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                            School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
                          Dean: Karima Feldhus, PhD
                          Academic Chair: Colin McCaughey
                          Faculty: Jennifer Bailly, Robert Baker, Laura Flynn, Jill Hardy, Mark McNeil, Sezer Pehlivan, Martha Stuffler

                          Curriculum                                       Career Options                                    Associate Degree
                          Economics is the study of how people             Examples of careers for the economics             Associate in Arts Degree in
                          make choices when faced with scarcity.           major include the following:                        Economics
                          It is therefore the study of the process                                                           Students must complete a minimum of
                          of decision-making by individuals, busi-         •	 Account Manager
                                                                                                                             60 units of credit, including the courses
                          nesses, governments, or any other group          •	 Actuary

                                                                                                                             in the major (“Major Requirements”)
                          that must make such choices, and the             •	 Area	Sales	Manager
                                                                                                                             and general education requirements
                          study of the institutional context in which      •	 Bank	Officer
                                                                                                                             (pages 43-49), with an overall GPA of 2.0
                          these decisions are made.                        •	 Budget	Analyst
                                                                                                                             or better, and a grade of “A,” “B,” “C,” or
                                                                           •	 Business	Forecaster
                                                                                                                             “P” in all courses to be counted toward
                          The department of economics offers               •	 Business	Manager
                                                                                                                             the major. A minimum of 12 units must be
                          courses that provide the lower-division          •	 Buyer
                                                                                                                             completed at Irvine Valley College. See
                          requirements for students majoring in            •	 City	Manager
                                                                           •	 Claims	Adjustor                                pages 34-35 for further information.
                          economics, business, computer science,
                                                                           •	 Commercial	Casualty	Underwriter
                          and engineering, and also provide
                                                                           •	 Compensation	Manager                           Transfer Preparation
                          students majoring in other fields with an
                                                                           •	 Credit	Analyst                                 Courses that fulfill major requirements
                          understanding of economic principles
                                                                           •	 Demographer                                    for an associate degree at Irvine Valley
                          and a familiarity with the economic institu-
                                                                           •	 Educator                                       College may not be the same as those
                          tions that affect their lives. The courses
                                                                           •	 Employee	Benefits	Supervisor                   required for completing the major at a
                          offered by the department meet general
                                                                           •	 Financial	Planner                              transfer institution offering a bachelor’s
                          education and transfer requirements
                                                                           •	 Insurance	Analyst                              degree. Students who plan to transfer to
                          for economics, business, and social
                                                                           •	 Investment	Analyst/Banker                      a four-year college or university should

                                                                           •	 Labor	Relations	Specialist                     schedule an appointment with an IVC
                                                                           •	 Loan	Officer
                                                                                                                             counselor to develop a plan of study

                                                                           •	 Logistics	Analyst
                                                                                                                             before beginning their program. It may
                                                                           •	 Management	Trainee
                                                                                                                             be helpful to meet with the department
                                                                           •	 Managing	Consultant
                                                                                                                             faculty at IVC.
                                                                           •	 Managing	Director
                                                                           •	 Market	Analyst
                                                                           •	 Policy	Analyst
                                                                           •	 Pricing	Analyst
                                                                           •	 Product	Control	Manager
                                                                           •	 Production	Supervisor
                                                                           •	 Purchasing	Agent
                                                                           •	 Quality	Control	Specialist
                                                                           •	 Real	Estate	Agent/Appraiser

                                                                           •	 Research	Analyst/Research	Assistant
                                                                           •	 Securities	Broker

                                                                           •	 Statistician
                                                                           •	 Trade	Analyst
                                                                           •	 Trust	Officer
                                                                           •	 Urban/Regional	Planner

                          146     Irvine Valley College Catalog 2009|2010 ——————————————————————————————————————————— ECONOMICS
                                                                                                  ECon 6: EnvironmEntAl AnD
                                  Associate in Arts Degree                                           rEsoUrCE EConomiCs
                     Major Requirements: ECONOMICS                                                3 Units
                                                                                                  3 hours lecture
  Complete the following courses:                                                Units            transfers: CsU, UC
    ECon 1        Principles of Economics—Micro                                      3            Recommended Preparation: Wr. 1 and
    ECon 2        Principles of Economics—Macro                                      3            Math 253

