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									THE MARKET                                              The ADA reported on August 1, 1960, that “Crest            Another landmark for Crest was the develop-
The U.S. dentifrice market is highly competitive,       has been shown to be an effective anticaries           ment of Crest and Oral-B Healthy Smiles
fueled by improved benefits and new product             (decay preventative) dentifrice that can be of sig-    (COHS), created in 2000 to improve the state of
introductions. According to the latest available sta-   nificant value when used in a conscientiously          oral health by providing access, education, and
tistics, the dentifrice market accounts for just over   applied program of oral hygiene and regular pro-       tools to underserved children and their families.
$7.6 billion in annual sales and is growing at an                         fessional care.” The response        To bring real change, COHS has forged partner-
annual rate of 17.6 percent. The market is seg-                                     was electric. Within a     ships with organizations including Boys & Girls
mented into base and premium, with base                                                                        Clubs of America, the ADA, and leading mem-
products offering cavity and tartar protec-                                                                    bers of local dental communities. Throughout the
tion and premium products offering                                                                               country, COHS has built 10 Crest Smile
multiple benefits and whitening.                                                                                      Shoppes (dental clinics), sponsored four
The premium segment is driving                                                                                             mobile dental van programs, and
category growth as consumers                                                                                                 organized treatment, screening, and
seek new and improved products.                                                                                               education events year-round.

ACHIEVEMENTS                                                                                                                    THE PRODUCT
Crest has been a leader in oral care inno-                                                                                  Crest’s heritage is grounded in the den-
vations since its introduction in 1955 and has                                                                         tifrice market, but the company has
been the leading toothpaste brand in the United                                                                     expanded into many other oral care product
States over the past 45 years. In 2005, Crest was                                                                lines. It now offers a broad range of products for
thrilled to celebrate its 50th year of providing        year, Crest’s sales                                    dental needs and conducts the nation’s best-
healthy, beautiful smiles to families across the        nearly doubled. By 1962,                               known activities on behalf of good dental prac-
country. In 1976, the American Chemical Society         they had nearly tripled, pushing Crest well ahead      tices among children.
recognized Crest with fluoride as one of the 100        as the best-selling toothpaste in the United States.
greatest discoveries of the previous 100 years.             In 2001, Crest revolutionized at-home              RECENT DEVELOPMENTS
Crest, in 1999, was the first whitening toothpaste      whitening with the launch of Crest Whitestrips®,       As the market leader in the tooth whitening cate-
to receive the ADA Seal of Acceptance. In 2006,         the first-ever patented strip technology designed      gory, in January 2006 Crest introduced Crest
Crest received another ADA seal of acceptance           to whiten teeth in 14 days. The unique strip for-      Whitestrips Renewal, a new age-defying solution
for its Pro-Health toothpaste.                          mat conforms to the shape of teeth, utilizing the      for the smile, designed to remove 20 years of
                                                        same enamel-safe ingredients dentists use for          stains from teeth. The new product launch was
HISTORY                                                 close contact of the whitening agents with the         supported with a fully integrated marketing cam-
The development of a fluoride toothpaste began          tooth surface to get at stains beneath the surface     paign that included television, print, and online
in the early 1940s when Procter & Gamble                of teeth. Today, over 30 million people have tried     advertising; in-store displays; consumer promo-
started a research program to find ingredients          Crest Whitestrips products.                            tions; public relations; and interactive elements,
that would reduce tooth decay when added to a               In 2003, Crest added dental floss to its range     all themed to “Keep Them Guessing” about the
dentifrice. At that time, Americans developed                 of oral care products by purchasing              consumer’s age.
