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					                                                    MDUSD PC Laptop Computer Specs
                                                           (updated 12/22/08)

                             Please note: The specifications below are intended to meet the needs of most users who
                             must use a laptop. Laptops will not last as long as desktop computers (about 3 years vs. 5
                             years) and will often require a battery replacement after about 2 years for an additional $100.
                             If a laptop requires service it must usually be sent back to the factory, so you may
                             experience downtime for a week or more.

If you have any questions about specs, please contact Jim Morrison at x4095 or by email at
If you have any questions about pricing or ordering, please contact Mona Smith at x3745 or Marcia Ryer at x3744.

What to put on the purchase requisition: information in bold type below. For vendor, use “HP Public Sector”
(vendor # 032064) in IFAS.

Standard Model                                                  Larger Model
14.1” screen*. Weight: about 5.3 lb.s.                          15.4” screen**. Weight: about 6.0 lb.s.
Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 Processor                                AMD Turion Dual Core RM-70 Processor
HP Compaq 6530b Notebook Computer,                              HP Compaq 6735b Notebook Computer,
part #AQ505US#ABA.                                              part #AQ883US#ABA.

Price = $739.                                                   Price = $699.
                            Both models above include:

                            120GB hard drive
                            2GB RAM memory
                            DVD burner (plays and burns DVD’s, plays and burns CD’s)
                            Built-in 802.11 wireless capacity
                            10/100/1000 network adapter
                            Windows XP Professional operating system
                            Warranty: 3 year

 Required Additions

 Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Plus Academic Licenses, part #79P-01195-ZZ, ($54 ea.)
 Order one license for each computer. This includes Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and

 E-Waste fee, $6. This is a state-mandated fee that must be included as a separate item.

 HP Carrying Case, part#RR315AA, $40.00 A case is necessary, but any case would be acceptable.

 Options Available (see next page)

                                                                                      MDUSD PC Laptop Specs, 3/16/2010
                                 MDUSD PC Laptop Computer Specs (continued)

Options Available

HP Docking Station with 120W Smart Adapter, part#KP080AA#ABA, $164.00

This will allow a network connection, keyboard and mouse, USB devices (like a printer), or a monitor, to always be
plugged in at your desk instead of plugging them into your laptop each time you bring it to work. This comes with its
own power adapter, so you will have one always plugged in to the replicator and then use the original adapter to plug
in when you are away from your workplace.

Mouse: Any mouse will work if it has the correct connector (PS/2 or USB). The laptop comes with a “trackpad”, but
many prefer to use a mouse instead. There are two possible mouse choices: (some may wish to have both)
        HP USB Optical Travel Mouse, part#RH304AA, $16.00. This one is small and suitable for carrying with the
        laptop when you leave your desk.
        HP USB Optical Scrolling Mouse, part#DC172B, $13.00. This is a standard-size mouse.

Keyboard – HP USB Keyboard, part#DT528A#ABA, $24.00. Other keyboards will work if they have the correct
connector. This one will match the laptop in color. This is only needed if you do not wish to use the laptop keyboard at
your desk.

Monitor options: (not normally needed, as the laptop screen is sufficient in most cases)

        LCD Flat Panel Monitors

               HP L1750 17" Analog/Digital Flat Panel TFT Monitor, part # GF904AA#ABA, $185.00
               HP L1950 19” Analog/Digital Flat Panel TFT Monitor, part # GG458AA#ABA, $245.00

                These monitors are flat screen LCD monitors. They will take up much less space and are easier to
                read than traditional monitors. Each comes with a 3-year warranty. They also have built-in speakers.

        Note: You must also include the state-mandated E-Waste fee of $8 as a separate item for each monitor

                                                                                 MDUSD PC Laptop Specs, 3/16/2010

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