                                                                                                                                                C O U R S E S
                                                                                                  This introductory environmental and
    ECon 6        Environmental and Resource Economics                               3
                                                                                                  resource economics course focuses on
    ECon 10       Statistics for Business and Economics                              3            resource, agricultural, and environmental
    ECon 13       Global Economics                                                   3            issues and related policy analysis. The
                                                                                                  course applies microeconomic principles,
  Complete one of the following courses:
                                                                                                  models and analytical tools to problems of
    mAtH 3A      Analytical Geometry and Calculus I                                  5            natural resource use and environmental
    mAtH 11      A Brief Course in Calculus                                          4            quality caused by human populations.
                                                                                                  Students examine and evaluate policies
  Complete one of the following courses:
                                                                                                  to remedy the market failure of inefficient
    ACCt 1A      Financial Accounting                                                4            resource use, environmental degrada-

    Cs 1         Introduction to Computer Systems                                    4            tion, and pollution, both nationally and
    ECon 105     Personal Financial Planning                                         3            internationally. Economics 6 is also listed

                                                                                                                                                P R O G R A M S
    mAtH 3B      Analytical Geometry and Calculus II                                 5            as Environmental Studies 6; credit will be
                                                                                                  given in either area, not both. NR
                      totAl Units:                                             22–26
                                                                                                  ECon 10: stAtistiCs For BUsinEss
  recommended Electives:                                                                             AnD EConomiCs
  ACCT 1B, MGT 104, MATH 26, WR 2.                                                                3 Units
                                                                                                  2.5 hours lecture; 1.5 hours lab
                                                                                                  transfers: CsU, UC
COURSES                                          ECon 1: prinCiplEs oF                            prerequisite: math 253
                                                    EConomiCs—miCro                               Recommended Preparation: Econ. 1 or 2
CWE 168: CoopErAtivE Work                        3 Units                                          strongly recommended.
    ExpEriEnCE: EConomiCs                        3 hours lecture                                  This introductory course presents statisti-
1–4 Units                                        transfers: CsU, UC                               cal concepts and methods used exten-

1–4 hours lecture                                prerequisite: math 253                           sively in business and economics, includ-
transfers: CsU                                   This course introduces the concepts              ing computer-based statistical analysis.

                                                                                                                                                D E P A R T M E N T A L
prerequisite: student must have taken            and tools of microeconomic analysis. It          Students study descriptive and inferential
or must be currently taking a course in          investigates the problems that result from       statistics using examples and observa-
college-level economics.                         scarcity and how individuals and groups          tions, and perform statistical analysis
Limitation: Students must be concur-             make decisions, given scarcity. The              using software applications. Emphasis
rently enrolled in 7 units, including            primary areas of focus are: markets and          is on problem solving, interpretation and
CWE. Application must be approved                prices, marginal analysis, the decision-         results that underlie decision-making
by CWE coordinator.                              making processes of individuals and              within markets and international institu-
This course provides students an oppor-          firms, industrial organization and resource      tions. The course provides a foundation
tunity for supervised work experience.           markets. These principles can be used            to prepare business economics and busi-
Students extend their classroom-based            to analyze such things as government             ness administration majors for required
learning by working at a job related to          economic policies, environmental issues,         upper-division courses in quantitative
their major and to their occupational goal.      the distribution of income, anti-trust policy,   methods and provides a foundation to
Student, instructor, and employer will           and international trade. NR                      prepare economics majors for the study of
cooperatively develop a minimum of three                                                          econometrics. Economics 10 is also listed
learning	objectives.	One	unit	of	credit	will	    ECon 2: prinCiplEs oF                            as Management 10; credit will be given in
be awarded for each 75 hours of paid or 60          EConomiCs—mACro                               either area, not both. NR
hours of volunteer employment for success-       3 Units
ful completion of learning objectives, and for   3 hours lecture                                                                                M A J O R S
attendance at scheduled seminar sessions.        transfers: CsU, UC
A maximum of four units may be applied           prerequisite: math 253
toward major requirements for a certificate.     Recommended Preparation: Econ. 1 or
R-I-3                                            Econ. 20
                                                 This course examines and analyzes the
                                                 economic problems of scarcity, reces-
                                                 sion, unemployment, and inflation.
                                                 Investigation centers on business cycles,
                                                 economic growth, determination and the
                                                 measurement of output and income in the
                                                 economy, money creation and the bank-
                                                 ing system, monetary and fiscal policy
                                                 options, effects of the public debt, and
                                                 international trade and finance. NR