an estimated 700 million cavities a year,                      the Glide floss business from W. L. Gore             In August 2006, Crest launched Crest Pro-
making dental disease one of the most                                       & Associates. Since then,          Health Toothpaste after ten years of testing and
prevalent U.S. health prob-                                                   Crest has worked to extend the   development. This breakthrough dentifrice marked
lems. In 1950, Procter &                                                       No. 1 dentist-recommended       a significant advance in at-home oral care by pro-
Gamble developed a joint                                                       brand of floss, offering        viding a number of therapeutic oral health and
research project team                                                           consumers a superior range     whitening benefits combined in one product. Its
headed by Dr. Joseph                                                             of products. All Glide        exclusive, proprietary Crest technology, the
Muhler at Indiana Uni-                                                           flosses are fashioned from    Polyfluorite System®, makes it the first and only
versity to study a new                                                           GORE-TEX® material that       toothpaste that protects against all these areas den-
toothpaste with fluoride.                                                        resists shredding and         tists routinely check — gingivitis, plaque, cavities,
The study’s startling                                                            slides comfortably between    tartar, sensitivity, and stains — and it freshens
results indicated that children ages six to 16          the teeth and below the gum line to remove food        breath. Crest Pro-Health has the ADA seal of
showed an average 49 percent reduction in cavi-         particles and plaque.                                  acceptance; its technology is supported by 15
ties, and adults showed tooth decay reduction to            In April 2005, Crest completed its oral            patent applications and more than 70 published
almost the same degree. In 1954, Procter &              care portfolio with the introduction of its first      pieces of literature on the ingredients. The tooth-
Gamble submitted the results of its extensive test-     mouthwash, Crest Pro-Health Oral Rinse. The            paste delivers three FDA-recognized oral health
ing to the American Dental Association. Test mar-       formulation is alcohol-free and has been shown         care benefits: anticaries, antigingivitis, and pro-
keting of Crest with Fluoristan began in 1955;          in laboratory tests to kill 99 percent of common       tection against sensitivity. Since its launch, Crest
while initial sales were disappointing, they moved      germs that can cause plaque, gingivitis, and bad       Pro-Health has become one of the top-selling
forward with the national launch in January 1956.       breath — all without the burn of alcohol.              toothpastes in America.

                                                                                    Crest launches
                                                                                    Crest Whitestrips,
                                                                                    a revolutionary
                                                                                    product in
                                                                                    the whitening
                                                                                    and oral care

    In September 2006, Crest partnered with whose preference indicates a strong loyalty to access to the media than ever before, allowing
Scientific American magazine to present the most brands with established heritage. The toothpaste’s them to choose when, where, and how to engage
comprehensive information and expert opinions unique formula balances health and beauty bene- with advertising and information. To adapt to this
regarding the relationship between oral health and fits that, with regular brushing, fight cavities and new marketing landscape, Crest has pushed to the
whole body wellness, including potential implica- tartar buildup, remove plaque, help freshen breath, forefront of the “influencer marketing” trend.
tions for future health-care models. The partnership and polish away stains for whiter teeth.                Influencer marketing grows the brand by working
showed that Crest is committed to furthering                                                                 with a variety of influencers to increase the believ-
research in this area, plus helping consumers under- PROMOTION                                               ability of product claims and insert products into
stand the implications of gingivitis and periodontal The advertising campaign that launched the Crest consumers’ everyday lives in meaningful ways.
