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                                             Designer’s                                                          Monthly

  AUGUST 2009

        Mission Statement
     The Northwest Society of
  Interior Designers is a regional
organization of professional interior
  designers and resource affiliates
dedicated to promoting excellence
      in design through career
development, peer networking and
adherence to high ethical standards.

                                            What a time we had —
GENERAL MEETING                             Billed as EAT, PLAY, LEARN, the Eagle Crest Retreat, June 25–28, was a collaboration between our
                                            current members, ORA, and other industry partners. In the midst of a tough economy and never
  Thursday, August 13, 2009                 having sponsored this type of event, NWSID pushed ahead and the result was unbelievable!!
      5:30 pm–8:00 pm
                                            “What a totally awesome event!! … I wish we could do one of these per quarter – it
                 HOST                       rocked.” Steve Frazier, CFM
     Precision Countertops
                                            “Thank you for putting together such a worthwhile, meaningful, and fantastic event!”
             LOCATION                       Mary K. Mooney, Decorative Interior Finishes and Nick Kovac, Neat Nix
    26200 SW 95th Ave., #301
                                            “I appreciated the whole event and feel like my own life is significantly better because of
     Wilsonville, OR 97070
                                            how many terrific people I really got to know.” Scott Avery, Modern Tech Floors

         PRA SPEAKER                        “Will you ever forget our beacon in the night? Thank you Mark Tracy!” Susan Grady,
         Apogee Painting                    Grady Interiors

                                            “Eagle Crest was perfect in a lot of ways, wasn’t it?” Lora Creswick, Lightbenders
          Page 9                            “I so enjoyed getting acquainted with your members. You are a kick in the pants ….”
                                            Barb Friedman ORA/NARI Chairwoman

                 RSVP                       “When I saw Saturday’s morning session was 4 hours long from 8:00 a.m.–Noon, I thought
                                            we’d all be asleep by 8:15. I could not imagine how they would keep us all awake for that
             by August 6th                  length of time. I was amazed … the time flew by; I was energized and learned so much from
             Questions:                     my team players. It was fabulous!” Carole Jackson, Carole Jackson Design Inc.
      Chad Green 503.692.6660                                                                                            (continued on page 4)

                                                                                    P R E S I D E N T’ S M E S S A G E

                                            Eagle Crest, the 2009 NWSID Conference
                                               What a fabulous event! Thank you so much to everyone
                                            on our board and in our membership who helped make this
    President’s Message                 2   great experience happen. On a wing and a prayer with eyes
    July Meeting Review                 3   closed tight, we leapt and landed successfully. Some thought
    Eagle Crest Testamonials (cont.)    4
                                            we wouldn’t go through with it because the industry was
                                            tanking, we were in a recession, and what benefit could it be
    Thank You Eagle Crest Sponsors      4   to our members to commit to an event like this?
    Website Updates                     5
                                               It was actually beneficial for all of our members, those
    Home Improvement and                    that came and even for those who couldn’t. Listen to the
     Remodeling Show                    6
                                            “after buzz” and you’ll know what I’m talking about. We couldn’t have done it without
    NWSID Tote Bags                     6   everyone who participated—our Designers and PRA’s, the ORA, Re-fit, and our wonderful
    Upcoming Events                     7   sponsors who believed in what we were trying to achieve.
    Membership News & Updates           8      We’re still riding high off that experience. We’re jingling the brass and staying on the
    Calendar of Events                  9   rails, full speed ahead for next year. After our speaker, Andy Black’s interactive role-playing
                                            seminar, there was no way we would consider not doing the conference again. What did
    2009-10 Board Members               9
                                            we learn? What did we take away from this experience that has us all soo jazzed? I’m
    Newsletter Ad Rates                 9   coining this phrase as our mission statement for 2009-2010:
    Newsletter Submission Information 9
                                                                       “The generosity of the human spirit.”
                                               Remember the story of the Stone Soup? Even in the toughest times, we all have
                                            resources to share and contribute to the common good for a community to thrive and
                                            succeed. That’s how NWSID will be thinking for its membership in the coming year.

