2/3

Consumption                              Disposal                                    Approval StoReno Facade,
Approx. 1,0 linear metres per m²         Waste has to disposed of                    reinforcement with Sto Glass
(width: 110 cm).                         considering the local, official             Fibre Mesh.
                                         regulations.                                • Z-33.2-124
Application temperature                                                              DIBt Berlin
Air and substrate temperature            Waste mesh can be disposed of
                                                                                     Approval StoVentec Facade,
should not be less than + 5 °C.          with normal building site rubbish.
                                                                                     reinforcement with Sto Glass
                                                                                     Fibre Mesh.
Cleaning of tools                        When disposed of at a landfill site,
Immediately after use with water.        Sto Glass Fibre Mesh does not               • Z-33.2-394
                                         release any water-soluble materials         DIBt Berlin
Protective measures                      that might lead to contamination of
No special protective measures are       ground water. The material does not       • European Technical Approval
necessary.                               break down into harmful products            ETA-03/0027:
                                         over time. No poisonous gases are           StoTherm Classic 1,
                                         produced when Sto Glass Fibre               reinforcement with Sto Glass
Delivery                                 Mesh is incinerated.                        Fibre Mesh.
                                                                                     EOTA Brussels / CSTB Paris
Product name and code                    Wast key in accordance with the
2036 Sto Glass Fibre Mesh                European Waste Catalogue:                 • European Technical Approval
     (See table 1).                      17 07 01.                                   ETA-03/0037:
                                                                                     StoTherm Vario 5,
Packaging                                For further information on                  reinforcement with Sto Glass
50 m (linear) roll.                      handling, storage and disposal of           Fibre Mesh.
                                         the product, please refer to the            EOTA Brussels / OIB Vienna
Colour                                   current EU Material Safety Data
White with yellow markings.              Sheet, available for professional         Approvals, certificates, test reports
                                         users. (Relevant data).          on request.
Also available:
• Sto Armor Mesh
• Sto Glass Fibre Mesh coarse            Physical data                             General information
• Sto Shield Mesh AES
                                         Physical data                             For all contracts - whether made
• Sto Detail Mesh
                                         See table 2.                              verbally or in writing - Sto AG
                                                                                   general conditions of sale apply.
Storage and transport
                                         Certificates and test reports             Validity
                                                                                   This Technical Data Sheet is valid
                                         • General approvals for use as a          outside Germany, in all countries
Keep dry and clean at all times.
                                           construction material in                without Sto subsidiary.
Transport                                  Germany (selection):
                                                                                   Sto AG
No special protective measures or           Approvals StoTherm Systems,            Ehrenbachstrasse 1
hazardous goods markings are                reinforcement with Sto Glass           D-79780 Stühlingen
necessary.                                  Fibre Mesh:                            Germany
                                            • Z-33.41-116                          Phone: +49 (7744) 57-1131
                                            • Z-33.42-129                          Fax: +49 (7744) 57-2131
Environment and health
                                            • Z-33.43-61                           E-Mail:
                                            • Z-33.44-134
Health                                                                             Internet:
                                            DIBt Berlin
Does not contain any poisonous
TDS 2036/INT.EN                  Sto Glass Fibre Mesh                    03/08.2004        3/3

 Table 2: Physical data
                                                         Tested to                        Value/Test result              Unit
 Size of mesh
                               warp                                                       6,0                            [mm]
                               woof                                                       6,0                            [mm]
 Surface weight                                                                           155                            [g/m²]
 Weight of glass                                                                          122                            [g/m²]
 Weight of impregnation                                                                   33                             [g/m²]
 Loss at red heat
 Impregnation                                                                             20                             [%]
 Tensile strength
 after 28 days in normal climate
                            warp                         DIN EN ISO 13934-1               > 1750                         [N/50 mm]
                            weft                                                          > 1750                         [N/50 mm]

 after 28 days in chemical solution
 in accordance with ETAG 004 standard
                            warp                         DIN EN ISO 13934-1               > 1000                         [N/50 mm]
                            weft                                                          > 1000                         [N/50 mm]
With the indication of the characteristic values it concerns average values. Due to the use of natural raw materials in our products
the actual value can deviate slightly, without impairment of the product suitability.

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