                             Client:       Crest
disease and how to prevent these conditions.                                                     Project:      Crest Timeline
                                                       brand has become one of the most memorable in From celebrity dentists and makeup artists to TV
                                                                                                 File smil-
    Crest Whitestrips revolutionized the tradi- marketing history. In television commercials, Name: and music superstars, Crest’s influencers are suc-
                             Date:         06.15.07                                                  
tional at-home whitening regimen in March 2007 ing children proudly proclaimed, “Look, Mom — cessfully creating brand relevance and credibility
                             Program:      Illustrator                                           Fonts:
with the introduction of Crest Whitestrips Daily CS2 cavities!” Along with the TV campaign, among target consumers. To reach Generation Y
Multicare, the first and only by: Cecilia Molina
                             Prepared                                                             Norman
                                                                        print ads illustrated by Reviewed by:consumers, Crest partnered with MTV personal-
daily strip technology available                                        Rockwell became classics.            ity and hip-hop recording artist Nick Cannon for
                                                                            In 2005, Crest celebrated its the launch of 212.807.6932
                             BorsaWallace, Inc. 40 West 27th Street, 8th Floor New York, NY 10001 p 212.807.6930 f Whitening Plus Scope Extreme
that was specially designed as
the Ink/E ects: solution for the                                        50th year of providing healthy, toothpaste. The campaign included coverage in top
smile, whitening teeth in just                                          beautiful smiles to families across entertainment media, a MySpace page, and an
five minutes a day. Working in                                          the country. To celebrate, the online irresistibility quiz. Other Crest initiatives
three ways, Crest Whitestrips
                           CMYK                                         brand held a national search for a have included country music superstar Martina
Daily Multicare was designed to                                         child to be featured in an updated McBride for Crest Nature’s Expressions, TV star
remove surface stains, whiten by                                        version of the iconic Norman Nicolette Sheridan for Crest Whitestrips, and
deep cleaning, and protect teeth                                        Rockwell advertisements. The Grammy Award–winning R&B artist Mary J.
from everyday stain buildup, as                                         winning child’s ad was featured in Blige for Crest and Oral-B Healthy Smiles.
the rate of whitening is higher                                         an issue of People magazine.
than the rate of stain accumula-                                        Enya Martinez, a five-year-old BRAND VALUES
tion. To support the product                                            child from Miami, Florida, was Crest is a brand that has continually pushed to
launch, Crest Whitestrips enlisted the most cur- chosen as the new face of Crest. Whereas Norman improve oral health. Crest is among the most
rent celebrity experts to form the “Brighter 5 Rockwell’s ads represented America in the fifties, trusted household brands, a value reinforced by
Team” to provide exclusive time-saving tips and Enya reflects the diversity of America’s children in the continued recognition of its products by the
multitasking beauty and grooming tricks on a the new millennium.                                             American Dental Association. Crest’s dream is to
branded microsite,                     In recent years, Crest has expanded its adver- lead the way in the passionate pursuit of perfect
    The latest addition to the Glide family, Glide tising efforts beyond the product to highlight the oral health so that everyone can have a healthy,
Shred Guard, launched in March 2007. The floss brand’s commitment to promoting good oral health beautiful smile for life.
has added GORE-TEX® material to make this worldwide. Ethnic and interactive marketing have
floss up to 30 percent stronger than Glide both received increased attention in recent years.
Original, so it is shred-resistant-guaranteed and Crest has taken its marketing message to the
                                                                                                                  THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT
less likely to get stuck between teeth.                African American and Hispanic communities,
    In another first from Crest, in April 2007 developing culturally relevant advertising, includ-
the brand introduced the new Crest Nature’s ing Spanish-language print and TV ads.
Expressions toothpaste, a unique combination of           In 2003, the launch of Crest Whitening Expres-       r Within two years of its ADA acceptance,
Crest’s trusted formula enhanced with natural flavor sions marked the second time Crest utilized a                Crest’s sales nearly tripled, pushing Crest
ingredients for a refreshing and invigorating brush- celebrity spokesperson when it enlisted renowned             well ahead as the best-selling toothpaste in
ing experience. The product’s three variants, Pure chef and flavor expert Emeril Lagasse to represent             the United States.
Peppermint Fresh, Citrus Clean Mint, and Mint + the new toothpaste in an advertising campaign.
Green Tea Extract feature natural flavor ingredi- Singer and actress Vanessa Williams was the first            r In 1976, the American Chemical Society
ents, which are naturally sourced and minimally celebrity spokesperson used in October 2000 for                   recognized Crest with fluoride as one of
processed. Nature’s Expressions was developed for the launch of Crest Rejuvenating Effects.                       the 100 greatest discoveries of the previous
the “mainstream naturals” consumer, a woman               Due to the growing presence of interactive              100 years.
who wants to experience natural ingredients but media and social networks, consumers have greater


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