                                              How do we make this mission work?
                                                •	   We think about being part of a team focused on a larger goal for our whole
                                                     design community.
                                                •	   We share resources so everyone wins as everyone’s needs are met.
                                                •	   We develop the skills to do the job and be supportive of those in need.
                                               We learned that as we let go of fear, self-focus, treachery, and hoarding and begin to
                                            practice the acts of openness, sharing and support, we can help our community survive,
                                            our businesses thrive, and gain ample resources and profits. Through the interactive
                                            “game” of Andy Black’s, we all learned in one “ah- ha” moment that this is what
          ADvERTISERS                       collaboration acts like.

                                               As NWSID members we have prided ourselves on our networking, our support of one
    Attic Gallery                      4
                                            another, continuing education for success, and our mentoring of colleagues. We have
    California Closets                 4    known how to do “support” for a long time. Now it is time to advance to “collaboration,”
    ColorSplashes                      7    to learn to work together to help each other achieve success for our businesses. Those
                                            who attended the conference learned this, got it, and are getting together with their
    Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery 7
                                            conference colleagues to make it work. We have also taken this message back to the
    NW Rugs                            5    NWSID “hive” to spread the word to those who were unable to attend the event, but still
                                            need to know what we now “get.”

                                               So, listen for the buzz. We’re going to keep it strong all year long while we prepare for
                                            our next conference. Look to the newsletter for monthly information and updates. Get on
    For Advertising information, contact    a committee and help your NWSID board. The 2010 conference is going to be bigger and 503.246.6776.       better with every member attending.

                                            Same Time, Same Place. . . Save the Date now!
                                            Deborah Gaslin,
                                            NWSID President

     NWSID DeSIgNer’S MoNThly                                                                                    A U g U ST 2 0 0 9        2
                                                                              MEETING REVIEW
                                                                                   JULY 2009

                     Purple Passion at ProSource
 NWSID members were welcomed to ProSource in Tigard for our July 9th
 general meeting by cheerful purple pansies at the door and throughout
 the showroom. Members mingled with representatives from Standard
 TV & Appliance, Dacor, A-Tech Granite & Marble, Installers 3M, Dovetail
 Cabinets & Design, Caesar Stone, Emser Tile and Porcelanosa USA while
 they enjoyed the fabulous buffet by Dalton’s Northwest Catering.

 Michael Gordon, Regional Sales Vice President for Porcelanosa USA,
 presented a 10-minute DVD overview of the company and its product
 lines. He showed off some of Porcelanosa’s new products and best sellers                 Michael Gordon
 including Glass Acido, Cubica and Legno ceramic parquet. All products are               Porcelanosa USA
 stocked in the U.S. and require just two weeks lead time.

 Joel Fahndrich, Sales Representative, spoke to us about Emser Tile’s
 largest product display at ProSource in Tigard and the company’s Portland
 branch on NW Yeon. Joel noted that Emser Tile is pushing the envelope on
 green products and showed off Lindos, a product made of 40% recycled
 content. Designers can check with Suzanne Parker at ProSource for a list
 of LEED-certified products from Emser Tile.

 This month, there are a couple of follow up notes to our meeting:
 Suzanne Parker wants to let NWSID members know that when they buy
 from ProSource, they will receive special discounted pricing. In addition,
 she clarified that membership is free, dispelling rumors that there is a
 $100 fee to join.                                                                         Joel Fahndrich
                                                                                               Emser Tile
 Michael Zivanich of Dacor wants us to know about Dacor University, a
 valuable, online training resource designed to help you increase your
 knowledge of Dacor luxury appliances while increasing your sales. To learn
 more, go to and click the “Trade Professional” link or call
 1-800-792-0093 x3101.

