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                            BEDFORD COUNTY


                            Director of Nursing
The Recruitment Package provides background information on the Bedford County
community and local government, and outlines the qualification factors identified as
necessary and desirable of candidates for the position of Director of Nursing.

This package will be used as a guide in the recruitment process, providing specific
criteria by which candidates will be screened and selected for final interview and
appointment consideration. All inquiries relating to the recruitment and selection
process for the Director of Nursing are to be directed to the attention of:

                                   Cheryl Dean
                            Human Resources Manager
                                  Bedford County
                          122 E. Main Street, Suite 202
                                Bedford, VA 24523
                            Telephone: 540-586-7601
                                Fax: 540-586-1291

                                 EEO/AA Employer
   BEDFORD COUNTY NURSING                  conjunction with the domiciliary. In
            HOME                           1850     the    County    directed the
In August 1832 Bedford County              construction of 4 new cabins at a cost
purchased an 83-acre tract from            of $1400. One of these buildings, now
James Jopling off what is now Falling      called the “Little Red House”, still
Creek Road (Rt. 714) just south of the     exists on the site. In 1852 additional
town of Liberty to provide a place for     buildings were authorized and built.
the construction of a new county           What these buildings were for and
“Poorhouse”. Court records suggest         where they were located is not known,
that the County even prior to this time    but the existing structure known, as
maintained      a     Poorhouse,      or   the “Smokehouse” is likely one of
Almshouse. The Court record suggests       these buildings. Both the “Little Red
the construction of 4 log houses on the    House” and the “Smokehouse” are
site. The locations of these buildings     interesting examples of the solid,
are not known, but court records           functional     building    design  and
reference 20 people housed in the          construction of the period and are still
Almshouse in 1838.                         utilized as storage buildings.

After the Revolutionary War, Bedford       A number of years later, a two-story,
County citizens elected Overseers of       brick building was constructed for
the Poor whose responsibility it was to    housing on the property.          What
provide assistance to those citizens       became of the 3 brick cabins that are
who     were    unable    to    maintain   unaccounted for is not known. The
themselves and appealed for aid.           two-story structure was a large,
During the early post-Revolution           handsome building with big windows
years, this aid was the largest            and porches off both floors. A 1937
expenditure made by Bedford County.        article in the Bedford Democrat tells of
As the responsibilities of County          43 persons living in the Almshouse –
government grew the percentage of          29 adults and 14 children.
total County expenditures provided for
aid to the needy decreased but             The red barn on the property, a local
remained at least a third of County        landmark in the area, was constructed
costs up to the Civil War. Most people     in 1936 at a cost of $5000 and was
receiving such aid were provided           considered     a   modern,    “model”
assistance in private homes, but for       structure. As both a working farm and
those who could not be maintained in       the Almshouse, the County Home had
that manner, housing and care was          an important role in the economy of
available at the County Almshouse.         Bedford and still does as the current
By 1859, 46 persons were cared for at      County Nursing Home. Ledger records
the Almshouse. Reports indicate that       from the 1870’s and early twentieth
the Bedford Overseers of the Poor          century record the transactions of an
were     competent,     sensitive,  and    active enterprise.     Livestock was
responsible in their duties and were       raised, sold, and boarded from many
respected citizens of the community.       area family farms; cereal grains sold;
                                           significant purchases made from local
In 1844 land adjacent to the               businesses; and numerous persons
Almshouse property was purchased in        were on the payroll.
order to maintain a working farm in
The County Almshouse, and later           rates favorable, the school system
County Farm Home, was overseen by         excellent and the quality of life
a Superintendent. The house behind        outstanding. Government policies in
the current Nursing Home building is      the Bedford area are directed toward
estimated to have been built at the       economic and social development and
turn of the century and provided          the governmental attitude toward
housing for the Superintendent and        business and industry is one of
family until the 1980’s.                  cooperation and support. Bedford has
                                          been designated as a Certified
In 1960 the former Nursing Home           Business Location by the Virginia
building was completed and the old        Department        of        Economic
two-story structure torn down. At the     Development.
time, the new facility was praised by
state officials as one of the nicest in   Strategically located between the
Virginia. With the completion of the      metropolitan areas of Lynchburg and
subsequent east-wing addition the         Roanoke, Bedford is part of the
Bedford County Nursing Home could         Lynchburg    Metropolitan  Statistical
accommodate 56 residents. In 1969 a       Area.
Chapel was added by the Bedford
County Ministerial Association under      Bedford County was formed in 1754
Rev. J. Marshall Walker, Rev. Van E.      and named for the Fourth Duke of
Cash, and Rev. Richard Norris assisted    Bedford, a British Government official.
by Rev. James Campbell, Rev. C.H.          In 1839, the Town of Liberty (now the
Frazier.      The use of the term         City of Bedford) was established.
“poorhouse” was officially ended with     Originally an agricultural economy,
the opening of the building in 1960.      Bedford’s      industrial development
Over time, Route 714 had become           began in 1880, and since that time,
known as Poorhouse Road, but was          industrial growth has been consistent
renamed Falling Creek Road in 1995.       and often fostered by the involvement
                                          of local citizens.
It is remarkable that the Bedford
County Nursing Home represents the        Bedford County consists of 764 square
dedication and commitment of the          miles in the west-central portion of
people of Bedford, unbroken for over      Virginia’s  central   plateau.    Its
170 years, to the superior care of our    boundaries include the Blue Ridge
elderly who cannot remain in their        Mountains on the west, the James
homes or with family.                     River on the north, and Smith
                                          Mountain Lake on the south. The area
    COMMUNITY BACKGROUND                  has a rolling to hilly terrain with
       BEDFORD COUNTY                     elevations varying from 800 feet to
                                          4,200 feet about sea level.
Bedford County is one of the fastest
growing areas in the Commonwealth
of Virginia. A good mix of industry,      The Bedford area offers a wide range
commerce and agriculture ensures a        of recreation and leisure activities.
strong, diversified economy and a         The Blue Ridge Parkway, a scenic
positive business climate. Bedford’s      highway extending 470 miles along
political atmosphere is stable, the tax   the crest of the Southern Appalachian
Mountains, attracts thousands of          In     addition    to  the    Board     of
visitors each year. The Parkway offers    Supervisors, other elected County
a “natural” vacation with breathtaking    officials include the Clerk of the Circuit
scenery, hiking on the historic           Court, Commissioner of the Revenue,
Appalachian Trail, camping and picnic     Commonwealth’s Attorney, Treasurer
facilities.   The Jefferson National      and Sheriff. The Clerk of the Circuit
Forest provides a wilderness area         Court, Commonwealth’s Attorney and
along with hunting, fishing, horseback    the Sheriff are elected by citizens of
and hiking trails.       Smith Mountain   both the City and the County.
Lake, a 23,000-acre lake with more
than 500 miles of shoreline offers
unlimited water sports.          Smith
Mountain Lake State Park provides a
public beach, boat ramps, camping,
hiking and picnic facilities.

