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N00164-05-T-0098 Item Description- Itronix Go Book Laptop Brand .._1_


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									N00164-09-R-JM29 - BREAKAWAY LANYARDS - FSC 1370 - NAICS 332710
Anticipated Issue Date 26 JAN 2009 - Anticipated Closing Date: 25 FEB 2009

This synopsis is being posted to the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website
located at http://www.fbo.gov, the Navy Electronic Commerce on Line (NECO) website
located at https://www.neco.navy.mil/, and the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane
Division, Acquisition website located at
http://www.crane.navy.mil/acquisition/homepage.htm. FBO is the primary point of entry to
be used when access to synopses and solicitations from the World Wide Web is required.
However, the NECO webpage as well as the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division,
Acquisition webpage serve as alternatives if the FBO website is unavailable.

Crane Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center has a requirement for Breakaway Lanyards, In
Accordance With (IAW) an Automated Data List (ADL) and Contract Data Requirements List
(CDRLs). A 5-year, IDIQ contract is anticipated. CLIN 0001 will be for a minimum quantity of
300 each Breakaway Lanyards and a maximum quantity of 20,000 each—step-ladder quantities
will be solicited. FOB Destination NSWC Crane, Inspection and Acceptance will be at
Destination. Delivery schedule will be established on individual delivery orders. Delivery lead-
time for 36 each First Article units is 90 days from effective date of contract. Award will be made
on a best-value basis. All changes to the requirement that occur prior to the closing date will be
posted to Crane web site, FedBizOpps, and NECO. It is expected the solicitation is to be posted
on or about 26 January 2009, to the NSWC Crane web site at
http://www.crane.navy.mil/acquisition/homepage.htm. All responsible sources may submit an
offer that will be considered. It is the responsibility of interested vendors to monitor the Crane
web site, FedBizOpps and/or NECO for amendments that may be issued to this solicitation. For
changes made after the closing date, only those offerors that provide a proposal will be provided
any changes/amendments and considered for future discussions and/or award. Questions
should be directed to Jason Travis by e-mail jason.travis@navy.mil (preferred) or by fax 812-854-
3373. Complete mailing address is CODE 0565NW, Bldg. 3373, NSWC Crane, 300 Hwy 361,
Crane, IN 47522-5001. Please reference the above solicitation number when responding to this

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