 Thank you to ProSource for hosting our July meeting and for providing
 space for our NWSID board meetings and office on an ongoing basis!

 Joan Mullen Woods
 VP Programs

 Next Meeting: On August 13th our monthly meeting will be at Precision                     Suzanne Parker
 Countertops in Wilsonville. Apogee Painting will be in the PRA Spotlight.                     ProSource

NWSID DeSIgNer’S MoNThly                                                          A U g U ST 2 0 0 9   3
                                                                    EAGLE CREST RETREAT
(Eagle Crest – continued from page 1)

“Can we get another retreat going, like in two weeks?” Bill   “A big thank you to Julie Jones O’Leary and Andrew Black
Hawk, Lutron                                                  for the fantastic Common Ground Experience.”
                                                              Amy Bright, sT’ile Showroom and the Eagle Crest
“I had such a great time and felt it was an unbelievably      Committee
successful conference.” Laura Donaca, L’Donaca Interiors      Please mark your calendars for next June 24–27, 2010.
                                                              We are booked, and you do not want to miss it!
“Thank you for such an incredible getaway at Eagle Crest.”
Kristin Girard, LG Surfaces                                   See you there,
                                                              NWSID, et. al.

 THANK YOU Eagle Crest Sponsors!

Thank you to all of our valued suppliers!! This year you did a fantastic job of supporting NWSID to the best
of your ability. Your sponsorship was why we were able to have such a terrific event at Eagle Crest. We look
forward to having fun with all of you again next year.

Our Sponsors:
CFM                                   PBSI
Stainmaster                           LG Solid Surface LLC                         To All of Our Vendors,
sT’ile                                Light Benders                                Thank you for the incredible
Cronin                                ColorSplashes                                raffle donations.
Elkay                                 Tile Surface Impressions
Ferguson                              Sherwin Williams                                            WOW!
Benjamin Moore                        Fixture Gallery at Consolidated Supply       We were able to raise close to
Lutron                                Chelsea Audio Video                          $3,000 by combining the NWSID
Quadrant Systems                      LUX Magazine                                 $1,000 donation with a private
Gary’s Vacuflo                        Stone Center                                 donation and raffle ticket sales
Standard TV and Appliance             LUWA Distributing                            of $2,000.
Circadian Consulting and Design
Goodell’s, Inc.
Kohler Bath
Thank you, also, to ReFit for our Sunday Brunch Event.

–Amy Bright and the Eagle Crest Committee.

                                                                  Full Service Custom Frame Shop on Premises
                                                               AUGUST 6–AUGUST 29: Brian Arthur Miller: Mixed
                                                               Media Frescos; Kendahl Jan Jubb: Watercolors; Steve
                                                                        Eichenberger: Ceramic Sculptures
                                                                  Wine Reception Thursday, August 6, 6 – 9 pm
                                                                      with Classical Guitar by Jim Fenwick
                                                                           ATTIC GALLERY
                                                                          206 SW First Ave., 503-228-7830
                                                                       Gallery Hours: Mon.–Sat. 10–5:30 p.m.
                                                                Please view all our artists’ works:

