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IHS Specs & Standards Medical Devices Standards Collections

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									                                                         Critical Technical Information

                                                         IHS Specs
                                                         & Standards
                                                         IHS Medical Devices Standards Collections

Your business faces increasing pressure everyday         Benefits
to build products that comply with all the relevant      Comprehensive Access – The IHS Medical Devices
standards to which they must conform – locally           Standards Collections contain the EU Directives and
and globally. With access to the IHS Medical             more than 1,200 Harmonized Standards from the Official
Devices Standards Collections, you can be sure           Journal of the European Union that supplement/interpret
that your products are being manufactured                the requirements of these Directives. With immediate
according to the most current standards                  and unlimited access to these standards from any work-
required for the U.S. and European Union.                station, subscribers can quickly search, view and print
                                                         standards for archival or project reference.
The IHS Medical Devices Standards Collections provide
immediate access to the standards that are critical to   Currency – Standards are updated daily; any revisions,
the design control process. From engineering thru        amendments, supplements or errata will update auto-
production and quality assurance, you can have           matically, so you always have access to the very latest
complete confidence in making the strategic business     information. Gain peace of mind knowing that you are
decisions that directly impact your costs, process       always working with the most current version of every
efficiencies, time to market and product quality.        standard.

Maximize your investment with the IHS Medical Devices    Quality – IHS is ISO 9001:2000 certified. Access to the
Standards Collections knowing you have access to a       IHS Medical Devices Standards Collections fulfills ISO
complete and always current standards solution –         document control requirements including revision track-
ensuring compliance to the European Union Directives:    ing and updating. This helps to mitigate risks and
• General (EU Directive 93/42/EEC)                       increases productivity so that you can focus on what
• Active Implantable (EU Directive 90/385/EEC)           you do best – your business.
• In Vitro Diagnostic (EU Directive 98/79/EC)
• Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) (EU Directive
• Low Voltage Equipment (EU Directive 73/23/EEC)
Critical Technical Information > Medical Devices Standards Collections

Unlimited Access – You will get unlimited access to the              Ease and Convenience – Designed to be user-friendly
most current standards in PDF format. Since it’s an                  for both novice and expert users, our most popular
annual subscription service, there aren’t discrete                   search options are prominently displayed on the search
charges associated with each document. You won’t                     screen. With the powerful search and navigation
need to purchase duplicate sets of standards for every               capabilities of the IHS technology, you can refine search
location in order to abide by Federal copyright laws.                results for pinpoint accuracy based on a variety of
Multiple locations benefit by subscribing to a wide area             characteristics. The IHS Medical Devices Standards
network solution resulting in significant cost savings.              Collections offer complete indexing of standards
The subscription service provides each location with                 including full document viewing capabilities at your
immediate access to the index of standards.                          desktop. The index includes document abstract
                                                                     outlines as well as full-text hyperlinks that cross-
                                                                     reference related documents.

                                                                     Self-Administration – With the IHS Medical Devices
                                                                     Standards Collections, no gatekeeper or administrator
                                                                     is required. Users have access to the tools they need
                                                                     to do their jobs so there is no need to send multiple
                                                                     document requests across the organization.

                                                                     Ensure your Medical Devices are compliant, get easy
                                                                     access to critical industry standards with the IHS
                                                                     Medical Devices Standards Collections.

Document Lists – Allows you to quickly retrieve fre-
quently needed documents, and you never again have
to question whether your key documents are out of
date. Document Lists are easily created and can be
customized for every user. Document Lists help you
stay compliant with ISO and other quality standards by
sending you email notifications when your selected
documents are updated or revised.

                                                                    For more information on IHS Inc.:
                                                                    Worldwide +1 303 397 2896
                                                                    U.S.       800 716 3447
                                                                    Web:       www.ihs.com

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