Irvine Valley College Catalog 2009|2010 ——————————————————————————————————————————                                 147
                          ECon 13: GloBAl EConomiCs                          ECon 105: pErsonAl                             ECon 210: pErsonAl EConomiCs—
                          3 Units                                               FinAnCiAl plAnninG                              AssEt mArkEts
                          3 hours lecture                                    3 Units                                        3 Units
                          transfers: CsU, UC                                 3 hours lecture                                3 hours lecture
                          Recommended Preparation: Wr. 1 and                 transfers: CsU                                 This course offers an introduction to the
                          Math 253                                           Recommended Preparation: Wr. 1 and             markets for stocks, bonds, mutual funds,
                          This survey course presents a wide range           Math 253                                       credit, insurance, savings and retirement.

                          of issues concerning the contemporary              This applied course provides an oppor-         It is designed for individuals who are inter-
                          global economy from historical, political,         tunity for students to evaluate their own      ested in becoming familiar with the terms,
                          and economic perspectives. It is suitable          financial and economic choices and for-        tools, and basic concepts necessary to
                          for students from all majors and back-             mulate a lifelong financial plan that may be   make informed investment decisions for
                          grounds and anyone interested in learning          applied to personal, career and business       household management. The course
                          about issues confronting the global econ-          situations. The course presents the crite-     emphasizes the practical aspects of per-
                          omy. The course examines international             ria, methodology and resources essential       sonal investing, savings and retirement;
                          economic choices using basic economic              for effective short- and long-run planning.    evaluating risk; investment options and the
                          theories and principles to address such            Topics include money management, tax           proper mix of assets; credit and house-

                          topics as the effects of globalization,            strategies, insurance needs, current eco-      hold insurance. This course is also listed
                          technology, monetary and fiscal policy,            nomic conditions, credit management,           as Management 210; credit will be given in
                          international finance and global banking,          investment decisions, and retirement           either area, but not both. NR
                          international trade, currency markets and          planning. Economics 105 is also listed as
                          exchange rate systems, international capi-         Management 105; credit will be given in
                          tal flows, industrial structure, and the role of   either area, not both. NR.
                          the government within the global economy.
                          NR                                                 ECon 178: rEAl EstAtE EConomiCs
                                                                             3 Units
                          ECon 20: introDUCtory                              3 hours lecture
                             EConomiCs                                       transfers: CsU
                          3 Units                                            Recommended Preparation: RE 170
                          3 hours lecture                                    This course examines trends and factors
                          transfers: CsU, UC credit proviso (see             that affect the value of real estate. Topics
                          UC course list)                                    include the nature of land economics and
                          This course, designed for non-economics            the classification of properties; property
                          and non-business majors, provides a                development, construction, and subdivi-
                          survey of both micro and macroeconomic             sion; fluctuations in economic value;
                          principles and provides a foundation               residential market trends; real property;

                          for Economics 1 and 2. Microeconomic               and special purpose property trends.
                          areas of emphasis include scarcity,                The course applies toward the state’s

                          markets, supply and demand, industrial             educational requirements for the broker’s
                          organization, and marginal analysis used           examination. Economics 178 is also listed
                          for decision making by individuals and             as Real Estate 178; credit will be given in
                          firms. Macroeconomic areas of emphasis             either area, not both. NR
                          include national income accounts,
                          money and monetary policy, economic
                          stabilization policies, economic growth,
                          and international trade and finance. NR

                          148      Irvine Valley College Catalog 2009|2010 ——————————————————————————————————————————— ECONOMICS

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