 NWSID DeSIgNer’S MoNThly                                                                         A U g U ST 2 0 0 9       4
D e s i g n e r S h o w c a s e on the Website
René Steelman, René Kathleen Interiors
René Kathleen Interiors is dedicated to creating interior designs
that unite form and function into a single concept reflecting your
own personality and style. With the proper design, any space
can be turned into an environment of well-being and efficiency.
Whether building a new home, remodeling an existing one or
looking to redecorate your corporate office, René Kathleen can
assist with every facet of the project—from the master plan down
to the last doorknob.
René has an extensive background in interior design and
development. She has been published in Home, The Oregonian,
Portland Bride and Groom, and The Columbian. Projects Include:
“Best in Show” award for NWSID Portland Street of Dreams and
Habitat for Humanity.                                                     Glitz & Glamour -
A positive relationship with clients is the key to successful design.     Hollywood Regency
Experience has taught René the importance of establishing                 Style at NW Rugs
common goals early on in order to ensure that the results she             NW Rugs is delighted to
delivers are the results you expect.                                      announce the arrival of select
René always places your wishes first—it is, after all, your space.        pieces from THE HERMITAGE
                                                                          Collection by Theodore
She has the necessary experience and flexibility to guide you             Alexander. THE HERMITAGE collection is innovative
through every step of the project, from design and planning to            in style yet traditional in concept. It captures the history
implementation and maintenance. Make her a part of the solution.          and elegant splendor of Russian design in luxurious
                                                                          materials such as Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, stainless steel
P R A S p o t l i g h t on the Website                                    and Karelian Birch. Using fine materials and traditional
Stone Center, Inc. Dale Blocker                                           artisanship on each individual piece,Theodore Alexander
                                                                          has become eminent in its field – renowned as a unique
503.234.5361,                                     brand embodying quality in design. The high gloss
Stone Center, Inc. is a proud three generation company, and is            glamour and elegance of these pieces epitomizes the
tucked into the corner of SE 15th Avenue and Woodward Street.             Hollywood Regency style created by designers Dorothy
Tim Wiley, grandson of the founder, has been the owner for 25             Draper, David Hicks, Billy Baldwin and Billy Haines. The
years creating residential and commercial projects locally and            exceptional quality, craftsmanship and beauty of this
                                                                          collection is available now for viewing and purchase at
internationally.                                                          our Wilsonville Showroom.
Our impressive reputation for producing high quality custom
                                                                                     - CUSTOM-MADE RUGS AVAILABLE -
Marble, Granite and Limestone has been built on Honesty, Integrity
and Pride. The management team ensures attention to detail and
customer service, which keeps our repeat builders, designers and                         Rugs • Fur niture • Accessor ies
homeowners coming back for more. Completed projects reveal our            •Measure your space... •Bring your swatches... •Choose your style...
team’s dedication, longevity and the education we share with our                              And take it home today.
clients.                                                                                    - FINANCING AVAILABLE -
   “I’ve been impressed with the quality of service and                 Oregon:
   workmanship your Stone Center employees provided. I’m                Jantzen Beach     2100 N. Hayden Island Dr              503 285-7847
   pleased with the results! Love it! What a reliable company.          Tanasbourne       16305 #110 NW Cornell Rd              503 645-7847
   You are unique in my recent experiences.” – Joanne.                                                                          503 968-7847
                                                                        Carman Drive      15957 SW 72nd Ave
Visit our showroom and conference room to see, touch and feel           Wilsonville       29735 SW Town Center Lp W             503 682-7847
what works of art we can create with natural stone. You will be         California:
inspired by our “waterfall” spouted marble tub, “book matched”          Agoura Hills      28610 Canwood St., 91301              818   706-3333
slab shower, integrated sinks, hand-carved limestone fireplace,         Costa Mesa        3303 Hyland Ave., 92626               714   966-9969
backlit onyx wall, hand-antiqued countertops, a credenza with           Nevada:
granite and onyx panels featuring a three-dimensional mountain                                                                  702
                                                                        Las Vegas         7570 Dean Martin Dr. #608                   737-7847
range backsplash, and much more. We believe that stone is more
                                                                        Los Angeles • Orange County • Las Vegas • Portland  
than a functional surface, it is “art” with unlimited possibilities.
Now you can fulfill your dreams in stone.

NWSID DeSIgNer’S MoNThly                                                                                         A U g U ST 2 0 0 9              5
                                                                                    HOME SHOW

    NWSID to Participate in
                                                                        September 24–27, 2009
    Home Improvement &                                           Oregon Remodelers Association
                                                        Home Improvement and Remodeling Show
    Remodeling Show                                                  Oregon Convention Center

    Designers —                                        			
    Join NWSID as we participate in the Oregon               Get Ready For Your Home Show!
    Remodelers Association Home Improvement
    and Remodeling Show. Promote and support                 For our members who are participating
    your professional organization and meet                  in this year’s Home Show, mark your
    potential clients.                                       calendars for a class by Carolyn Campbell:

                                                              “Get the Most by Making The Best
    To participate, contact:                                   Of Your Show.”
    Sherrie Lynn Harries                                     September 8th – Time and location to / 503.246.5574                     be determined.