Bedford enjoys a rich historic heritage
and hundreds visit the area to view its
many historic sites. One of the most
famous is Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar
Forest, a retreat home designed and
built by Jefferson. Bedford is home to
the D-Day Memorial honoring those
who fought and died during the
Normandy invasion.


Bedford County is organized under the
traditional form of county government.
 Under this form, the locality is
directed by a seven-member Board of
Supervisors who are elected from
within election districts. The Board
has     overall   administrative  and
legislative responsibilities including
levying county taxes, appropriating
funds, approving and enforcing the
County’s Comprehensive Plan which
governs land use, making and
enforcing ordinances, and establishing
policies and procedures for the
operation of the County. Day-to-day
operations and long term planning are
the responsibility of the County
Administrator, who is appointed by the
    COMPENSATION & BENEFITS                    participate in the health insurance.
                                                 Bedford County offers Wellness
•   Annual Salary - The annual salary          initiatives such as a health fair each
    for the Director of Nursing is             year.
    competitive DOQ.
                                                   LEADERSHIP STYLE &
•   Retirement & Life Insurance -                  PERSONALITY TRAITS
    Bedford County participates in the
    Virginia   Retirement     System.       The following attributes, capabilities,
    Retirement and life insurance           and demonstrated skills are essential
    benefits are fully funded by the        for the Director of Nursing:
    County.    Additional coverage is
    available   at    the  employee’s       1. Be a proven self-starter with strong
    expense.                                   initiative and a proactive style
                                               needing little direction.
•   Medical Plan - The County offers
    various medical insurance plans.        2. Willing to take the initiative while
    The County provides variable               maintaining                 excellent
    funding based on an employee’s             communication      with     involved
    selected dependent coverage. Two           parties.
    dental plans are available to
    participating full-time employees at    3. Demonstrate team skills and an
    employee cost. The County does             energetic personality with a “can
    not participate in the funding of the      do” attitude.
    dental plan.
                                            4. Able to establish and maintain
•   457 Deferred Compensation - Pre-           cordial, positive, and   productive
    tax salary reduction up to $8,000          relationships     with     residents,
    or 25% of gross salary whichever is        families,      volunteers,       and
    less. Plan participants may choose         employees.
    from a variety of       investment
    choices.                                5. Person of high moral character,
                                               with proven integrity, honesty and
•   Flexible Spending Account                  loyalty and have the ability to think
                                               clearly in difficult situations.
•   Holidays and Vacation Leave - The
    County observes 11 paid holidays        6. Exhibit personal and professional
    each year. The vacation policy is          commitment to those behaviors
    based on length of service, ranging        and leadership style, which will
    from 1 day per month at hire to 1          motivate others and set standards
    ½ days per month after 10 years.           for high performance effectiveness.

•   Other Benefits - Bedford County’s
    sick leave policy allows full-time      7. Willing and able to communicate
    employees to accrue sick leave at          openly with all staff members,
    the rate of 1 day per month. The           taking time to share information
    County offers a 10% discount at            and to review matters of interest as
    the Bedford YMCA for those who             well as concerns that promote
   harmony, teamwork, ownership
   and   which    relate   to    the
   accomplishment of County goals.

8. Able     to    deal     firmly      and
   understandingly      with      difficult
   people and possess negotiating
   skills for settling differences with
   both internal and external groups
   by winning concessions without
   damaging relationships.

9. Exhibit a willingness and ability to
   provide strong visible and strategic
   business       development      and
   leadership      through    effective
   articulation and communication of
   programs, activities, and results
   among      all  members    of    the

11. Knowledge of the importance of
   regular training and ongoing career
   development      for   departmental
   employees, including the need for
   coaching     to    encourage    the
   attainment of small successes
   toward achieving goals.


1. Interested applicants should submit
   a County application, cover letter
   with resume and 3 references to
   the Human Resources Department.

2. Selected   applicant(s)    will  be
   requested to visit Bedford County
   and participate in the interview
   process with a selection committee.

3. It is hoped that the successful
   applicant will be able to start work
   by January or soon thereafter.

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