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					                               Job Description – Store Supervisor
                               Cotswold Outdoor Ltd

Job Title: Supervisor                 Department: Any Store

Immediate Manager:        Store Manager/Assistant Manager

1 Job Purpose
To assist the store manager to achieve maximum store efficiency and profitability
accordance with Company policy. To assist the store manager in the smooth
running of the store by helping to create and maintain an environment which
encourages the customer to purchase.

2 Organisation Structure

                                Store Manager

                             Assistant Manager*


        Retail Admin              Retail Sales                Visual
          Support                  Assistant               Merchandiser

 * Some stores may require more than one Assistant Manager or Supervisor
 dependant on sales.
3 Major Activities / Key Performance Indicators

            To take responsibility for specific areas of activity from day to day, as
            assigned by the Store Manager
            To ensure that all areas of the shop floor are adequately staffed and that
            customers receive the highest standard of service

To assist the store manager to achieve budgets through the effective application of:
             Company policy on customer service and after sales service
             Staff motivation
             Add on sales and cross selling
             Merchandising presentation
             Promotional activity
             Stock management
             Any other appropriate measures
             Local marketing initiatives

To assist the store manager to achieve/exceed target by:
             Attention to administration
             Implementation of stock taking procedures
             Accurate pricing
             Till disciplines
             Prevention of wastage, damage, shrinkage, etc
             Prevention of theft
             Control of resources, eg energy, equipment, wrapping
             Any other appropriate measures

Management of Staff
In conjunction with the Store Manager and Assistant Manager , to achieve maximum staff
productivity by:
             Maintaining a presence on the shop floor to assist staff in problem solving
             and customer service
             Identifying staff development needs and communicating these appropriately
             to the store management
             Planning and organising staff coverage on the shop floor in accordance with
             daily business trends including ensuring staff breaks are taken
             Making the best use of staff by organisation, delegation and motivation
             Establishing and maintaining discipline through personal example and
             communicating any issues to store management in a timely fashion
             Dealing with day to day problems and grievances
             Motivating staff to fulfil company customer service requirements both through
             personal example and through individual guidance
To be aware of and assist in the maintenance of standards set by the store manager in
the areas listed below by personal example:
             Personal appearance, behaviour, attendance, time-keeping, etc, both in-
             company and when representing the company elsewhere
             Cleanliness, tidiness and safety of the department, including the till area and
             Adherence to all company rules and regulations
             Adherence to government legislation
             Adherence to company Health & Safety policy
             To answer customer queries, action refunds, exchanges and discounts
             To ensure that stock replenishment is carried out on a regular basis and that
             the stock is presented correctly on the shop floor
             To follow company banking procedures
             To be knowledgeable on all till procedures
             To ensure correct procedures are followed for taking in deliveries, checking
             discrepancies and reporting them to the store manager
             Adherence to ISO 9002 where appropriate
             To ensure that all security measures are in place and to promote a security
             conscious environment

Planning and Organising
To assist the store manager to:
             Anticipate trends and plan to take advantage of them
             Anticipate problems and plan to meet them
             Organise him/herself and delegate tasks to carry out those plans

Communication and Co-Operation
        To work as a member of Cotswold’s management team to achieve the
        company objectives through liaison and co-operation with others
        To keep the store manager fully informed of all matters relating to the store
        operation including maintenance of successful trading and high morale
        To carry out responsibilities and duties accepted as part of the procedure for
        dealing with bomb alerts, fire alarms, theft alarms and public disorder
        To ensure that visits by Trading Standards, Environmental Health or any
        other government officials are immediately reported to the Retail Operations
        As a key holder, to ensure that the store is opened and closed in line with
        company procedure
        To report all security issues to Retail Operations Department
Self Development
           To develop his/her knowledge of all aspects of the store and departmental
           To develop his/her knowledge of all aspects of the store and products we sell
           To constantly develop his/her line management skills through use of
           individual learning plan

4 Qualifications, Knowledge, Skill and Experience (Required to perform the
           Good interpersonal skills (verbal and written)
           An active interest in the outdoors would be advantageous but not essential
           PC literate
           Enthusiasm and drive
           Ability to motivate and lead teams
           Time Management
           Decision Making
           Visual Perception

5 Contact With Others
Inside The Company
          Reporting to Store Manager and Assistant Manager
          Daily direction of Retail Sales Assistants, Retail Admin Support, Visual
          All departments at Head Office when necessary

Outside The Company
          Local Community

Approved                                      Signed


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