                                                   Tote Bags

                     Carry your supplies in style to client calls.
                     Switch it up with our handsome NWSID black and white tote.

                     Smart enough to carry with you everywhere.

                          Sturdy cloth construction.
                          Fully lined with elegant black and white stripes.
                          Two spacious pockets on the back of the bag.
                          Straps long enough to put over your shoulder.

                                                              Order one (or two)!
                                                              Kathryn Delany, 503.381.6437
           Only $20.00                              

NWSID DeSIgNer’S MoNThly                                                                A U g U ST 2 0 0 9   6
                                                                                   UPCOMING EVENTS
                                            IDC Oregon Jeopardy
                                            July 30, 2009
                                            George Morlan Plumbing Co.
                                            2222 NW Raleigh St., Portland
                                            IDC-Oregon	is	hosting	the	second	annual	Designer	Jeoparody	and	would	like	
                                            you to join us for wine, food, and fun. We will have prizes and raffle items, and
                                            you	will	have	the	chance	to	show	how	much	you	know	about	the	interior	design	
                                            profession.		You	will	be	assigned	to	a	jeoparody	team	providing	the	opportunity	
                                            to	meet	your	colleagues	and	share	your	knowledge	about	the	interior	design	
                                            Registration is required:	email:		
                                            or	call	503-200-5996.		IDC	Members:	$25,	Non-members:	$30,	Students:	$15.

                                            Rejuvenation and Art Institute of Portland present a
                                            Second in a Two-Part Series on American Lighting
                                            Featuring	a	talk	by Rejuvenation	company	historian,	Bo	Sullivan.
                                            Seating is limited so please RSVP early to
                                              August 5, 2009
                                              6:00pm, Rejuvenation Showroom (Doors	open	at	6:00pm)
                                              Part II: The Evolution of American Lighting Styles.

                                            August 20, 2009
                                            The Joinery Open House
 Landfair                                   4:00pm–8:00pm
                                            4804 SE Woodstock Blvd., Portland, 97206
    furniture + Design
                                            To	showcase	two	homes	refurbished	according	to	green	standards	and	
     g a l l e r y
                                            artisan	craftsmanship.	Owned	by	founder	Marc	Gaudin,	the	bungalow	and	
           1636 NW 15th Ave                 mid-century modern ranch showcase the beauty and utility of cork floors,
     On the corner of NW 15th & NW Savier
             503.245.4222                   wood cabinetry and counter tops with natural finishes.              Walking	tours	of	both	homes	will	be	every	20	minutes.	Customers	and	
                                            friends	will	enjoy	food	and	beverages	in	the	company	showroom.	
                                            Information:	Cassandra	Jackson,

                                            Through August 28, 2009
                                            Art Institute Gallery
                                            In	conjunction	with	these	speaking	events,	stop	by	the	Art	Institute	gallery	
                                            to	view	“A Fixture Fascination: The Art of Lighting Reproduction”
                                            from	July	2nd –August	28th.	The	exhibit	provides	a	glimpse	into	the	process	
                                            of reproducing lighting including original fixtures and catalogs, technical
                                            drawings, and the new fixtures they have inspired.

