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									Private Equity & Real Estate

Investments in Private Equity and                   INV ES T MENT S
                                                       & DEA LS
                                                                        DIV ES T MENT S
                                                                       & DIS T R IBUT IONS
Real Estate funds have grown
                                                                                                                    C US T OMIS ED R EPOR T ING
substantially over the past years.                  FUNDR A IS ING       LIQUIDA T ION

Trends indicate that the now
                                                    INV ES T M ENT S         DIV ES T M ENT S                       V A LUE-A DDED S ER V IC ES
more mature market should                              & DEA LS             & DIS T R IBUT IONS
                                                                                                                    R IS K MA NA GEMENT &
continue expanding in terms of
                                                                                                                    C OMPLIA NC E S ER V IC ES
                                                                                                                                        C US T OMIS ED R EPO
size, scope and geography.                           FUNDR A IS ING             LIQUIDA T ION

                                                                                                                                        V A LUE-A DDED S ER
CACEIS’ Service Offer
                                                                                                                                        R IS K MA NA GEMEN
In today’s challenging environment, Private                                                                                             C OMPLIA NC E S ER V
Equity and Real Estate firms are increasingly
looking to partner with a flexible and reliable   CACEIS advises you on changes to the              Administration & Accounting
service provider.                                 legal and fiscal landscape during the life of
                                                  your structure and also coordinates fund          The ever-growing complexity of products
Partnering with CACEIS gives clients access       liquidations.                                     requires specialist teams that have the skills
to the resources of a large organisation                                                            to understand all types of asset and related
with skilled teams based in local markets.                                                          accounting methodologies involving:
Stringent controls over the services and          Corporate Secretarial Services                    •	Accounting of complex structures,
related processes enable CACEIS to                                                                  •	Consolidation (when required),
guarantee high-quality services to Private        CACEIS offers full company secretarial            •	Accounting of carried interest calculations
Equity and Real Estate managers and their         services, handling events that affect the           and IRR,
end-investors.                                    legal life of the Private Equity structure.This   •	Calculation of management fees,
                                                  activity includes the provision of a registered   •	Production of audited and interim accounts,
                                                  office, the safekeeping of statutory records,     •	Reporting to the authorities,
Legal & Structuring                               the organisation of Shareholders and Board        •	Payment of fees and expenses,
                                                  meetings, and the stock exchange listing.         •	Local GAAPs and IFRS.
CACEIS assists in establishing the best suited                                                                                                    suite >
structure by selecting the most appropriate
jurisdiction and vehicle. Depending on
your requirements, our Fund Structuring
department will set up your funds and                Key Benefits
holding companies either in a regulated on-
shore or off-shore jurisdiction.                     •	Access to the resources of a large organisation
                                                     •	Customised service with a dedicated team
CACEIS is able to draft and review legal
documents, file them with supervisory
                                                     •	Significant know-how in serving PE structures
authorities and coordinate with external             •	Secure and highly controlled environment
parties - auditors, lawyers, regulatory bodies.
Custody & Investment                            Customised Reporting                             front-to-end processing, negotiating in same
Management                                                                                       day value with late cut-off times.
                                                CACEIS supports investors in the                 CACEIS provides competitive solutions on
CACEIS delivers reliable custody services       management and reporting of their Private        credit balances and offers a broad range of
which cover all the investment and              Equity investment portfolios and offers          short-term cash management products.
divestment processes including:                 tailored and exhaustive reporting such as
•	Follow-up of board approval process           portfolio valuation and investor account
•	Supervision and monitoring of                 reporting.                                       Short-term Financing
  investments and divestments                   CACEIS can provide Private Equity managers
•	Safekeeping tailored to the type of           with white label customised reporting.           For bridge financing purposes, CACEIS can
  investment                                                                                     provide lines of credit to clients for which
•	Compliance with the Private Placement                                                          it acts as both, custodian and central
  Memorandum/Prospectus                         Treasury & Forex                                 administrator.
•	Processing of payments
•	Centralisation/coordination of investors’     CACEIS delivers a wide range of financial
  subscriptions and drawdowns                   products through its Dealing Room at CACEIS
•	Processing of distributions                   Bank Luxembourg. Our multilingual desk
•	Liaison with other jurisdictions              provides you with direct access to financial
•	Back-up of data                               markets: foreign exchange, money market
•	Compliance with regulated vehicles’           instruments, derivatives and structured                                       For more information,
  custodian legal duties                        products. As your capital markets negotiating           please contact your CACEIS representative,
                                                partner, CACEIS provides fully automated                             or visit us at

Investor Services

CACEIS gives special attention to the quality
of the relationship and services to end-
investors:                                                                                       A full range of high quality
•	Collection, follow-up and review of KYC                                                        services to suit any
  documentation                                                                                  structure, strategy and
•	Investor status checks
•	Establishment of relationships with
                                                                                                 country of investment
•	Maintenance of investor data
•	Management of subscriptions and
•	Capital calls and distribution preparation
                                                       Vehicle type
  and processing
•	Response to investor queries                         SICAR                          Part II UCIs                  Soparfi
•	Distribution of financial statements and
                                                       SIF                            Securitisation vehicles
  regular reports

                                                       Investment Strategies

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                                                       Carbon                         Renewable Energies            Shipping
                                                       Fund of Funds                  Sport                         Timberland
                                                       Infrastructure (PPP)           Venture Capital               Mezzanine
                                                                                                                                                      January 2009

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