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Reclamation of Former Colliery Land at Riddochhill Bing West


Reclamation of Former Colliery Land at Riddochhill Bing West

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									                                 Creating the environment for business

                Reclamation of Former Colliery Land at Riddochhill Bing
                                 West Lothian Council

Riddochhill Bing near Bathgate in West         treatment of minewater from both the            Council and the results have been used to
Lothian has been suffering the effects of      operational site and as a long-term solution    assess the environmental effects of the
spontaneous combustion for over 30 years       to the Polkemmet minewater problem.             existing situation and to identify the likely
and attempts during the 1970s and 80s to                                                       effects while the site is being remediated.
                                               The design was developed following the
extinguish the burning within the colliery                                                     A detailed odour and dust management
                                               completion of an extensive ground
spoil have failed to achieve a solution to                                                     plan has also been prepared, with details
                                               investigation which was undertaken in
the problem.                                                                                   included in the Environmental Statement,
                                               Summer 2000. This was followed by
                                                                                               and this will form an integral part of the
In 1998, Entec was appointed to undertake      extensive planning related consultations,       remediation strategy which if planning
a feasibility study, which would not only      which culminated in the preparation of a
                                                                                               permission is received, will be
look at ways to remediate the effects of the   detailed EIA, covering a wide range of
                                                                                               implemented with the site reclamation
burning, but would also deal with the other    techical disciplines with particular focus on
                                                                                               in 2003
mining legacies associated with the 40 ha      ground and surface water management and
site. These included the problem of            a detailed odour assessment. The EIA
shallow mining instability over                accompanied a planning application
outcropping coal seams and the problem of      submitted in Summer 2002.
rising minewater within the old workings
                                               The odour assessment at Riddochhill Bing
of the nearby former Polkemmet Colliery.
                                               also represents a new approach to the
Entec recommended a solution based on          problems associated with burning colliery
the shallow excavation of coal. This would     spoil. Sulphurous odours have been
enable the areas of ground instability to be   emitted from the site over a period of many
removed and a suitable excavation created      years and have been a source of concern to
in which to backfill and compact the           the local population. To identify the extent
existing burning material under controlled     of the odour problem, Entec undertook a
conditions. The design of the scheme           field monitoring programme during 2001,
would also enable valuable development         followed by a computer generated
land close to the M8 Motorway to be            modelling exercise. This has been
brought into productive use and the site       accompanied by ongoing continuous
could also provide the means for the           monitoring funded by West Lothian

                                                                                               Remediation advice
                                                                                               helps unlock the
                                                                                               potential of
                                                                                               former colliery

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