                                            Marketing Education Series – AIA Portland
                                            Through September 15, 2009
                                            10:00 am–12:00 pm
                                            AIA Portland – The Center for Architecture
                                            403 NW 11th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209
                                            The	Marketing	Education	Series	is	designed	to	provide	architects,	design	
                                            professionals, business managers, marketing professionals and firm
                                            principals	the	knowledge	and	tools	needed	to	improve	professional	success	
                                            in	managing	the	business	component	of	marketing,	and	enhance	marketing	
                                            effectiveness	through	application	of	key	principles.
                                            To Register:	Go	to	AIA	Portland
                                            Fees:		Members	$250,	Non-Members	$400

NWSID DeSIgNer’S MoNThly                                                                              A U g U ST 2 0 0 9    7
                                                             MEMBERSHIP UPDATES

Welcome New PRA Members                        Changes to Your Directory
Emerson Hardwood Company                       Please note the following changes in your directory. If you have changes
Rep 1: Lauren Mongrain                         to your information, please notify MEMBERSHIP.
2279 NW Front Ave., Portland, OR 97209
                                               Designer Members
P: 503-223-5667
F: 503-242-4913                                Change of Status
C: 503-927-0861                                Sarah Smith from Student to Apprentice Designer
E:                Services: Environmental & Green Design, Residential, Remodeling
                                               Lori Brock, Fax: Fax: 503.291.1517
Products/Services: Counter Top Surfaces,
Flooring Surfaces, Woodworking                 Indah Robinson, Cell: 503.704.4812
Elysium Artists                                  W:
Rep 1: Sue Reynolds
Rep 2: Abby Michaels                           PRA Members
6312 SW Capitol Hwy, #147
Portland, OR 97239                             Castellano Custom Furniture, Inc.
P: 971-645-1094                                 Rep 2: Nancy Pinney
                                               EcoArtisan Painting and Renovations (Name Change)
                                                Rep 2: Denise Harbeck
Products/Services: Art Gallery, Garden          W:
                                               Filling Spaces
Artzy Interiors                                  W:
Rep 1: Kathryn Owen
11120 NW Lost Park Drive                       Pacific Window Tinting, Inc.
Portland, OR 97229                              New Address: 0607 SW Idaho St., Portland, OR 97239
P: 503-644-8195                                 Rep 2: Wendy Inglish
Products/Services: Artist, Faux Finisher/
Muralist, Garden Accessories

                                                     In Memoriam –
Education—                                           Van Kellems, Lonely Mountain Ironworks
The Backbone of Your
Business Edge                                        To all of our members who knew Van Kellems of
                                                     Lonely Mountain Ironworks, it is with sadness we
As VP of Education I would like to know what
                                                     announce that he passed away the weekend of
edge you need. Please e-mail ideas, desires,
directions you would like to see included in         July 18th in a tragic motorcycle accident. Van was
our programs this year and going forward             a skilled blacksmith and ironmonger, frequent
to and we will           PRA spotlight when he was an NWSID member,
include them in the mix.                             and showcased his iron hardware at Chown and
                                                     NBH. Van will be greatly missed. NWSID has sent his
Also stay tuned for a new class series with          wife, Sarah, and son, Angus, a condolence card and
Carolyn Campbell.                                    flowers on behalf of our membership.
Shirley Halnan                                       – Deborah Gaslin, President
VP Education

