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Rosewood Hotel ED

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					                                                                    SPECIAL ADVERTISING FEATURE

                      AND WARM RESIDENTIAL FEEL.      FUTURE
                                                  he Dharmawangsa Jakarta – a member of Rosewood Hotels

                                         T        and Resorts – is located in the heart of Kebayoran Baru, the
                                                  most prestigious and sought after residential area in
                                         Jakarta, Indonesia. Here, just minutes from the central business
                                         district, The Dharmawangsa is an oasis of luxury, timeless
                                         architectural design and sophistication – features that are
                                         synonymous with all Rosewood Hotels and Resorts. This
                                         distinctively residential style of the hotel offers a soothing
                                         contrast to the teaming metropolis.

                                         QUIET AND STATELY
                                             The Dharmawangsa occupies an unrivalled location within the
                                         enclave of Kebayoran Baru, fronting the broad shady street of
                                         Brawijaya. The elegant, yet quiet, entrance to the hotel is
                                         complemented by lush tropical gardens, and at night an aura of
                                         tranquillity with invisible illumination amongst the dense greenery
                                         and a pleasant breeze welcome guests. An open veranda that is
                                         the front lobby is accentuated by a series of architecturally
                                         impressive columns on three sides.
                                             On first encountering the hotel, guests are filled with a feeling
                                         of entering an exclusive and private Indonesian mansion, built
                                         traditionally in the centuries-old tradition of linking a series of
                                         spaces – the front veranda, a central hall and a back veranda.

                                         SUNNY INTERIOR
                                             At The Dharmawangsa, the concept of space possessing its
                                         own specific volume and character is key. Yet each space must
                                         be complementary, forming the complete entity.
                                             In keeping with this philosophy, the central hallway of the
                                         hotel opens up on both sides becoming the distinctive Majapahit
                                         Hall, comprised of four intimate lounges, each uniquely and
                                         individually decorated: the Tea Lounge, the Library, the Caviar
                                         Room and the Bar.

                                             Born out of the dream to create a property that would
                                         complement the residential area of Kebayoran Baru in terms of
                                         architecture, scale and utility, The Dharmawangsa is an
                                         outstandingly luxurious and charming hotel.
                                             Fitting in style and philosophy to its environment, the hotel
                                         has a uniquely Indonesian character, and it exemplifies the
                                         Indonesian aspiration to be thoroughly modern but very
                                         Indonesian at the same time. Key elements guide every aspect of
                                         the hotel’s design: luxury expressed by understated elegance,
                                         grandness expressed by humility of the spirit and the carefully
                                         thought-out facets of scale and balance. The result is in the

                                                                                                 BMA       221

                                                                        COMBINING BUSINESS AND PLEASURE
                                                                            The Dharmawangsa Jakarta already offers the ultimate in
                                                                        luxury and personal service but it is also committed to
                                                                        continuously upgrading its business facilities.

                                                                        THE BUSINESS CENTRE
                                                                             Located on the mezzanine floor of the hotel, the business
                                                                        centre is open daily and provides comprehensive business
                                                                        support. The facilities include a private meeting room,
                                                                        individual workstations and high-speed internet access. The
                                                                        well trained staff are extremely knowledgeable and can
                                                                        provide assistance in a range of areas including; market
                                                                        research, directory assistance, business listings rental of cell
                                                                        phones, printers and all other business equipment. A true
                                                                        office away from the office environment.

                                                                        UP-TO-THE-MINUTE TECHNOLOGIES
                                                                            High-speed internet (512K) is also available through
                                                                        wireless LAN in all of the hotel’s 64 guestrooms and 36 suites
                                                                        as well as all restaurants and meeting room facilities.
                                                                            In addition, The Dharmawangsa has become a WiFi
                                                                        Hotspot accessible to all Bizznet clients and to everybody
                                                                        who buys an AccessCard available at the concierge.
                                                                            It is now easier than ever to combine business with the
                                                                        pleasure of enjoying the comfort of The Dharmawangsa. One
                                                                        can sit in the garden or in one of the lounges, sip some freshly
                                                                        ground coffee and browse the net.

freshness that blossoms spontaneously and a thorough absence of       hand 24 hours per day. This unmatched service allows guests to
pretensions.                                                          direct such requests as packing and unpacking, laundry, personal
    The architecture was thus conceived as a new and                  grooming requests and spa reservations, even onward travel
contemporary interpretation of 1950s Kebayoran Baru, which in         arrangements are handled by the team of highly trained butlers,
turn was, at that period, an interpretation of 1920s Jakarta. Here    allowing each guest to focus on the purpose of their visit and leave
is a matched set of buildings that are indigenous to the site.        the rest in the safe hands of their butler. This is a service that no
Together they form a tropical oasis of green and alabaster; a far     other hotel in Indonesia offers to all hotel rooms and suites.
cry from the chaos of commercial and westernised Jakarta, yet             With a selection of world-class restaurants to choose from,
only 10 minutes away from its financial hub.                          as well as pre-function rooms and of course the opulent Grand
    The hotel consists of a central square building flanked on        Ballroom, every need is catered for.
both sides. Each guestroom and suite is developed in one of five          From the very moment of its conception, The Dharmawangsa
thematic schemes using 100 percent traditional and original           was designed to allow the artful mixture of business and
materials: Java, Pesisiran (North Java), Bali, South Sumatra and      pleasure fused with the highest standards of Indonesian
East Indonesia.                                                       hospitality. This design concept is a reflection of the developer’s
    The pervasive residential feel is expressed through the skilful   interpretation in addressing the needs of the most discerning
use of space, furniture and decorative amenities. The most            and discriminating business traveller. s
important objective of the development was to deliver a
residential feel within the property. The whole atmosphere and
setting needed to be consistent with how Indonesians live and            The Dharmawangsa is managed by Rosewood Hotels and Resorts, which
                                                                         operates 12 ultra luxury hotels worldwide, providing ‘a sense of place’ with a
work today: highlighting a unique quality of life, comfort and           window to the future.
                                                                         For more information about The Dharmawangsa visit
                                                                and enter 1530. Alternatively, visit the
                                                                         Infocentre online at
   As a feature of The Dharmawangsa’s personalised service,
each guest receives the services of their own personal butler on

222    BMA

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