NWSID DeSIgNer’S MoNThly                                                                    A U g U ST 2 0 0 9      8
	           	                         CALENDAR                                                                 NWSID
                                                                                                       SOUTHERN CHAPTER
    August                                                                                               2 0 0 9–10 B O A R D
    	5       Board Meeting – ProSource, 8:30am                                                          
                                                                                                 President            Deborah Gaslin       503-788-4455
     13      General Meeting – Precision Countertops, 26200 SW 95th Ave., #301,
             Wilsonville, OR 97070. PRA Spotlight: Apogee Painting.                              President Elect      Laura Donaca         503-292-4646
             Please RSVP by August 6th. Questions: Chad Green, 503.692.6660.                                
             Countertop Extravaganza!                                                            Secretary            Linda Blackwood      503-320-2533
             5:30 - 6:30 pm - Networking                                                                    
                                                                                                 Treasurer            Melissia Schulz      503-998-4846
             6:30 - 7:00 pm - Business Meeting
             7:00 - 7:10 pm - PRA Spotlight - Apogee Painting                                    Co-Chair Treasurer Donna Barton           503-692-0472
             7:10 - 8:00 pm - Host Presentation - Precision Countertops                                     
             Come spend the evening at the Precision Countertops Design Show-                    VP Marketing         Gary Paquin          503-416-2860
             room and get first hand experience to the world of countertops. Take                           
                                                                                                 VP Membership        Mark Tracy           503-951-8137
             a tour of our Stone Gallery featuring Exotic Granite & Marble from
             around the world! See for yourself just how a slab gets custom made                 Co-Chair Membership Shannon Graham        971-506-2120
             to your clients’ exact specifications by taking a tour of our state of the                     
             art fabrication shop. We look forward to seeing you on August 13th.                 VP Programs          Joan Mullen Woods 503-753-0485
     20      The Joinery Open House, 4:00–8:00pm. Two homes refurbished to                                  
                                                                                                 Co-ChairVP Programs Carol O’Quinn         503-231-3979
             green standards and artisan craftsmanship. 4804 SE Woodstock Blvd.
    September                                                                                    VP Education         Shirley Halnan       503-481-0817
    	2     Board Meeting – ProSource, 8:30am                                                     newsletter Editor Carolyn Johnson-Bell 503-235-7962
     8     “Get the Most by Making The Best Of Your Show, ” class by Carolyn                                
          Campbell. Time and location to be determined.                                          Advertising Director Karen Rankin         503-246-6776
     10    General Meeting – Bradlee Distributors                                                           
     24–27 Home Improvement and Remodeling Show, Oregon Convention                               Webmaster            Kathryn Delany       503-381-6437
           Center. To participate, contact Sherrie Lynn Harries, 503.246.5574,                              
                                                                 Sponsorship          Barbara Miller       503-799-4540
    October                                                                                      PRA Rep              Heather Stinson      503-906-3290
    	7          Board Meeting – ProSource, 8:30am                                                Historian            Sherrie Lynn Harries 503-246-5574
     8          General Meeting – CFM Tigard                                                                
    November                                                                                     Exec Board Rep/      Susan Grady          503-771-9907
    	4          Board Meeting – ProSource, 8:30am                                                Student Liaison      Jeanine Murphy       503-579-3262
     12         General Meeting – NW Rugs                                                                   

                     NWSID “Designer’s Monthly” A D R A T E S                                         Shannon Graham 971-506-2120
                                                                                                    Members: $35  Non-Members: $100

                  SIZE                     Width x Height          NWSID
                                            Dimensions            Members          Non-Members
    1     Business Card                     3.5” x 2.0”             $40                  $60                  ARTICLES
    2H    Quarter Page Horizontal           3.5” x 4.5”             $70                  $90
                                                                                                        Articles and inserts are due
    2V    Quarter Page Vertical            1.75” x 9.5”             $70                  $90     the 10th of the month prior to publication
    3V    Half Page Vertical                3.5” x 9.5”            $140                 $170
                                                                                                              Articles must be:
    3H    Half Page Horizontal              7.0” x 4.5”            $140                 $170
                                                                                                        • Paragraph form • Arial font
    4     Full Page                         7.0” x 9.5”            $250                 $330        • E-mail only to Carolyn Johnson-Bell
    5     One Page Insert                   7.0” x 9.5”            $300                 $380       
          Discount for 6 months: 15%, paid in full; Discount for 12 months: 20%, paid in full     Editor reserves the right to refuse or
                                  Ad rates for color or black & white
                                    Ad Deadline: 10th of the month
                                                                                                   postpone publication as needed.
                        Call Karen Rankin (503) 246-6776 for space availability

NWSID DeSIgNer’S MoNThly                                                                                              A U g U ST 2 0 0 9                  9